Top 10 Best Backpacks For Snowboarding 2018

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Taking some additional gear with you on the slopes is something we all wish we could do without a cumbersome, motion limiting backpack. Fortunately, there’s some killer packs out there that provide enough storage space for a day on the hill without weighing you down.

Whether you have a need for packing gear like expensive camera equipment or just an extra layer and some lunch, we’ve tracked down some awesome deals on some seriously effective backpacks for skiing and snowboarding.

1. The North Face Recon Backpack

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The North Face

Here’s a top notch winter sports backpack by The North Face. The Recon is a highly reviewed, 31 liter backpack with an additional stretch front stash pocket. There’s also two stretch water bottle pockets on either side of the pack for tucking away your hydration. Between the main interior pocket and the front zippered pocket there’s some great organization potential here. 31 liters of space should me more than enough for most snowboarders — it’s a great, high capacity backpack that is just compact enough to remain low profile while riding. The FlexVent suspension system employs custom injection-molded shoulder straps and a well designed, padded back panel. The back panel even has a spine channel built in for some added support — something a lot of other snowboarding backpacks often lack. This pack will really hug your frame and allow you to ride without destabilizing your center of gravity. If you’re carrying sensitive electronics, there’s a padded, 15 inch laptop sleeve within the main compartment that should offer some decent protection. Between the 23 different color options, there’s no doubt a color scheme that will suit your style. This low profile, water resistant, high capacity backpack is one you’ll own and shred in for years.

Price: $129.00 & FREE Shipping

Buy the The North Face Recon Backpack here.


  • 23 different color options
  • Awesome strapping and support system — very low profile pack that’s comfortable to ride in despite its larger size
  • Great organization potential — take everything you need for a day on the slopes without making a mess of your bag


  • A bit on the expensive end, but you get what you pay for with this one
  • This backpack is described as pretty rigid by some users — ideal for heavier loads but perhaps frustrating when you only have a few items packed

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2. Dakine Heli Pro Backpack

Here’s a slightly smaller pack from Dakine that’s ideal for back country touring. There’s both a vertical snowboard and a diagonal ski carry system employed into the design so you hike up and into some gnarly terrain with your gear strapped up. It’s hydration compatible and employs a padded waist belt as well a sternum strap for keeping snug and low profile while actively shredding. A recue whistle on the sternum strap is a nice added touch when you’re going out into more remote wilderness in search of powder. A fleece lined goggle pocket gives you a safe space to stash your eyewear where it wont get knocked around. The pack is crafted from 600D polyester so it’s built exceptionally tough. Dakine also offers a women’s version of this pack — check it out here. For a low profile, backcountry equipped backpack, this unit by Dakine is both highly effective and affordable.

Price: $59.79 – $100.00

Buy the Dakine Heli Pro Backpack here.


  • Great pack for hiking up and shredding down — both a ski and a snowboard carry system employed in the design
  • 600D polyester construction is both rugged and lightweight
  • Rescue whistle on the sternum strap is a nice added safety feature
  • At 20 liters this is an awesome, low profile sized pack that can still carry up your board or skis


  • This is a pretty narrow pack in order for comfortability while riding so there’s not a ton of internal storage capacity

Find moreDakine Heli Pro Backpack information and reviews here.

3. Burton Prospect Pack

burton, snowboarding pack, snowboard backpack


This is an awesome, smaller sized pack for those who don’t require a ton of gear storage. A real slim and low profile bag, the Prospect will allow you to shred without realizing it’s even there. For the high energy, action packed rider this could be the perfect bag to serve as some added storage on the slopes without killing your vibe. There’s no waist or sternum straps, but you won’t be able to pack it with enough weight to really need the added strapping. The design of the pack itself coupled with the nicer quality shoulder straps ensures it stays snug. Although this is a smaller bag, it’s been thoughtfully designed to handle a good bit of gear. The external water bottle pockets on either side of the pack are great for stashing a variety of items. The main compartment includes a padded laptop sleeve and the additional front, zippered pocket gives you easy access to your essential items. There’s some righteous color options available with this one, so you can find the color scheme that suits you best. For the price, this is an awesome little bag that you’ll be stoked to own for the slopes!

Price: $38.46 – $74.95

Buy the Burton Prospect Pack here.


  • 23 different color options!
  • Really slim, low profile fit for uninterrupted shreddage
  • Exterior water bottle holders function well for storing a variety of gear
  • Very reasonably priced


  • No chest or waist straps (but consider this is a smaller bag so you shouldn’t really need them)
  • Not a ton of organization potential, but it’s still impressive for its size

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4.The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

the north face, snowboarding pack, snowboarding backpack, womens snowboarding backpack

The North Face

The Jester by The North Face is a killer backpack designed specifically for a woman’s build. This pack has been crafted to generate an ergonomic fit for a woman’s frame by employing North Face’s women-specific FlexVent suspension system. Compression molded shoulder straps, a padded mesh back panel and a spine channel all add up to some righteous support when riding. Most women will definitely appreciate the shoulder strapping that’s contoured to effectively fit the female torso. The internal compartments are both spacious and mindfully designed for organization. There’s not a ton of space to pack heavy loads with this one (26 liters), but as a day pack for the slopes it’s certainly adequate. The external elastic strapping coupled with the mesh water bottle holders gives this pack some solid external storage as well. The 600D polyester construction ensures this bag can withstand some rugged use and won’t quit on you after just a season or two of riding. Reflective accents all around this pack are also a nice added safety feature if you end up out and about in the dark. There’s 24 different color options so you can customize your look with this one. For a $65 pack the fit, construction and capacity of the Jester is no doubt a solid option for all you female rippers out there.

Price: $64.95 & FREE Shipping

Buy the The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack here.


  • Provides a great fit specific for the female build
  • External elastic strapping as well as mesh water bottle holders give the exterior of this pack some solid organization
  • Reflective accents are a nice added safety feature
  • 24 different color options


  • There’s no waist strap on this model so particularly heavy loads may become cumbersome when actively riding.

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5. Under Armour Storm Contender Backpack

under armour, snowboarding, snowboarding backpack

Under Armour

Here’s a high capacity polyester backpack by Under Armour that’s designed to effectively repel the winter elements. The Storm is an awesome pack for those riders who require a larger bag on the slopes. It’s streamlined design coupled with the sternum strap allow this pack to feel low profile and tight to your frame despite its high capacity. There’s an awesome array of external and internal pockets with this one, so there’s high organization potential as well. Some added external D-rings even give you a few extra attachment points for gear you want on hand. The bottom panel has thoughtfully been crafted to be abrasion resistant so the bottom of the pack won’t wear out. The front pocket is also water-repellent, so your valuables are safe wherever you stash them in this pack. The adjustable and padded shoulder strapping is comfortable to wear and provides a snug fit when cinched down. All in all, Under Armour offers a high performing backpack at a great cost here that will be awesome for the slopes.

Price: $79.99 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Under Armour Storm Contender Backpack here.


  • Very water repellent and weather resistant backpack
  • Awesome shoulder strapping
  • Great internal and external pocket schematic
  • Bottom panel is abrasion resistant adding to this pack’s estimated lifespan


  • Although there’s great quality strapping on this pack, there’s no waist strap

Find more Under Armour Storm Contender Backpack information and reviews here.

6. Dakine Mission Backpack

dakine, snowboarding, snowboarding backpack


I really dig this pack by Dakine. The Mission is both a highly packable and low profile polyester backpack that allows you to shred with all your gear without sacrificing range of motion. It’s very water resistant so your gear will stay dry through almost all conditions. The pocket schematic is well thought out for packing a large amount of gear in an organized manner. The board strap is also great for stashing a jacket or extra layer when you finish hiking up and get your board under your feet. There’s both waist and sternum straps for support assistance with heavier loads. The added strapping definitely is necessary when hiking up with your board or when your range of motion can’t afford to be sacrificed in the slightest.

Price: $48.08 – $108.42 (sale price available on select options)

Buy the Dakine Mission Backpack here.


  • 24 different color options
  • Board strap allows you to hike with your board secured to you and is great for stashing a jacket or extra layer
  • Great array of pockets and compartments for a high degree of organization
  • Includes a fleece lined goggle pocket


  • The sternum and waist strapping is not the best quality — if your using the strapping over lighter layers rather than a winter jacket it may become uncomfortable

Find more Dakine Mission Backpack information and reviews here.

7. Burton Kilo Backpack

burton, snowboarding, snowboarding backpack


Here’s another bag by Burton that could make a great pack for the slopes. The Kilo provides 27 liters of space, so this is a pretty high capacity backpack. There’s several external zippered pockets as well as some good organization potential within the main compartment. The Kilo is definitely a solid pack for those days riding where you need to have a full bag. The exterior skateboard strap is also perfect for stowing your jacket for when you heat up and want to shed a layer. This is a fairly water resistant pack and totally suitable for use in the snow, but on really sloppy and slushy days this unit is going to get wetter than a lot of other competitors. A sternum strap helps with load support, but there’s no waist strap on this pack. Depending on the weight of your gear, this could be a good or a bad thing for actively riding. For $65, this is no doubt an excellent valued bag. you get more than you pay for with this one, and you’ll likely want to use this pack for a variety of purposes outside of snowboarding.

Price: $64.95 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Burton Kilo Backpack here.


  • Great size (27 liters) for packing a good amount of gear
  • Wide array of zippered pockets for top notch organization
  • Skateboard strapping is perfect for stowing a jacket when you want to shed a layer
  • 7 different color options


  • This is a water resistant pack — but certainly not waterproof on particularly sloshy days
  • Lack of a waist strap might make this bag a bit cumbersome when carrying heavy loads

Find more Burton Kilo Backpack information and reviews here.

8. Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

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(Teton Sports)

Here’s a slightly different approach to a snowboarding pack by Teton Sports. This is an excellent bag for the avid rider who wants a highly efficient, hydration compatible daypack that will last for years. This bag is loaded with features; it includes a rain cover, a bungee cord system for stowing gear, a butterfly opening ideal for accessing clothing and of course, a hydration bladder! Customer reviews insist that the two Liter bladder, sip tube and cushioned bite valve included with this pack are of good quality. This backpack is designed to have a low profile athletic cut, and is adjustable for all frames including men women and children. This one will stay out of your way while ripping it up while still providing you with the gear storage you need. If you’re looking for a reliable, quality riding pack then definitely check this one out. Considering the quality of the materials used and the included hydration bladder and rain cover, this 18 Liter bag is a sweet value at just $40.


Buy the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack here.


  • Great array of pockets and external strapping for stowing gear and gadgets
  • Includes rain cover and two Liter hydration bladder (with hose and bite valve)
  • Pretty light weight at just 2 pounds unfilled
  • A few different color options available
  • Very affordable option!


  • Some customer complaints about the quality of the zippers

Find more Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack information and reviews here.

9. The Friendly Swede 33L Dry Bag Backpack

the friendly swede, backpack, waterproof backpack, hiking, backpacking

(The Friendly Swede)

Here’s a full on dry-bag style backpack for when things are really wet out there. This bag by The Friendly Swede is a 33 Liter dry-pack that could be perfect for sloppy spring skiing or for the rider who wants to ensure their gear stays bone dry. If you ride with a camera or any kind of recording equipment you might consider the protection of a dry-pack like this. Reflective details as well as an easy access survival whistle make this pack a good companion for wilderness treks where you want to maximize safety. Two mesh side pockets can fit a thermos or water bottle effectively and a front velcro pocket (not totally waterproof) also adds to this packs storage abilities. There’s a padded laptop sleeve on the interior of the bag too, so it’s pretty highly functionable backpack for most purposes. Chest and waist straps as well as adjustable shoulder straps aim to maximize the comfort and support of this pack. The roll top closure of this pack is what keeps your gear dry in sleet, snow or splash, so just make sure its properly clipped shut and drop in with confidence!

Price: $49.99 & Free Shipping (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy The Friendly Swede 33L Dry Bag Backpack here.


  • Main compartment is a true dry bag
  • Has both chest and waist straps for added support while actively riding
  • Includes survival features like a whistle and reflective accents
  • Side pockets and front pocket are great for keeping things organized


  • The chest and waist straps are not padded — but that shouldn’t create much of an issue considering they will usually be secured over your jacket
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10. Dakine Explorer Backpack

Dakine, snowboarding, snowboarding backpack


Here’s a simple and straight forward backpack by Dakine that makes for a pretty killer budget option. This tough little polyester pack has 25 liters of storage space, so despite its small build and price tag it can still fit a good bit of gear. There’s three interior slip pockets as well as five exterior pockets for a pretty high degree of organization. This pack unfortunately does not have any waist straps, so when riding with a lot of weight it might become a little cumbersome. A fleece lined sunglasses pocket is great for stashing your goggles and the skateboard carry straps can be employed to carry a wide range of gear. All in all, this is a sweet budget pack that will perform awesome on the slopes.

Price: $39.39 – $91.88 (sale price available on select options)

Buy the Dakine Explorer Backpack here.


  • Great budget backpack
  • At 25 liters, there’s some ample storage space here
  • 13 different color options
  • Between the interior and exterior pockets coupled with the skateboard carry strap there’s some sweet organization potential here
  • Material sheds wetness quite well — this pack is more waterproof than many competitors


  • There’s no waist strap on this pack so if you really load it up with some weight it may become a bit cumbersome while actively riding
  • Not terribly low profile compared to some other packs

Find more Dakine Explorer Backpack information and reviews here.

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