WATCH: Woman Throws Dog at Man in Viral Confrontation

Woman Throws Dog

Twitter A screengrab of the video

On October 10, a video went viral on social media showing a woman throwing a dog she was holding at a man. The incident occurred after the woman appeared to harass and get into a verbal altercation with the man. The man in the video, identified only by his Twitter handle @Mulaflare, posted a video of the altercation on social media, indicating in the caption that he kept the dog.

He wrote, “Idk what’s goin on but I got a new dog.” It’s unclear how the incident began as the video starts with the blonde woman acting in a confrontational and aggressive manner toward the man taking the video. The woman has not been identified. The video, which was shot in California, has been viewed nearly 8 million times.

Below is the video, and users should be aware that the content may disturb them:

During the Majority of the Video, the Woman Is Holding the Dog Under Her Arm Until She Throws It at the Man

In the video, the man asks the woman, who is holding the dog under her arm, “Why you holding the dog like that?” The woman continues to approach the man and paces back and forth in front of him while rambling, some of which is incoherent. The man says, “You got me in the middle of the street,” and asks if she’s on drugs.

The woman can also be seen attempting to hit the man, who replies, “Let me get back in my car.”

Later in the video, the woman tells the man, “You’re Black.” She adds, when he asks her to repeat what she said, “I said, you’re Black.” The man responds, “So what? So what if I’m f****** Black?” She then spits on the ground and says, “So what if I’m f****** white?” The man tells her that she’s the one who brought up race, not him.

The woman’s rant continues and she asks the man taking the video where he’s from before trying to kick him. She mentions something about the Illuminati although her exact words are unclear. He asks her who she is, to which she responds, “I don’t have an identity.”

At that point, the man asks her if she owns the dog, to which she responds by throwing the dog at the man. The dog appears to land on the ground on its back and runs toward the man while yelping in pain. It continues to hide between the man’s legs while yelping as the man tells her, “What the f***? Get the f*** outta here, you dumb b****.”

He also tells her to stay back as he reaches for the dog, telling her he captured everything on video and telling her she’s “going to jail.” The woman then tells him that she has a “mental health record” and that he can’t steal her dog.

It’s Unclear If the Woman Owns the Dog, But Subsequent Posts From the Person Who Took the Video Show That He Has Kept Possession of the Puppy

Woman Threw Dog at Man

InstagramAn Instagram Story showing the dog in the man’s possession.

The man who took the video has since posted updates to his Instagram story showing the dog in his possession and saying the dog is “safe.” His Instagram account indicates that he’s a local rapper who goes by Glomula.

He created an account for the puppy with the handle @movieflare, which already has nearly 20,000 followers. A series of photos shows the puppy sitting in the car with the caption “new life.”

Heavy reached out to the man involved for more information about the altercation but did not immediately hear back. It’s unclear if he plans to keep the dog permanently and if he plans to press charges against the woman involved. Heavy reached out to the LAPD, where it appears Glomula lives, for more information and will update this article accordingly.

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