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9 Best 2-Person Tents: Compare & Save

2 man tents

Whether you’re backpacking through remote wilderness, or just camping out in the backyard with the family, having a reliable tent for you and a partner is the most important piece of gear at any campsite. We’ve put together a top list of the best two-person tents for getting out under the night sky with a companion.

With so many options available in the camping world, its important to find the right tent for you and your companion that’s properly tailored to your camping needs. Weight, size, and weather resistance are all important factors to consider when finding the right tent for you, but don’t overlook things like utilized materials and ease of assembly as well as smaller details like the quality of the zippers and clips.

In my opinion, it’s not the size, shape and color of a tent that makes it great, but rather its ability to be erected and disassembled with ease, its resilience to withstand seasons of use, and the continued longevity of its smaller clips and zips. From all of us here at Heavy, camp-on!

What Are The Best 2-Person Tents?

tent, 2 person tent, camping, weanas, best tents Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super simple assembly and break down
  • Two different styles of door
  • Exceptionally waterproof
Price: $79.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ALPS Mountaineering, 2 person tent, tent, camping Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very economic option
  • Full coverage rain fly
  • Two door design
Price: $155.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
camping, 2 person tents, tent, topnaca Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes a foot print
  • Easy to clean by turning inside out
  • Packs up easily
Price: $70.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
camping, tent, 2 person tent, Kelty Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Mesh walls and ceiling
  • Zipper pulls are noiseless
  • Super simple set up
Price: $149.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
camping, 2 person tents, tent, ALPS mountaineering, Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two door design
  • Built to withstand severe weather
  • Spacious vestibule for stowing gear
Price: $455.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
camping, tent, 2 person tent, mountaintop, best tents Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Internal lantern hook and gear pocket
  • Simple assembly and break down
  • 90 day warranty
Price: $194.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tent, 2 person tent, camping, ALPS Mountaineering Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two doors + vestibules
  • Great for star gazing
  • Full coverage rain fly
Price: $637.60 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
coleman, tent, 2 person tent, best tents, camping Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great budget option
  • Great camping introduction for the kids
  • Coleman logo is glow-in-the-dark!
Price: $51.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tent, 2 person tent, ALPS Mountaineering, camping, best tents Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Aerodynamic full coverage fly
  • Four season tent
  • Vestibule creates a dry space for gear
Price: $129.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Weanas Professional 3 Season Backpacking Tent

    • Super simple assembly and break down - folds and rolls into carrying case with ease
    • Suitable tent for all weather conditions (excluding seriously extreme winds and snow)
    • There’s 1-2 person and 2-3 person sizing available so you can really fine tune how big you want to go with this one
    • Two different styles of door, both functional in different ways
    • Inside of the fly tends to gather condensation on muggy nights if not well ventilated
    • A little short for anyone over six feet tall to have ample head space
    • If you plan on using this tent for backpacking - its possible but on the heavier end (just over five pounds)

    I can personally attest that this tent by Weanas is an excellent choice for a two man tent that’s going to see a lot of use. I purchased this tent in the fall of 2016 for a two month cross country road trip and it performed with flying colors. This tent was set up and broken down from the Great Lakes to Death Valley almost every single day for 60 days without issue. All the working parts from the aluminum poles to the polyester rainfly held up beautifully — I had no problems with the tent after about 50 nights of camping.

    There’s ample space for someone my height (five feet ten inches) to lay out in this tent, but anyone over six feet might consider a tent with a bit more length on the footprint. I really enjoy that this tent has two doors on either side — and that the rainfly has two different configurations for the zippered doors.

    One of the doors unzips from either side and can be modified into a little awning, and the other simply unzips through the center and rolls up to reveal the door — nothing too fancy but it’s nice having a choice of entry style to the tent. This is a three season tent, but I stayed toasty enough in temperatures as low as about ten degrees F.

    The high density mesh of the tent walls and ceiling will keep the breeze flowing and the insects out, and the 201T polyester with PU coating rainfly will ensure you stay dry. When the fly is secured, the inside of the material tends to accumulate condensation, so make sure to keep the included vents open to minimize this issue.

    Assembly of this tent is a breeze, in just a few minutes you can erect the two pole frame and snap it right into the main tent body’s clips — piece of cake! This tent by Weanas is a reliable and underrated tent for continued heavy use through almost any climate.

  2. 2. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

    • Very economic option
    • Two doors for convenient entry/exit when camping with a partner
    • Fly is full length on the sides for maximum weather protection
    • Tent poles are attached to clips rather than being fed through sleeves for ease of assembly
    • Reviews recommend purchasing a tent foot print or using a tarp because of the thinness of the floor
    • If using an air mattress, there’s only really room for one person and gear
    • Fairly heavy at 7 pounds 9 ounces

    The Meramac by ALPS Mountaineering is a great all around tent for you and your camping partner. With a base size of five feet by seven and a half feet, there should be plenty of legroom for people of all sizes.

    The center height is four feet, a good height for not generating too much wind resistance during intense weather without sacrificing too much head room. The total weight of the tent, fly and poles is eight pounds, so the Meramac is more of a car camping tent than a tent you would want to carry with you backpacking.

    This tent has two, “single zip” doors on either side which I think is an excellent feature for smaller size tents. It’s great to have the option of using either side of the tent for entry/exit; especially when you are sharing the space with a companion and don’t want to step all over each other.

    The Meramac is crafted with a simple free-standing two pole design, so there are not a hundred moving parts to erecting this little domed tent. The weather proof fly coupled with the ridge pole creates a little awning over each door, so you can enjoy a bit of coverage from the weather while you kick your boots off.

    Other features the Meramac comes equipped with include mesh storage pockets, a gear loft, 8 inch steel stakes and guy ropes. The polyester fly with 1500 millimeter coating should ensure the tent holds up to UV exposure and stays taught. The side walls are uncoated so the tent remains breathable underneath the fly.

    For the cost, the Meramac is an excellent tent for the value that is simple, easy and built to last.

  3. 3. Topnaca 3 Person 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent

    • Includes a foot print
    • Easy to clean by turning inside out
    • Awesome external storage room created by the weather fly
    • Fits well into carrying bag, allowing you to avoid frustrating disassembly
    • Two door design
    • Complaints of condensation issues at very cold temperatures (pretty common for even some of the highest end tents)
    • More of a two person tent than a three man option
    • Complaints the stakes are cheap — built to be lightweight so maybe consider replacing them with more solid stakes

    This three man tent option from Topnaca is a seriously cool all-season option for those looking for a particularly rugged and reliable tent.

    The zippers on this tent are well constructed and the fabrics on the main body and fly are durable and effectively waterproofed. The fly is made of a 210T polyester cloth fabric with a waterproof index of 5000 millimeters; customer reviews insist this tent stays dry during heavy rain.

    The poles are high strength aluminum, so the tent should remain rigid in high winds while still maintaining a lightweight profile. The outer layer of the tent can be closed and used as a small storage space, or mudroom. It’s perfect for stowing dirty shoes and clothing, or for just keeping some of your gear outside in order to maximize sleeping space. I really like this feature and think it adds major points to this tents effectiveness.

    Topnaca includes a footprint with this model, so no need to bring along a cumbersome tarp. Make sure to consider which size is right for you and your partner – the two-person model has floor dimensions that measure 59” by 39.3” while the 3 person provides quite a bit more space at 82.7” by 43.3”. If you’re over six feet, the two-person option is likely a bit tight for you.

    The two-door design is also great for camping with friends. Reviews insist the tent can hold up to all four seasons – a bold and impressive statement for a tent at this price point.

  4. 4. Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent

    • Mesh walls and ceiling make this tent great for star gazing
    • The two pole design is quick and easy to set up
    • Zipper pulls are designed to be noiseless when being blown around on windy nights
    • Considered spacious for a two man tent
    • Only one door
    • Complaints about condensation issues when the fly is completely closed
    • Mesh is susceptible to damage, so be careful with this one!

    The Salida by Kelty is another one of those simple and reliable tents that you can’t go wrong with. The two-pole assembly is something I’m always a fan of — it makes for easy erection on your own or with a friend.

    The simple shock-corded DAC Pressfit aluminum pole set makes for a light weight tent (about five and a half pounds) with a powerful skeleton. The poles employ Kelty’s hug pole clips — well made plastic clips that secure the main body of the tent to the poles rather than using a frustrating sleeve system.

    The post to grommet type assembly with locking pole tips are about as easy as it gets. The fly is built to be non-stretch and UV resistant. The large mesh panels that surround the tent are maybe the coolest feature about the Salida. When the weather is appropriate, the mesh sidewalls and ceiling are ideal for stargazing with your camping companion and are built to keep even the tiniest insects out.

    On the other side of the spectrum — this tent breathes very well during the heat of the day due to its mesh design. The fly is provides full coverage, so when the weather is nasty you’re all set underneath all that mesh. The Salida has an assortment of storage pockets on the interior and gear loft loops on the ceiling to give you some storage space for stowing gear you want to have inside your tent with you.

    Many fans of the Salida 2 are solo backpackers — as the tent is easy to carry and pack and provides good shelter from the elements. For a tent priced around $100, the Salida by Kelty boasts the materials and design of some really high end tents.

  5. 5. ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 2 Person Tent

    • Sturdy and built to battle severe weather
    • Spacious vestibule for stowing gear
    • Two door design
    • Mesh roof vents allow for star gazing
    • Three pole design is a little trickier than a standard two pole design - but this is a well built, rugged unit
    • A bit on the heavy side for using as a backpacking tent
    • Fairly expensive

    The Extreme by ALPS is a killer option in free-standing aluminum pole tents. At 62”x92”x42″, and with a total weight of six and a half pounds, this tent is comfortably sized without being too heavy. On the bulkier end of what you would want to use for a backpacking tent, the Extreme is built to be very resilient in severe weather.

    The shape of the fly when secured is ideal for diverting wind rather than having your tent turn into a sail when things really start to blow. The three pole design although a little trickier than a standard two pole tent is meant to assist in withstanding mean winds.

    The Extreme has two doors and two vestibules for storage. Zippered mesh windows are great for keeping things ventilated in muggy situations. Multiple vents on the fly further enhance the Extreme’s ability to stay aired out.

    ALPS includes adequate aluminum stakes and guy ropes with this tent. An interior mesh storage pocket and gear loft adds to the Extremes efficiency as a space you can keep organized.

    Two doors also add big points to this tent working well for two people. The badass profile of the Extreme will certainly make you look and feel prepared for whatever the wilderness throws at you.

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  6. 6. Mountaintop Waterproof 2 Person Camping Tent

    • Comes equipped with a lantern hook, gear pocket and two way zippers
    • Reviews rave about the ease of assembly/disassembly
    • Covered with a 90 day warranty
    • Rainfly is not adequate for severe weather
    • Questionable long term durability - go easy on this one
    • Only has one door

    This tent by Mountaintop is another great two-man option. The tent material is waterproof polyester, and customer reviews insist the tent stays dry in moderate rain. The fly does not provide full coverage like the previous tents listed — so don’t plan on taking this tent with you if you’re expecting some severe weather.

    The poles are fiber glass and not the highest quality — but perfectly adequate for keeping the tent erect in most scenarios. At less than six pounds, this tent by Mountaintop is relatively lightweight — pretty decent considering its super low cost.

    A lantern hook, two way zippers and an interior storage pocket are nice added features that make this tent more than just a shelter to crash in. The footprint dimensions are of this tent are 83” by 59” — pretty standard size.

    All in all, reviews of this tent claim that it repels water fine and is a breeze to set up and disassemble, what more could you ask for in a budget two man tent? For the cost, this tent by Mountaintop could be perfect for you as a spare tent or as an starter tent for kids. If you’re just looking to get out there in the wilderness or backyard and can expect decent weather, then this tent will do you fine!

  7. 7. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent

    • Mesh design of the tent body allows for star gazing
    • This tent has two doors and vestibules for added gear storage
    • More spacious than most two person tents
    • Full coverage rain fly
    • Not ideal for hiking at seven and a half pounds
    • Fiber glass tent poles aren’t as durable and light weight as some contending tent frames
    • One color option

    The Taurus by ALPS is another good quality car camping tent that is quite comparable to the Meramac. The Taurus is a free standing, dome tent with a full coverage fly. It’s an easy to assemble tent that is designed thoughtfully despite its simplicity.

    The material is polyester and the two tent poles are fiberglass. The Taurus is not made of anything particularly special, but the quality of its materials are more than adequate according to reviews. With a total weight of about seven and a half pounds, this tent is probably best used for car camping rather than backpacking.

    The floor footprint dimensions are 60” by 90”, so it’s relatively spacious for a two person tent. The Taurus has two doors making it ideal for sharing with a partner. The ceiling is mesh which allows for star gazing on dry nights without the fly and improves ventilation. Both doors have a mesh window and the fly is built with vents included, so this tent should breathe well in any scenario.

    ALPS includes aluminum stakes and guy ropes with the Taurus, making it ready to rock right out of the packaging! Interior storage pockets and a gear loft add to its stats as a camper friendly tent.

    For less than $100 and with free shipping, this is another great two person tent option from ALPS that should last you a good many seasons with the proper care.

  8. 8. Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent

    • Very affordable
    • Great size for two children or one adult
    • Coleman logo is glow-in-the-dark!
    • Assembly is easy, great as a beginner tent for the kids
    • Rainfly does not provide full top to bottom coverage
    • There is only one door on this tent
    • Poles feed through sleeves rather than clipping onto the tent body — so be careful not to tear the fabric
    • Not suitable for two adults

    The Wonder Lake kids tent by Coleman is a sweet little tent for the kids or solo adult. I typically tend to look for higher quality products than Coleman, but I often make exceptions like in the case of this radical little tent. The great thing about Coleman products is that their quality is consistent and you know what you’re getting.

    Coleman’s weather tec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep this tent dry, and the included rainfly even extends out over the door to create a small awning. The two-pole set up is quite simple — they feed right into the continuous pole sleeves that are designed not to snag.

    It’s an easy little tent that could be perfect as an introduction to camping for the kids. With floor dimensions of seven feet by four feet, it’s kind of awkwardly sized for anyone other than two children or one adult. The longer length does however make this tent a pretty reasonable option for a solo adult. This could be a great tent for backyard camp outs or attending events like music festivals.

    The Wonder Lake also includes some interior storage pockets for keeping things organized, as well as a carry bag for easy transport.

    The logo is glow in the dark which is fun for the kids and convenient for the adult wandering through dimly lit festival grounds in search of their accommodation amongst a sea of other tents.

    Coleman offers a one year limited warranty on this product, so don’t fret if your tent turns out to be factory defected or if it’s just not your style. Although you won’t want to bring it into the backcountry, for the cost, this is a great tent to own for a variety of potential uses.

  9. 9. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2 Person Tent

    • Aerodynamic full coverage fly should hold up in some powerful winds
    • Vestibule creates a dry space on the outside of the tent for stowing gear
    • Can be used in four seasons
    • Very lightweight at less than five pounds and suitable as a backpacking or car camping tent
    • Reviews claiming difficulty reaching the zipper of the fly from inside the tent (due to extended angle of the fly)
    • Poor design of the overhead gear stash - complaints that it tends to spill items
    • Fairly expensive

    The Zephyr two man tent by ALPS Mountaineering is an excellent choice for a backpacking tent. At less than five pounds, this tent won’t break the back when loaded up with the rest of your gear.

    With floor dimensions of 58” by 88”, the Zephyr doesn’t sacrifice space for its light weight and leaves you plenty of room to sprawl out. Reviews insist this tent can be used for all four seasons!

    The main tent body is composed of mesh for maximum ventilation while the fly is made of a durable polyester. This tent is designed to hold up to some savage weather by employing a full coverage fly that is particularly aerodynamic on one side. The vestibule on one side is quite extended and pitched at a low angle to divert high winds and also create a small dry space for boots or other gear at the tent entrance.

    There is a second door on the opposing side of the tent for easy in and out access when camping with a partner. The Zephyr is pitched using a simple two-pole design even though it is meant to stand up to strong weather. You gotta love the simplicity of just clipping the tent body to the two aluminum poles and then securing your fly.

    For a compact, sturdy tent that’s designed to accompany you on back country treks, there’s very little involved with assembling and breaking down this domed tent. ALPS includes aluminum stakes and guy ropes with this model.

    Between the outside space created by the vestibule and the interior storage pouch and gear loft, this tent is great for stowing your equipment in an organized manner while on the trail. For the cost, this is a solid and reliable option for trekking into the wilderness with a pal.

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