10 Best Gifts for Survivalists

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Do you have any survival enthusiasts in your life who have a passion for emergency preparedness or just survival skills in general? If you know and love a skilled outdoorsmen, back country backpacker or flat out doomsday prepper, we’ve tracked down some awesome survival items that will make killer gifts for any type of survivalist.

We’ve included a variety of survival gift ideas here. There’s some really neat safety and preparedness gear for the off-the-beaten-path hiker who enjoys full wilderness immersion as well as equipment and tools for home emergency preparedness. We’ve included survival guides, water filters, multi tools and more so you can really surprise whoever you’re shopping for with a well thought out, quality survival gift. If you’re shopping for an outdoor enthusiast with a wide range of hobbies, then make sure to check out our gift lists for fishermen, hunters and hikers as well. Nothing says Happy Birthday like emergency preparation and backcountry survival skills!

1. Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

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Every survivalist needs a reliable multi tool. A Leatherman would make a great gift for any outdoorsman who spends time off the beaten path. Whether you need to open a beer, sharpen a stick or cut some cordage, the array of tools on this Leatherman are bound to come in handy. This unit features 14 different tools and of course represents Leatherman’s renowned quality. The spring action scissors, pliers and locking blade are all particularly useful to have all in one place in the event you find yourself in a survival situation. Leatherman’s stainless steel design coupled with their 25 year product guarantee will ensure this multi tool withstands years of heavy use. At less than four inches in length, this is an ideal pocket-sized tool that will support all sorts of survivalist tasks. For $40 and with free shipping, this is an awesome value unit that totally contends with a lot of the $100+ high end multi tools.

Price: $39.95 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool here.

2.LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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Here’s an absolutely pivotal survival item EVERY survivalist should own. This one will make the perfect birthday gift no matter what kind of survivalist you’re shopping for. There’s nothing more important than clean water in any survival scenario you can think up. Whether you’re shopping for an outdoor adventurer who has a need for survival gear or a doomsday prepper with a home shelter — this water filter is completely relevant to their survival needs. I think we can all be amazed with the performance of this device created by LifeStraw. This is no doubt the most practical and crucial piece of survival gear on this list — if you want to ensure you’re buying a gift that will actually see some use, look no further. A seriously cool recent innovation in safe water filtration, the LifeStraw has changed the game for both packing and consuming water while hiking or persisting through situations where clean water is scarce. For just $20 you can gift the survivalist you love the confidence to stride through the wilderness knowing they can safely drink from freshwater sources. Some landscapes in particular are ideal for owning a LifeStraw. For example; while backpacking and hiking around Yellowstone National Park for a week last fall, my traveling partner and I encountered countless brooks and streams suitable for drinking if we only had brought along a safe filtration system. We regretted not having the ability to simply lean in and drink from all the stream water we came across, and instead lugged around heavy containers all week. Lesson learned — wherever there’s relatively abundant water that’s suitable for filtration, leave the water bottles behind. The LifeStraw removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and remarkably even surpasses EPA standards for water filters. Without using chlorine, iodine or any other chemicals, the LifeStraw can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water throughout its lifespan. I even read some customer reviews that explain the lifespan of their LifeStraw was more than doubled by securing a regular coffee filter to the end of the filter with a rubber band — smart move! For a super affordable cost you can purchase a LifeStraw for your favorite survivalist’s backpacking equipment, home survival kit or regular camp gear. For such a reasonable price it’s in my opinion absolutely worth owning a bunch of these filters in case of a disaster scenario where clean water becomes an issue. There’s free shipping on this product on orders over $25, so save come cash and purchase a LifeStraw for yourself too!

Here’s an additional item to consider gifting for treating water that might contain radiological contaminants. This is a filtration straw by Seychelle capable of filtering 25 gallons meant for use in a post nuclear-attack scenario. Another great item to own for a variety of reasons that could make a thoughtful (although kind of admittedly dark) birthday gift.

Price: $19.95 & Free Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter here.

3. FoodBrick Stackable Food Storage Container

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Any knowledgeable survivalist will tell you having a secure stockpile of nutritious foods is one of the most important things you can do in order to prepare your home for extended duration survival scenarios. If who you’re birthday shopping for is a serious emergency prepper, then they likely already have some sort of food storage system figured out. Regardless of how far along they might be with their emergency pantry, the FoodBrick and Waterbrick are top notch survival food preservation units that any level of survivalist would be thrilled to own. For a list of some other food and water storage options as well as some preserved ration ideas make sure to check out our Top 5 Best Emergency Food Storage Containers list and our Top 10 Best Emergency Food Supplies for Emergency Prep post!

The FoodBrick stackable storage container is a really neat approach to preserving rations and food items. Each unit has a three and a half gallon capacity and they come together to be totally stackable — it’s essentially lego-stacked storage for all of your emergency food supplies! Made from the same creators of the WaterBrick, this unit will make a great addition to any fallout shelter or pantry and could also make the perfect sized emergency food stash for a vehicle. WaterBrick is an excellent choice for emergency water storage (the only thing more important than food storage!), and stacks compatibly with this unit for a really effective and space conscious approach to storing food rations and emergency water. Check out the attached video below for a look at how easy the food and water bricks store and stack. There’s a wide opening on the mouth on each unit, so a lot of different food items can be stored within — but these containers are probably best paired with dry bulk food. If you’re shopping for an emergency prepper who has a designated space or shelter for preserving survival rations, they will no doubt be impressed by the FoodBrick and WaterBrick combination

Heat sealable mylar bags are a different approach to food storage that might make a solid gift as well. These are a great alternative option for stashing rations and can also be traveled with easily.

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Price: $17.00 per unit & FREE Shipping on orders over $25 (36 percent off MSRP)

Buy the FoodBrick Stackable Food Storage Container here.

4. Esky Hand Crank, Solar Powered Emergency Weather Radio (FM/AM/NOAA) With 3W Flashlight

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Here’s a really awesome survival item that could come in handy in a huge number of ways. This is a piece of gear worth owning for any type of survivalist. This radio’s compact size makes it perfect for use in the backcountry as well as at home. Every knowledgeable survivalist knows the value of radio communication and will love this versatile unit. If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys trekking into remote landscapes and out of cell range, this could be a really great piece of gear for them to own. The ability to receive weather reports and warnings is particularly important for hikers and outdoorsmen who find themselves in remote places far from assistance. The features and capabilities of this unit will no doubt impress even the most gear savvy survivalist — and it comes at an awesome price! Make sure to check out our Top 5 Best Hand Crank and Solar Powered Radios list for some additional emergency radio options!

This unit is particularly capable as an emergency radio because it has the capability to be self-powered by the included hand crank and also can be charged by solar power or a micro USB cable. When charged, it acts as a power bank for charging other USB compatible devices. There’s a powerful, 50 lumen flashlight included so this little radio has truly been built with a survival scenario in mind. It’s an impressively lightweight and compact item at only 8 ounces, so it can go wherever. One minute of cranking produces up to 20 minutes of radio time or 30 minutes of flashlight illumination. It’s a portable power bank that if treated with care will put out unlimited juice for other important devices like GPS units, walkie talkies and of course cell phones. Make sure your favorite survivalist stays tuned in to what’s happening and ensure they don’t miss any important updates or announcements whether they’re in a doomsday shelter or up in the mountains.

Price: $42.99 & FREE Shipping (14 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Esky Hand Crank, Solar Powered Emergency Weather Radio (FM/AM/NOAA) With 3W Flashlight here.

5. The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster

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Joseph Alton, MD

Knowledge is power. No matter how much you might know, having a small library on hand for survival scenarios is a wise decision. Owning some informative guides and handbooks to assist with topics like medicine, more challenging survival methods, and locating safe water and food could end up being the difference between life and death. Even the most capable survivalists can’t know and master it all, so it’s really worth having some literature on hand to help with more challenging tasks like purifying contaminated water with minimal equipment or setting a broken bone.

In the event of a serious catastrophe there won’t be any functioning hospitals or even the option of an internet search available to assist with medical emergencies. Being prepared means putting together a small library to support you in surviving. The best way one can ensure they stay healthy is to not have to rely on anyone — so set up the survivalist you know and love for success with some valuable handbooks.

This is a highly reviewed handbook to do it yourself emergency medical treatment that is praised for its simple and concise instructions. The authors, Joseph and Amy Alton are medical professionals who have put together a nice quality handbook here. Some other reading material that might make a great gift for the knowledge-thirsty survivalist might include “Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living” by Jim Cobb and “The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide” by Daisy Luther. Equip the survivalist in your life with the answers to all the survival questions they might have and give the birthday gift of knowledge!

Price: $15.44 (paperback)

Buy The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster here.

6. EMDMAK Outdoor Survival Kit

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Here’s a neat little survival kit that would make a great addition to any emergency supply kit or survival backpack. It’s impossible to know what sort of tools and gadgets might be necessary in any given survival scenario, so owning a set of diverse tools and gadgets like this can be a smart move. This is a really inclusive kit, so there’s bound to be some practical items here for even the most prepared survivalists. I like this kit in particular because of how compact it is. This set is small enough to fit in your hand — a pivotal feature when comparing to other survival kits. In most survival scenarios trimming down on anything and everything when it comes to size is crucial. Any backpacker or emergency shelter owner will tell you this.

This kit has some righteous tools that are bound to get your favorite survivalist excited. There’s a wire saw, flashlight, whistle, compass, steel survival card and much more. For under $15 this is a pretty awesome value set. For a totally all inclusive, home survival kit, check out this professional grade emergency survival bundle for a truly enormoues array of gear. Part of preparing is being ready for scenarios that you have not even considered yet. The gift of a well thought out survival kit is an awesome way to fill in some blanks for any survivalist and inspire thinking about further preparation.

Price: $13.66 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the EMDMAK Outdoor Survival Kit here.

7. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool

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Here’s a seriously cool multi-tool that would make a really radical birthday gift for any survivalist or outdoorsmen. This all in one survival shovel has an enormous array of potential uses between all of its included gadgets and features. This exceptionally compact and lightweight (1.2 pounds) tool includes a shovel, serrated saw, hammer, axe blade and a length of paracord. There’s also a magnesium fire starter, emergency whistle, bottle opener and travel pouch included. This highly compact unit can fit easily into a backpack, vehicle or even on a bicycle or ATV. You never know what sort of survival scenario might require you to build shelters, dig trenches or start fires — this multi-tool has you covered on all fronts. Built from hi carbon steel and hardened aluminum, this is a tough piece of euipment that’s built to withstand the elements. I can think of a ton of potential reasons for any style survivalist to own this multi tool, and for only $60 this thing is bound to pay for itself if it’s really needed. All survival situations and other things aside, this is a really neat tool to own for any outdoor enthusiast regardless of whether they need it or not.

Price: $59.00 & FREE Shipping (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool here.

8. Core Survival Paracord Survival Bracelet

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Core Survival

If you’re birthday shopping for an avid outdoorsmen who loves the boundless freedom of remote wilderness, then you ought to consider this nifty survival bracelet. When you’re moving around in the landscape with very minimal equipment on hand, it’s crucial to own a few compact items that could get you out of a jam. Things DO happen regardless of planning and preparation, so it’s wise to own a few versatile items that will support you in those scenarios. This survival bracelet by Core Survival is meant to do just that. Constructed from approximately ten feet of 550 pound paracord, the material of this bracelet alone could really be a life saver for shelter building, trail marking and countless other survival tasks. It also comes equipped with an adequate compass and whistle, so finding your way back to civilazation remains possible with this bracelet if you find yourself truly lost. A magnesium flint and striker are also included for fire making purposes. If the survivalist you’re shopping for finds the paracord too bulky for their wrist, then they can just clip the bracelet to a backpack and rest assured that it’s there if needed. Survival situations aside, this bracelet is a really neat piece of equipment to own — it can be fun to practice making primitive fire with the flint and to explore some of its other features regardless of how advanced of a survivalist you are. At only $13, this bracelet is in my opinion an awesome gadget to own and a great gift that gives you some serious bang for your buck.

Price: $12.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the Core Survival Paracord Survival Bracelet here.

9. Wolfyok Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove

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How about giving the gift of endless hot meals to your favorite survivalist? This camp stove is a great item to own for the minimalist survivalist or for the camp cook who likes to leave the fuel canisters behind and save space in their pack for some other gear. This lightweight (less than a pound) and highly portable camp stove will fit within a backpack easily, and doesn’t include the additional weight of propane or butane canisters. This stove could save some serious space and weight in any backpacker’s pack who hikes through landscapes with an abundance of burnable materials. This is a great unit to add to a home emergency kit as well — because when fuel runs out there will still be an adequate stove to prepare meals. Built from stainless steel, this five piece unit is corrosion resistant and holds up to high heat just fine. The three armed pot support system provides a stable cooking platform for a pan or pot and is easy to cook on. Due to its small size, effectively cooking with a large pot or pan is not really possible — but it’s large enough to cook with average sized cooking ware. If you think the survivalist in your life could use a space saving stove that performs without any fuel, then definitely check this one out. Another option in fuel-less cooking that might make a great survivalist gift is a solar powered oven — check out this highly portable solar unit for another potential birthday gift idea.

Price: $15.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25 (47 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wolfyok Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove here.

10. Phantom Aquatics Premium Waterproof Backpack

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Here’s a killer outdoor item that any and every type of survivalist would be thrilled to own. This roll-top, dry backpack by Phantom Aquatics is an easy and affordable way to bring along gear and ensure it stays bone dry. A backpack of this style could REALLY come in handy when things get wet, and it’s even easy enough to collapse and store within a larger capacity survival pack. This bag is designed to even safely float, so it’s a great item to own for traveling on or around water. The large outer elastic storage space as well as the mesh side pocket allow for gear storage on the outside of the pack. This bag also has two different methods of sealing depending on what you’re trying to do with the pack. The back panel is constructed with an air flow design to minimize the uncomfortable heat and stickiness that some waterproof packs can generate. Adjustable sternum and waist straps make this bag as comfortable as possible. The quality of both the strapping and overall material of this pack is what in my opinion makes it such a great waterproof survival pack. If you want to prepare your favorite survivalist for wetness so they can keep electronics and other sensitive items safe, then definitely consider gifting this pack. If you like the idea of purchasing a waterproof backpack for who ever you’re shopping for but think it might be a little excessive, then maybe consider gifting a compact, traditional dry bag instead. For a list of some other righteous, giftable waterproof backpacks, make sure to give our Top 10 Best Waterproof Backpacks post a read.

Price: $49.99 FREE Shipping (up to 9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Phantom Aquatics Premium Waterproof Backpack here.

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