Lauren Luyendyk Reveals New Hair Color, Says She’s ‘Not Cut out to Be an Unnatural Brunette’

Lauren Burnham Luyendyk

Getty Lauren Burnham Luyendyk films a reality television show with husband Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Lauren Burnham Luyendyk has changed up her look again just a few months after debuting a jaw-dropping brunette hair color. “The Bachelor” fans had always known her as a blonde prior to the shift to brunette, but many raved over the darker look when she first debuted it. In a string of Instagram Stories on May 18, Lauren revealed she had changed things up again.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lauren Teased Fans With a Poll Offering Some Wild Color Options

In the first slide of her Instagram Stories highlighting the change away from the dark brunette hue, “The Bachelor” star included a poll for her followers. “Switching it up,” she teased, asking if anybody had any guesses. She offered three options to choose from: blonde, red, and purple. Lauren had been already in the midst of the coloring process when she posted to her social media page, and she did not leave people hanging for too long.

When Lauren revealed her new color, she explained to “The Bachelor” fans why she was making another change. In the text, she wrote, “I’m not cut out to be a brunette I don’t think…my roots are blonde and they are so hard to keep dark.” She admitted the color she received during this session was not as blonde as she had envisioned. She noted, “This is the beginning of my journey to going back to light,” adding she loved the dark hair she had for the past few months.

Unfortunately, Lauren felt that the upkeep given her natural blonde hue was a problem. “My roots are driving me insane and I just can’t do it anymore. Can’t do it!” she exclaimed. Lauren promised her followers she “didn’t mean to fake you out” with her poll, since she ultimately did not end up blonde, red, or purple.

‘The Bachelor’ Star Now Has ‘Sun-Kissed’ Hair

As she shared the results, Lauren included a snapshot of the results taken by her hairdresser. Stylist Jacqueline Villa shared it on her own Instagram page too, and wrote, “Sunkissed method coming in clutch.” The snapshot showed Lauren’s hair styled with an off-center part and her long locks tumbled over her shoulders in beachy waves.

According to L’Oreal Paris, this sun-kissed look is a technique that relies on a “solid base color with hints of a lighter shade in the same color family throughout the head.” When Lauren shared the stylist’s shot via her own Instagram Stories, she admitted she had been indecisive heading into the appointment. The results, however, looked stunning. She noted, “I’m not as blonde as I thought I’d be,” and she explained she would be “trying to go back to being blonde” in future appointments.

Several people commented on the stylist’s post with rave reviews of the results. “I’m obsessed with this color,” one person wrote. Another shared, “LOVE this!! The color is stunning and looks natural!” The change from the dark brunette color to this sun-kissed palette was not nearly as dramatic as when Lauren went from blonde to brunette. It seemed to be a good pick for “The Bachelor” star as she transitions back to her natural color and many fans will be curious to see how long she sticks with this look.

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