10 Best Accessories for Your Duck Hunting Boat

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Hunting waterfowl is an absolute blast. If you’re a serious hunter and own a duck boat it’s probably your pride and joy. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get out waterfowl hunting…. a shotgun and the proper hunting wear is the bare necessities and really all you truly need. That being said — there’s a ton of awesome accessories out there to add to your duck boat for an improved hunting experience.

Equipping your duck boat to be convenient, comfortable and safe for hunting on your waterfowl outings is worth doing. Cup holders and padded seats make for a more luxurious experience while boating gear like binoculars and fire extinguishers are a must have for safety.

We’ve also included some righteous gear for simply better enjoying your day out in your favorite hunting grounds. Camp stoves and mess kits for a nice hot lunch, trolling motors for a sneaky and effortless approach into productive hunting spots and PVC dry bags to keep the rest of your gear dry are all awesome items to have on board.

Regardless of how large your boat or how far you have to go to your hunting grounds, read through our top ten list for some cool ideas to better equip your duck boat and chase waterfowl in comfort, safety and style.

1. Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag

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Leader Accessories

If you can expect to get wet during your hunting outings, then owning a couple of dry bags for your sensitive items can be a smart move. A simple, but effective design, the modern PVC dry bag is great for storing and securing gear during wet weather or when conditions get choppy. This dry bag by Leader Accessories is perfect for keeping your sensitive gear away from the wetness, and it comes at an affordable cost. Available in seven different colors and sizes, (5 liter to 55 liter) there’s a Leader Accessories dry bag that’s right for you. This type of storage should not be overlooked as equally effective for shielding your sensitive electronics and other gear from fine dust or sand as well. Leader Accessories also includes an adjustable shoulder strap on this model, so it can be used as a day-pack if you want to take it to shore with you when you leave your boat to hunt. When you’re tearing it up on your way out to your favorite creek or assembled duck blind, stowing your gear in a couple of PVC dry bags will allow you and your crew to travel in confidence.

Price: $11.99 — $30.99 & Free Shipping on orders over $25 (up to 56 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag here.

2. Robocup Multipurpose Cup Holder for Drinks and Fishing Rods

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Here’s a pretty useful gadget from RoboCup. This cup holder/rod holder combination is pretty neat and simple to use. It clamps onto round and flat surfaces up to about two inches in diameter using two powerful rubberized jaws. Its a nifty cup holder that can come with you anywhere, and doubles as a rod holder if your duck boat doubles as a fishing boat. These are perfect for moving around the boat when and where you need them. The unit is made of poly resin material that resists sun damage and the springs are stainless steel as a precaution against rust. It’s always clutch to have somewhere to set your drink when you’re out on the water — and don’t forget this unit can come with you anywhere. Boaters love the ease of use and versatility of this unit — definitely a solid buy that you’ll likely use on and off your boat.

Price: $18.99 & Free Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the Robocup Multipurpose Cup Holder for Drinks and Fishing Rods here.

3. Hooway 7×50 Waterproof Marine Binoculars with Internal Rangefinder & Compass

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Owning a reliable pair of binoculars for your boat is both a smart and safe thing to do, as well as something that can be fun to have on board. It’s important to be able to recognize landmarks and find the shoreline or other boats when conditions are crummy or when your electronics fail if you rely on them. This pair of 7x marine binoculars by Hooway are a great option for adding to your duck boat’s gear. They are completely waterproof and will float — because why would you purchase a pair of nocs for your boat that would be ruined by water or sink? This pair also employs a porro prism system for a particulary wide angle of view, great for observing the horizon line in an effective manner. The non slip rubber housing of these binoculars make them nice to grip and also pretty rugged and shock absorbent. There’s also a tripod adapter included with this model for mounting this pair onto a unit for increased stability. You can use this these to both navigate while boating and to spot birds when actively hunting. Definitely the most righteous feature of these binoculars is the internal compass and rangefinder — you can determine distance, size and direction of objects with this pair. All in all, this is a pretty killer pair of binoculars at a great cost to have on board for an array of uses.

Price: $129.99 & Free Shipping (19 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Hooway 7×50 Waterproof Marine Binoculars with Internal Rangefinder & Compass here.

4. MallowMe 10 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

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A good mess kit is an easy and compact way to be able to enjoy hot meals when hunting. If your out chasing or waiting for waterfowl all day then preparing a real meal rather than eating power bars and trail mix will be very much appreciated. Coleman makes an excellent camp stove at a very reasonable cost that might pair nicely with this mess kit if hunting with friends. If you’re hunting alone then you might be interested in a smaller, highly packable option like this backpacking stove by Etekcity. This mess kit by MallowMe is well reviewed and praised by camp cooks. At just $20, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better valued set. Made of anodized aluminum, this cook set conducts heat quickly and washes clean with ease. The pieces included are a one liter nonstick pot and cover, a nonstick pan, two BPA free bowls and a BPA free soup spoon, a folding stainless steel spork, a wooden spoon spatula, and a cleaning sponge. It’s all there! There’s also a nylon travel drawstring pouch included to collapse everything into for transport. At just about one pound, this is a pretty inclusive set for the weight! Customer reviews insist all the pieces to this kit other than the cleaning sponge are great (some users did favorably review the loofa) — and that’s easily replaced! On a final and less practical note, I think this mess kit has a real badass look to it with the green on black color scheme. An excellent mess kit at an excellent price, MallowMe is the go-to on this one.

Price: $21.99 & Free Shipping on orders over $25 (69 percent off MSRP)

Buy the MallowMe 10 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit here.

5. Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

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Newport Vessels

Here’s a great value trolling motor by Newport Vessels. If your boat is paired with a gas powered outboard than this could be an awesome alternative motor to use for silently sneaking into spots where you expect to find some birds. If your duck boat isn’t powered, then definitely consider the benefits of an electric motor. This 55 pound thrust model will really get you moving. If you have a larger vessel or smaller sized vessel than this is the unit for you. The power of this motor is definitely enough to move larger rowboats and jon boats upwards of 14 feet. I really like the prop design on this model — it’s simple but effective. Newport Vessels has built this motor to be compatible for saltwater use due to the corrosion resistant stainless steel, zinc, and magnesium hardware employed in the design. There’s an LED display on the motor head showing battery life as well as a telescoping handle for some added convenience when at the helm. For $200 this motor is a pretty dam good value. A lot of other trolling motors with comparable thrust are much more expensive — the 55 pound thrust Minn Kota Endura for example is around $360, still a great value considering Minn Kota provides a solid warranty but a good bit more expensive than this comparable unit none the less. All you need is a 12-volt battery and your duck boat is ready to silently sneak around your hunting grounds.

Price: $199.00 & Free Shipping

Buy the Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor here.

6. NEP Outdoors Therm-a-Seat Infusion 3-Layer Premium Hunting Cushion

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NEP Outdoors

A nice hunting cushion is in a way both a luxury and a necessity. When temperatures drop and things get cold you really need to separate yourself from the ground. Alternatively, if reaching your hunting grounds requires a long bumpy boat ride then you’re going to want something soft to sit on. This three layered cushion is highly reviewed by hunters for providing excellent warmth and comfortable support. It’s waterproof and won’t get stiff in the cold when temps drop. This cushion will also clip to your belt (or wherever) so you can take it from your boat to wherever you’re hunting. If you’re looking to install some permanent seating into your duck boat than maybe start by checking out this righteous folding seat by Seamander

Price:$49.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the NEP Outdoors Therm-a-Seat Infusion 3-Layer Premium Hunting Cushion here.

7. Reebow Tactical Gear 115 Piece First Aid Kit

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Reebow Tactical Gear,

You should never leave home for any kind of boating excursion without a complete first aid kit. This 115 piece kit by Reebow Tactical Gear speaks for itself — it’s got just about everything you need to patch yourself and your buddies up in the event of a minor accident, or to get you to adequate medical care in the case of a more serious injury. The compact and portable bag is about eight inches by five inches and the total weight is approximately one pound. You can’t really trim down a first aid kit any more than this without starting to leave important items out. There’s a few items in particular that could make this kit a good fit for your duck boat. A rescue whistle, a compass, a light-stick and disposable raincoat gives this first aid kit the edge over others for outdoor purposes. This kit comes from a trusted manufacturer at a reasonable price, so whether you want to add some of the included items to your existing medical supplies or need a place to start, this first aid kit is up for the task.

Price: $19.60 & Free Shipping on orders over $25 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Reebow Tactical Gear 115 Piece First Aid Kit here.

8. Kidde U.S. Coast Guard Approved PWC 2 Pound Fire Extinguisher

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Here’s a piece of safety equipment you definitely shouldn’t go without on board your boat. This fire extinguisher by Kidde could save disaster from striking on your vessel — especially considering you may have ammunition and fuel for cooking on board. This unit is two pounds and is only about a foot in length, so it should mount nicely somewhere on your water craft. This extinguisher is suitable for fighting class B and C fires and is US Coast Guard approved. The discharge range is 10 to 14 feet, so this compact model should pack enough punch for the average sized duck boat. For around $30, this is a great buy for a piece of equipment you really oughta have on board for the safety of you and your passengers.

Price: $30.44 & Free Shipping

Buy the Kidde U.S. Coast Guard Approved PWC 2 Pound Fire Extinguisher here.

9. Icefox Rechargeable LED Headlamp

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A good flashlight is a must-have on any hunting trip where you’re traveling out to or back from the hunting grounds before first light or after dark. If your duck boat is powered by motor than you should be prepared to wait for assistance after dark in case of mechanical failure. Rummaging around your boat for whatever you might need and more importantly navigating through potential hazards in the dark requires a reliable light source. I have always opted for headlamps over conventional flashlights because they keep your hands free — because if you need a flashlight while steering your boat you’re probably using your hands right!? Furthermore, I prefer rechargeable headlamps over battery powered lamps because packing loads of batteries is no fun. If you would prefer to own a spotlight for your duck boat, then check out this waterproof, floating unit by Stanley — it’s another solid option. This unit by Icefox is a well reviewed, high quality headlamp. With four working modes of brightness and a 90 degree rotatable lamp, this light is pretty neat. Although it may be a bit on the cumbersome side, the battery life (up to eight hours) and brightness (6000 lumens) of this headlamp makes it worth its weight. This light by Icefox will likely outlive your friend’s and save you the hassle and cost of purchasing batteries for every excursion. At $26, the cost of this headlamp is totally comparable to the inferior competitor lamps — why settle for a crummy flashlight or headlamp that costs around the same?

Price: $25.99 & Free Shipping (57 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Icefox Rechargeable LED Headlamp here.

10. Onyx General Purpose Adult Life Vest (4-Pack)

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It goes without saying that your vessel needs to be equipped with life jackets. It’s the law in most places to have personal floatation devices on board for every passenger. These life vests by Onyx are a great affordable option for adequate life jackets. Whether you need to purchase some life vests for your new vessel or are thinking of replacing your current set, these are highly reviewed, Coast Guard approved life vests that come at a very reasonable cost. The lightweight foam construction and nylon oxford fabric make these jackets comfortable and easy to wear. There’s nothing particularly special about these jackets other than the low cost. These are regular, adjustable floatation devices that will fit most body builds and also pack nicely on board your boat.

Price: $59.99 & Free Shipping (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Onyx General Purpose Adult Life Vest (4-Pack) here.

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