Fortnite Leak Reveals Every Fortnitemares Challenge

fortnitemares 2020 challenges

Epic Games Spooky season is coming to a close.

It’s a busy week in Fortnite as we have the Week 9 challenges to tackle, but there’s also the annual Fortnitemares event going on that has its own set of challenges to complete.

In between collecting floating rings, you’ll have to also go door to door and collect candy to finish some of your Fortnitemares challenges.

While weekly challenges are released all at once, it looks like Epic Games is going the drip feed route when it comes to the Fortnitemares ones as outside of the initial three, the rest are unlocked over time.

Thankfully, instead of wondering what’s in the pipeline for these challenges, leakers have revealed all of them ahead of time so we know exactly what to expect.

Every Fortnitemares Challenge

Thanks to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, we have a look at the Fortnitemares challenges, and the Week 10 ones.

Many of them are what you’d expect, taking advantage of Midas and the Shadows, but it’s still helpful to know exactly what we’re getting into. Here’s the full list of Fortnitemares challenges:

  • Become a Shadow
  • Travel 100 meters on a Witch Broom
  • Eat Candy
  • Deal damage with a Possessed Vehicle
  • Detect players as a Shadow
  • Eliminate Shadow Midas
  • Eliminate Shadows as a Player
  • Visit different Witch Shacks
  • Consume legendary loot as a Shadow

Keep in mind that because of how these challenges leaked, we don’t have certain numbers when it comes to how many times you have to do certain things.

For example, we know we had to become a Shadow three times to complete the initial challenge, but the leak did not specify that.

How Long Do We Have to Finish These Challenges?

Fortnitemares wraps up on November 2, so we’ll have until that date to get all of these challenges finished.

So far, the event itself has been a bit of a mixed bag with many players either loving or hating it. The Shadows appearing in place of the ability to use a Reboot Van for your fallen teammates has been met with a mixed reception, so we imagine many players are looking forward to the end.

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