Top 10 Best Hunting Gloves for 2018

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Cold hands can really make for a challenging hunt. When your extremities are warm, you can focus on pursuing game and keep your mind on the hunt. Owning some reliable gloves for the hunting scenarios you most often put yourself in can be seriously advantageous. A long sit in your tree stand during deer season or early morning sessions hunkered down in your duck blind can make for some white knuckle conditions — keep your trigger finger toasty and your brain in the game with a pair of hunting gloves from our top ten list for 2018.

We’ve included some highly dexterous, low profile gloves that you can both lay wait for game and comfortably shoot in, as well as some supremely warm, bulkier gloves for those days that are just outrageously freezing. Many of these options have sizing available for women, so there’s some sweet choices here for the ladies too! There’s also a few options here that focus on concealment and scent control rather than providing warmth. Don’t forget to check out our list of hunting hand warmers/muffs as well as our list of hunting thermal wear for some added cold defense in addition to gloves! Whatever your hunting style is, we’ve got you covered with some awesome hand wear that will keep you sharp, warm and consistently ready for whatever the wilderness throws your way.

The gloves/mittens at number one, five, seven and eight are all selected for their superior warmth. You may or may not be able to shoot a firearm or bow with these units depending on what kind of gear you hunt with — but the main objective here is beating the extreme cold. For some additional WARM options not listed here, make sure to check out these heated camo gloves from Flambeau and these seriously quality heated mittens from Outdoor Research.

The remaining gloves throughout the rest of the list are more geared towards being able to shoot without removing them and provide varying degrees of warmth. There’s budget options (see #6) as well as premium shooting gloves (see #9) so whatever your price range and needs look like, there’s something here for you.

1. Sitka Gear Incinerator Insulated Flip Mitts

sitka gear, hunting gloves, hunting mittens, camo gloves, winter hunting

Sitka Gear

Here’s an awesome pair of flip-mittens for late season gun hunters from Sitka Gear. Sitka is renowned amongst hunters of all kinds for their superior hunting apparel — they make outstanding gear that pays attention to every detail and is built to last. These mittens are an excellent choice for tree stand and blind hunters who endure some really cold temps.

The Incinerators encase all your digits in Sitka’s signature ‘Windstopper’ laminate barrier and then provide some killer insulation with some added Primaloft Down Blend Gold. These mittens are built to both endure the elements as well as provide some serious warmth. The exterior is crafted from wet-printed Micro-Fleece fabric that is silent when you want to flip the mittens open or closed. The palms are reinforced with leather for some added durability and enhanced grip and the collar of the mittens will accommodate for closure around most hunting jacket sleeves. The best part of these mittens is that when flipped open you can shoot comfortably with your fingers still encased in the dexterous, incorporated liners. For hunting styles where you’re generally still and waiting for game, these gloves will provide superior warmth while still maintaining your ability to shoot — no doubt the best of both worlds!

If you REALLY struggle to keep your hands warm in the freezing cold then consider pairing these mittens with Sitka’s Merino Liner Glove. The Incinerator Mittens are designed to be totally toasty on their own so most hunters will find adding liners to be excessive, but if you can use all the help you can get they will pair with the Merino Liners.

Price: $119.20 – $149.00 (up to 20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Sitka Gear Incinerator Insulated Flip Mitts here.


  • Super warm flip-mitts that can handle the extreme cold
  • Both windproof and highly insulated
  • Outer fleece material is silent when opening and closing the flip-mitts
  • Interior built in liner of the mittens are dexterous enough to shoot with the mittens on — just flip them open when you have a shot!


  • These are not cheap hunting gloves — you pay top dollar when you buy Sitka because they’re a top brand that doesn’t disappoint
  • In a heavy rain the fleece material of these flip-mitts might get wetter than you’d like and weigh you down

Find more Sitka Gear Incinerator Insulated Flip Mitts information and reviews here.

2. Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II Pro-Text Glove

legendary whitetails, hunting gloves, winter hunting, shooting gloves, camo gloves

Legendary Whitetails

Here’s an excellent pair of gloves from Legendary Whitetails ideal for early to mid season hunting. These gloves are offered in both men’s and women’s sizing and are highly reviewed by all sorts of hunters. The Spider Web II’s feature 40 grams of three-layer interlock Thinsulate insulation, so they’re pretty toasty. Not dead of winter, sub zero toasty, but definitely insulated enough to keep your hands warm down to around 20 to 30 degrees depending on who you are. They’re camouflaged and designed to be silent, so these are solid gloves for stalking and waiting for game. They even feature Odor-X microbial lining throughout the Thinsulate for minimizing scent in the field.

These gloves are dexterous enough to shoot a firearm and a bow. Some customer reviews recommend practicing a bit with your bow before taking it into the field, but ensure these gloves have a feel you can easily get used to. The pro-text finger and thumb technology allows you to use a touch screen device without removing the gloves which is a nice added feature. There’s mixed reviews about how well these gloves actually cooperate with touch screens, but that seems to be the case for any gloves that claim they can do so. Silicon palms enhance the grip these gloves provide and neoprene cuffs add some righteous durability and protection from snags in the field. All in all, these gloves have some killer features for the cost and will no doubt serve you well in the woods or wetland. They’re essentially shooting gloves with a little more added insulation for when the season starts to get a bit nippy. They might not last forever, but with the proper care these bad boys will perform great for a few seasons!

Price: $34.99 & FREE Shipping

Buy the Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II Pro-Text Glove here.


  • Can shoot a firearm or bow with these gloves on
  • Lightweight, but equipped with 40 grams of Thinsulate — these gloves are pretty warm down to around 20 — 30 degrees F
  • You’re able to use your touch screen devices with these gloves on
  • Odor-X Microbial lining reduces your scent in the field


  • Some complaints that these gloves don’t work well with a touch screen — seems hit or miss depending on the conditions and touch screen device
  • The rubber exterior to the finger tips wears sooner than a lot of hunter reviews had hoped — you’re still getting more than what you pay for when you consider the cost though!

Find more Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II Pro-Text Glove information and reviews here.

3. Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves

Huntworth, hunting gloves, shooting gloves, camo gloves, winter hunting

Here’s a killer pair of budget gloves from Huntworth that’s pretty comparable to the last pair of gloves listed. These polyester shooting gloves won’t give you a ton of warmth, but when you need at least a thin layer of defense against raw conditions or cold, these will do the trick without breaking the bank. Huntworth offers these gloves in women’s sizing as well, so these are a great pair to own for any hunter! The shell is stretch-woven on the backside of the glove and bonded to a soft fleece on the interior. The palm is a two-way stretch performance fleece that has a silicone print incorporated in the design for providing a trusty grip.

The cuffs are built from neoprene so these gloves will cinch up nice around your wrist and remain durable. If your cuffs are built from fabric there’s always a tendency for fraying and stretching around the wrist — neoprene cuffs are an awesome added feature. These budget gloves even employ scent control — there’s microban antimicrobial protection on the bonded fleece that reduces odor! For early to mid season or early morning hunts, these are no doubt an awesome quality budget pair of hunting gloves. If you like the price tag and design of the Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves but don’t think they will provide you with quite enough warmth, then make sure to check out the Primaloft Classic Hunting Gloves also from Huntworth — they’re essentially the same design with some added insulation.

Price: $21.99 & Free Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves here.


  • Excellent quality budget hunting gloves for early to mid season
  • Gloves are thin and responsive for actively shooting and also feature a silicone palm for an enhanced grip
  • Neoprene cuffs add durability and longevity to these gloves
  • Feature scent control


  • These won’t keep your hands warm in temps much lower than 35 degrees F

Find more Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves information and reviews here.

4. ScentLok Savanna Lightweight Shooting Gloves

scentlok, hunting gloves, shooting gloves, hunting liners


Here’s a righteous pair of shooting gloves from ScentLok for warmer weather hunting. These gloves have a focus on enhancing your concealment in the field as well as trapping your scent so you can be truly invisible in the woods. These are not designed to be terribly warm, but will still make a nice layer for your hands early on in the season or before the sun gets all the way up. ScentLok is renowned for their odor controlled hunting garments — when it comes to hiding your scent from game, they’re one of the best in the business. These gloves like their other garments employ carbon alloy technology to absorb your odor. It’s a combination of activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite that works together for optimum odor control — pretty neat stuff! Aside from blocking your scent, the camouflage provided by these gloves is pretty killer as well. There’s three different patterns available so there should be something that suits your hunting grounds nicely.

The material employed in the design of the Savanna Shooting Gloves is crafted from a moisture wicking knit fabric in order to keep your hands as dry and comfortable as possible. Even when conditions get wet (or hot and sweaty) these gloves will perform per usual. The hexagonal silicone pattern stitched into the palms provides a trusted grip so you don’t need to be concerned about handling your firearm. For the cost, I think these gloves are a solid choice for the hunter who’s looking for some additional scent control and concealment. There’s other gloves that can do what these gloves do and also provide some warmth, (see number 3 on this list) but ScentLok has crafted a sharp looking, comfortable pair of gloves here that won’t break the bank. For warmer weather hunts, this is definitely one of the best go-to’s.

Price: $19.99 – $39.99

Buy the ScentLok Savanna Lightweight Shooting Gloves here.


  • Provide awesome sent control and concealment — these gloves are for enhancing your stealth in the field
  • Budget friendly
  • Hexagonal silicone pattern incorporated into the palms provides a solid grip on your firearm or bow
  • Three different camo patterns available


  • These gloves could be great for cool mornings or early season hunting, but they won’t keep your hands warm in colder conditions. It’s more about concealment and odor control with these bad boys

Find more ScentLok Savanna Lightweight Shooting Gloves information and reviews here.

5. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves

under armour, hunting gloves, shooting gloves, camo gloves

You might not have expected to see a pair of gloves from Under Armour here on this list, but they make some pretty righteous hunting apparel that contends with some of the top hunting outfitters! The ColdGear Infrared Scent Controlled Primer Gloves are an excellent and affordable option for cold weather hunting. These are rugged gloves that will serve you well for any style hunting. They’re both bulky enough to be worn with an additional liner and dexterous enough to wear alone and still be able to shoot a firearm. The hunter reviews concerning how warm these gloves really are, are all over the place — some hunters insist these are some of the warmest gloves they’ve ever owned while others claim their hands freeze in these gloves in temperatures below freezing. Under Armour has crafted the interior of these gloves with a soft, thermo-conductive liner for maximum heat absorption and conduction. The 6.0 oz PrimaLoft insulation employed here is both water-resistant and highly breathable as well as impressively lightweight. People’s hands have varying tolerance to cold so the wide spectrum of hunter reviews isn’t terribly surprising. I’m going to go ahead and assume these gloves are adequately warm down to about freezing temperatures for the average person.

What all hunters do agree on however is that these gloves are built dam tough and have an excellent fit. Active hunters and tree stand hunters alike really enjoy the dexterous yet rugged feel these gloves provide. The Primer Gloves seem to be a tight fit for most hunters, so consider buying a size up if you plan on possibly pairing these gloves with a liner. If you are going to be hunting in cold (but not FREEZING) conditions, then you’ll likely appreciate the snug fit of the hand and wrist cuff. The tighter the fit, the better the dexterity.

These gloves are also offered in nine different camo prints and are scent controlled so your odor and visual profile is kept to a minimum in the field. As mentioned above, the cuff is particularly snug so these gloves hold tight to your hands in order to trap heat and keep from snagging up on anything. The palms have a silicone print incorporated into the design for an enhanced grip on your weapon adding to these glove’s dexterity stats. The fingers are even touch screen compatible which is always a nice added feature with hunting gloves. Overall, this is a totally solid option in hunting gloves that offer a high degree of versatility spanning a wide temperature range. Dexterity, a rugged exterior and materials that both keep your hands warm and ventilated makes for a sweet value buy! Under Armour does offer a newer version of this model — check them out here if you’re interested in what’s new about the Primer’s!

Price: $34.25 – $104.95

Buy the Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves here.


  • Insulation and breathability makes these gloves great for a hunting within a wide temperature spectrum
  • Nine different camo prints available
  • Touch screen compatible fingers
  • Tight fit around the cuff and hands for maximum heat retention and dexterity


  • These gloves work well in the freezing cold for some naturally hot-handed hunters, but also have poor reviews for hunting in really freezing temps
  • Tight wrist cuff makes these a bit difficult to take off and on — this is a pro or con depending on what you’re looking for

Find more Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves information and reviews here.

6. Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves

primos hunting, hunting gloves, shooting gloves, camo gloves

Primos Hunting

Here’s a super budget pair of hunting gloves from Primos that will add a bit of warmth and concealment to your hands in the field. There’s not a ton to say about these, the Stretch-Fit Gloves are thin gloves you can actively hunt and shoot in, so they are not going to keep your fingers warm in any conditions close to freezing temps. There is however an extended cuff that allows these gloves to effectively fit over (or under) your hunting jacket. The cuffs are a nice feature for protecting the wrist cuffs on your jacket from snarling briers or vegetation and also extends the life of the glove.

The thermal quality of these gloves makes them ideal for scenarios like early bow season or spring turkey hunting — they’re not very warm but when you need some coverage for your bare hands in temps around 45-60 degrees F these will do the trick just fine. If you are a bow hunter who has a hard time keeping your fingers comfortable during the late fall, then these thin, form fitting gloves could give you the added warmth you need without sacrificing your ability to shoot. Both gun and bow hunters praise these gloves for their dexterity and feel. Reloading and shooting is no problem while wearing the Stretch-Fits, so for gloves in the $10 range you really get a lot of bang for your buck with these. These gloves are built fairly tough despite their price tag, so they make a fine option for moving through brush. For the budget hunter who needs some hand coverage for cool to warm weather hunting — look no further.

Price: $8.08 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25 (42 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves here.


  • Super budget option!
  • Extended cuff adds durability to the gloves wrist cuff and also can shield the wrist cuff of your hunting jacket
  • Feature suregrip-inch-dots for an enhanced grip
  • Form fitting and highly dexterous — you can fire a gun or bow effectively with these


  • Won’t provide you with much thermal quality
  • No odor control technology for hunter who want to be truly invisible in the woods

Find more Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves information and reviews here.

7. Huntworth Women’s Fleece Lined Stealth Hunting Pop Top

huntworth, hunting gloves, camo gloves, shooting gloves, womens hunting


Here’s a pair of women’s pop-top mittens comparable to the mitts by Sitka located at number one of this list, but at less than half the cost. These are included here for their superior warmth stats and low cost — if you’re on a tight budget but need something actually WARM these could be the ticket. Here’s another budget friendly, comparable pair of pop-top mittens for men by Hot Shot that are definitely also worth checking out.

These polyester mittens are crafted from a mix of textured and sleek performance stretch fleece. They’re built to shed rain and snow but still remain silent and soft to the touch. The base lining (palm and bottom of fingers) features a honey comb style fleece while the interior portion of the pop-top component is lined with plush, long pile fleece. This is a seriously toasty unit that is designed to conquer cold, late season hunts. Huntworth’s DWR treatment ensures these mittens effectively shed rain and snow, so these won’t get soaked on you when things get wet. These should keep your hands pretty dam insulated in cold, rainy conditions late into the season.

The cuffs are reinforced and well designed for a snug fit around the cuffs of your hunting jacket. There’s a silicon print on the palm for providing a solid grip on your weapon — when you pop open the mittens to expose your fingers you’ll have an awesome handle on your fire arm or bow and forget all about the bulk of these mittens. There’s also a pocket on the back of the hands for securing the pop-top portion of the mittens when you need your fingers. For the cost, these are some kick-ass hunting mittens that will no doubt be up for some cold weather hunts.

Price: $44.99

Buy the Huntworth Women’s Fleece Lined Stealth Hunting Pop Top here.


  • The Pop Top feature makes these mittens both very warm and highly dexterous when you need them to be — and there’s a place to effectively stash it when open!
  • Silicon studded palms enhance these mitten’s grip
  • The cuffs are reinforced and built to handle a beating
  • These gloves will handle wind, rain and snow well


  • Your hands will get wet when you open the Pop Top depending on the conditions so be mindful of that
  • Only one camo pattern available

Find more Huntworth Women’s Fleece Lined Stealth Hunting Pop Top information and reviews here.

8. Sitka Gear Men’s Stormfront Waterproof Insulated Glove

sitka gear, hunting gloves, winter gloves, camo gloves

Sitka Gear

Here’s one more pair of gloves from Sitka Gear that are meant to keep your hands dry no matter the conditions. The Stormfront Waterproof Insulated Gloves are a top of the line pair of hunting gloves that are virtually bomb proof. These gloves feature a Gore-tex membrane and elastic cuffs, and also are treated with a DWR finish. They’re meant to be exceptionally waterproof in order to handle any amount of snow or rain that you might be up against. These gloves come included with midpile liner gloves that are conveniently removable. The gloves paired with the liners have mixed reviews for handling the extreme cold — but all hunters agree these will keep you toasty well below freezing. If you want to brave some crazy cold conditions then you can pair these with a warmer liner of your choice. The Bonded Stealth Gloves by Huntworth listed here at number three could be a solid option for a companion to Stormfronts. Sitka’s Merino Liner Gloves could be another great liner option for enduring the extreme cold in the Stormfronts — but you’ll likely find the included liners to be more than adequate for your hunting purposes. The Stormfronts do run a pinch large so you can comfortably fit a liner underneath the shells, so if you plan on removing the liners and not pairing these with any added warmth you might want to buy a size small.

The all leather palms on the Stormfronts make for a great grip and quiet use of your hands. The leather also adds some durability stats to this already rugged hunting option. Some elastic around the wrist and a drawstring at the cuff ensure the wet stays out of your gloves and also allow you to lock these gloves down under or over the cuffs of your hunting jacket. The Optifade camo pattern is a versatile print that should blend nicely with most environments — including snowy landscapes. These are a great option for cold tree stand hunts as well as more mobile, active hunts because of the removable liners and ability to choose between super toasty or highly breathable.

These are built a bit bulky for both durability and insulating reasons so don’t expect to necessarily be able to fire your gun or bow in these (some mixed reviews from hunters depending on what type of firearm you’re using and whether you buy these gloves a size up or not). The emphasis here is on remaining bone dry, so if you’re in the market for a glove that will truly keep your hands from getting wet, look no further.

Price: $119.20 – $149.00

Buy the Sitka Gear Men’s Stormfront Waterproof Insulated Glove here.


  • Highly waterproof gloves — if you expect to do battle with heavy rains this hunting season these are a great go-to
  • These are insulated gloves that are great for super cold conditions
  • Come with removable liners for added warmth that can be switched out if you prefer another liner
  • These are some rugged gloves — hunters praise the Stormfronts for their exceptional toughness


  • Some complaints that the liners for these gloves is not as warm as advertised — fortunately you can switch them out for your favorite pair if you need something warmer
  • These are expensive gloves — bt you’re paying for lasting quality when you by Sitka Gear

Find more Sitka Gear Men’s Stormfront Waterproof Insulated Glove information and reviews here.

9. Orvis Men’s High Volume Shooter’s Gloves

orvis, hunting gloves, shooting gloves, orvis gloves

Orvisgeorge benington

Here’s a high end pair of shooting gloves from Orvis for those hunters who are taking a lot of shots in the field. If you’re a dove, pheasant or waterfowl hunter than you might fall in love with these incredibly well designed shooting gloves. These are all about firing your gun as comfortably and effectively as possible and don’t offer much thermal quality other than the fact that they are a layer for your hands. Orvis’s attention to detail with these gloves makes them the ultimate shooting glove for sportsmen who really appreciate the perks of shooting gear. If you’re a right handed shooter who enjoys actively picking targets and swinging a shotgun then you’ll love what these gloves offer.

The leather and nylon construction makes the High Volume Shooter’s Gloves super tough, and genuine leather palms add some further durability to the design. There’s even waterproof WR100X Armor-tan sheepskin leather built into the high abrasion areas of the gloves so these bad boys are really meant to last. Thin sheepskin leather at the finger tip allows for awesome trigger feel and makes these gloves exceptionally dexterous in any scenario. The right (trigger) glove is crafted with a digital polyester patch that is equipped with some grip for toggling the safety on and off on double barrel guns.

Heat reflective material keeps your fingers and thumbs from overheating while wearing these gloves while the nylon waffle mesh on the back of the hands further aids with breathability. Your hands will be truly comfortable and cool in these gloves all day. The back of the hands are also crafted to effectively stretch so you can count on a snug, dexterous fit. The left glove is mindfully designed with muted colors so your eye won’t be distracted when locating targets with a raised weapon. Orvis has really hit all the bases with these ones, the High Volume Shooter’s Gloves are the whole package when it comes to sport shooting and shotgun hunting. A flawless fit, great ventilation, exceptional dexterity and materials that are built to last and also keep your eyes on the hunt all combine to make these shooting gloves a killer companion in the field.

Price: $99.00

Buy the Orvis Men’s High Volume Shooter’s Gloves here.


  • Orvis has reinforced all of the critical areas of these gloves with quality materials for maximum abrasion resistance and durability
  • Built to be highly breathable so your hands don’t overheat in the field
  • Left hand is designed with muted colors to keep from distracting you while locating targets
  • Genuine leather palms are quiet and provide an awesome grip on your weapon
  • Shooting finger is encased in thin sheepskin leather for exceptional dexterity
  • Thumb on the right hand is equipped with a grippy polyester patch for toggling the safety on double barrel guns


  • These are some pretty pricey shooting gloves — but you’re still getting more than you pay for with Orvis
  • These gloves are reinforced in all the right places and built super tough, but be mindful of the mesh on the back of the hands when moving through burrs and briers
  • Currently only available for right handed shooters

Find more Orvis Men’s High Volume Shooter’s Gloves information and reviews here.

10. First Lite Men’s Tactical AeroWool Liner Glove

first lite, hunting liners, hunting gloves, glove liners, shooting gloves

First Lite

Here’s one for all you wool lovers out there. Every knowledgeable outdoorsmen knows the insulating power of wool is tough to match — both when dry and wet. These gloves are crafted from ‘aero wool’ merino wool and when used on their own are meant to assist your hands on early season hunts. First Lite built these gloves to wick moisture, provide concealment and also give you some added defense from the cold. Merino wool also has a natural resistance to odor, so these gloves provide some decent scent control as well. These won’t keep your hands warm much colder than 40 degrees F depending on who you are, but they’re liners that are not for late season use.

These are form fitting gloves so they will pair nicely with a lot of the heavier mittens and gloves on this list. Whether you want to use them on their own for warmer weather hunts or add them to your line of cold defense on those seriously chilly days, you’ll love the low profile, dexterous feel these gloves provide. I personally prefer gloves that feature a cuff made from a tougher material than fabric (neoprene or spandex), but these gloves are none the less well reviewed for durability. If there was a neoprene wrist line on these gloves then they wouldn’t operate nearly as well as liners.

I think these are a highly versatile pair of hunting gloves in the sense that they can be worn alone during the earlier parts of the season, and then layered under some warmer gloves or mittens when things get chilly. Owning a pair of multi-functionable liners as well as a heavier pair of gloves or mittens is one of the most effective well rounded approaches to being prepared for any array of hunting scenarios. These liners also come in three different camo prints so if you’re using them on their own you can match the landscape. There’s no silicone grip system incorporated into the palm, but also no complaints from hunters concerning gripping their firearm or bow. All in all, these are some trusty, form fitting, affordable wool gloves that you’ll quickly learn to love! Definitely a solid buy from First Lite you’ll find to be highly versatile.

Price: $29.99 – $35.00

Buy the First Lite Men’s Tactical AeroWool Liner Glove here.


  • Versatile gloves that are great for solo use during the early season or that pair nicely as liners with heavier gloves/mittens
  • Merino wool is naturally both odor resistant and insulating when wet and dry
  • Three camo patterns available
  • Machine washable


  • No silicone incorporated into the palms for enhanced grip
  • No reinforcement around the cuffs — be gentle with these ones if you want them to stay form fitting

Find more First Lite Men’s Tactical AeroWool Liner Glove information and reviews here.

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