Kailyn Lowry Gets Emotional During Abortion Conversation

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry got choked up when talking about abortion on her podcast, "Coffee Convos."

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry got choked up when talking about abortion on her podcast, “Coffee Convos.” Kail teased the new episode on March 4, saying they were “raw” while discussing contentious topics like abortion and addiction.

Kail, 28, thought about ending her pregnancy Creed, something she’s been open about in the past. She was inspired to discuss the topic again after TikTok creator Cori Gabrielle joined her and co-host Lindsie Chrisley on their podcast. Cori opened up about terminating her pregnancy in 2020, and Kail struggled to hold back her emotion.

“It’s something that I struggled with too,” Kail said, as noted by The Sun. “I think there’s a lot of people who think you just get an abortion and think that it’s a decision that doesn’t have a lot of thought or feeling.”

The mother-of-four said she made the “right decision” to keep Creed and she’s “thankful” that she did.

Kail revealed she previously terminated a pregnancy when she was 16 years old — and it’s something that she’s never forgotten.

“When I was 16 and I had one, I didn’t have a choice. I had nothing so I never should have had myself in that decision, to begin with, but there are so many feelings involved and I feel like moms don’t really heal,” she said. “Well, you heal but it’s always in the back of your mind.”

Kail is the mother of four boys: 11-year-old Isaac Elliot with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera; 7-year-old Lincoln Marshall with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and 3-year-old Lux Russell and 7-month-old Creed Romello with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Kail Said It Was the ‘Right Choice’ to Have an Abortion

During an interview with OK! magazine in 2014, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed she became pregnant after she was raped at 16 years old and her mother, Suzi Irwin, “forced” her to have an abortion. It’s something she detailed in her book, Pride Over Pity. The MTV personality is now estranged from both her mother and father.

“Looking back, I know why I should have had one because I was 16. I didn’t have a license. I didn’t have a job. I had nothing. I was literally with my mom and I don’t know if I even had my first job at that point,” she told OK!.

“How my mom went about it and the things she said, I think she was embarrassed,” she continued. “So I get upset, but I think now looking back, it was the right decision.”

It Caused Kail ‘Pain’ That She Considered Aborting Creed

During a vulnerable confession with MTV cameras, Kail said she was bracing herself for the “pain” and backlash from viewers.

“People are not going to understand. I have to be okay with that. These are decisions that they were up to me I have to be okay with the backlash and misunderstandings,” she said.

“Moving forward this is a decision I made to keep this baby,” Kail continued. “I kind of just need to put my big girl pants on and figure it out.”

Fast forward to March 2021, Kail gushed over Creed as he turned 7 months old. “Mello appreciation post 😍🥰🤩 07.30.2020 coming up on 7 months,” she captioned a post that showed the baby smiling. “He said he’s ready to be a brand rep @potheadhaircare,” she wrote in another, referencing her hair care line.

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