Tomi Lahren Says Police Didn’t Kill Breonna Taylor In ‘Racist Rage’

Tomi Lahren

Getty FFormer conservative TV host Tomi Lahren said Breonna Taylor was not killed by police who were in a "blind and racist rage."

Conservative TV host and political commentator Tomi Lahren started to trend after her reaction to the charges related to the March killing of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old emergency room technician who was fatally shot six times in her apartment by Louisville police officers executing a search warrant. Lahren suggested that Taylor, who was sleeping before the incident occurred, resisted arrest.

Only one of the three officers involved in Taylor’s death, Brett Hankison, was indicted with three charges of first-degree wanton endangerment–or acting recklessly–by a grand jury on September 23, the New York Times reported. Many advocates who sought justice for Taylor found the charge unsatisfactory since no one was charged with her killing. Demonstrators nationwide took the streets that night, with two Louisville police officers being shot during the unrest.

Lahren’s tweets about the charges related to Taylor’s death made her a top-trending Twitter topic on September 24, with her name garnering more than 16,000 mentions.

“It is NOT an officer’s duty to gamble with his/her life so you can happily and comfortably resist arrest,” Lahren tweeted on September 23 after the charges were announced. “What happened to Breonna Taylor is a horrible tragedy but for the Left to assert the officers came in to attack her in a blind and racist rage is a LIE and to burn down and ravage yet another community over it is not justice and not acceptable.”

Lahren Called Demonstrators Who Shot Officers ‘Lawless Thugs’

The political commentator said the unrest was “disgusting” and she voices her support for Blue Lives Matter.

“Regardless of what the race-baiters on the Left encourage you to believe, you DO NOT have the right to destroy the property of others or the community because you didn’t get your way,” she tweeted. “At least 2 officers shot in Louisville tonight. This is not a protest, there are lawless thugs waging a war on cops and a war on law and order. Disgusting!!! #BlueLivesMatter”

Throughout the night, she continued to tweet about her support for police. She shared a clip of herself speaking on Fox Nation.

Americans, this is what you’re voting on in November. Between a president who continues to stand beside and behind the brave officers and police who risk their lives protecting and serving our communities and a candidate and running mate who choose felons, convicts, social media hashtag activism, and a Marxist movement over those men and women of every color, gender and political affiliation out there holding that thin blue line. Choose wisely. Vote red and back the blue.

Lahren Says Black Lives Matter Is An ‘Excuse’ To ‘Riot, Loot and Burn’

Lahren accused advocates of the Black Lives Matter movement of wanting to do nothing except cause destruction. She claimed justice never mattered to BLM.

“The merits, charges & indictments in this case never mattered. As we’ve seen since BLM was started, it’s all just an excuse to riot, loot and burn,” she tweeted. “Justice never mattered to this movement & it never will so long as this lawless behavior is encouraged and excused by the Left.”

As her name started to trend the following day, Lahren continued to tweet, saying that Taylor’s death was a “tragedy” but it was not “murder.” She added that being upset about the charges was not a reason to destroy property.

“Breonna’s boyfriend fired at officers first as they were serving a LEGAL WARRANT. Officers returned fire and one of those bullets tragically struck and killed Breonna Taylor. It is a TRAGEDY but it is not MURDER,” Lahren wrote. “And for BLM activists and others to think they are now entitled to destroy communities, harass and intimidate people on the street and attack officers is BS. You don’t get a pass because you’re angry. That’s not how it works.”

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