Heavy on Houston’s Most Wanted: Sex Trafficking & White Collar Fugitives

alfonso angel diaz juarez houston most wanted

FBI Alfonso Angel Diaz-Juarez is among the most wanted fugitives in the Houston area.

The FBI’s Houston Field Office is seeking information on several wanted fugitives, including a man accused of involvement in a major sex-trafficking ring where women and children were forced into prostitution in the Houston area.

The following people were listed among the FBI Houston’s most wanted. The charges they face are merely allegations. They are innocent until proven guilty.

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Here are some of the FBI’s most wanted in the Houston area:

Alfonso Angel Diaz-Juarez Is Wanted on Accusations of Sex Trafficking Women & Children

Alfonso Angel Diaz-Juarez, 53, is accused of human trafficking, including sex trafficking and conspiracy to harbor undocumented immigrants, the FBI said. A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. Diaz-Juarez, who is a Mexican national born in Puebla, was indicted along with 13 alleged co-conspirators, accused of running an international sex trafficking ring, victimizing Mexican women and children in the Houston area.

“Diaz-Juarez, reportedly one of the most violent individuals in the organization, is the only remaining fugitive in the case,” the FBI said.

The FBI said that the sex-trafficking ring operated between 1999 to 2013, and that Diaz-Juarez operated as a “padrotes,” or pimp, in the “supply” of undocumented women and children. The FBI said the women and children were taken to brothels, bars and cantinas owned and operated by co-conspirators in the case. There, the women and children would be forced to perform sex acts or compelled by fraud and coercion. The FBI said that young women and girls were placed in locked rooms as a means of control, and that Diaz-Juarez would use force and violence “to punish and control” young women and children he allegedly forced into prostitution.

The FBI said Diaz-Juarez uses the aliases “Alfonso Angel Diaz,” “Alfonso Angel-Diaz,” “Poncho Diaz,” “Poncho”, “Javier Perez-Garcia, “El Greñas.” He is 5-feet 2-inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds, the FBI said. He has a scar from an appendix removal and has brown eyes and black hair. The FBI said he has ties to Texas, Florida and Mexico.

Anyone with information is asked to call the local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

In 2016, a federal jury convicted Hortencia Medeles-Arguello, 68, on all counts related to the sex trafficking ring, according to Chron. She was charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, conspiracy to harbor aliens, aiding and abetting to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering and sentenced to life in prison.

“This landmark sex trafficking case is one of the most significant in scope and magnitude to be tried to a verdict of guilty on all counts, and one of the few in which as many as 12 victims of an international sex trafficking scheme came forward to testify at trial,” Chron reported at the time. “Twelve victims rescued in connection with this case testified at trial regarding the horrors of their ordeals, beginning with being recruited in their home countries, only to be forced into prostitution against their will in the United States. Some victims were as young as 14 when the traffickers recruited them, using fraud and false pretenses to lure them into the traffickers’ control.”

Sergey Klinov, Dmitry Shegurov & Yury Savin Are Wanted on White Collar Crime Charges

Sergey Klinov, 53, Dmitry Shegurov, 38, and Yury Savin, 46, are alleged co-conspirators in white collar crimes related to their business with ARC Electronics, a Russian procurement company, according to the FBI.

Law enforcement said people in the United States exported controlled dual-use technology from U.S. companies to the three men in Russia.

“The Russian subjects reportedly wired funds back to the U.S. through third countries in order to disguise its origin and association to the Russian military and intelligence agencies as the final end users,” the FBI said.

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