Top 10 Best Cheap Gifts for Fishermen 2018

If you’re shopping for a fisherman, then we’ve got the gift list for you! You don’t have to break the bank to buy the perfect gift — we’ve come up with a great list of highly affordable ideas and tracked down some awesome deals on some great products. This gift list is written by fishermen for fishermen. We’ve found all sorts of gadgets, apparel and accessories for your favorite angler’s gear locker that will have them stoked to get on the water! If the fishermen in your life have other outdoor hobbies as well, make sure to check out some of our other 2018 gifts lists for fisherman, hunters, hikers and survivalists — you’ll find some sweet deals on some killer outdoor gear there as well!

1. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

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Here’s a pair of multi use pliers that will make a great addition to your favorite fisherman’s tackle box or fishing backpack. For most fishermen including myself, pliers and forceps have a tendency to come and go. It’s an item that’s frequently used and frequently lost while out fishing. Owning a nicer quality pair that’s really worth looking after (at not much of a cost) is a great way to ensure they won’t disappear. This pair of aluminum pliers by Piscifun is mindfully built to be super tough and highly functionable — it’s probably the last pair of pliers the fisherman you’re shopping for will ever own. The jaws are built from stainless steel while the included line cutters located in the deepest part of the jaw’s notch are crafted from tungsten carbide. All the materials used with this product have been selected for resistance against corrosion and overall strength! The pliers are great for removing hooks and even have some notches within the jaws for crimping down split shots. The included line cutters makes these pliers an awesome multi tool. The cutters can handle just about any thickness of fishing line, braid, or fly line so this is an acceptable tool for any style fisherman — fresh or saltwater. The blades are even replaceable so if your favorite fisherman is really hard on them and cuts a lot of wire line or tough braid, they can replace the cutters without needing to buy a whole new pair of pliers. It will take a lot of abuse to dull the cutters on this pair, but it’s still cool knowing that they can be replaced if needed. Piscifun also includes a sheath and a lanyard with this purchase so these pliers can be incorporated into the rest of your favorite fisherman’s gear right away. With 10 different color options to choose from, you’ll find the right one for who ever you’re shopping for. This product ships free on purchases over $25, so snag a few for all the beloved anglers in your life.

Price: $15.97 — 26.97 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers here.

2. SF Fly Fishing Zinger Carabiners

sf, christmas, fishing gift, zinger, stocking stuffer


These are a fisherman’s best friend. Extendable carabiners that attach to a zinger have countless purposes when out on the water. They’re great for attaching small pieces of gear like clippers, forceps and tippet holders. Everyone loves the convenience of having their most used gear both right on hand and out of the way. These are of course also great for keeping track of smaller fishing items so they don’t become lost. This three pack will make the perfect gift for any fisherman that appreciates organization. Definitely a great buy!

Price: $7.99 & FREE Shipping (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the SF Fly Fishing Zinger Carabiners here.

3. Pro Angler High UV Buff

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You may have seen some fishermen wearing these lately — and for good reason. Wearing a buff is a wise decision when spending long days in the sun. If you’re shopping for a fisherman who spends a lot of time on the open water, tidal flats or sunny streamside, then this is a great gift for them. The purpose of a buff is to protect from the harmful effects of the sun. This pro buff features 95% UV protection — it’s designed for outdoorsmen who see a lot of sun exposure and want to minimize their dangerous UV intake.

You see a lot of professional fishing guides, commercial fishermen, and other characters who really know what they’re doing out on the water wearing these. Aside from UV protection, a buff like this provides perspiration and humidity control as well. It can worn as a neckerchief, balaclava, headband, bandana, cap or anything in between. The material is machine washable and even odor resistant. It’s a pretty awesome (and simple) piece of gear that is honestly a really wise thing to own for most fishermen. Buffs aren’t silly looking in the slightest either — it’s a piece of gear that says “I know what I’m doing out here” and the sign of a knowledgeable angler. With 21 different colors and patterns to choose from, there’s no doubt one that suits the fisherman you’re shopping for. There’s even some cool fish patterns that resemble particular species of game fish — find the type of fish that your favorite angler enjoys catching most and help to protect them from the harmful effects of the sun!

Price: $25.00 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Angler High UV Pro Buff here.

4. Tacky Fishing Original Fly Box

tacky fishing, fly box, fishing gift, stocking stuffer

Tacky Fishing

Here’s a great gift idea for a fly fisherman who has a lot of flies! This little polycarbonate fly box from Tacky is perfect for stashing tackle. It’s a simple and affordable box, but it’s actually quite nice. The construction is durable and the silicon inserts hold flies well. I personally like the blue colored back drop of this box because it’s a starkly different color than most of the flies that will go in it. This box even employs magnetic closure which is a nice added touch — especially when you’re on the water with your hands already full. Whether the fly fisherman you’re shopping for needs some extra storage for their vest, or a few extra boxes for organizing things at home, this unit by Tacky will suit their needs just fine. If you purchase more than one this item will ship free, so grab a few and help organize your favorite fisherman!

Price: $23.50 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the Tacky Fishing Original Fly Box here.

5. Suncloud Optics Voucher Polarized Sunglasses

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Does the angler you’re shopping for appreciate a good pair of sunglasses? Any experienced fisherman knows that a quality pair of polarized shades is an absolute MUST while on the water. The enhanced visibility a good pair of fishing sunglasses provides gives you a huge edge when trying to spot underwater structure and of course, fish. There’s also the added benefits of UV protection and relief from eye strain that a good pair of sunglasses will provide. Being on the open water can really do some damage to your eyes if they’re not properly protected. Sunglasses while fishing are more than just a tool to help with visibility, they are important for maintaining good eye health as well — especially for fishermen who spend a lot of hours on the water each season. The take away here, every angler needs a polarized pair of shades.

I really like these shades by Suncloud – they are no doubt one of the best value pair of fishing sunglasses around. Suncloud is a quality brand that offers a lot of different model sunglasses at surprisingly low costs. I purchased a pair of these this past fall while on a fly fishing trip in southern Colorado. I couldn’t find any high end sunglasses by Costa or Smith, but I did find a selection of shades by Suncloud at the local fly shop. For sunglasses in the $50 range, these perform awesome! I purchased a pair of Vouchers with rose lenses and was very impressed with their performance on the river. They exceeded my expectations for the cost and served me just fine for the duration of my trip. Although the rose lenses were great on the stream, I found them to be slightly too dark in overcast conditions. On cloudier days I realized I was definitely at a disadvantage compared to my buddies who were wearing green mirrored Costas. Fishing with even just partly sunny skies makes a big difference with Suncloud’s rose lenses. I was thrilled to find out my Vouchers perform even better fishing saltwater than on the stream. I’ve owned top quality shades for saltwater fishing in the past, and this model totally contends at less than half the cost. Suncloud’s blue mirror lenses are even better suited for fishing saltwater, but if you do a bit of both fresh and saltwater angling I can personally recommend the rose lenses. Aside from their great clarity and eye protection, these shades have a great feel too. They’re super light weight and feel secure on your face. Mine never fog up on me and have a pretty laid back look too. All things considered, Suncloud is a great budget option worth buying if you like the idea of gifting a new pair of sunglasses to your favorite fisherman.

Price: $39.95 & FREE Shipping (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Suncloud Optics Voucher Polarized Sunglasses here.

6. Smith Creek Rod Clip, Wearable Fishing Rod Holder

Smith creek, rod clip, rod holder, christmas, fishing gift

Smith Creek

Here’s a neat little gadget that will make a great addition to any fisherman’s vest. If you’re shopping for someone who does a lot of wade fishing, this is an awesome gift. This tiny little unit by Smith Creek is essentially a fishing rod holder that attaches right to you while you’re wading! It enables you to set down your rod while out in the water so you can more easily tie knots, take a photo, eat a sandwich or use a wading staff. You just push your rod right into the foam notch and it won’t go anywhere! As someone who does a lot of wading myself, it can be pretty frustrating when you’re waist high in the water and you want to take a photo of the fish your buddy just caught. A clip-on rod holder like this is an easy and affordable solution — definitely a cool piece of gear that your favorite fisherman will love.

Price: $27.95 & FREE Shipping (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Smith Creek Rod Clip, Wearable Fishing Rod Holder here.

7. Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hat

Columbia, fishing hat, fishing gift, christmas


Fishing hats are about as classic of a look as it gets (besides a fly fishing vest). If your favorite fisherman doesn’t already own a sun hat for use out on the water — they oughta! This hat is built from nylon and should hold up to years of fishing. It’s built with Columbia’s Omni-wick material on the sweatband and also employs mesh into the design so this hat has been designed to keep the wearer cool on hot days. An adjustable chin strap is a nice added touch — Columbia has built this hat to be user friendly. There’s even five different color options so you can find the right look for who ever you’re shopping for. When the sun is high and the glare off the water is aggressive, the fisherman you’re shopping for will be thrilled to own a nice fishing hat.

Price: $28.48 & FREE Shipping (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hat here.

8. Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

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This would be an awesome surprise gift for any angler! This is a little more on the expensive side, but we included it here because it’s one of the best value, affordable fly fishing reels around! If you’re shopping for a fly fisherman who enjoys collecting gear, this is an awesome reel they will be impressed with. It’s quite affordable but it’s also a high quality reel that is far from cheaply made. The Lamson Liquid is a rugged, pressure-cast aluminum reel that is built with top notch CNC-machined drag system components. Lamson builds their highest end reels with the same fully sealed conical drag system — this reel performs exceptionally for such a budget unit. It’s a $100 — $200 reel that’s built with the same drag system as their $400+ models! Lamson even offers some extra spools for this model depending on what size you buy — that’s a dam good value! This one is absolutely worth owning for a wide array of fishing scenarios — whoever you’re shopping for will absolutely find a use for this reel if you’re concerned it might be an obsolete item for them. This would make an outstanding back up reel as well as a totally great main reel! If you’ve got the money to spring for this exciting gift, than you’re looking at a killer piece of fishing gear that will be used for years! For some other affordable fly fishing reel options, check out our Top 10 Best Affordable Fly Fishing Reels for 2017 post — there’s some great additional options there. If you’re shopping for a salt water fly fisherman than make sure to read up on the Redington Behemoth included in that list — it’s another highly affordable reel that won’t break the bank!

Price: $94.25 – $199.95

Buy the Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel here.

9. Scientific Anglers Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet

scientific anglers, fly fishing, fishing gifts, tippet, stocking stuffer

Scientific Anglers

If you’re gift shopping for a fly fisherman, I can almost guarantee they could use some tippet. It’s the kind of thing that’s always being used and depleted from everyone’s fly fishing vest — every fly fisherman could always use some. Not all tippet is created equally, (not even close!) Scientific Anglers is a trusted, high quality outfitter to purchase tippet from. It’s tough to know what strength tippet you’re favorite fisherman is most in need of, but typically for fresh water fisherman 3X, 4X and 5X are always in demand. Check out this link to some tippet packages by Trout Hunter that included a few different strengths if you’re having a hard time deciding — they make perhaps the best tippet on the market. If who you’re shopping for is more of a salt water fly fisherman, then consider buying them a spool of some heavier strength, monofilament tippet geared towards saltwater fishing. Save the fishermen you love a few trips to the tackle shop this season and set them up for success with a fully stocked vest.

Price: $11.90 – $14.95

Buy the Scientific Anglers Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet here.

10. 8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask & Funnel Set

vonwulf, fishing gift, flask, fishing flask, cheap flask


No explanation needed for this one — a pocket flask will make a great companion for your favorite angler. This eight ounce stainless steel unit is a great value at just $20. The stainless steel is 0.03″ thick, so this flask is engraveable if the fisherman your shopping for wants to customize it. It’s well reviewed for being both tasteless and leak proof — so this is a flask well worth the cost. Your favorite fisherman will think of you every time they celebrate a big catch!

Price: $19.90 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the 8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask & Funnel Set here.

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