Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Hunters 2018

hunting, christmas, hunting gifts, christmas gift for hunter

Have an avid hunter in your inner circle of family or friends? If there’s a big birthday coming up for the hunter in your life, we’ve put together an awesome list of potential gifts you’ll want to read through. If you’re shopping for an outdoorsmen who’s passion is chasing wild game, then we’ve found some great deals on some awesome products. There’s a little bit of everything here from tree stands to hand warmers to get you thinking about what will make the perfect gift. Don’t forget to check out our gift lists for fishermen, survivalists and hikers for some more awesome outdoor gift ideas. Be a birthday hero this year and surprise your favorite woodsmen with some awesome new gear to take on their next big hunt!

1. Scent-Lok Men’s Recon Thermal Jacket

scent-lok, hunting, hunting jacket, christmas, gift


Does the hunter in your life get out in some cold weather? Here’s a low profile, high quality hunting jacket by Scent-Lok that comes at a sweet value. Scent-Lok has proven to be a top hunting outfitter through the quality of their apparel and the practicality of their products’ odor absorption. If the hunter you’re shopping for is in the market for some new outerwear, this could make a really special gift. Scent-Lok designs their hunting wear to keep body scent locked in so you can ensure you’re odorless in the wilderness by employing carbon alloy in the design. It’s a fascinating process that combines the power of activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite to ensure whatever you’re stalking will never smell you coming. This 100% polyester jacket is certainly not the warmest jacket on the market for those truly freezing days hunting — but its rated to be comfortably warm down to around 30 degrees with some additional thermal layers.

This is a fitted garment that employs tapered zip-up sleeves and light fleece underarms for optimum shooting clearance and mobility. Many different style hunters rave about the freedom of motion this jacket provides — the cut of this model is particularly effective for bow hunting. It doesn’t matter what style of hunter you’re shopping for — if they wear a hunting jacket (or any outerwear for warmth) then this is a versatile product they will no doubt use and love. I think this would be an awesome jacket for duck or pheasant hunts where you’re flushing birds and picking targets quickly. The torso and sleeves on this jacket definitely allow for quick draws and shotgun swings. Reviews also claim this jacket is seriously quiet when stalking — so it’s a great piece of outerwear for any hunter who moves around a lot in the woods. The material will shield from wind and light rain nicely without bogging you down in a soppy garment. There’s even a safety harness access opening for tree stand hunters. If a cold weather jacket with high mobility sounds like something the hunter in your life could use, check out the comfort, warmth and stealth the Recon by Scent-Lok provides.

If the outdoorsmen or woman you’re birthday shopping for is always doing battle with the cold but already owns a nice jacket, give our Top 10 Best Thermal Wear for Cold Weather Hunting post a look — there’s some seriously toasty layers there you’ll want to check out.

Price: $189.99 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Scent-Lok Men’s Recon Thermal Jacket here.

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

alps outdoorz, hunting, hunting backpack, christmas

ALPS OutdoorZ

Here’s an awesome outdoor item a lot of even experienced woodsmen don’t own — a backpack specific to hunting! Whoever you’re shopping for likely has a system of carrying their essential gear into the field — but hunting backpacks these days have evolved into some seriously cool and effective hunting companions. Make sure to check out our Top 10 List of Hunting Backpacks for 2017 for a whole selection of awesome packs. I really dig this affordable, intermediate sized option by Alps OutdoorZ. This 44 liter bag has a plethora of features that make it an awesome all around hunting pack for just about any style hunter. There’s a great array of exterior storage pouches and strapping perfect for stowing a quiver or other cumbersome gear. The side mesh pockets are nice and tight and secure and provide some decent external storage. If you’re shopping for a hunter who exclusively uses a bow — then check out this awesome and affordable backpack by In Sights built specifically for bow hunting.

Definitely the coolest feature of this pack is that the main compartment folds down to create a little table space to rest your binoculars while posted up in a tree stand or duck blind. It’s a simple feature that could prove to be seriously useful when your hands are occupied and you want to eat a sandwich or set your spotting scope down. Hunter reviews from all over praise the Pursuit’s versatility as a hunting pack — it’s meant to really support a hunter in the field, not just carry gear. There’s also a drop down pocket to secure the butt of your rifle or shotgun, or to attach your bow to your pack safely and comfortably. The strapping is of great quality and there’s even a waist belt and sternum strap included for assistance with heavier loads. Alps OutdoorZ has geared this bag towards deer hunting, but it is absolutely suitable for pursuing all sorts of game. Learn about all the killer features of this pack in the video below, you’ll be impressed!

Price: $76.97 & FREE Shipping

Buy the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack here.

3. Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer

hunter safety system, hand warmer, christmas gift, hunting gift, hand muff

Hunter Safety System

If the outdoorsman or woman you’re shopping for embarks on hunts out in the winter cold, a toasty hand warmer could be the perfect birthday gift. I really like this design from Hunter Safety Systems. This is a straight forward, simple hand warmer that gets the job done. It’s a fleece lined hand warmer, so it’s not totally waterproof — but this unit will still totally function in wet weather. The two zippered pockets and the front pouch are a really nice added touch that provides some extra storage for stowing lighter gear. The added pockets make it convenient to have a range finder, spotting scope or duck call on hand without having to rummage around and possibly startle game. If you think the hunter you’re shopping for would appreciate even more storage, check out our Top 5 Best Hand Warmers for Hunting for 2017 post. This hand warmer by Hunter Safety System also provides a great fit in addition to it’s added storage — hunters agree the waist strap mounts nicely on your person while both standing and sitting. Your favorite hunter is going to want to use this one for a variety of hunting styles as well as for cold weather activities in general. For around $30 this is a pretty superior product that should be around for years with the proper care!

Price: $32.99 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer here.

4. LaCrosse Men’s Swamp Tuff Waders

hunting, christmas, waders, duck hunting


Does the hunter in your life have a passion for duck or goose hunting? Here’s a killer pair of waders by LaCrosse that’s specifically suited for swamp, marsh or wetland habitat. These are seriously heavy duty — if who you’re shopping for has a tendency to puncture or tear their waders then gift them this pair that can’t be stopped. LaCrosse has employed “Armor Weld” construction with these waders — the double stitched seams are bonded and taped internally as well as coated with abrasion resistant liquid rubber on the exterior. You could practically storm a castle in these waders they’re so burly. The neoprene is 5mm thick and the boots have 1200G thinsulate insulation, so this is a particularly warm wading system. The mossy oak bottomland camo pattern is perfectly suited for hunting waterfowl in wetlands during the fall and winter seasons and is great for a wide variety of habitats — if you’re not sure what pattern camo to purchase this is a safe choice.

Overall, these waders have a seriously badass look. The buckle and Velcro straps on this pair conveniently convert to a belt when you want to fold the waders down, making them a bit more versatile than a lot of competitors. There’s some well thought out chest pockets equipped with this model and also a spacious and removable shot shell pouch. Surprisingly, these waders are no more expensive than the other wading options offered by Lacrosse — pretty awesome considering the heavy duty construction employed here. If you want to support your favorite hunter’s plans to conquer the wetland this waterfowl season, then definitely check out this suit of insulated swamp armor.

For some more hunting wading options as well as some waterproof knee boots and hip boots, make sure to read through our Top 10 Best Waders and Hip Boots for Duck Hunting post — you’ll find some great deals on a variety of gear.

Price: $253.86 – $332.95

Buy the LaCrosse Men’s Swamp Tuff Waders here.

5. Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

treestand, summit treestands, hunting, deer hunter, christmas

Summit Treestands

If you want to come up with a great hunting gift, you can’t go wrong with a new tree stand! Any hunter would be delighted to have a new unit — especially considering the safety risks of using an old, outdated stand! Here’s a highly portable tree stand for the off the beaten path deer hunter. Climbing tree stands are super convenient for hunting in hard to hike to places and for setting up on different trees whenever you want! This unit weighs an impressively light total of 20 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It’s about as lightweight as a tree stand can get and conveniently mounts as a backpack for easy trekking out into the wilderness. Summit also makes a very comparable but slightly more robust stand for heavier hunters — the Goliath SD. The Goliath SD has a 350 pound weight limit and only weighs one more pound than the Viper SD.

The full perimeter frame of the Viper SD stand allows for both sitting down and standing up while hunting, so although this is a compact and portable unit it’s still a versatile platform and seat to hunt from. The front bar enables easy climbing and also doubles as a gun rest. Summit has even filled particular parts of the platform with a custom engineered foam for noise reduction while shifting on the stand to minimize commotion — pretty cool! The silent foam padded seat can even be raised for bow hunting and lowered for gun hunting — this stand is truly versatile for any style hunter. Summit also sells a “surround seat” for their climbing tree stands which would make a great gift on its own. It’s an added feature that provides even more comfort and added protection from the elements if fighting the cold is a constant battle where your favorite hunter likes to set up. Even though this stand is meant to be portable and trekked with, it’s quite comfortable and whoever you’re gifting it to will likely want to use it over other, more permanent tree stands.

The “Quickdraw” cable retention system is probably what makes this climbing stand such a favorite amongst hunters. It’s renowned for being an exceedingly simple, fast and quiet cable system that doesn’t include any additional hardware or components. You simply size the cable to the tree diameter, insert it into retention bracket and the Quickdraw trigger locks into place. To remove the stand you just pull the trigger — it’s a really cool system that is both effective and most importantly, safe. Summit also has built this stand with their ergonomically designed “Rapidclimb” climbing stirrups for keeping any size boot secured to the platform while climbing. The rugged aluminum construction of this stand is built to last a lifetime, but Summit still covers this product with a five year limited warranty. As a portable climber, Summit has made a reliable, rugged and safe product here that can accommodate for any deer hunting style. Ensure your freezer sees some venison this season and give the gift of hunting where you want to with the Viper SD.

For some more tree stand options of similar and different styles, check out our Top 10 Best Tree Stands for 2017 list.

Price: $269.98 & FREE Shipping (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand here.

6. LaCrosse Men’s Silencer Realtree Xtra 400G Hunting Boot

lacrosse, hunting, hunting boots, hunting gifts, christmas


Hunting boots are perhaps the most important piece of gear a hunter brings into the field. It’s easy for outdoorsmen to become attached to their old pair of boots, but new footwear is super important and shouldn’t be ignored for too many seasons! Here’s a popular pair of rugged hunting boots from Lacrosse that was designated as the most versatile hunting boot in our Top 10 Best Hunting Boots for 2018 list. The Silencer Boots are an awesome choice for long, grueling treks over gnarly terrain. These are comfortable boots that are great for any style hunt — they perform great for both covering ground or waiting in silence for game. The waterproof suede uppers on these boots reach pretty far up the calf for some serious ankle support. If the hunter you’re shopping for needs a sturdy boot with maximum stability for crossing landscapes with sketchy footing — this could be it. The rubber soles paired with the 1000 denier nylon construction makes for one tough pair of boots than can really be beat on. When laced all the way up these put you in great shape for whatever the wilderness throws your way.

If the hunter you have in mind frequently hikes into their hunting grounds with a heavy pack on their back the ankle support and upper rigidity of these boots might be something to consider. It’s really helpful to have strong ankle support when carrying heavy loads. These boots are totally waterproof too, so puddle hopping in these bad boys is a go. Dry-Core lining on the interior assists in keeping body scent to a minimum as well as allows moisture out preventing overheating. Part of what makes these boots so lightweight is their lack of heavy insulation, but don’t count them out as a warm boot. A lot of hunter reviews insist the 400 grams of thinsulate insulation makes these pretty toasty for fall and winter hunting as long as you’re not sitting still all day. For tree stand hunting in the winter cold however, you might want to consider something a bit more insulated. The Silencers come at a super reasonable cost — this is a great value boot. For a pair of boots around $100 your favorite hunter will get way more than you pay for with these ones.

If you like the idea of purchasing some new birthday boots for your favorite hunter this year then make sure to check out the awesome selection we tracked down for our Top 10 Best Hunting Boots for 2017 list!

Price: $74.96 – $120.95

Buy the LaCrosse Men’s Silencer Realtree Xtra 400G Hunting Boot here.

7. Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag

leader accessories, dry bag, hunting, christmas

Leader Accessories

If your favorite hunter frequently gets wet during their hunting outings, then gifting a couple of dry bags for their sensitive items could be a smart move. A simple, but totally effective design, the modern PVC dry bag is perfect for storing and securing gear during wet weather or when conditions get choppy while boating. This dry bag by Leader Accessories is ideal for keeping sensitive gear away from the wetness, and it comes at an affordable cost. Available in seven different colors and sizes, (5 liter to 55 liter) there’s a Leader Accessories dry bag that will suit every style of hunt. This type of storage should also not be overlooked as equally effective for protecting sensitive electronics and other gear from fine dust or sand. Leader Accessories also includes an adjustable shoulder strap on this model so it can be used as a day-pack as well. When your favorite hunter is trudging through the muck or boating their way out to their favorite creek or assembled duck blind, stowing their gear in a couple of PVC dry bags will allow them to hunt with peace of mind.

If you’re shopping for an avid duck hunter or any outdoorsmen who owns a boat, you might find some additional great gift ideas within our list of Top 10 Best Accessories for Your Duck Hunting Boat or our Top 10 Best Waterproof Backpacks post.

Price:$9.99 – $34.99 (up to 58 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag here.

8. Bushnell 16MP HD Trophy Cam

bushnell, hunting, christmas, trail cam, camera trap


A trail camera could make an AWESOME birthday gift for the amateur or experienced hunter. It’s a device that allows one to do some seriously effective research on a particular hunting spot. By setting up a trail camera or series of cameras in a woodland, you can asses whether or not there are game animals present and if it’s worth hunting. Wildlife photography can be really fun and interesting on its own as well — any hunter will appreciate an opportunity to view animals behaving naturally in the wild. It’s a huge part of why most of us hunt!

Here’s the series of trail camera I have used for years for both scientific research and for my own pleasure. Bushnell has made a simple, reliable and high performing trail camera with this one. For research purposes, it’s chosen by many wildlife professionals as the go-to camera trap due to its ease of use and superior photo quality. This 16MP unit takes beautiful photos, but there’s also a 12MP version available. Perhaps the top unit offered by Bushnell is this 24MP model with a lightening fast recovery speed for around the same cost.

The trigger speed on this unit fires at an impressive 0.3 seconds — it captures even the quickest flicker of motion so it won’t miss any shots of fast moving animals. There’s both photo and video modes with this camera — it’s capable of taking up to 60 seconds of video at once. The interval between photos when the camera is triggered can be set as low as one second and as high as 60 minutes. Sensitivity is also adjustable so the camera won’t take a million photos of vegetation flailing in the wind. This camera of course takes wonderful night time photos as well. The PIR sensor is motion activated out to 80 feet, so this unit can photograph animals quite a ways away. Perhaps the best feature of this camera is that the battery life lasts up to 12 months. The hunter you’re shopping for can set it and forget it for extended time periods and really get an idea of what kind of critters are in the area. Another useful and really neat component of this trail camera is the field stamp feature — it allows the user to view when each photo was taken down to the exact second! All in all, the simplicity of the controls and the quality of this camera’s performance make it the perfect choice for any level of experience wildlife photographer!

For a look at some even simpler, as well as more advanced trail cameras, check out our Top 5 Best Trail Cameras for Hunting & Wildlife Photography list!

Price: $120.61 & FREE Shipping (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Bushnell 16MP HD Trophy Cam here.

9. NEP Outdoors Therm-a-Seat Infusion 3-Layer Premium Hunting Cushion

nep outdoors, hunting, gifts for hunters, christmas

NEP Outdoors

Want to give the gift of a comfortable, warm bottom while in the field? A nice hunting cushion is in a way both a luxury and a necessity. When temps drop and conditions get exceptionally cold, a hunter really needs to separate themselves from the ground. Alternatively, if reaching the hunting grounds involves a long bumpy boat ride then something soft to sit on is a must. This three layered cushion is highly reviewed by hunters for providing excellent warmth and comfortable support. It’s waterproof and won’t get stiff in the cold when temperatures drop. This cushion also has a clip for attachment to a belt (or wherever) so it can be taken along with ease to wherever the hunting grounds are. This is a fool proof hunting gift that any outdoorsmen would love to add to their gear locker — if you’re stumped on what to buy for your favorite hunter this is a gift you can’t go wrong with!

Price: $49.99 & FREE Shipping

Buy the NEP Outdoors Therm-a-Seat Infusion 3-Layer Premium Hunting Cushion here.

10. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool

fivejoy, shovel, survival, hunting, christmas, multi tool


If you’re shopping for someone who embarks on multi-day, backcountry hunts, or for a hunter who utilizes an ATV or gator to really get out there, then this could be an awesome gift. This all in one survival shovel has a huge array of potential uses between all of its features. This compact and lightweight (1.2 pounds) multi-tool includes a shovel, serrated saw, hammer, axe blade and even a length of paracord. There’s also a magnesium fire starter, emergency whistle, bottle opener and travel pouch included. This is a highly compact unit that will fit easily into a backpack or mount nicely on a trail vehicle. You never know what sort of survival scenario might require trench digging, shelter building or fire creation — this multi-tool covers all fronts. Crafted with hardened aluminum and hi carbon steel, this is a tough piece of equipment that’s built to withstand a beating as well as the elements. I can think of a ton of potential reasons to include this unit in any survival kit — especially when venturing far from the trail. For only $60 this thing is bound to pay for itself whether you really need it or not. While we’re on the topic of versatile survival tools, maybe you’ll find the perfect gift within our Top 10 Best Cool Survival Gear for Emergencies list.

Price: $59.00 & FREE Shipping (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool here.

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