Top 5 Best Hand Warmers for Hunting for 2018

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Keeping your hands warm while cold weather hunting can be a real challenge. While it’s important to own some cold weather hunting apparel and maybe even a padded seat for warmth in the field, nothing’s worse than cold hands. There’s a lot of glove options out there that work but unfortunately sacrifice dexterity and full use of your hands to achieve warmth. Having a nice quality hand warmer for hunting allows you to remain comfortable and also enables you to keep your fingers exposed, giving you the best possible handle on your gun or bow. Whether you’re enduring freezing temperatures in your tree stand while waiting stone still for a deer all day or getting your hands wet out in the marsh fall or winter duck hunting, having a hand warmer will improve the quality of your hunt.

1. Best Hand Warmer for Waterfowl Hunting: Mossy Oak Deluxe Neoprene Hand Warmer

Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories, hunting, hand warmer, cold weather

Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories

Here’s a great hand warmer for the wetland hunter. This neoprene unit by Mossy Oak Hunting Systems is both affordable and effective. If you like to hunt waterfowl and find yourself hunting in wet or damp settings, the material of this hand warmer is what you’re looking for. Furthermore, there’s ten external shotgun shell holders for convenience reloading in the field. The fleece-like liner of this unit will keep your mitts warm while waiting for birds in your blind or while trekking the swamp or marsh. This warmer should do the trick just fine on its own, but you might consider adding some hand warmers to the inside for those particularly wet and cold days. The snap on clips and adjustable carry strap give you a few different options for mounting this hand warmer so you can make sure it’s both out of the way and there when you need it. There’s even a zippered pocket and an internal pouch for carrying three different choke tubes. All in all, this is a very versatile and practical hand warmer perfectly suited for duck hunting yet entirely appropriate for a range of different hunting styles.

Price: $22.87 (7% off MSRP)

Buy the Mossy Oak Deluxe Neoprene Hand Warmer here.


  • Very affordable
  • Neoprene construction makes it great as a companion for wet hunts
  • Multiple ways to secure it to your body
  • Shell holders and choke pouches make this the ideal hand warmer for duck hunting


  • Some complaints that the plastic clips that secure to your belt loop are fragile — some hunters solved the issue with some simple carabiners

Find more Mossy Oak Deluxe Neoprene Hand Warmer information and reviews here.

2. Best Hand Warmer for Using a Touchscreen: Hot Shot “Textpac” Hand Muff

hot shot, hand warmer, hand muff, hunting, hunting gloves

Hot Shot

Here’s a neat hand warmer design by Hot Shot that allows you to use your phone while still keeping your hands toasty. I personally don’t typically have an interest in using my phone while hunting, but I can think of a few scenarios where this might come in handy. If you need to check a weather forecast or contact your fellow hunters out in the wilderness, this hand warmer will allow for that. This polyester unit is equipped with 80 grams of thinsulate insulation and Odor-X antimicrobial lining for some pretty serious warmth and scent control. Hunter reviews insist you can remain bare handed in this unit even during blizzard conditions. There’s no real storage on this unit other than the compartment for your phone, so don’t count on this one to accommodate for any gear. This is an easy fitting, highly effective hand warmer with a nice and long waist band to accommodate for hunters of all sizes. If you want to maintain use of your touch screen devices while in the wilderness than definitely consider this highly affordable and unique hand warmer.

Price: $29.85 Free Shipping

Buy the Hot Shot “Textpac” Hand Muff here.


  • Can operate your phone or touch screen device through the “textpac window” (It really works!)
  • Hunter reviews claim this is a truly a warm hand warmer that can handle some serious cold
  • Have an scent controlled lining for minimizing your odor output in the field
  • Machine washable
  • Will fit just about any body type


  • Not really any storage options other than the compartment for your phone

Find more Hot Shot “Textpac” Hand Muff information and reviews here.

3. Best All Purpose Hand Warmer: Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer

hunter safety system, hand warmer, hand muff

Hunter Safety Systems

I really like this design by Hunter Safety Systems. This is a straight forward hand warmer that gets the job done. It’s a fleece unit, so it’s not totally waterproof — but will still totally function in wet conditions. I think the two zippered pockets and the front pouch are a really nice added touch that give you some extra space for stowing lighter gear. It’s definitely convenient to have your range finder, spotting scope or duck calls right on hand without having to rummage around and potentially frighten game. This hand warmer is also great fitting — hunters agree it sits nicely on your person while both standing and sitting. You’re gonna want to use this one for all sorts of hunting, as well as for cold weather activities in general. For $30 this is a pretty superior product that you should own for years.

Price: $29.95 & Free Shipping

Buy the Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer here.


  • Very warm and suitable for four season use
  • Great array of storage pockets
  • Effective camo pattern
  • Fits well and accommodates for hunters with larger builds


  • This unit is water resistant, not waterproof — don’t let it get too wet in the field

Find more Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer information and reviews here.

4. Best Odor Controlled Hand Warmer: Scent-Lok Handwarmer Muff

scent-lok, hand warmer, hand muff, hunting


This is the best hand warmer included in this list. Scent-Lok crafts top quality hunting gear and is the go to outfitter for hunters everywhere. The carbon alloy odor control technology they employ in their products is superior to competitors. If you’re really serious about remaining invisible in every way while stalking or waiting for game, then this is the unit for you. The exterior is water resistant and will shed moisture fairly well while the inside is equipped with 100 grams of insulation making for a very warm unit. The storage pockets included are quite spacious and accommodate for a decent amount of gear considering how compact the unit is. The waist strap is the only component on this hand warmer that I would consider average — everything else excels in quality. Yes — this hand warmer is a bit more expensive than most competitors, but the quality and attention to detail make it a superior product for the superior hunter.

Price: $49.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Scent-Lok Handwarmer Muff here.


  • Employs Scent-Loks carbon alloy technology so the game you’re stalking won’t smell you coming
  • The insulation of this unit is more than enough for COLD weather hunting
  • Well thought out pocket schematic
  • Great camo pattern compatible with a lot of environments


  • Waist strap is quite average (not of top quality like the rest of the unit)
  • A bit more pricey than most other hand warming units, but for good reason

Find more Scent-Lok Handwarmer Muff information and reviews here.

5.Best Value Hand Warmer: Mossy Oak Hunter’s Hand Warmer — Mossy Oak Brush

mossy oak, hunting, hand warmer, hunting muff

Mossy Oak

Here’s another top of the line hand warmer, this one by Mossy Oak. This warmer is equipped with some awesome features to make it a really effective unit. There’s three separate exterior storage pockets — one of them zippered. The soft lined interior has a pull out phone case for ensuring your cell phone doesn’t get too cold or wet or dislodge while trekking in the field. I think this is a pretty cool feature — it allows you to bring your phone with you without having to be concerned about it. The waist strap is adjustable up to 60 inches, so there’s no hunter this hand warmer won’t fit. There’s even some gear loops on the face of the unit for getting creative with your hunting accessories. The camo pattern is perfect for hunting agricultural land and autumn woodlands, and suitable for a range of other environments. All in all, this is a fully equipped hand warmer for an excellent value.

Price: $33.52 & Free Shipping

Buy the Mossy Oak Hunter’s Hand Warmer — Mossy Oak Brush here.


  • Equipped with three exterior storage pockets and gear loops for bringing along some extra equipment
  • Internal phone case for keeping your device safe and secure
  • Highly adjustable for a compatible fit on any size hunter
  • Highly reviewed camo pattern


  • Two of the three external pockets don’t zip or clip shut — be mindful when using them

Find more Mossy Oak Hunter’s Hand Warmer — Mossy Oak Brushinformation and reviews here.

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