WATCH: Fox News Cuts Off Giuliani’s Press Briefing to Call Biden Win

Getty Neil Cavuto (L) cut of Rudy Giuliani's press conference to announce Joe Biden's win in Michigan.

As votes and mail-in ballots continue to be counted in numerous key swing states on November 4, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, gave a press briefing in Philadelphia to call out the alleged election fraud happening in Pennsylvania.

However, during Giuliani’s speech, Fox News host Neil Cavuto cut off the former New York mayor to announce Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as the projected winner in Michigan.

Giuliani was in the midst of discussing the possible ways voter fraud could be happening — “We have no idea if they’re signed, if they’re postmarked properly, if it isn’t just the same person who’s submitted 100,000 ballots, and they all get counted. This is the way they intend to win. Now, I’m informed by former Congressman Sweeney…” — before Cavuto cuts back in to say, “… You might have noticed something happen to the electoral vote count for Joe Biden.”

“Our decision desk has taken a look at Michigan and concluded Joe Biden has won Michigan and gets the 16 electoral votes from Michigan. That puts him now six electoral votes from the presidency of the United States,” Cavuto said.

After declaring Biden’s win in Michigan, Cavuto did not return to air the rest of Giuliani’s briefing.

The Video Clip of Fox News Cutting Off Giuliani Went Viral On Twitter

Twitter members expressed their surprise to see Trump’s favorite news network interrupting Giuliani to announce a Biden win. One person tweeted, “Fox has cut away from Giuliani’s bizarre press conference in Philadelphia to announce that they’re calling Michigan for Biden. You get the sense that they see the writing on the wall.”

Not all viewers were thrilled by Cavuto’s actions. One person tweeted, “Neil Cavuto is a jackass.”

With Biden taking Michigan, Cavuto went on to say that “the numbers are looking prohibitive right now” for Trump to be reelected as president. Trump would need all the electoral votes from Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania to win.

In July, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Cut Off Trump’s Speech to Defend Barack Obama

This isn’t the first time Cavuto has surprised Fox News viewers by cutting away to fact check statements being made by members of the president’s administration, or even Trump himself. During Trump’s speech from the White House on July 16, where he was slated to announce a rollback of the National Environmental Policy Act, Cavuto cut away from the live feed to fact check the president’s comments about the former administration.

While Trump discussed his changes to the law, which aims to decrease the number of infrastructure projects that would be subject to federal National Environmental Policy Act review, Cavuto interrupted and said, “I do want to clarify a couple of things. He said that no president in history has cut regulations as he has — that is true. But I think he might have mischaracterized the regulations that were added under Barack Obama. They were largely financial related.

“You might recall we had this little financial meltdown and much of those regulations were geared to preventing banks from ever investing in things like risking mortgage securities, pooling them and selling them off … so more than half the regulations the Obama administration added were of that bent post the meltdown.”

“Another quick point,” Cavuto continued, “when the president referred to the ‘horrible results’ or the ‘disappointing results’ of the prior administration for adding those regulations … the unemployment rate did, under Barack Obama, go down from a high 10% to a 4.7%. Trump, of course, set that even lower, eventually getting us down to 3.5% unemployment rate.

“But I didn’t want to leave you with the impression that during those eight years, when Obama first came to office and we were bleeding about a million jobs a month, that that was a standard fare and that characterized the whole eight years. The recovery itself might’ve been weak, but we were coming off a meltdown.”

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