10 Best Camping Tables for Practical Use (2018)

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Festival season is the most wonderful season of the year. After all, it means you get to travel around the country, visiting some incredible places, listening to your favorite bands, and catching up with your homies.

A properly set-up campsite is an important piece of your festival experience. After all, if you’re just chilling with a tent and nowhere to relax, what kind of fun are you really having? Your campsite is your temporary home–make it as comfortable as possible.

But before you can go traipsing into bliss, you need to ensure you have all of your festival gear in a row. Once you’ve browsed that list and determined what you already have, it’s time to dive into what you don’t have. As far as camping music festivals go, number one is a tent. But, have you thought about the rest of your campsite? A camping kitchen? Where you’re going to sit and eat?

Don’t be left eating on the ground. It’s not comfy, and let’s be honest. You already aren’t showering–you don’t need to get any dirtier. The easiest way to get around this is to pack a camping table.

Camping tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some come with chairs, but most do not. Make sure to grab a few camping chair to pair with your table. Otherwise, you’ll be left awkwardly standing over the table.

This list is broken down into three sections: Square camping tables, rectangular camping tables, and round camping tables. Each section is arranged from least- to most-expensive.

So, here are the best camping tables to up your festival game.

Square Camping Tables

Square is a common shape for camping tables. They’re easy to fold up and store, but also provide ample amounts of space. Square camping tables are ideal for up-to-four-people.

1. Coleman Compact Folding Table

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When it comes to camping equipment, there are a few extremely well-known names in the game. Coleman is absolutely one of them. So, it should come as no surprise the Coleman Compact Folding Table is an all-around great choice.

This baby has a slat top and sturdy frame, and is made of ultra-compact aluminum. It folds up easily after use. Overall it measures 27-inches x 27-inches x 27-inches. A snap-together design makes it easy to put-together and take apart. It comes with a carrying bag, to make it extra easy to travel with. Easily fits you and three of your new festie besties.

Price: $36.95 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Coleman Compact Folding Table here.


  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Made of aluminum and steel
  • Easy to assemble and disassemnble
  • Manufactured by Coleman


  • May dent over time

Find more Coleman Compact Folding Table information and reviews here.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

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One of the most obvious things about camping tables is their size–they’re pretty small. So when a few people sit around it and place drinks on top, you lose a lot of usable space. But, if you have drink holders below the surface of the table, you’re golden.

The ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse table does just that, making it a bi-level table. The top level is a flat surface, ideal for eating or playing games. The bottom level features four drink holders, which double as storage cups for small gadgets, like a phone. Weighing in at a mere seven-pounds, it’s small enough to take on your next outdoors trip, too–not just festivals.

Price: $32.69 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table here.


  • Has lower level, featuring drink holders
  • Weighs only seven pounds
  • Can adjust tautness of table
  • Comes with organizational pocket


  • Top is not sturdy, if not properly tightened

Find more ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table information and reviews here.

3. Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Table

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There’s just something extra appealing about purchasing matching sets. Matching sets range from his and hers bath towels, to adult onesies, and even camping equipment. Sure, you could have mismatching gear that works just as well…but there’s just something so scintillating about identical equipment.

While the Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Table doesn’t come with matching chairs, you can purchase them separately. Made of a super durable fabric, 600D ripstop Oxford cloth, and an aluminum frame, it’s a very sturdy choice. In under-a-minute, you can completely assemble or disassemble this bad boy. Plus, it comes with a durable bag for storage, and ease-of-travel. Deck out your campsite with this matching set.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Table here.


  • Can set-up or take-down in under-a-minute
  • Made of strong, durable material
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Matching chairs sold separately


  • Legs will definitely sink into mud

Find more Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Table information and reviews here.

4. Camp Time Roll-A-Table

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Most camping tables break down in some capacity. The majority of them simply fold up, or have you remove the legs. But, there is another type of camping table: A roll-up one.

The Camp Time Roll-A-Table is made of durable wooden slats, housed in waterproof fabric. Aluminum legs easily screw in and out. When table is set up, it has small gear pouches, perfect for phones or cutlery. Sitting at 28-inches high, it measures 32-inches x 32-inches. With a sitting capacity of up-to-four, you can chit chat with your friends late into the night.

Price: $99

Buy the Camp Time Roll-A-Table here.


  • Different type of assembly – roll up top, screw in legs
  • Has small pouches for storage
  • 100-pound load limit
  • Seats four people


  • Plastic cover may rip over time

Find more Camp Time Roll-A-Table information and reviews here.

Rectangular Camping Tables

The beauty of rectangular camping tables is how easy it is to squeeze in extra people. Sure, you might be a bit crammed, but you’re not forced to be shoulder-to-shoulder, like that of a square camping table.

5. OUTRY Lightweight Folding Table

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By design, camping tables are not the most sturdy things on the planet. Yes, they can be stabilized to a degree–but they’ll never be the table in your home. That’s why it’s ideal to have a camping table with cupholders.

The Outry Lightweight Folding Table, at your service. Constructed with 600D nylon fabric table top and lightweight aluminum alloy frame, it has “durable” written all over it. Choose between a medium and a large–keep in mind, however, the medium only has two drink holders, while the large has four. It comes with a carrying case, to make travel that much more organized.

Price: $39.99

Buy the OUTRY Lightweight Folding Table here.


  • Choose between medium and large
  • Made of 600D nylon fabric table top and aluminum alloy
  • Features drink holders
  • Feet have anti-slip material


  • Tall glasses may be unstable on surface

Find more OUTRY Lightweight Folding Table information and reviews here.

6. Adjustable Folding Utility Table

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While there are many camping tables out there, sometimes you’re looking for something a bit more versatile. That is to say, you want to be able to use it at places other than festivals. That’s where the Adjustable Folding Utility Table steps in.

This baby measures 48-inches x 24-inches, and is made of Powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Choose from three adjustable heights: 24-inches, 29-inches, and 36-inches. It folds up neatly, and has a handle for easy transport. Use this baby during festivals, and as a back-up surface at your next family BBQ.

Price: $43.69

Buy the Adjustable Folding Utility Table here.


  • Measures four-feet by two-feet
  • Adjust the height of the table – 24-inches, 29-inches, 36-inches
  • Can be folded and has a carrying handle
  • Made of HDPE plastic and powder-coated steel


  • Not very lightweight or compact

Find more Adjustable Folding Utility Table information and reviews here.

7. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

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Not all camping tables are alike. Most are inherently meant as places to eat or play games. But, there’s another type of often-forgotten camping tables: Grill tables.

The Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table is everything you could want. When fully assembled, it measures 57.75-inches wide x 19-inches deep x 32-inches high. Set-up is quick and easy. The tabletop is made of aluminum, and the frame is constructed with a lightweight steel. There’s plenty of space to place all of your food and cooking utensils. Pop it into the bag when you’re done, and your campsite is spotless.

Price: $71.67 (49 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table here.


  • Can be set-up in under-a-minute
  • Made of aluminum and lightweight steel
  • Has plenty of room for all cooking tools and food
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Not ideal as a table for eating – but it’ll work in a pinch

Find more Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table information and reviews here.

8. Folding Picnic Table and Bench Set

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At the beginning of this piece, I mentioned that most camping tables don’t come with chairs. And while that rule generally rings true, there is an exception in the Folding Picnic Table and Bench Set.

This baby consists of a table and two separate benches. The table measures 42-inches by 24-inches, and is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Thanks to its stain resistant qualities, clean-up is a snap. UV-protection keeps the sun from ruining it. And, if it ends up busting during season, simply send it back, thanks to a two-year limited warranty. Bring the joy of picnic tables to your festival campsite.

Price: $99.99

Buy the Folding Picnic Table and Bench Set here.


  • Consists of a picnic table and two independent benches
  • Made with HDPE plastic
  • Protected against UV-rays
  • Backed by a two-year limited warranty


  • Benches may be uncomfortable after sitting on them for extended periods of time

Find more Folding Picnic Table and Bench Set information and reviews here.

Round Camping Tables

Circular, or round camping tables, are a popular choice, as well. In general, they’re meant for smaller groups, but you can cram a bunch of people around them if you that’s your prerogative. They’re a very versatile choice.

9. Preferred Nation Folding Table

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In a few of these capsules, cupholders have been mentioned. They truly make your camping table that much better because you don’t have to worry about bumping the table, and spilling any contents of a drink.

Not only does the Preferred Nation Folding Table have cupholders, it has something even better: A storage level. This allows you to shift what’s on the table, without having to put it in your tent. Simply fold this baby in half, and plot it into the bag, to store it. Easy peasy.

Price: $30.47 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Preferred Nation Folding Table here.


  • Comes with four drink holders
  • Features a second tier
  • Easy to put away and store – comes with bag
  • Very sturdy


  • Cupholders will not hold a Yeti

Find more Preferred Nation Folding Table information and reviews here.

10. Collapsible Round Table

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Sometimes you just need to show your school spirit when you’re at a festival. You don’t want to go around in a jersey because….well, that’s just a festival faux pas. Instead, give a shoutout to your team with your camping table.

This Collapsible Round Table is available in tons of different NCAA teams. Your team’s logo is screen printed right in the center. It has four cupholders for all of your beverages. And it easily folds up, to be stored in an accompanying bag. Bust out this bad boy during festival season and football season.

Price: $30.98 (22 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Collapsible Round Table here.


  • Choose from tons of NCAA teams
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Features four drink holders


  • Attaching top to base has a bit of a learning curve

Find more Collapsible Round Table information and reviews here.

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