McDonald’s Drink Size TikTok Video Goes Viral

mcdonalds drink size tiktok

TikTok Screenshots from the McDonalds drink size TikTok video.

You may have seen the McDonald’s drink size TikTok video. It’s gone viral, and it purports to show you that every cup size by the fast-food chain holds the same amount of liquid. However, a lot of people in the comment thread aren’t buying it, and fact-checking sites say it’s all a trick.

McDonalds drink cups are actually different sizes, reveals.

The video was first shared on TikTok by @mykah.mykah. “They do be lying to us doe, #fyp #fup #foryoupage #mcdonalds,” the caption reads on the video. “Guys I have found something out,” the caption also reads. The worker in the video then appears to be pouring liquid into different sized cups.

However is it true? Are McDonald’s drinks the same amount of liquid no matter the size of the cup? The video has been viewed 1.6 million times and has accrued 12,500 comments. McDonalds has not commented on the TikTok video.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Major Newspaper Argues That It’s Just a ‘Trick’

The newspaper USA Today wrote a story arguing that it’s just a “trick.”

The fact-checking site concurred, writing, “This is a joke that uses a clever trick: The medium and large cups were pre-filled with liquid, unbeknownst to the viewer, to make it seem like they do.”

Snopes concluded that the small, medium, and large McDonald’s cups are really all different sizes.

Others Performed the Same Trick Before

McDonald’s small to large cupsMcDonald’s has us all fool with these cups2020-03-22T23:12:52Z

Snopes pointed out that others have performed the trick before the TikTok user did. The man in the above video admits there was some liquid in the other cups.

This guy put the claim to the test.

McDonalds Large VS Medium CupMcDonalds Large VS Medium Cup this is a video response o this now viral Facebook video please check us out on Facebook

Here are some of the comments under the video. The comment thread was filled with lots of naysayers and people who said they were on to how it was done. The comments also focused on the price of the drinks. Either way, the TikTok user sparked up quite a conversation.

“That’s what happens when you fill up each of the cups slightly and then pour more in.”

“People who think there was already coke in the cups” (this comment followed the remark with a series of clown emojis.)

“I worked at McDonalds and this is true, always say no ice or ice on the side (in another cup) and only order smalls, NEVER mediums.”

“Doesn’t matter it’s still 1 dollar.”

“Those 2 glasses are already filled.”

“Yeah show the bottom of the cup u won’t.”

“u could at least make it less obvious that u filled the cups 😊.”

“small is 16oz, medium is 21oz, and large is 32oz, but nice try.”

“McDonalds is gonna come after you now.. RUN!”

“What if you were putting some cola at the bottom of each cup? Or maybe ice.”

“The cups are only a dollar each tho idk what you are trying to say.”

“They’re all the same price anyways.”

“The diameter of the cups is wider so the proportions seem the same but they are in fact, not.”

“Put it the same way back again.”

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