Accidentally Viral Orange County Clerk Videos Give ‘Parks & Rec’ Vibes

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Deputy Clerk TikTok The Orange County Clerk's Office in Indiana posted a series of videos on TikTok congratulating "Connie" on her retirement. They went viral.

The Orange County, Indiana Clerk’s Office gave the exiting “Connie” a different sendoff than they intended when their series of retirement videos went viral on TikTok and Twitter. The wholesome videos capture small-town vibes that some compared to the show ‘Parks and Recreation,’ set in Indiana. Twitter users and local journalists said the videos were likely for retiring Secretary of State Connie Lawson. But thanks to Twitter, we all get to enjoy them.

The Indiana Clerk’s Office shot seven nearly identical takes of their sendoff video, plus one outtake, and posted them to TikTok. The videos were the only ones that appeared on the Deputy Clerk account.

Here’s what you need to know:

Indiana Journalists & Other Locals Noticed the Orange County Deputy Clerk TikTok Account ‘Blowing Up’ & Shared the Videos

Locals took notice when the Indiana Deputy Clerk account started “blowing up” as the Orange County Clerk’s Office posted eight videos thanking a woman named “Connie” for her service as she retired.

“Happening now… the Orange County Clerk’s office is (likely inadvertently) blowing up on #TikTok,” wrote Jim Gavin of Indiana. “I can tell if they’re trolling or honoring retiring SOS Connie Lawson. (They posted 7 versions of this and one outtake).”

The videos show that the four clerk’s office members scripted a sendoff for Connie after she announced her retirement. They tried out a few different angles and backgrounds and took one video in grayscale. In most of the videos, the four office members stood side-by-side and each said a line. In another, each of them stepped into the frame, and in a combination of the two ideas, they stood side-by-side and took a step forward to say their line.

“Congratulations from the Orange County Clerk’s Office,” the first woman said.

“We wish you the best in your future endeavors,” a second woman said.

“And we appreciate the good job that you have done for the state of Indiana,” said the man next in line.

“Goodbye, Connie,” said the fourth person, and the group all waved.

Some appeared to be shot in the office space with filing cabinets in the background. Other takes were shot in front of bookshelves.

An outtake video showed them singing to “Connie.”

A woman sang while the man held the bass line. Another woman turned her beaded bracelets into a percussion instrument.

“You’re not recording, are you?” a woman asked at the end.

Emily Ernsberger, a city government reporter for The Herald-Times in Indiana, shared the videos in a Twitter thread.

“The Orange County, Indiana clerk’s office has made a TikTok account that is currently just 8 videos of the same four staff members wishing who I assume is Sec. of State Connie Lawson, who announced her resignation yesterday,” she wrote February 18.

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The viral videos resulted in Connie getting quite a few more congratulations than she probably would have otherwise.

Rachel Konieczny wrote on Twitter:

No one:
My entire fyp for absolutely no reason:

congratulations from the orange county clerk’s office #goodbyeconnie

Ernsberger shared a screenshot of comments from the TikTok videos.

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“I don’t know how I got here, I don’t know why I am here but goodbye Connie I guess,” the person wrote.

Another commented, “Fly high Connie,” with a dove and crying-face emoji.

Connie Lawson Was Called ‘Indiana’s Own Iron Lady’ & Announced Her Resignation This Week

Local journalists speculated the retirement videos were intended for Connie Lawson, who announced her retirement as Secretary of State shortly before the videos were posted. Fox 59 called Lawson “Indiana’s own Iron Lady,” in a report following her resignation announcement February 15.

She worked in public service for 32 years and served as Secretary of State since 2012 when she was appointed by then Governor Mitch Daniels. The news station said she is the longest serving Secretary of State in Indiana history and Indiana’s 61st Secretary of State.

Lawson said in a statement:

I have dedicated the last 32 years of my life to public service. I have served with all of my heart and soul. It has been an honor to serve, but it is time for me to step down.

Like many Hoosiers, 2020 took a toll on me. I am resigning so I can focus on my health and my family. I will work with Governor Holcomb to ensure our next Secretary of State is up to the task and has the tools and resources to hit the ground running.

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