How Many Attended Trump’s Greenville, North Carolina, Rally? See Crowd Size Photos

Trump's Greenville, North Carolina Crowd Size

Getty How many attended Trump's rally in Greenville, North Carolina?

President Donald Trump led another rally on October 15 just before his town hall — his fourth since his coronavirus diagnosis. Here’s a look at how many people attended the Greenville, North Carolina, rally, along with crowd size photos.

About 2,000 People Attended the Greenville Rally

GettyPresident Donald Trump speaks at a “Make America Great Again” rally on October 15, 2020.

Trump spoke at Pitt Greenville Airport, and WITN referred to the crowd as “packed” without estimating an attendance. He spoke for almost 90 minutes, which is on par with the length of his rally speeches before he contracted the coronavirus. The News & Observer, a local North Carolina publication, estimated that there were 2,000 people at Trump’s rally in Greenville.

GettyPresident Donald Trump speaks at a Make America Great Again rally at the Pitt-Greenville Airport on October 15, 2020 in Greenville, North Carolina.

Ryan Nobles of CNN shared some photos from the rally, including a sign asking people to wear masks at the entrance gate.

DJ Judd of CNN shared the crowd photo below and said there wasn’t any social distancing, and few were wearing masks.

Monica Alba of NBC shared this crowd photo, noting that there were “hundreds” of supporters. But other local media put the number of attendees at about 2,000.

During his speech, Trump mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci and was booed when he said, “My friend Dr. Tony, he’s a nice guy.” He mentioned that he would “keep him around” for the time being, even though Fauci was a “Democrat,” he told the crowd.

Getty The crowd reacts to remarks made by President Donald Trump.

Garrett Bergquist of Spectrum News shared this video of the crowd as Trump completed his speech.

He also spoke on familiar themes, including his opponent former Vice President Joe Biden and his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. He spoke glowingly of her performance during the confirmation hearings. He also compared his foreign policy to Biden’s, saying he is tougher and Biden is too soft.

Trump, while speaking about his desire to see schools fully reopen, cited his son Barron’s quick recovery from COVID-19. He also said about coronavirus: “It’s a tricky thing, it’s dust… Whether you wear masks, no masks, but you still need help from the boss.” He then pointed to the sky.

GettyPeople attend a Make America Great Again rally at the Pitt-Greenville Airport on October 15, 2020 in Greenville, North Carolina.

Trump said he about the virus: “It’s going to peter out.” He added that treatments like Regeneron will help.

GettyTrump speaks at a rally in Greenville.

Trump also repeated his desire to see people spend a year in jail if they burn the American flag. He also criticized Twitter and Facebook for blocking the New York Post story about Hunter Biden. Twitter’s platform went down for a time today around the same time that Trump’s rally was taking place.

Here’s another photo of the crowd at the rally, shared by Bergquist.

Ariana Kraft of WNCT9 shared this video of the crowd when Trump landed.

Trump Has More Events Scheduled This Week

GettyTrump speaks at a North Carolina rally.

Trump has more events scheduled this week.

On Friday, October 16, he’s hosting a rally in Ocala, Florida, at 3 p.m. Eastern time at the Ocala International Airport.

He’s also hosting a rally later in the day on October 16 at 7 p.m. Eastern time in Macon, Georgia, at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

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