Nina Turner’s Son, Jeff Turner, Jr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Nina Turner and her husband, Jeff Turner, Sr., have one child. Named after his father, Jeff Turner, Jr. is a veteran and has also served in law enforcement just like his dad. Nina Turner has said that her son is her inspiration to keep the faith and keep fighting.

Here’s what you need to know about Nina Turner’s son, Jeff Turner, Jr.

1. Jeff Turner, Jr., Graduated from Cleveland State University in 2012

In 2012, Jeff Turner, Jr., graduated from Cleveland State University, according to a tweet that Nina Turner shared.

She wrote: “My husband and I are very proud of our son! He graduated from CSU today!”

2. In 2013 He Was Serving in the Ohio National Guard Military Police

Toledo Blade reported in 2013 that the Turners’ son, Jeffrey Turner, Jr., was a lieutenant in the Ohio National Guard military police.

3. She Said Her Heart ‘Skipped Beats’ After the Baton Rouge Police Shooting

In a 2016 interview with Democracy Now about the Baton Rouge police shooting that left three officers dead, Turner shared that she had to call her son right away.

The shootings happened after a week of protests following the police shooting Alton Sterling.

Turner told Democracy Now:

My son is in law enforcement, and my heart just skipped beats. And the first thing that I did was my mother instinct kicked in, and I called my son. I just wanted to make sure he’s all right. He is here right now with the RNC. And, you know, that was already, in some ways, probably going to be—I won’t say—well, ‘volatile’ is not necessarily the word, but, you know, charged. And then, to have this happen on the heels of Dallas, on the heels of what happened to Sterling and what happened to Castile, you know, my son could have been in any of those scenarios. He is a young African-American man in America. He could have been Sterling. He could have been Castile. He could have been those Dallas police officers. And, my god, today, he could have been the law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge.

4. Turner Said She & Her Husband Have Talked with Their Son About the Tragic Realities of the Justice System

In a series of tweets, Nina Turner talked about how she and her husband, Jeff Turner, Sr., have sat down before and talked to their son about the tragic realities for many Black Americans.

Her original tweet read: “In USA humanity of Black folks continues 2 be ignored. 240yrs later, burden of blackness remains unchanged. #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile.”

One person replied: “If anyone doesn’t understand what white privilege is: sending your child out on an errand and getting back a bodybag.”

To which Turner tweeted back: “The Black Moma in me aches like hell!!!! 😞😡”

Another person replied: “Sad truth but I have sit down with my son about this ever so often and explain the tragic reality.”

And Turner told her they talk to her son about this too, writing: “My husband & l did the same with our son. And although he is a law enforcement officer, sadly we continue ‘the talk.'”

She added in another tweet: “We can’t accept this second class treatment any where in America. This requires systematic change through out the justice system.”

5. Nina Turner Posts Proudly About Her Veteran Son

Nina Turner is proud of her son. In December 2012, she shared the photo above on Twitter and wrote: “Now this brought tears to my eyes! Jeff Jr will receive his 2nd Lt commission on Wed. Much love to all our veterans!”

In 2014 she tweeted: “One of my inspirations to keep the faith & keep the fight for all people–my son!”

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