15 Best Prime Day Outdoors Deals (2018)

prime day outdoors


Ah Prime Day: Every Amazon customer’s favorite shopping day of the year. After all, you want the best deals–especially Prime Day outdoors deals.

You, or someone you know, enjoy participating in outdoor activities. And what better time to snag some new athletic equipment or clothing, than when it’s discounted most heavily?

Nobody wants a stupid deal on outdoors gear–is 15% off really that much of a deal? Absolutely not. That’s why every deal on here is at least 25%-off.

And of course, there are tons of other outdoor gear deals on Prime Day 2, that are worth checking out.

Since “outdoors” covers a broad number of things, this list will be broken down as follow:

  • Men’s & Women’s Apparel Deals
  • Travel Deals
  • Hiking Deals
  • Camping Deals
  • Water Activities Deals
  • Head over here, if you’re specifically in search of Prime Day deals on hunting.

    Each capsule is labeled with the discount, making it easy to skim, or dive in for more information.

    Whether you’re looking for Prime Day deals on tents, Amazon discounts on hiking gear, or something else, you’ll find it here–without dropping a fat stack.

    Of course, the savings don’t stop here. There are tons of Prime Day audio deals to round out your camping entertainment.

    Prefer to keep your electronics at-home? Don’t forget to check out these Prime Day deals on TVs, in addition to these video game deals on Amazon.

    Here you’ll find the best Amazon Prime Day deals on outdoors equipment. Jump on it quickly; these deals are only available for 24-hours-or-less!

    Prime Day Outdoor Apparel Deals

    Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are tons of clothing Prime Day deals. Here, you’ll find apparel that’s phenomenal for a ton of outdoor situations.

    1. 30% Off Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Shorts

    prime day outdoors


    Outdoor apparel encompasses a massive number of pieces. They range from ski pants and wind pants, to t-shirts and heavy winter jackets.

    Shorts, however, are useful in a variety of situations. Whether you’re trekking a 14er, or simply camping with the fam, shorts are a must.

    Not only do they regulate your temperature, they’re also extremely comfortable. In other words, they’re built for outdoors activities.

    If you know anything about outdoors apparel, then you’ve heard of Columbia. Well, their Silver Ridge Stretch Shorts are one of the best Prime Day deals.

    They’re made with a mixture of fabric: 96% polyester and 4% elastane. That means there’s a bit of stretch, for added all-day comfort.

    As you’d expect in a pair of shorts, there are two pockets on the sides and back. Plus, there’s a zippered cargo pocket, to secure any small valuables.

    Protect yourself from the harsh sun and annoying bugs, with Omni-Shield and Omni-Shade–two apparel technologies. In fact, the Omni-shade provides up-to-UPF-50 protection.

    Use them for everything from a family camping trip, up to a multi-day hike in the woods.

    Available in a massive size range: 30W – 42W, in eight- and ten-inch inseams.

    Choose from six additional colors.

    Price: $30.22 – $105.64

    Buy the Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Short here.

    2. $39 Off Berghaus Men’s Deluge Waterproof Overpants

    prime day outdoors


    If you’ve spent a significant amount of times outdoors, you understand the importance of waterproof pants, in addition to a rain jacket.

    After all, a waterproof top will only do so much. When the rain’s deluging, you need to cover your body from head-to-toe, to stand a chance of being dry after the storm.

    These Berghaus Men’s Deluge Waterproof overpants are a phenomenal choice in waterproof outdoor gear.

    They’re made with 100% polyamide, which results in a waterproof, fully-breathable hydroshell. In fact, it comes with a waterproof guarantee.

    Slide them over your legs, and hold them up with a drawcord and elastic waist. On the upper-leg is a venting system, in order regulate temperature.

    Plus, there’s a three-quarter-length zipper, so you can quickly remove the pants, when they’re no longer of use to you.

    Don’t be left high-and-wet on your next adventure. Opt for a totally-dry one.

    Available in a massive size range: XS – 3XL, in short, regular, and long lengths.

    Price: $67.24 – $107.75

    Buy the Berghaus Men’s Deluge Waterproof Overpants here.

    3. 25% Off Icebreaker Merino Anatomica Boxers

    prime day outdoors

    Icebreaker Merino

    When I lived in the mountains, I had the pleasure of working at a fly fishing shop. We had a ton of amazing brands, but a customer-favorite was Icebreaker.

    Why? Its quality allowed people to go on multi-day trips with ease. This is because merino wool has odor-resistant qualities, allowing you to wear it a number of days without stinky consequences.

    And, it’s a great choice for both hot and cool climates. Merino wool wicks away the sweat, keeping you cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool.

    You really don’t want to wear the same pair of nasty boxers for multiple days…but you also don’t want to bring extra pairs.

    If you’re going to give Icrebreaker a shot, you might as well go all-in. Make sure you don’t suffer from swamp butt, nor smell like a caveman, with these Anatomica Boxers.

    They’re crafted with a contoured pouch and functioning fly. Keep everything supported, yet still easy-to-access.

    In addition to the merino fabric itself, it’s also been corespun, in order to increase durability. And, flatlock seams prevent any unwanted chafing.

    After you try these guys on your next adventure, there’s a good chance you’ll want more–I saw it happen many times. Do yourself a favor and snag them, while the savings are still hot.

    Price: $40

    Buy the Icebreaker Merino Anatomica Boxers here.

    4. 45% Off Outdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Wind Shirt

    prime day outdoors

    Outdoor Research

    Prime Day doesn’t skimp when it comes to outdoors deals. We’ve already seen some waterproof gear, but now it’s time to focus on a women’s-specific cut.

    After all, women can easily purchase men’s outdoor gear. It functions just as well–the only difference is the cut.

    This Outdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Wind Shirt. Outdoor Research is another well-loved brand at my fly fishing store.

    This jacket, though, is a real winner. It’s made with their famous Ferrosi fabric, which is ridiculously lightweight and breathable.

    For maximum durability, it’s made with flat lock stitching. Moreover, this technique ensures it feels super light–no matter the number of layers.

    If you end up getting caught in an unfortunate rainstorm, no need to worry. This baby is made with quick-drying properties, making it the ultimate over- and under-layer.

    Whether you choose to wear it running, hiking, or on a camping trip, you’ll be 100% comfortable.

    Available in sizes XS – L. Choose from black and purple, too.

    Price: $51.47 – $101.95

    Buy the Outdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Wind Shirt here.

    Prime Day Travel Deals

    While these travel deals don’t include destinations, they’ll aid in your ability to get there with ease. This section focuses on storage, to make your travel life a snap.

    5. $22 Off Allen Sports DELUXE HITCH MOUNTED BIKE RACK

    prime day outdoors


    They say there are three outdoor activities you should do with your children: Ski, golf, and go on bike rides.

    Skiing and golfing require a bit of skill, but biking is super easy, as long as everyone’s learned to ride.

    Whether you prefer to stick to road biking, or head off-trail with some mountain bikes, you need a solid bike rack like this one by Allen Sports.

    The Deluxe Hitched Mountain Bike Rack is everything you need to make your trips organized and simple.

    Despite mentioning “mountain bikes” in its name, its designed to accommodate a wide-variety of bikes and sizes.

    Individual tie-downs keep the bikes nice and secure, while protecting them from any damage–you won’t find random dents and dings.

    A quick-install hitch secures and tightens the rack, right inside the receiver hitch. It comes with two keys, so you’ll always have a back-up.

    Bike racks can be super expensive. This deal will be gone before you know it.

    Depending on the number of bikes you bring, there are options for two-to-five bikes, with a wide variety of hitch-sizes.

    Price: $107.53 (17 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Allen Sports DELUXE HITCH MOUNTED BIKE RACK? here.

    6. Up to 25% Off Thule Atlantis Rooftop Cargo Box

    prime day outdoors


    If you’ve ever driven with a fully-loaded car–kids, equipment, clothes, food, the whole deal–you understand how easy it is to feel crammed.

    While you could upgrade your car-size (I don’t recommend this…too expensive for a weekend trip!), it’s easier to add a car top carrier.

    I personally recommend Thule. My family has used this brand since we started skiing when I was 8….and we still use the same unit almost-20-years-later.

    So if you, too, are looking into a car top carrier, without a doubt I’d recommend the Thule Atlantis Rooftop Cargo Box.

    Many cargo boxes only open from one side, which can be unfortunate if you’ve packed the car in such a way that it’s difficult to access. Luckily, this bad boy can be opened on both sides.

    You inevitably bring more stuff than you intend on every trip. Mitigate that issue, with an impressive 16 cubic feet of cargo space. That means you can hold:

  • 6 – 8 pairs of skis (178 cm-or-less)
  • 3 – 4 snowboards
  • Outdoor gear for 3 passengers
  • My family has three snowboarders and a skiier. We can fit all of our gear, plus boots, helmets, and other necessities up there.

    Putting-it-on and taking-it-off of your car is easier than you’d expect. Thanks to a quick-grip mounting system, you don’t need tools, either.

    Whether you have factory racks, round bars, or a Thule rack system, it should work with most mountain bars.

    Dimensions are:

  • External: 74″ long x 36″ wide x 16.3″ high
  • Internal: 70″ long x 34″ wide x 13.3″ high
  • Finished with a black pebble, it looks sleek and clean on any car.

    If you prefer to have car-top-specific bags, you have the option to purchase with go pack duffles.

    While there are a number of other companies that produce car top carriers, there are few that can touch the quality and durability of Thule. Without a doubt, the extra cost is worth it.

    Price: $479.95

    Buy the Thule Atlantis Rooftop Cargo Box here.

    Prime Day Hiking Deals

    No guide to Prime Day outdoors deals would be complete without hiking gear. In this section, you’ll find the best hiking deals, for all of your traversing needs.

    7. 60% Off LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

    prime day outdoors deals


    As a hiker, you know the importance of hydrating. Not just hydrating, though, hydrating with clean water.

    If you’re just taking a day hike, you can easily bring what you need. That is, unless it’s extremely dry, or a scorcher out.

    Should you choose to go on a multi-day hike, though, it’s just no feasible to bring all of that water with you. What’s the solution?

    A LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. In other words, a portable water filter you can drink out of.

    This nifty little device filters out 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, via a microfilteration membrane.

    Additionally, it filters out microplastics, down to one-micron. And, it reduces the cloudiness down to 0.2-microns.

    These claims aren’t just blowing smoke. This life-saving straw has gone through rigorous testing set by the EPA, NSF, and ASTM, for water purifiers.

    Purchasing this purifier is a long-term investment. It’ll provide 1,000 gallons of safe, clean drinking water, as long as you properly maintain it.

    I haven’t even mentioned the best part! With every purchase, a school child receives safe drinking water for a year.

    Good for you. Good for humanity. Good for your pocketbook. Get it before it’s gone.

    Also available in two- and three-packs.

    Price: $9.99 (60 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter here.

    8. $35 Off Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

    prime day outdoors deals


    If you only remember to bring a single piece of equipment with you on a hiking trip, make it a Gerber knife.

    Known for the extreme usefulness, owing to their well-known name in the industry, you’re bound to find something that’ll fix your problem.

    This Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife equips you for just about everything, thanks to it’s impressive size and sharpness.

    Crafted with a full-tang, it’s made with premium stainless steel construction, for the utmost durability.

    Considered military-grade, it sits in a mildew-resistant nylon sheath, with a pull-through carbide sharpener.

    Should you get stuck in the wilderness on your hike, you’ll never be without fire. This bad boy comes equipped with a built-in fire starter rod, located in a watertight holder.

    Its compact, yet effective design makes it ideal for hiking trips, as well as camping excursions, or even just as a tool in your car.

    Measuring 10″ long, it’s blade is an impressive four-inches.

    Make sure you have the best camping tool around. Make sure you get it while it’s cheap.

    Price: $70.93 (32 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife here.

    9. 38% Off Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

    prime day outdoors


    When someone tells you they’re going on a hike, that could mean a number of things. “Hikes” range from a few hours, to a couple of days.

    Regardless of the duration, you always want to bring food with you. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

    Shoving a few bags of nuts in your pack may work. But, it’s best practice to bring a solid meal. That could be an MRE–freeze dried backpacking food–but those get expensive very quickly.

    Instead, opt to bring your own homemade food. Regular tupperware isn’t ideal for hiking, but these Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jars are.

    Once you put in food, whether it’s hot or cold, it’ll remain that temperature for a solid 15-hours. So if you want some hot soup for lunch, you’ll be golden.

    Don’t worry about rusting or any other damage, as it’s made with 18/8 stainless steel, and is naturally BPA-free.

    The lid is insulated, and doubles as a 12-ounce bowl. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t seal well. In fact, it’s totally leak-proof.

    You may love this bad boy so much, it takes over your regular thermos.

    And if something happens during a trip, send it back at any time, thanks to a lifetime warranty.

    Also available in a 17-ounce, and navy color.

    Price: $24.97 (38 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar here.

    10. $34 Off CamelBak Lobo Hydration Pack

    Prime Day outdoors deals


    There are certain brands that dominate their space. For example, Kleenex is so well-known, people often refer to tissues as “Kleenex.”

    When it comes to hiking gear, though, think about hydration packs. There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of CamelBak.

    This company produces some of the highest-quality, durable water bladders and packs on the market. So, it should come as no surprise we’re featuring their CamelBak Lobo Hydration Pack.

    There are a number of reasons this baby is considered one of the best hydration packs, but most notably is that it delivers 20% more water-per-sip.

    You know that horrible “Oh god, I need water NOW!” feeling–that water flow increase drastically reduces that feeling.

    Easily refill it, thanks to an ergonomic handle. It also features an on-and-off lever, which prevents any unwanted leaks.

    The pack itself is crafted with an Air Director Back, in order to increase breathability, and reduce overall weight.

    A nifty Magnetic Tube Trap keeps your tube from flopping around, and easily accessible. No more blindly reaching back, hoping to grab it.

    If you choose to wear this pack while you snowboard or hike, there are external hooks, where you can carry your helmet.

    On the outside is a stretch overflow storage compartment. This awesome little addition allows you to to stash a rain jacket, or extra layer.

    There are few hydration packs that can match the features and usefulness of a CamelBak. Get yours before it’s back to full-price.

    Also available in six other aesthetically-pleasing colors.

    Price: $65 (34 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the CamelBak Lobo Hydration Pack here.

    Camping Prime Day Deals

    Hiking and camping often go hand-in-hand. But for sake of ease, we’ve broken them into two sections. Here, you’ll find camping deals that are jaw-droppingly amazing. Don’t miss out.

    11. $123 Off Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent

    prime day outdoors


    The number one thing you need when camping is a tent. Kind of a “no duh, ya weirdo!”. But, you’d be blown away at how many people come unprepared.

    Weren’t those people girl or boy scouts? “Be prepared!” Anyone? No? Ok, let’s get to gettin’ on this camping tent Prime Day deal.

    You already know and love Coleman. They produce some of the highest-quality, well-priced camping gear on the planet. So, it shouldn’t be a shock this Coleman 6-Person Weather Master Tent made the list.

    This bad boy is made entirely of polyester, and is built to comfortably sleep six-people. If you prefer air mattresses, though, it can hold two of them without an issue.

    But, it’s not just any ordinary tent. Most tents are just that: A place to sleep. This bad boy differentiates itself, thanks to a screened-in lounging area.

    Yes, you read that correctly–it comes with a whole separate room to hang out, entirely bug free. Say goodbye to bringing an extra pop-up tent. You’re already (literally) covered.

    It measures 11-feet long x nine-feet wide, and stands 6’8″ in the center. The bug room measures nine-feet long x six-feet wide.

    Should it rain, you won’t end up in a puddle. The tent uses a WeatherTec system, which has patented, welded floors, as well as inverted seams. And of course, there’s a solid rain fly.

    Once you’re done, take it down and store it in a carrying bag.

    A tent’s an investment. Purchasing one from a quality retailer means you don’t have to keep making that same investment.

    In order to make your campsite truly home-y, don’t forget to bring a set of camping chairs, nor a portable table.

    Price: $206.42 (38 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent here.

    12. $36 Off Klymit Traverse Double Hammock

    prime day outdoors


    When it comes to camping, once you have your campsite set-up, you’re off to a great start. Your campsite includes the tent (which we covered), as well as a table, chairs, and a camping kitchen.

    With these basics taken care of, you’re now able to focus on some of the more fun aspects of camping. When you think about camping, “relaxing” may come to mind.

    And when you think of “relaxing”, what comes to mind now? If you said a hammock you, my friend, and I think very much alike.

    This Klymit Traverse Double Hammock is definitely worth adding to your camping set-up. It’s built for two people–up-to-an-impressive-400-pounds.

    Set-up is super easy, with two 11-foot tree straps with 18 daisy chains each, in addition to two aluminum carabiners.

    Over time, hammocks stretch out with use. Well, this bad boy is rafted to withstand that sagging. This is because it has a diagonal, seamless hem, which drastically increases support and durability.

    When outstretched, it measures 110″ long x 74″ wide. When packed, it measures 5″ x 8″. Including the straps, it weighs a mere 31.2 ounces.

    Whether you choose to cuddle up by yourself with a book, or ask a significant other, friend, or kid to join you, adding a hammock to your campsite is a definite yes.

    Treat yourself to a fun camping gear addition, before the price goes back up.

    Price: $133.51

    Buy the Klymit Traverse Double Hammock here.

    13. 31% Off Klymit Self-Inflate V Sleeping Pad

    Prime Day outdoors deals


    Regardless of whether or not you’ve gone camping before, you understand how freakin’ uncomfortable it is to sleep on the ground.

    Naturally, you’ll want to translate that comfort from your home to your tent. The easiest way to do so is with a sleeping pad.

    Sleeping pads are built for camping and hiking. They vary in size, thickness of pad, price, weight, and more.

    Look no further than the Klymit Self-Inflate V Sleeping Pad.

    Built to be extremely comfortable, it weighs in at 2.9-pounds, it’s useable during short hiking and camping trips.

    Unlike other sleeping pads on the market, this one self-inflates, which increases the level of softness significantly. No more feeling random rocks.

    Packing down to an impressively compact 6.2″ long x 21″ wide, it expands into a roomy 72″ long x 21″ wide x 5.5″ thick. In other words, you get the best of both worlds.

    Inflating and deflating is super easy. All you need is open the valve and wait–it’s self-inflating, so you don’t need to do a thing.

    Check out the reviews, if you’re still on the fence–you’ll be blown away. Sleep on a cloud, on your next camping trip.

    Price: $37.92 (31 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Klymit Self-Inflate V Sleeping Pad here.

    14. 34% Off Etekcity Portable LED Lantern

    prime day outdoors deals


    One of the most-important, yet often-forgotten pieces of camping equipment is lighting. Lighting, of course, ranges from headlamps and flashlights, to candles and lanterns.

    Since this isn’t the olden days, we’re going to skip open flames, and head straight for the safest, largest light source: Lanterns.

    Prime Day camping deals have brought us these incredible Etekcity Portable LED Lanterns.

    For the price, you’re receiving three individual units. They’re each powered by 30 separate low-powered LED bulbs, which are built for a long lifespan.

    Unlike flashlights or headlamps, which are single-directional, these babies cover all angles at 360-degrees.

    Made with military-grade materials, these lanterns are built for durability and a long lifetime of use.

    Thanks to their ultra-lightweight nature, they can collapse to a smaller size, for effortless packing and travel.

    Each produces up-to-12-hours of continuous light, with AA batteries (which are included).

    Send them back within the first two-years of ownership, thanks to a warranty. They also come with a lifetime of support.

    This deal will be gone in a flash.

    Price: $17.99 (34 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Etekcity Portable LED Lantern here.

    Prime Day Water Toy Deals

    When it comes to outdoors gear, it doesn’t stop on the trail or at the campsite. Instead, there are loads of water activities to participate in. Here, you’ll find the best water sports deals on Prime Day.

    15. $588 Off Airhead PACE 1230 ISUP

    Prime Day outdoors deals


    When it comes to water-based outdoor activities, there are many to choose from. There’s everything from canoeing and kayaking, to swimming, water skiing, and yes, stand-up paddleboarding.

    Stand-up Paddleboards (SUP) provide a unique way to experience life on a lake or ocean. To use, simply sit or kneel on the board, while padding to move.

    Paddleboards come in varying lengths, colors, materials, and prices. Airhead produces a solid line in a wide range of prices.

    This particular model, the Airhead PACE 1230 ISUP, is designed for slightly-more-advanced paddleboarders, weighing between 120 – 300 pounds.

    The board itself measures 12’6″ long x 30″ wide x six-inches thick. Overall, it weighs in at 29-pounds.

    The EA traction pad is extra thick, coming in at four-mm. With a molded handle, it’s easy to carry to-and-from the water.

    A removable fin ensures precise maneuvering, as well as straight tracking. In other words, it makes it easier to paddleboard.

    In addition to the paddleboard itself, you’ll also receive:

  • A mesh backpacl
  • A stainless steel tow ring
  • A high-pressure hand-pump
  • A pressure gauge
  • A wrench
  • A board strap
  • A repair kit
  • You’re set-up for success, with this paddleboard set-up. The only thing missing? The fact you don’t already own it.

    Don’t delay–this is a popular deal, that’ll be gone in a flash.

    Price: $710.48 (45 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Airhead PACE 1230 ISUP here.

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