Second Presidential Debate Drinking Games & Bingo: Fun Ideas for Tonight

Biden speech drinking game ideas.

Getty Biden speech drinking game ideas.

If you’re looking to have a little fun during the second and final 2020 Presidential Debate tonight on October 22, consider a drinking game or bingo. Here are some ideas to help you have a great watch party as Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off in a debate for the last time.

Remember to drink responsibly and take an Uber or Lyft home if you’ve had too much to drink.

Drinking Game Ideas

Take a sip if any of these happen. (Remember, you don’t have to use all the drinking game ideas, if you think there are too many. Choose the ones that you think will be the most fun.)

  • Either candidate acts confused because his mic is muted.
  • Trump says: “Sleepy Joe.”
  • Trump says: “Radical Democrat.”
  • Biden says, “Come on man.”
  • Either talk about taxes.
  • Biden talks about Trump and Russia.
  • Trump talks about Biden and China.
  • Trump talks about Biden and Hunter.
  • Biden and Trump argue about peaceful protesters.
  • Biden and Trump argue about Twitter.
  • Trump says: “You had 47 years.”
  • Either ignore the moderator.
  • They both talk over each other.
  • Biden talks glowingly about Obama.
  • Trump says he feels like Superman.
  • Trump says two words in succession like “very very” or “best best.”
  • Trump says: “Chinavirus.”
  • Either candidate says the moderator is biased.
  • Trump claims Biden is farther left than Bernie.
  • Biden and Trump argue about fracking.

Take a shot if any of these happen:

  • Trump makes fun of Biden for wearing a mask.
  • Someone talks about QAnon.
  • Biden or Trump says the wrong name.
  • Either candidate says a slur or something racist.
  • Biden challenges Trump to a physical fight.
  • Trump talks about a third term or not accepting the vote.
  • Kamala’s name is mispronounced.
  • Either candidate talks angrily about the “technician” muting the mics.
  • Either candidate tries to shout multiple times into a muted mic.
  • Trump talks lovingly about Bernie.
  • Biden seems sad that he can’t touch anyone.

Take two shots if either candidate actually touches the other despite social distancing rules, or if one of them actually threatens the person who is muting the mics.

Take two shots if a fly lands on either candidate.

Bingo Ideas

Any of the ideas above can be translated into a Bingo game card. Some ideas for terms you can include on a bingo card include:

  • Taxes
  • Trump talks lovingly about Bernie
  • Sleepy Joe
  • Biden and Trump argue about fracking.
  • Radical Democrat
  • COVID-19
  • Superman
  • Russia
  • Hunter Biden
  • Jared Kushner
  • China
  • Peaceful protesters
  • 200,000
  • 47 years
  • Best
  • Fake news
  • Hoax
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Putin
  • Third term
  • Voter fraud
  • Mail-in ballots
  • Racist
  • QAnon
  • Antifa
  • Fauci
  • Socialist
  • Chinavirus
  • Muted mic
  • Melania
  • Barron
  • Obama
  • Great guy
  • Mask
  • Fly lands on a candidate

You can create your own bingo cards based on these ideas here.

If you want to make a bingo card quickly, Reddit also has a pre-made bingo card for tonight that you can use. You can find it here to print and a screenshot is below.


There are also Bingo card versions based solely on Biden and solely on Trump, like shown in the tweet below.

Remember, don’t drink and drive if you take part in a drinking game. You can always grab an Uber or Lyft and stay safe.

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