Jared Isaacman’s Wife, Monica Isaacman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jared Isaacman

SpaceX Jared Isaacman

Jared Isaacman is funding and leading the Inspiration4 SpaceX flight. The billionaire is married to Monica (Chacana) Isaacman and they have two daughters.

Isaacman, who bankrolled the flight, is also in command of the mission, Space.com reported. He’s hoping the trip will raise awareness for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. He’s the CEO and founder of Shift4 Payments and a pilot rated to fly commercial and military aircraft.

Isaacman’s press bio notes: “Isaacman holds several world records, including a Speed-Around-The-World flight to raise money and awareness for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He has flown in over 100 airshows as part of the Black Diamond Jet Team, dedicating every performance to charitable causes. He and his companies are dedicated to supporting a range of charities. As part of Inspiration4’s public outreach, Isaacman made a personal $100 million commitment to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in order to raise upward of $200 million to support the non-profit.”

Here’s what you need to know about Isaacman’s wife and kids.

1. Monica & Jared Isaacman Grew Up in the Same Town

InstagramMonica Isaacman

Monica and Jared have been together for more than 18 years but didn’t get married until around 2012, Fast Company reported. In 2015, they had one child — 15-month-old Mila.

They’ve known each other for most of their lives. The two were in the same middle school together, grew up in the same town, and Chacana was eventually hired as the 12th employee at Isaacman’s company, Fast Company reported.

Jared said about his wife: “Monica gets it. She knows exactly what I do in life: I work.”

While Monica’s maiden name is Chacana, that’s not what she goes by, Fast Company revealed. Her legal name is Monica Isaacman.

2. She Said She Still Worries About Her Husband

Even though Jared is known for taking risks, Monica said in Netflix’s “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space” that she still worries about him. She knows he always calculates his risks first, but she can’t help but sometimes worry about him.

Jared, meanwhile, has shared that first and foremost, he’s a family man.

3. They Have Two Children

In 2015, they had one child — 15-month-old Mila, Fast Company reported at the time. Today they have two daughters: Mila, born in 2014, and her younger sister Liv. Jared shared a photo of them on March 21 taking part in a family rocket launch where the Dragon landed safely.

4. He Shares Stories About His Kids on Social Media Frequently

Jared often shares stories about his daughters on social media, like this video he shared of them going fishing. He wrote: “They must get their successful fishing skills from @monica_isaacman side of the family. Great family time before quarantine.”

They also love “Star Wars.”

In July he wrote: “Very proud moment of my daughter Liv eating a giant Turkey leg at Epcot.”

5. They Spend A Lot of Family Time Together

While Jared is no doubt a busy man, he takes time for his family. In the Instagram post above, he shared that they were enjoying family time in the mountains of Montana in February. His daughter was wearing an outfit in one photo that looked just like a SpaceX astronaut uniform.

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