WATCH: Trump Legal Adviser Says Amy Coney Barrett Should ‘Come Through’ for Election

Harmeet Dhillon come through

Getty/Fox News Trump legal adviser Harmeet Dhillon (left) and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Harmeet Dhillon, a Trump legal adviser, made an explicit comment about the Trump campaign’s hopes for the Supreme Court’s involvement in the presidential election. During an appearance on Fox News on Thursday, Dhillon said the campaign is hoping Amy Coney Barrett and other Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices will “come through” for them in the election.

Dhillon said in part, “We’re waiting for the United States Supreme Court — of which the president has nominated three justices — to step in and do something. And hopefully Amy Coney Barrett will come through.”

Here’s what you need to know:

WATCH: Dhillon Explicitly Says the Trump Campaign Wants the Supreme Court to Intervene on Behalf of the President in the Election

Dhillon’s comments were made on Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight on Thursday evening, November 5. She accused Pennsylvania of not allowing Trump poll watchers to watch the vote-counting process and reassured viewers that the campaign has plenty of resources to wage legal battles on behalf of the president.

“In Philadelphia,” Dhillon said, “you have election workers with Biden/Harris 2020 masks on, and they’re the ones who look at ballots. … If a ballot is defective in some way, they may fill it in or ‘fix it’ and there’s nobody on the Republican side to witness it.”

Dhillon then made the Supreme Court comments, in which she said the campaign wants Barrett to “come through” on their behalf. “There’s no guarantee of that,” she added, “so we have to fight this on the ground and make sure we challenge in every place where we are.”

Dhillon Is a Republican Party Official & Outspoken Pro-Trump Lawyer

Dhillon has long been a supporter of Trump and has advocated on his behalf. She founded, and still practices at, the Dhillon Law Group. Her bio reads, in part, “Harmeet Dhillon is a nationally recognized lawyer, trusted boardroom advisor, and passionate advocate for individual, corporate and institutional clients across numerous industries and walks of life. Her focus is in commercial litigation, employment law, First Amendment rights, and election law matters.”

According to Politico, “Dhillon gained national attention when she delivered a Sikh prayer at the Republican National Convention in 2016.” Trump considered her for a Department of Justice position in 2019, the outlet reported.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dhillon has challenged California’s stay-at-home orders in more than a dozen legal battles, “suing on behalf of pastors, gun shop owners, protesters, cosmetologists and beachgoers,” Politico reported. She also challenged Governor Gavin Newsom’s move to mail-in ballots for the November election, according to the outlet.

Dhillon also spoke out on behalf of Barrett during Barrett’s controversial Senate confirmation process. After the second day of Barrett’s Senate hearing, Dhillon appeared on Fox Business and said she didn’t think Senate Democrats had “landed a finger” on Barrett.

“In fact,” Dhillon said, “it’s almost like she has a superpower by calmly sitting there and politely responding to [Democrats’] questions. I think she made each and every one of them look silly or worse.”

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