Top 10 Best Hip Waders for Fishing

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Hip waders are a great way to get out fishing. The hassle of loading up boats or putting on full chest waders and boots is avoided when you just slap on some hip waders and get angling. They’re an awesome item to have in the back of your vehicle if you’re someone who likes to find time for a few casts during your day. The convenience of hip waders are tough to top when you just want to get in the water, so we’ve put together a top 10 list of the best pairs out there. Truth be told, a lot of fishing spots you frequent probably don’t require you to wade past your waist in order to reach fish — so why strap up in chest waders or lug a boat to the water when you could just toss on some hip boots or wading pants?

Always choose sizing carefully when purchasing any wading gear — it’s important to have the proper fit on the water. An item that pairs nicely with all the wading options here you might consider owning are these frictionless wading socks by WETSOX — they make getting in and out of any wading system a whole lot easier. Check out our top ten list with options for men, women and kids and find a wading system that suits you — you might kick yourself when you realize a pair of hip waders is all you need to fish your favorite spots effectively.

1. Best Cheap Pair of Hip Boots: Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Nylon/PVC Boot-foot Hip Waders

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If you’re looking to fish from low level water or just need a bit more wading height than a pair of knee boots, then consider this model by Hodgman. A great deal less expensive than high end chest waders, why shell out your hard earned cash if you only need to stay dry in a few feet of water? These hip waders come with attached PVC boots, more lightweight than traditional rubber and sparing you the purchase of wading footwear.

Made from a tough nylon shell fabric, these bad boys are a surprising 30% lighter than rubber and could potentially last quite a few seasons with the proper care. There’s conveniently an internal pocket included with this pair as well, so you’ve got room to bring along a few small items. Hodgman covers their waders under a one year warranty, so if you find your pair defective you’re covered. If you can get away with hip waders where you fish, then put that money you save purchasing these waders towards some other gear!

Price: $42.95 & Free Shipping

Buy the Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Nylon/PVC Boot-foot Hip Waders here.


  • Very affordable and well reviewed option
  • PVC boots are of nice quality and lighter than a lot of other boot options
  • Includes an internal pocket


  • PVC boots although durable and built to last may be quite slippery depending on the bottom you’re walking on
  • The retention strap that holds the waders up is made of a cheaper elastic that may wear out so be mindful of that

Find more Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Nylon/PVC Boot-foot Hip Waders information and reviews here.

2. Best High Quality, Rugged Hip Boots for Hiking: LaCrosse Men’s Big Chief 600G Wader Boots

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Here’s a truly high quality pair of wading boots by Lacrosse. This pair lives up to the high reputation that the brand name Lacrosse has made for itself — products from this outfitter are consistently top quality. The fit and feel on these boots are tough to beat, customer reviews praise these boots for remaining comfortable even during longer treks. If you’re favorite fishing hole requires a decent walk or hike to reach, then these boots might be a great option for you. It’s no fun carrying your waders in to where you want to fish — wearing a comfortable pair rather than packing them is always preferred.

There’s an internal mechanism to attach the boots below the knee as well as snaps to help stabilize the boots when adjusted at knee high level. If you’re a particularly tall person, then these might be knee boots rather than hip boots, but that might suit you fine too depending on what you plan to do in them. A final note worth mentioning is these boots are highly reviewed for their traction. If you plan on fishing streams or water bodies with sketchy footing, or plan on hiking over some uneven terrain to your fishing spot, this pair by Lacrosse has you covered with some solid traction.

Price: $138.42 & Free Shipping (13 percent of MSRP)

Buy the LaCrosse Men’s Big Chief 600G Wader Boots here.


  • One of the highest reviewed pairs of wading boots for longer distance walking — these stay comfortable even during a decent trek
  • Built exceptionally tough, you’ll find it challenging to puncture these bad boys
  • A Lacrosse product — one of the best names in wading systems
  • Great traction on the soles


  • Might only extend up to knee height for taller people

Find more LaCrosse Men’s Big Chief 600G Wader Boots information and reviews here.

3. Best Traction, Budget Hip Boots: Frogg Toggs Rana II PVC/Nylon Hip Waders with Cleated Sole

frogg toggs, hip waders, fishing, wading, waders

Here’s a great option in affordable wading by Frogg Toggs. This pair of hip boots is a no frills, economic option that has great customer reviews. The durability of the wading material and boots is quite tough, this pair should hold up nicely to some heavy hiking and fishing. The adjustable belt leashes with quick release locking buckles, which is a nice added touch for such a cheap pair of waders.

There’s mention from several customers with bigger body types that these boots fit their larger thighs just fine. The boot size is true to foot size with this one, and the boots themselves are not insulated, so plan accordingly if you want to wear thick socks with this pair. All in all, this is a totally adequate wading system for an excellent price that should serve you well for seasons to come with the proper care.

Price: $38.48 – $77.93

Buy the Frogg Toggs Rana II PVC/Nylon Hip Waders with Cleated Sole here.


  • Highly affordable
  • Fit larger body types well
  • Pretty rugged design, a lot of customers beat up on these boots with no issues


  • No insulation, so these might be a bit nippy to wear in the winter months without providing your own insulation
  • The soles are described as a bit thin, but the durability is still there

Find more Frogg Toggs Rana II PVC/Nylon Hip Waders with Cleated Sole information and reviews here.

4. Best Neoprene Knee Boots: NRS Boundary Shoe

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Ok, so these aren’t exactly hip waders, but these boots by NRS are a killer choice for wading. I’ve owned a pair of the Boundary Shoes for years for use kayaking and shore fishing and they have performed wonderfully for me.
If you’re pursuing game fish in less gnarly terrain and don’t require the height of full hip waders then this is a perfectly suitable option that won’t break the bank. The Boundary Shoe by NRS has a traction outsole designed for traversing mud and sand and is absolutely a warm boot — just don’t bring these boots out in icy conditions as they are fairly puncture prone being neoprene. The boots have a really simple design that utilizes an instep strap, but they stay put on your feet really well in the muck and mud.

Sometimes simple is better, and this is a prime example of that. My pair of Boundary Shoes have unfortunately punctured and now have a slow leak after two seasons of use, but I’ve put them through hell wading around a lot of stiff, sharp marsh vegetation that must have damaged them. If you fish in settings that are mostly muddy, sandy or rocky then you won’t have any problems with the durability of these boots. The soles provide quite a bit of support for a neoprene boot and employ a 2mm plastic shim to protect your feet from anything sharp on the ground (the puncture prone part of the boot is in the uppers, not the soles). Aside from the risk of puncture that’s to be expected with anything neoprene, these boots are dam durable — 5mm and 7mm neoprene with double taped seams makes for a rugged and long lasting boot. Where these boots really excel however is how easily they come on and off and how lightweight they feel while hiking. For a pair of wading boots, the Boundary Shoes by NRS will perform with flying colors as long as you don’t use them in the wrong place! Great support, excellent fit and superior materials and construction — this is a pair of boots you’ll own and love for years and likely employ for all sorts of activities other than fishing.

Price: $89.95

Buy the NRS Boundary Shoe here.


  • Provide excellent support for neoprene boots and a fairly high degree of warmth
  • High comfort rating and good reviews for ease of taking on and off
  • Quite affordable considering the quality here


  • These are only knee boots so if you need something for higher wading look elsewhere

Find more NRS Boundary Shoe information and reviews here.

5. Best Hip Boots for Cold Water/Weather: LaCrosse Men’s Trapline Hip Waders

lacrosse, hip waders, waders, fishing, rubber boot


Here’s another top notch pair of hip boots by Lacrosse. This heavy duty, rubber pair of boots are a seriously tough option in wading. The weight on these monsters is pretty high, so you likely won’t want to trek terribly far in them, but then again customer reviews insist the fit is excellent with these boots so you can probably get away with walking a decent distance. These boots are insulated with a wool felt lining, so they’re pretty toasty in cold water and weather conditions.

The removable EVA footbed can be added for additional cushioning, making this pair of boots truly comfortable throughout long days of fishing. There’s a simple lacing system that secures the boots at the waist, but customer reviews claim the rigidity of the rubber allows these boots to stand up just fine on their own without the need for straps. The ‘Trac-lite’ outsole is renowned for the all around traction it provides in almost any terrain. These are a tough pair of hip boots that can be used for a whole lot more than just fishing. If you’re looking for the Cadillac of waist-wading, look no further than the Trapline Hip Waders

Price: $154.95 – $156.00

Buy the LaCrosse Men’s Trapline Hip Waders here.


  • Wool-felt lining provides some toasty insulation for cold water and weather
  • Boot soles are renowned for their traction in mud, snow and loose terrain
  • The toughness of these boots are unmatched — the rubber construction is seriously rugged
  • There’s a metal plate molded into the soles — so these could even double as aquatic work boots


  • Due to the heavy duty rubber construction, these hip boots are definitely on the heavy side

Find more LaCrosse Men’s Trapline Hip Waders information and reviews here.

6.Best Cheap Wading Pants: Frogg Toggs Hellbender Microfiber Breathable Stockingfoot Guide Pants

frogg toggs, wading pants, wading, fishing, hip waders

Frogg Toggs

These breathable wading pants by Frogg Toggs are an awesome alternative option for those who like the idea of wearing pants as opposed to hip waders or boots. Great for launching your kayak or boat without getting wet or having to wear more cumbersome and potentially dangerous chest waders on the water. Constructed with 4-ply Dri-Pore C3 waterproof breathable technology (nylon microfiber), these pants are quite light yet resilient to wear and tear. Although a bit more pricey than a lot of standard wading hip boots, I like the easy on and off action of wading pants as well as the fact that there are no straps or elastics involved with securing them.

Frogg Togg ensures their products are fully functional with a one year warranty protecting against any factory defects. These breathables come with an adjustable wading belt, so they’re ready to fish once equipped with your favorite wading boots. Frogg Toggs does make a boot that pairs really nicely with these pants, so if you don’t already own some wading boots and are interested in this wading option then check out the Hellbender Felt Sole Wading Shoe.

Price: $89.98 & Free Shipping (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Frogg Toggs Hellbender Microfiber Breathable Stockingfoot Guide Pants here.


  • Easy to take on and off and fit comfortably without any strapping or elastics
  • Come with 3.5mm neoprene booties so these wading pants can be equipped with the footwear most suitable for where you fish


  • Does not include any interior or exterior pockets
  • Some complaints that the neoprene booties are tough to pull off, however, they fit well into boots/wading footwear as a result of the snug ankle

Find more Frogg Toggs Hellbender Microfiber Breathable Stockingfoot Guide Pants information and reviews here.

7.Best Quality Wading Pants: Redington SonicDry Fishing Wading Pants

redington, hip waders, wading pants, fishing, wading, breathables


Here’s a high end option in wading by Redington. If you have the funds to spend on these bad boys, you’ll feel the difference in what you’re paying for. It might seem a little ridiculous to spend this much on a wading system that aren’t full chest waders — but the feel and fit of these pants by Redington are unmatched. These waders are constructed with Redington’s high tech ultra sonic welding — there’s no sewing involved. All the sonic welded wading systems by Redington are known to be very reliable and highly reviewed. The booties on this pair are three millimeter high density neoprene and there’s a mesh gravel guard and lace hook included. The dual hook and loop waist fastener and adjustable wading belt make for an ideal fit once sized properly. I personally really like the suspenders on this pair — elastic waistbands on wading pants are a totally adequate option, but the upward tension of suspenders ensure you’re waders wont be getting pulled down regardless of your movement or the stream conditions.

If you think you’d prefer wading pants with an elastic waist, then check out the Palix River Pants also by Redington — it’s a more affordable option yet comparable in a lot of ways. If you’re in the market for a pair of wading boots as well, take a look at the Redington Willow River Boots, they will pair nicely with both of these wading options and are great boots to match with almost any wading booties.

Price: $209.96 – $223.96

Buy the Redington SonicDry Fishing Wading Pants here.


  • Sonic welded breathable material is highly reviewed and built to last
  • The suspenders on this pair although cumbersome at a glance provide an ideal fit that won’t betray you on the water when conditions get rough or you need to move quick


  • Definitely an expensive option, but you get what you pay for with these ones

Find more Redington SonicDry Fishing Wading Pants information and reviews here.

8. Best Reviewed Cheap Hip Waders: Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders

allen company, waders, fishing, hip waders

Allen Company

Here’s a crowd favorite in the fishing world. These hip waders by Allen Company are very highly reviewed by a ton of happy customers. The two ply upper construction on this pair is meant to be lightweight, while the cleated boots are designed to be both sturdy and durable. There’s a belt loop and takeup strap included with this pair, so they should fit snug on most body types. These wading boots are not insulated, so they could be great for warmer weather and waters.

If you’re interested in this pair but have a need for something warm, then just buy a size up and leave room for some thick socks. It’s not the ideal way to equip yourself with a cold water wading system, but for $50 or less (depending on your size) this is a great warm or cold water option.

Price: $39.74 – $60.94 (up to 20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders here.


  • Very affordable
  • Boots are included!
  • Built pretty tough, there’s a lot of satisfied customers who claim to really beat up on these boots with no issue
  • Customer reviews insist this pair is comfortable to wear as long as you’re not walking long distances


  • No internal or external pockets

Find more Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders information and reviews here.

9. Best Fitting Women’s Wading Pants: Kokatat Womens Hydrus 3L Tempest Pants

kokatat, womens waders, fishing, wading pants


Here’s a great pair of women’s wading pants by Kokatat. Most of the wading options in this list have sizing suitable for women, but this pair is built specifically with the female build in mind. The neoprene waistband with adjustable hook and loop tabs allow you to really customize the fit. The three layer hydrus material employed in the construction of these waders allows moisture to effectively escape while still keeping you dry. The breathable material here is totally adequate, and the soft knit polyester lining on this pair of pants is meant to move any internal moisture away from your skin. The outer layer of these pants is abrasion resistant and further treated with a durable water repellent coating.

There’s also gravel guards included with these pants, so rest assured you won’t fill your booties with debris. For ladies looking to really maximize comfort, I would recommend pairing these pants with a pair of women’s wading boots for a totally customized fit — check out this affordable pair by Caddis or these higher end boots by Redington.

Price: $164.99 – $185.00

Buy the Kokatat Womens Hydrus 3L Tempest Pants here.


  • Provide a great, more customizable fit for women anglers
  • Very breathable pair of wading pants
  • Abrasion resistant exterior
  • Includes gravel guards for minimizing debris in your boots


  • The booties are not of the usual neoprene construction, and there’s little customer reviews speaking to the quality and feel of the material

Find more Kokatat Womens Hydrus 3L Tempest Pants information and reviews here.

10. Best Cheap, Tough Hip Boots: Duck and Fish PVC Hip Boots

duck and Fish, hip boots, waders, hunting, duck hunting

Duck and Fish

You get more than you pay for with this wading option. Here’s a seriously budget choice in wading for the strapped for cash angler. If you just need to keep dry below the hip, these boots will serve you just fine. Don’t expect this wading option to provide you with much warmth, they’re constructed with PVC and have no insulation. The PVC design however makes them 30% lighter than rubber and also more flexible and less prone to chafing. If you’re chasing fish in warmer climates and don’t require the height of chest waders then this is a perfectly suitable option that will cost you next to nothing. The boot has a traction outsole ideal for mud and sand — but once again, don’t plan on bringing these boots out into the snow and ice. For a pair of budget fishing and duck hunting boots, there’s nothing wrong with these at all as long as you don’t try and use them in the colder weather.

Price: $41.60 & Free Shipping

Buy the Duck and Fish PVC Hip Boots here.


  • Super affordable wading option
  • The boots are particularly tough if you’re looking for ruggedness around the feet
  • Very lightweight and flexible due to the PVC construction


  • No internal or external pockets
  • No insulation makes these boots unsuitable for cold water fishing

Find more Duck and Fish PVC Hip Boots information and reviews here.

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