4 Best Heated Gloves: Your Buyer’s Guide (2018)

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Have a hard time keeping your hands comfortably warm during the coldest parts of the year? There’s not many things worse than frozen finger tips when you’re trying to enjoy yourself outside — or even worse, just get to work in the morning! Heated gloves are a serious game changer if you can never seem to keep your mitts toasty enough, and they’re not always terribly expensive either!

Whether you’re looking for something to keep those hands warm while hunting, ice fishing, skiing or just for the football sidelines or morning commute, we’ve got you covered with some great, toasty options. Not all heated gloves are created equal — some provide excellent heat but have fragile components and wiring making them less capable as skiing gloves or for other highly active winter sports. Other heated gloves are built tougher in order to take a beating but might not deliver the same level of warmth as some other units.

Say goodbye to purple fingers and light headedness from blowing into your hands all day and conquer winter this season with some new toasty coverage for your hands!

What Are The Best Heated Gloves?

mount tec, heated gloves, warmest gloves, battery gloves, rechargeable gloves Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Battery pack is not bulky
  • Fingers are touch screen compatible
  • Heats entire hand and fingers
Price: $139.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
savior heated gloves Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Totally waterproof shell
  • High and low heat settings
  • Camo print
Price: $139.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
autocastle, heated gloves, winter gloves, battery gloves Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super economic option
  • Comfortable fleece lining
  • Waterproof with extended wrist cuffs
Price: $16.66 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
volt, heated gloves, heated mittens, warmest mittens Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Four power settings
  • Nylon shell and leather palms
  • Amazon's Choice
Price: $119.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best Heated Gloves for Skiing: Mount Tec Explorer 3 Heated Performance Glove

    • Good design and build for use skiing and other winter sports
    • Battery pack is not bulky - customer reviews insist these feel like regular gloves
    • Three different temperature settings so you can control the heat output and therefore the duration of battery life
    • Heats entire hand and fingers - not just the back of the hand like some other heated gloves
    • Lithium batteries are rechargeable and can last up to eight hours!
    • Fingers are touch screen compatible
    • Heat comes from the back of the hand and fingers only (pretty standard)
    • Available in Euro sizing, they run a bit small so consider buying one size up
    • Fairly expensive

    Here’s a killer pair of heated gloves from Mount Tec. that will perform great skiing the slopes or in the driveway shoveling snow. These gloves are designed for active wear in the cold. The gauntlet cuff with drawstring closure keeps snow out of your sleeves and gloves while the adjustable wrist strap helps you find that perfect fit.

    Reinforced palm patches and embossed neoprene knuckles add some serious durability to these gloves. They’re also both highly breathable and totally waterproof. These are gloves you would be stoked to own regardless of the heating component, they’re built mindfully and they have a great look — something a lot of other heated gloves just can’t pull off. The fingers are touch screen compatible and the battery packs are discrete — the gloves even have three different temperature settings for precisely controlling their heat output and battery life.

    Perhaps the best feature of these gloves is that the 7.4V Lithium batteries are rechargeable, meaning you’ll get some great long term use out of these gloves. On one charge these gloves will last up to around eight hours on the low heat setting, six hours on medium heat and around four hours on the highest heat setting — not too shabby! After 500 charges the battery capacity should still be around 70% so these bad boys are in it for the long haul. Definitely a solid buy for the winter sport enthusiast who needs a little help with their hands!

  2. 2. Savior Heated Gloves

    • Heat extends over the fingers AND thumb - great for use on motorcycles or ATVs in the bitter cold
    • Totally waterproof shell and breathable liners
    • Camo print could be ideal for use hunting in frigid conditions
    • 3.7V Lithium battery is rechargeable
    • High and low heat settings
    • Contain 120 grams of insulation - these gloves are toasty with or without the heating element
    • These gloves are fairly bulky - if you plan on hunting in these then don’t expect to necessarily be able to shoot with them on
    • A bit on the pricey side - but remember Flambeau has not sacrificed the quality of the gloves themselves because of the added heat — these are built well through and through
    • Difficulty operating the battery zippers

    Here’s a well-reviewed pair of leather palm heated gloves by Savior that are well worth the cost.

    The back of the hand, fingers, and thumbs are all heated with this option, so if you’re looking for a full coverage pair of heated gloves, this is a great reliable go to. There are three heat settings, lasting up to five hours if you’re not blasting the gloves on high the entire time. 

    There is a fleece liner for soft to the touch comfort and a relatively tough polyester/leather exterior so these gloves are well crafted inside and out. Although they’re built for long term durability, these heated gloves are not ideal for the serious wear and tear of some winter sports. That being said, these are a solid option for activities like skiing, hiking/walking, and snowmobiling – just be careful what you reach out and grab if you’re using them in abrasive environments.  


  3. 3. Best Budget Heated Gloves: Autocastle Battery Powered Heated Gloves

    • Super economic option that will perform great for you if you’re not too hard on your gloves!
    • Comfortable fleece lining and snug fit
    • Waterproof with elastic, extended wrist cuffs for use in the snow
    • These gloves are NOT rechargeable - they run on three AA batteries each
    • Likely will not hold up to highly active wear - use skiing and hiking might bust the heating component in these gloves sooner than later
    • Purchasing AA batteries over time will make these gloves not so economic — if you plan on wearing them daily then you’ll be wise to buy a rechargeable pair of gloves

    Autocastle has come up with a great budget option with these heated gloves. These gloves are built fairly cheap, so don’t expect them to last a lifetime — however, if you’re looking for something WARM for snow shoveling or cleaning off your snowy car throughout the winter these could be perfect! These gloves are described as rechargeable on Amazon — but they are NOT (they run on AA batteries).

    If you need a heat boost, these gloves will do the trick, but they’re not built for highly active wear or for everyday, long term use. If you’re someone who struggles during the winter’s coldest days but otherwise do alright, this could be an awesome budget option that won’t break the bank. These are inexpensive enough that they’re worth buying if only for use during a few early mornings a winter.

    Because these are not rechargeable and instead run on AA batteries, the cost to operate these gloves will grow and grow as you continue to buy batteries. If you need a pair of heated gloves for everyday use, these won’t be cost effective after a few weeks.

    These gloves are built nice for having such a low price tag. The interior fleece-like lining heats really well, so although there’s no heating element on the palm side of the gloves the warmth translates effectively throughout the entire hand. These are waterproof and employ a drawstring around the extended cuffs so using them in the snow is a go.

    These are great gloves for clearing off your car in the morning and for your daily commute — you can add some heat to them if and when you need to! All in all not the highest quality product, but for the cost you can get a lot out of these gloves depending on what you plan on using them for. A solid buy from Autocastle.

  4. 4. Volt Men’s Heated Mitts

    • Well built mittens you’ll love wearing for winter sports with or without the added heat
    • 7.4V Lithium batteries are rechargeable
    • Four power settings for closely controlling heat output and battery life
    • Nylon shell and leather palms makes these mittens pretty dam tough
    • Only one size available - if your hands are particularly small or large you might not fit into these mittens well
    • These gloves will not stay charged for 10 hours as advertised if used in temps below zero degrees F
    • Fairly expensive

    Here’s a pair of heated mittens for those who prefer mittens to gloves. Volt has come up with a nice product here, these mittens are well reviewed for both comfort and warmth. There’s unfortunately only one size available — customer reviews insist that if your hands are particularly large that these might be a bit snug for you.

    On the brighter side, Volt offers a woman’s model of some righteous heated gloves so there is a preferred fit for the ladies. These mittens are no doubt great quality, but consider the Lucent Heated Mitts from Outdoor Research if you’re in the market for the best of the best heated mittens.

    Volt has built the exterior of these mittens from a durable nylon shell and they also feature a digital leather palm for some added toughness. These have a rugged look that doesn’t give them away as battery powered gloves. The 7.4V Lithium batteries are rechargeable and advertised to last up to 10 hours! A lot of customer reviews claim these mittens won’t put out heat even half as long as Volt claims during frigid conditions, but they still sport some pretty killer battery life. The microprocessor controller has four power settings so you can closely control the heat output and power consumption.

    A nice long, adjustable cuff adds some warmth stats to these mittens and the grip is highly reviewed for use snowmobiling or riding an ATV. If you need something for active winter sports then definitely check these out. Volt offers a different, but highly comparable model of heated mittens that comes in the color gray if that’s more your style.

    There are also some great quality heated gloves offered by Volt as opposed to mittens if you are interested in the brand but not a mitten fan. Whatever you decide on, this is a well reviewed brand that should cover you for whatever your winter plans are.

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