11 Best Waterproof Hunting Pants: Compare & Save

waterproof hunting pants

Waterproof hunting pants are an absolute necessity if you’re the type of hunter who chases game through any and all weather conditions. Keeping dry is pivotal to the success of any hunt where wetness is a factor.

Comfortability is key in each and every hunting context and owning gear that keeps you dry is the most important step in enjoying your days in the field from start to finish.

Stay bone dry this season and outlast the elements on every hunt. Happy Hunting from all of us here at Heavy!

What Are The Best Waterproof Hunting Pants?

sitka downpour waterproof hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • GORE-TEX three layer laminate
  • Internal belt system
  • Hydrophobic brushed exterior
Price: $299.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
scent-lok cold blooded hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • moisture wicking interior fabric
  • Carbon alloy technology traps odor
  • Seven pocket design
Price: $155.15 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
scent-lok taktix waterproof hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Odor controlled
  • Great all season pants
  • Eight pocket design
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sitka mountain pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Articulated fit
  • Removable knee pads
  • Great mid season pants
Price: $199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
frogg toggs waterproof hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super affordable waterproof option
  • Highly breathable
  • Very packable
Price: $29.94 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
krumba waterproof hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent value
  • Suitable for cold weather hunts
  • Elastic cuffs
Price: $55.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
browning hells canyon waterproof hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Advanced scent control
  • Articulated knees
  • Side leg zippers
Price: $120.41 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
under armour storm hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Rip stop fabric
  • Offset belt loop for holster placement
  • Anti-odor technology
Price: $60.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
columbia storm surge pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good warm weather option
  • Super lightweight and packable
  • Fit well over a base layer
Price: $37.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
singbring waterproof pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super affordable
  • The fit is designed for hiking
  • Zippered front and back pockets
Price: $29.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Marmot precip pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Legs are fully zippered
  • Comfortable elastic waist band
  • Highly compressible/packable
Price: $49.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Sitka Gear Downpour Pants

    • Breathable GORE-TEX three layer laminate keeps any and all wetness out — they don’t call these the Downpour Pants for nothing
    • Hydrophobic brushed exterior makes these pants super quiet and rugged against abrasion despite being waterproof
    • Internal belt system, articulated knees and full side zips give these pants a great sporty fit and enable them to pair nicely with a base layer
    • Great size charts available through this link so you can find the perfect fit
    • Quite expensive - these pants are however definitely a worthwhile investment
    • Only one camo pattern available
    • Some complaints that these pants are tight on the upper legs

    Here’s our top pick of overall best waterproof hunting pants. Sitka makes arguably some of the very best hunting gear around. Their products are not cheap and are certainly an investment, but if you can afford to buy Sitka you won’t be needing a new pair of hunting pants any time soon.

    The Downpour pants offer almost every feature of a high-performance pair of hunting pants on top of being exceptionally waterproof. They are not built with odor control technology but otherwise go above and beyond the vast majority of the competition.

    These pants are crafted from a breathable GORE-TEX three-layer laminate that is a stone wall to any and all moisture. A hydrophobic brushed exterior furthermore kills the noise output of these pants so nothing will hear you coming.

    The Downpours are geared towards tree stand hunting for deer in rainy woodlands, but they’ll outperform just about any pair of hunting pants in most scenarios. The articulated knees make for a highly active fit so these pants are great for both sitting and trekking.

    The material of these pants inherently insulates well, so they’re fairly warm on their own. Sitka recommends the Downpours for early to mid-season temperatures, but with a warm base layer you can go all year in these bad boys.

    The internal belt enables a highly customized fit while the full side zips with double sliders further allow for easy layering and temperature management. These pants are truly comfortable to wear and cooperate very well with whatever other apparel you’re wearing.

    A rugged and quiet exterior, exceptionally comfortable fit and total protection from whatever wetness the wilderness throws your way, the Downpour Pants from Sitka are one of the ultimate options in waterproof hunting pants.

  2. 2. ScentLok Cold Blooded Pant

    • Waterproof outer shell will keep you bone dry and the moisture wicking fabric of the interior insulates for frigid temps
    • Advanced Carbon alloy technology effectively traps your odor
    • Features an inner thigh gusset and articulated knees for enhanced mobility
    • Outer material is super quiet despite its waterproof nature
    • Seven pocket design provides great gear capacity
    • Only one camo option
    • Expensive option
    • Button closure on the pants is louder than specially designed zippers

    Here’s a seriously warm pair of waterproof hunting pants from Scent-Lok. The Cold Blooded Pants are ideal for the late-season hunter of any style who has a need for odor containment in the field.

    This is a top-quality product at a mid-quality price for those looking for a value pair of cold weather waterproof hunting pants.

    The Cold Blooded’s are built with a rugged waterproof shell that’s also designed to remain silent in motion. The brushed tricot shell cuts the fabric noise down big time so you can stay dry and quiet.

    Don’t forget that staying dry is the first and most important step towards staying warm – even if your hunting grounds are not typically wet consider the benefits of a waterproof garment like this for late-season hunts. If it’s cold, then you ought to stay dry no matter what

    The moisture-wicking internal fabric is furthermore great at pulling away wetness and sweat from your skin so you won’t overheat due to the heat retaining design of this garment.

    The Cold Blooded’s are of course treated with Scent-Lok’s signature Carbon alloy technology in order to trap your odor and remain invisible to scent sensitive game.

    The gripper waist and elastic buckles work with an inner thigh gusset so these pants stay comfortably tight to your form enabling increased movement compared to a lot of other late-season pants. The knees are also articulated to enhance your range of motion.

    Seven pockets are a nice touch for those hunters that appreciate some personal gear storage.

    The high quality materials and construction and the inherent design and fit of the Cold Blooded Pants make them one of the best late-season garments around regardless of your need for waterproof pants.

    Whitetail, big game, upland and waterfowl hunters alike will all be impressed by what these pants bring to the table.

  3. 3. ScentLok Full Season Taktix Pants

    • Great all season pants that can be made ready to hunt any time of year depending on your base layer
    • Scent-Loks NeverWet technology repels water, mud and blood wonderfully
    • Eight pocket design provides plenty of personal storage
    • Side waistband elastic and rear waistband grip create a snug but comfortable fit
    • Several camo patterns available
    • These are all season pants, but the fleece lining still may be a bit warm for particularly hot days in the field
    • Fairly expensive - but still an excellent value considering the quality here
    • Buttoned closure

    Here’s another pair of waterproof hunting pants from Scent-Lok that’s suitable for early to late season hunting. The Full Season Taktix Pants are equipped with all the best features typical of Scent-Lok’s apparel and are designed to be suitable for any temperature hunt.

    Scent-Lok has built the Taktix Pants with their signature Carbon Alloy Technology for trapping odor as well as their impressively effective NeverWet hydrophobic coating. These pants don’t only repel water, but also won’t take on any mud or blood.

    Similar to the Cold Blooded Pants, the Taktix Pants have articulated knees and an inner thigh gusset for enhanced flexibility and overall mobility in the field. A side waistband elastic and rear waistband grip further add to the Taktix Pant’s secure form fit. These pants are built with the mobile sportsmen in mind and are a great option for highly active hunts.

    A micro-fleece inner lining provides some decent warmth on its own but the Taktix Pants can be made to be seriously toasty when paired with a warm base layer. Alternatively, the legs have 18 inch zippers for letting off your excess heat and also for easy layering. It’s a great combination of both warm and breathable features so you can wear these pants any time of year.

    An eight pocket design ensures you have plenty of personal storage which is a nice feature depending on who you are.

    All in all, these are a great value, versatile pair of waterproof hunting pants for almost any style sportsmen. If you’d like to own a one-pair-fits all scenario pair of hunting pants, look no further.

  4. 4. Sitka Gear Mountain Pant

    • Warm but not too warm — these are a great mid season pant you can push into the cold weather with
    • Articulated fit with tapered legs create a high range of motion — these pants are built for big treks
    • Includes removable knee pads for all sorts of apllications
    • Great size charts available through this link for guidance finding the perfect fit
    • Quite expensive
    • Knee pads may not effectively line up with your legs if you’re a particularly short hunter
    • Not quite warm enough fotr truly cold days in the field

    I love how Sitka designs hunting gear with specific climates and scenarios in mind. The Mountain Pants are the perfect pair of waterproof hunting pants for long, intense treks over gnarly terrain and an awesome choice for the big game hunter.

    These pants are crafted to be quiet, durable and lightweight for trekking through hard to navigate terrain. The Mountain Pants are also designed for warmth and therefore recommended for mid to late-season hunting. This is a pair of pants for the highly mobile, cold weather sportsmen.

    The Mountain Pants have been built with low volume output in mind. If you’re the type of hunter who enjoys getting out of the tree stand or blind and stalking game on foot, definitely check these out. It’s difficult to build a pair of pants that has a tough exterior and is also quiet while stalking — it’s what you pay for when you buy Sitka.

    Tapered legs and a fully gusseted crotch is what makes these pants super low profile and therefore highly mobile. There are countless hunter reviews for awesome range of motion and comfort trekking compared to other pants.

    A lot of sportsmen purchase these pants because of the removable knee pads in particular. If you find yourself traversing through rocky wilderness then you’ll really appreciate the extra padding for your knees. If you don’t, the knee pads are removable and can be added when you think you might need them.

    The DWR finish makes these pants highly resistant to water – but they’re not absolutely waterproof hunting pants for dramatically wet weather hunts. These won’t wet out in a regular rain, but if you consistently hunt through torrential conditions you’ll want to consider something a bit more suited for the wetness. Try the Downpour Pants listed at #1 if you want to stick with Sitka.

  5. 5. Frogg Toggs Men’s Pro Action Pant

    • Super affordable waterproof option
    • Polymer zips and clips won’t rust on you — even in and around saltwater
    • Highly breathable
    • Thin pants that roll up super tight — these are highly packable pants
    • Several camo options available
    • Won’t provide you with any real warmth
    • Material is loud compared to some higher end waterproof pants
    • Waistband is cheap

    Here’s a solid pair of waterproof hunting pants that come at a staggeringly low price. The Pro Action Pants from Frogg Toggs are effectively waterproof through even the hardest rains and highly reviewed for breathability and comfort in the field.

    Frogg Togg’s classic 50 nonwoven polypropylene material is praised by outdoorsmen for providing dry, breathable protection. These are not high-performance pants by any means, but they repel water excellently.

    Due to their lack of scent control and the high volume of the outer material when in motion, I find these are the ideal budget waterfowl or upland hunting pants for wet conditions. If you pair the Pro Action Pants with a toasty base layer there’s no reason you couldn’t keep warm in these pants late season.

    All the hardware is made from a polymer so it won’t rust or degrade. This is an important detail for those hunters who chase game within close proximity to saltwater. Coastal waterfowl hunters should be particularly interested in the Pro Action Pants for this reason alone.

    These are really thin waterproof hunting pants that can be rolled and compressed super tight making them great for travel. They can also be easily stashed in a hunting backpack if the forecast is calling for possible rain.

    They might only be suitable for wetland or upland hunts and therefore not very versatile, but considering their super low price point the Pro Action Pants are an awesome piece of outerwear to own for when you need them.

  6. 6. Krumba Waterproof Seam Sealed Hunting Pants

    • Very reasonably priced — these pants outcompete a lot of the more expensive competition
    • Suitable for cold weather hunts where you know you’ll be battling wetness due to fleece fabric lining
    • Nice array of pockets for gear storage
    • Elastic cuffs for enhanced heat retention and water repellency
    • Some complaints about noise output through certain vegetation
    • Only one available camouflage pattern
    • Pockets get wet in a heavy rain

    Here’s a slightly higher end pair of waterproof hunting pants compared to the pair by Frogg Toggs previously listed. The Seam Sealed Waterproof Hunting Pants by Krumba are effectively wind and waterproof but also employ a fleece fabric liner for warmth during late season hunts.

    If you paired these with a warm base layer then you could really take on some sub zero, wet conditions.

    The shell is 86% polyester and 14% elastane meaning these pants are totally impervious to water and wind. Hunter reviews praise these Krumba pants for their performance in even highly aggressive rain conditions — it’s one of the best waterproof hunting options without having to enter the outrageously expensive realm of hunting pants.

    There’s ample pocket space, a zippered fly and a fairly versatile camouflage pattern built into the design of these pants. Nothing particularly mind blowing or special, but no doubt an excellent value depending on your needs in the field.

    If they match your hunting style, you’ll be thrilled to save big time with Krumba.

  7. 7. Browning Hell’s Canyon Proximity Pant

    • 3-layer polyester fabric is super lightweight yet tough as nails
    • Articulated knees make for a highly active fit
    • Side leg zippers for easy layering and heat management
    • Advanced scent control
    • Hip pockets have a reinforced overlay for clipping on items like your hunting knife
    • Limited Sizing and camo patterns available
    • These pants are highly water resistant, but not totally waterproof – you’ll stay dry in all conditions other than a downpour
    • Buttoned closure

    Here’s a rugged pair of mid to late season waterproof hunting pants from Browning. The Hell’s Canyon Proximity Pants are good value pair of cold weather pants that come equipped with some awesome features.

    The three-layer polyester fabric used to build the exterior of these pants is super lightweight yet tough against any wilderness obstacle. The articulated knees allow for great movement furthermore making these pants ideal for longer treks into the backcountry.

    Advanced scent control technology, 22-inch side leg zippers for heat control and easy layering as well as zippered back pockets are all great features that will no doubt prove useful in the field. The hip pockets are even double reinforced for securing gear directly to your pants like your hunting knife.

    You get more than you pay for with the Hell’s Canyon Proximity Pants – definitely another great value option for the serious hunter who’s limited by their budget.

  8. 8. Under Armour Men’s Storm Covert Pants

    • Rip stop fabric is durable against abrasion, puncture and tearing
    • Stretch waist band is highly reviewed for comfort in the field
    • Offset belt loop allows for proper holster placement
    • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of microbes that could blow your cover
    • Very reasonably priced considering the included features here
    • These pants are fairly noisy
    • Limited camo patterns
    • Complaints that the snap closure pops open easily

    Under Armour is gaining a reputation for quality hunting apparel. You might not think of them as an outdoor brand but their hunting product’s quality of construction and athletic design is quite impressive – especially considering the price point.

    The Storm Covert Camo Pants are built to be dam tough as well as waterproof. Under Armour’s Storm technology is well reviewed for repelling water as well as breathability while the ripstop fabric holds up great against wear and tear. Sportsmen of all kinds have been admittingly impressed with the quality of construction here considering the price tag.

    These are early to midseason hunting pants. You can pair them with a warm base layer for enduring some colder temps but these are not what you’re looking for if you hunt in sub-zero conditions.

    The stretch engineered waistband is highly reviewed for comfort while trekking which is not something to be overlooked. If you’re a highly mobile hunter you’ll appreciate these pant’s all-day comfort.

    Offset belt loops that allow for the proper attachment of a holster further demonstrate Under Armour’s attention to detail. It’s a simple feature, yet you don’t see this level of practicality with a lot of high end hunting brands.

    Under Armour has even built these pants with anti-odor technology that’s designed to prevent the growth of microbes that cause odor. Once again – for a pair of waterproof hunting pants at this cost the included features are impressive.

    The outer material is unfortunately not very quiet. Hunter reviews claim that they become a bit quieter after breaking in, but if you’re in the market for some deadly silent pants you’ll want to look elsewhere.

  9. 9. Columbia Storm Surge Pant

    • Exceptionally waterproof and breathable — these are a good warm weather option
    • Nylon shell is super lightweight and packable — these will fit easily into your hunting pack in case you need them
    • Fit well over a base layer or regular pair of pants
    • Insulate well for being so lightweight — these can be worn late season with a warm base layer
    • Well reviewed for durability against vegetation and general wear and tear
    • Very reasonably priced
    • Not specifically designed for hunting
    • Only one internal pocket
    • No camo patterns available

    The Storm Surge Pants from Columbia are certainly not pants built specifically for hunting, but you might find them to be perfect for your style of chasing game.

    These are high performance breathable waterproof hiking pants built with Omni-tech fully seam-sealed technology. They lack most of the special features typical of regular hunting pants but offer total waterproofing and high breathability at an affordable cost.

    If factors like scent control, high storage capacity and camouflage are not important to you, then these pants are definitely worth checking out. They might be just what you need for rainy upland hunts or marsh-hopping around your local wetlands in search of waterfowl.

    Because these are hiking and not hunting pants these are built fairly minimalist. The Storm Surge Pants are designed to be worn over a base layer or regular pants and will truly keep you bone dry. They’re well reviewed for durability moving through brush and breath excellently during those wet but warm days in the field.

    These pants also insulate fairly well so if you pair them with a toasty pair of long underwear these could even be used as a late-season pair of rain pants.

    The nylon shell is exceptionally packable too, so you can toss these in your hunting backpack and have them ready to toss over your regular hunting pants if you need them. Absolutely a great pair of rain pants to own just to have on hand in case the weather turns nasty.

    Although the Storm Surges are not built for sportsmen, in particular, you’ll find they outperform a ton of the competition for certain hunting contexts.

  10. 10. Singbring Waterproof Mountain Pants

    • Super affordable
    • The fit is designed for hiking — these are comfortable pants for trekking
    • Zippered front and back pockets
    • Adjustable waist
    • Softshell polyester surface layer is reasonably quiet
    • No scent control technology or hunting specific features
    • No camo print options available, aalthough there are earth tone options
    • Zippers are not designed to be quiet

    Here’s a super affordable option you should have on your radar if odor control and camouflage are not pivotal to the success of your hunts. This pair of waterproof hiking pants from Singbring are a crowd favorite for all sorts of outdoor applications.

    These are simple waterproof outdoor pants – what you see is what you get. We’ve included them here because of their super low price tag, if you’re just trying to stay dry in early to mid season temperatures why spend the big bucks?

    There are zippered pockets on the front and back for a bit of gear storage as well as reinforced knees for some added durability kneeling. These pants should hold up well in the long run as long as you don’t bring them through any viscous upland brambles.

    The exterior is designed with a softshell polyester surface so these pants are believe it or not reasonably quiet. We think they could be a great fit for marsh hopping around your favorite swamps or wetlands or for hunting out of a duck boat or blind.

    Consider what you really need out of your waterproof hunting pants and ask yourself if a high-end pair is truly necessary – perhaps all you need is a simple but reliable pair like these.

  11. 11. Marmot PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Full-Zip Pants

    • Super breathable and lightweight — great option for the highly active warm weather hunter
    • Legs are fully zippered for easy layering and enhanced ability to offload heat
    • Zippered front pockets and back pocket for storage
    • Comfortable elastic waist band provides nice freedom of motion
    • Highly compressible/packable — pop these right in your hunting backpack just in case
    • No camouflage or scent proofing incorporated — these are technically hiking not hunting pants
    • Cuffs do not snug up on your boots tightly
    • These pants are loud in motion

    Here’s one more pair of rain pants geared towards hiking rather than specifically hunting we want you to know about. The Precip Pants from highly respected hiking outfitter Marmot, are a top quality pair of rain pants built for the trail.

    Similar to the Storm Surge Pants by Columbia, these pants are not built for sportsmen yet they’re an awesome choice of waterproof hunting pants for certain contexts.

    Duck hunters and rainy upland sportsmen will love the waterproofing and freedom of motion these pants provide. The Precips are built from Marmot’s NanoPro fabric and come very highly reviewed for keeping water out, and allowing internal moisture to escape. The Precip line of outerwear, in general, is renowned and trusted by all sorts of outdoorsmen for superior waterproofing and breathability.

    This is another great pair of waterproof hunting pants to have in your backpack in case you need them. They’re highly packable and will fit over your regular pants with ease. The entire length of the legs are zippered so you can slide them over whatever you’re wearing if the weather turns wet. Definitely a great piece of apparel to own if you hunt in areas where the weather is unpredictable.

    Also comparable to the Storm Surge Pants listed at #9, the Precips insulate fairly well. If worn with a warm base layer these rain pants will keep you adequately warm for late-season hunting. Rain, sleet and even snow won’t stop this high performing hiking wear.

    There are two zippered front pockets and one zippered back pocket for a bit of storage space. It’s not much, but it allows you to carry a few essential items on your person.

    You’ll appreciate the sporty yet spacious cut of these looser fitting pants if you’re a highly active hunter. The Precips give you plenty of room to move freely and remain breathable yet maintain a highly mobile profile. Marsh jumpers, pheasant flushers and creek crossers will love the freedom these high-performance pants provide.

    If noise output, scent control and camouflage are not top priorities for you, the Precips by Marmot are a pair of waterproof hunting pants you’ll love owning for a lot more than just chasing game.

    The perfect pair of wet weather pants for treks of any intensity through warm or cold conditions.

Waterproof hunting pants have come a long way...

You no longer have to alarm the entire landscape to your approach with crinkly, loud rain pants. New outerwear technology has allowed hunting apparel to evolve into waterproof, silent, scent controlled and highly insulated hunting systems.

Depending on your hunting style, factors like camouflage and fabric noise output may or may not be of high importance to you.

Our top list of waterproof hunting pants has options for every style hunter for early to late-season temperatures. Whether you're stalking deer in rainy woodlands or flushing pheasants in saturated uplands we've found some killer outerwear hunting options for your lower half.

Camo Pants

If your greatest need in the field is concealment, then you're likely in the market for a pair of camouflaged hunting pants. Some of our favorite options for remaining one with the wilderness, no matter what you're hunting include:

Deer Hunting

Hunting deer means you need to be silent, go unseen, and oftentimes, be WARM.

Deer of all species are of course a highly in-tune animal that alarm easily, so your pants for hunting them should be fully equipped for the task. Some of our top picks for remaining sneaky (and warm) include:

Duck Hunting

Chances are if you're duck hunting or chasing waterfowl of any species, your concealment is not of the utmost importance. There are of course exceptions to this generalization seeing as everyone has their own hunting style/conditions, but it's likely your hunting blind or duck boat is doing most of the concealment for you in the field.

Oftentimes you'll find yourself in wet environments or crummy weather while hunting ducks that require good quality waterproof apparel. You can ensure you stay dry in the field by wearing a pair of duck hunting waders, but if you prefer not to be weighed down in such a way, there are some solid waterproof pants up for the job as well.

Some of our favorite pairs of hunting pants for duck and waterfowl hunting include:

Big Game Hunting

Hunting big game typically calls for long and grueling multi-day hunts where you need to cover a lot of ground. Expeditions like these call for a pair of high-speed/low-drag hunting pants that will both keep you dry, and comfortable for days at a time.

Some of our top picks for big game hunting pants include:

Hunting Jackets

Don't forget about the warmth and concealment of your top half while considering all of these killer hunting pants options.

Make sure to check out our list of the best hunting jackets for a variety of options to match every hunting style!

Alternative Outdoor Waterproof Pants

There are highly affordable options for your lower half that although they aren't designed for sportsmen, in particular, should not be overlooked as waterproof hunting pants.

Options #9-11 of this list are solid choices for hunting depending on what your style is. Make sure to check these options out if scent control and silence stalking are not important factors for your hunting style.

Heated Pants

Wearing heated pants or a heated base layer is a great way to add some warmth to your hunting system if the pair of waterproof hunting pants you like best are not particularly well insulated. 

You can find some heated pant options suitable for hunting in our post on the best heated pants and base layers.

Hunting Garment Maintenace

Don’t forget you can always restore the water repellency of your hunting garments with quality products like Nikwax’s tech wash and cleaners -- it's a great way to extend the lifespan of your gear.

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