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10 Best Survival Items For Backpacking

Hiking or backpacking through the great outdoors is an incredibly liberating and exciting activity, but every wise outdoorsman acknowledges the risks of trekking far from civilization. Accidents can happen, weather can change quickly, and even dangerous encounters with wild animals are never out of the question. You don’t have to be particularly far from the trailhead to get into some real trouble, so you should always carry some survival gear with you just in case.

The most important things to consider if you find yourself in a survival scenario while backpacking in the wilderness is staying warm enough, staying hydrated and of course having a general idea of which direction to travel towards if you don’t think help is on the way to you.

We’ve included some lightweight and highly packable items for your backpack that will assist you with fire making, heat retention, shelter building, water filtration and landscape orientation in the event of a backcountry emergency. There’s also items here for administering basic first aid, staying tuned into weather alerts and keeping your electronic devices charged. You may not have a real need for all of these items depending on where and when you hike, but they are ALL worth considering no matter the backpacking occasion.

You can also never rule out the possibility of encountering a fellow hiker on the trail who needs emergency assistance. It’s backpacker code to look out for each other, so even if you’re confident in your own abilities it’s still wise to have a few of our essential survival items on hand just in case.

Stay safe and enjoy the trail from all of us here at Heavy!

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