10 Best Sleeping Bags for Winter Camping

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Cold weather camping is an awesome activity whether it be in the fall, winter or spring. To withstand the elements and immerse yourself in the wilderness when temperatures drop is truly special — but you’ll need some good quality gear to keep you warm so you can enjoy yourself rather than chatter your teeth.

Your sleeping bag is your first and most important line of defense against the cold when turning in for the night. A good nights sleep is completely dependent upon your body temperature inside your sleeping bag and how comfortable it is to crawl into. There’s a lot of options out there that are definitely warm and cozy, but if you’re interested in doing some COLD winter camping make sure you’re buying a nice quality bag that won’t betray you when temps plummet. There’s plenty of camping items you can buy on a budget — a sleeping bag for temps any lower than 20 degrees F is not one of them. Fortunately, insulation technology has improved immensely over the recent years and zero degree and even colder rated sleeping bags have become much more affordable. Don’t forget that pairing your sleeping bag with a quality camping pad can also really add some warmth to your sleeping arrangement.

Read through our top ten list and track down the right sleeping bag for you. We’ve included some affordable but highly reviewed options here as well as some top of the line, seriously warm options for enduring frigid temps. There’s men’s, women’s and kid’s options for any kind of cold weather camping. Take to the trail with a compact, portable unit or car camp like a king with an enormous and heavy weight bag. Wherever your winter campsite is, we’ve found the sleeping bag that’ll keep you snug at night.

1. Marmot Trestles 0 Long Synthetic Sleeping Bag

marmot, sleeping bag, winter sleeping bag


Here’s a seriously toasty zero degree sleeping bag by Marmot. This synthetic winter sleeping bag is designed to really trap your heat. There’s an internal zipper for sizing the interior of the bag just right to your form as well as an insulated collar to the hood with an easy access cord. The idea is to be able to really customize this bag to your body shape and favorite sleeping position. The zippers are designed very thoughtfully and won’t snag on you when trying to get in and out of the bag. The SpiraFil high loft insulation is what makes this mummy bag so warm. Lots of camping reviews insist this bag will keep you absolutely warm in temperatures around zero degrees F and that you’ll likely need to unzip the bag a bit in order to not overheat on nights much above 25 degrees F. The polyester construction of this bag is also particularly effective at remaining well insulated in wet and damp conditions — a big bonus. As with all Marmot’s camping equipment, this sleeping bag has been put to the test in all sorts of environments and is built super tough. For less than $200 this is an excellent value bag that you will own for years and years of cold weather camping.

Price: $194.02

Buy the Marmot Trestles 0 Long Synthetic Sleeping Bag here.

Marmot Trestles Sleeping BagThe Trestles is a reliable, all-purpose synthetic bag that insulates even in sustained damp conditions. Made of soft polyester fabric with a DWR coating on the outside, the Trestle is filled with high loft, thermally efficient Spirafil insulation and will endure years of rugged use. SpiraFil is a unique blend of large, spiral hollow fibers…2015-01-08T22:10:20.000Z


  • Highly affordable sleeping bag for the quality
  • Still insulates great in damp and wet conditions
  • Great quality zipper that won’t snag and drive you nuts
  • Insulated collar to the hood and secondary zipper for really customizing the fit of the bag


  • At five and a half pounds this bag is borderline acceptable for winter backpacking

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2. Teton Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

teton sports, sleeping bag, winter sleeping bag, ultralight sleeping bag

Teton Sports

I love the sleeping bags designed by Teton Sports. They have a wide range of excellent quality sleeping bags available and price their equipment very reasonably. There’s not many cold weather sleeping bags under $100 worth buying, and many of them are by Teton Sports. This is a very warm and lightweight bag, great for winter backpacking. This one will keep you warm down to five degrees F, so it’s designed for some seriously chilly camping. This unit is just over four pounds and is 87 inches at its longest point. It’s one of the larger mummy style sleeping bags available that gives you plenty of room to roll over and still packs light. The diamond ripstop shell is not only feather light, but is also water resistant and tear resistant. This sleeping bag has some extra insulation where you need it in order to stay toasty through frigid temps — mostly around the feet. There’s even an internal pocket on both sides of the sleeping bag — great for keeping your electronics warm and still charged come morning. Teton Sports offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product, so they’ve got you covered. As a winter backpacking sleeping bag, the Tracker is an excellent choice in weight and in warmth.

Price: $68.28 & Free Shipping

Buy the Teton Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag here.

Getting to Know your Tracker 5F Mummy Bagtetonsports.com/Sleeping-Bags/Ultralight/Tracker-5.htm#.VTgoNK1VhBc TETON Sports Tracker +5ºF Sleeping Bag (with Body Mapping) Innovative PolarLite™ insulation keeps you warm even though entire bag is thin and light. 3-piece no gap hood pulls in perfectly around your face. Bag shapes to body lines and has a vaulted foot-box with an extra layer of fill to keep feet toasty, even…2013-06-06T09:37:50.000Z


  • This bag packs very light (4.1 pounds) for how warm it is — great backpacking bag
  • No snag zipper and full length zipper draft tube for trapping heat
  • Two interior pockets
  • Diamond ripstop material is both tough and water resistant — you should have this bag for a long time


  • Putting this sleeping bag back into its stuff sack takes a little practice

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3. Teton Sports Celsius Regular 0 Degree F Sleeping Bag

teton sports, sleeping bag, double sleeping bag, winter camping

Teton Sports

Here’s an even warmer rated sleeping bag by Teton Sports. This unit is suitable in temperatures down to 0 degrees F, making it a great winter bag for when you want to ensure you’ll stay comfortable overnight. I love using a zero degree bag when temps are around 20 to 30 degrees F, I find it to be the perfect amount of insulation. The exterior taffeta shell is pretty tough on this bag while the inside lining is brushed flannel lining made to feel like bed sheets. This is meant to be a comfortable bag above any other feature — you could backpack with it but at five pounds it’s a bit on the heavy side for use on the trail. The rectangular shape rather than mummy style is what gives you some extra space to roll over and sprawl out. This model can even zip together with another bag (need to pair a left and right zippered bag for this to work) if you want to sleep with a partner. The mummy hood incorporated into the design keeps your head off the ground and helps at trapping a lot of your heat that would otherwise exit the bag. I find this to be an excellent valued bag at just $52 that would make a perfect winter car camping sleeping bag.

Price: $54.58 & Free Shipping

Buy the Teton Sports Celsius Regular 0 Degree F Sleeping Bag here.


  • Left and right zippered models can zip together for sleeping with a partner
  • Mummy hood gives you some significant added warmth
  • Rectangular design gives you plenty of space as opposed to a mummy bag


  • This is a pretty heavy bag at 5 pounds that is right on the border of what you would want to backpack with

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4. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

coleman, sleeping bag, winter camping, winter sleeping bag


Coleman makes a pretty great zero to ten degree F sleeping bag. The North Rim Extreme Weather sleeping bag is a highly reviewed and highly affordable option in cold weather camping. This 100% polyester bag has a diamond ripstop exterior making for a pretty rugged unit. It’s made to fit people under six feet, two inches comfortably — if you’re any bigger than that then this bag isn’t for you. This model is just under five pounds, so weight wise it can be backpacked with but it packs a bit on the cumbersome side despite the stuff sack. Reviews do insist this bag is adequate for use winter backpacking, just know that it will take up a bit of volume compared to some other, more compact options. A cool feature about this sleeping bag is that you can unzip the bottom for some extra ventilation if you get too hot. This is a seriously toasty bag so having the option to lose some extra heat in a controlled manner without unzipping the whole flank of the bag is a cool feature. Coleman has a nice product at a very reasonable price here.

Price: $41.59 & Free Shipping (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag here.


  • This is a zero degree mummy bag suitable for backpacking at a VERY low price compared to competitors
  • Unzips at the bottom for some extra ventilation if you heat up more than you want to
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Hood is fully immersive and fits a pillow nicely


  • Packs a bit cumbersome despite the stuff sack — decent backpacking bag, and a great car camping bag
  • Not for campers over six feet two inches in height

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5. Teton Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

teton sports, sleeping bag, winter camping

Teton Sports

Here’s another top notch cold weather sleeping bag by Teton Sports. The LEEF comes as either a 20 degree F (green) or zero degree F (black) sleeping bag designed for use on the trail. It’s comparable to the Tracker but has some different features. It’s exterior is made from tear and water resistant diamond ripstop material and microfiber insulation adds to its compressibility. The twenty degree model is only three and a half pounds while the zero degree bag is just over four — pretty impressive stats. The three piece hood employed in the design contours your face for full enclosure while the vaulted foot box gives you some extra room for your feet without sacrificing warmth. Teton Sports built this bag with an anti snag zipper and full length zipper draft tube for convenience and maximum insulation. This is a high performing sleeping bag that comes at a great cost — another awesome product by Teton Sports.

Price: $59.98 – $75.11

Buy the Teton Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag here.

Getting to Know the LEEF Series Mummy BagsInnovative PolarLite™ micro fiber insulation helps cut weight without sacrificing comfort and warmth. 3-piece no gap hood adjusts around your face to keep the heat in and cold out. Taped, anti-snag zippers with a full-length zipper draft to eliminate any cold spots. 87” x 34” (at widest point) provides more shoulder and leg room than…2016-04-25T19:12:45.000Z


  • Very compressible sleeping bag — great for winter backpacking
  • Plenty of room for larger campers and also is equipped with a vaulted foot box for extra foot room
  • Both a 20 and 0 degree option
  • Limited lifetime warranty and excellent customer service by Teton Sports


  • Some reviews complain about the effectiveness of the zipper and claim it snags on occasion

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6. Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

kelty, sleeping bag, winter sleeping bag, 20 degree sleeping bag


Here’s a really top performing sleeping bag by Kelty. This is an excellent quality bag and perhaps my favorite on this list. This is a 20 degree F down sleeping bag designed for backpacking use. It stuffs down to about eight by fourteen inches and weighs an impressive two and a half pounds. This unit features 550 fill DriDown — it’s treated to generate a hydrophobic finish on each down plume keeping you drier longer and also drying faster than untreated down. The full draft collar and thermal comfort hood paired with the natural fit foot box also add to this bag’s warmth stats. This one is a favorite amongst hikers — a lot of outdoorsmen have been buying this same model for years due to its superior design. It’s a bit more expensive than a lot of the other 20 degree bags, but you get what you pay for with this one.

Price: $145.00 – $242.48 (sale prices available on select options)

Buy the Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag here.

Kelty Cosmic DriDown 0 20 40For more info, visit: Cosmic 0: kelty.com/cosmic-0/ Cosmic 20: kelty.com/cosmic-20/ Cosmic 40: kelty.com/cosmic-40/ This bag is hotter than ever. Seriously. The Cosmic down 0°F , 20°F, and 40°F sleeping bag has been restyled for 2016 and now features the exceptional warmth of 600-fill hydrophobic DriDown™ for higher performance. That means more moisture defense and quicker…2016-04-08T15:52:28.000Z


  • Designed to still insulate effectively in wetness — a SERIOUSLY awesome feature
  • The collar, hood and vaulted foot box make for a very warm bag
  • Highly compressible and very lightweight — this is an excellent winter backpacking bag
  • Rolls up easily back into its pouch


  • Because of how compressible the down material is, you’re going to want to pair this bag with a sleeping pad if it’s really cold out to ensure you stay insulated

Find more Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag information and reviews here.

7.Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

winner outfitters, sleeping bag, winter sleeping bag, camping

Winner Outfitters

Here’s a budget sleeping bag with some pretty impressive stats. I own this sleeping bag by Winner Outfitters for its portability, but it’s a pretty decent unit in all aspects. This is a 35-40 degree F sleeping bag, so it’s not for the serious cold. Even though it’s rated for higher temperatures, it seems like the customer reviews for this bag support it’s as warm as a lot of 20 degree bags. Compressed in the including sack, this unit packs down to about seven and a half by ten inches — pretty great! The weight is an impressive 2.7 pounds, so it’s as light as it is small. It has quite a bit of space too at 87 inches. I’m almost six feet and I’m able to turn around and sleep on my side comfortably in this bag despite it being a mummy bag. The hood secures nicely and is of a nice and soft polyester material. You can machine wash this sleeping bag which is pretty cool. The 200G/㎡ hollow fiber fill has really great weight and insulating power for winter use, and is even waterproof to protect against dampness. The double slider zippers are hassle free and operate smoothly. If the winter temps where you’re camping or backpacking don’t drop to0 staggeringly low, then for less than $40 and with free shipping, this unit can’t be beat.

Price: $29.45 & Free Shipping (63 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack here.


  • Super affordable
  • Nice soft internal material and spacious dimensions make for a comfortable mummy bag you can roll over in
  • Very lightweight and portable, great for backpacking use /li>
  • Effectively waterproof


  • Not rated for super low temps — this bag is supposed to keep you warm in temps as low as 20 degrees but I wouldn’t sleep in it below 30

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8. Kelty Tru Comfort Womens 20 Degree F Sleeping Bag

kelty, sleeping bag, womens sleeping bag, winter camping


Here’s a really neat sleeping bag for women by Kelty. The Tru Comfort is designed to be a supremely comfortable sleeping bag that gives you an excellent night’s sleep. This is an oversized mummy bag with a two-layer blanket system for temperature control. You can use the whole sleeping bag, expose just the inner blanket or open up the bag entirely for your desired level of warmth. There’s also a foot box that you can unzip to reveal your feet — pretty cool! The temperature control features of this 20 degree F bag makes it a great option for use in warmer weather as well. This could be a four season bag depending on where you’re camping. The ThermaPro synthetic insulation is what makes this bag so toasty — it’s a very compressible and effective material. There’s loads of other features included with this bag as well. The zipper draft tube, internal pocket and thermal comfort hood all add up to make a top quality sleeping bag. Although it’s a bit on the heavy side (just over five pounds) I think the versatility of this bag by Kelty make it a great cold and cool weather camping choice.

Price: $119.95 & Free Shipping

Buy the Kelty Tru Comfort Womens 20 Degree F Sleeping Bag here.

Kelty Women’s Tru.Comfort Sleeping BagGet one for yourself at kelty.com/womens-tru-comfort-20/. Our Tru.Comfort sleeping bags stand for comfort. Built with an oversized mummy fit, 2-layer blanket system for unique temperture control, and comfort-Tuck zipper these bags let you snuggle like you do at home…that’s Kelty Built. See more great #KeltyBuilt gear at kelty.com/.2016-04-02T21:41:17.000Z


  • Super cool (and practical) two-blanket system for superior temperature control
  • Zippered foot box for exposing your feet if you need to
  • Very reasonably priced considering all the features
  • 50D polyester taffeta is built to last


  • At 5.4 pounds this sleeping bag is a bit on the heavy side, but it compresses nicely
  • Women over five feet eight inches will be too big for this bag

Find more Kelty Tru Comfort Womens 20 Degree F Sleeping Bag information and reviews here.

9. Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

coleman, sleeping bag, winter camping, kids sleeping bag,


Want to introduce your kids to cold weather camping? Here’s an effective winter sleeping bag crafted for children that will get your kids excited about the great outdoors. This bag will fit children up to five feet tall. It’s only three pounds so portability is not an issue with this one. The hollow polyester insulation provides some pretty awesome heat retention without adding much weight. The hood is adjustable and the snag free zipper is of nice quality. There’s even an internal pocket for stowing smaller items. This bag has all the features you would expect to find in an adult winter sleeping bag. It’s conveniently machine washable in case of any accidents and comes in colors for both boys and girls. The price is definitely right on this one — at less than $40 this is a great buy.

Price: $34.90 & Free Shipping (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag here.


  • Great way to introduce a child to winter camping
  • All the features of a nice quality adult sleeping bag
  • machine washable


  • This bag doesn’t open up all the way (for heat retention) so some kids might find this bag a bit snug

Find more Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag information and reviews here.

10. Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

teton sports, sleeping bag, double sleeping bag, zero degree sleeping bag, winter camping

Teton Sports

Love to camp with your significant other and want to get cozy in the same sleeping bag? Here’s an awesome cold weather sleeping bag for couples by Teton Sports. This enormous sleeping bag is 94 by 62 inches and weighs a whopping 16.5 pounds! This is a seriously cozy zero degree F bag with plenty of room for you and your partner. If you’re looking for something heavy weight that really feels like you’re at home in bed underneath a thick comforter — this is it. If you like to luxury camp, then this could make a super comfortable sleeping bag for just yourself as well — don’t rule this out as a solo sleeping bag if you’re car camping. The brushed flannel liner feels like bed sheets and won’t get sticky once the bag heats up. Teton Sports has employed their SuperLoft Elite fiber fill and construction to ensure there are no cold spots with this bag. The taffeta shell is also built exceptionally tough in order to withstand some wear and tear. Teton Sports offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product, so you can buy in confidence knowing the manufacturer has your back.

Price: $129.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag here.

Getting to Know Your Mammoth 0F Sleeping Bagtetonsports.com/Sleeping-Bags/Mammoth/Mammoth-0.htm TETON Sports Mammoth 0ºF Sleeping Bag: Double-wide quilted sleeping bag has cushioning around zipper and shoulder to keeps drafts out and offset seams to distribute fill evenly and eliminate chilly spots. Drawstring hood and warm flannel lining retains body heat. Three no-snag, self-repairing zippers open either side and bottom for adjustable ventilation and connects…2012-01-17T03:11:40.000Z


  • Really warm 0 degree bag that will only be warmer with two people inside!
  • HUGE size allows for both you and a partner to sprawl out — there’s even room for a family of four with smaller children!
  • Flannel liner is very nice to the touch — it feels like bed sheets
  • The heavy weight of this bag is like being under a comforter at home


  • This bag is 16.5 pounds, so don’t plan on hiking too far with it!

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