7 Best Beach Carts & Caddies (2019)

Trying to carry all your beach gear down to your favorite spot can be a real drag. Multiple trips to the car, hot sand, and not enough hands can be enough to drive you nuts and wear you out before you even start your beach day.

Having a cart or caddy can really be a game changer for how you hit the beach. Wheeled carts, backpack coolers, and classic beach caddies are all solid options for turning your parking lot to picnic blanket pilgrimage into a breeze.

What Are The Best Beach Carts & Caddies?

mac sports, beach wagon, beach cart, collapsible Amazon Customer Reviews
  • High weight capacity
  • Collapses for transport
  • Includes two cup holders
Price: $118.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
rio brands, beach, beach cart, summer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Tote bag is removable
  • Capacity for up to four beach chairs
  • Lots of storage for its size
Price: $82.49 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
mac sports, beach cart, summer, beach, beach day Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes a foldable table
  • Two mesh cup holders
  • Collapses for easy transport
Price: $164.69 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Berkley Fishing Cart Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 200 pound weight limit
  • Collapsible design
  • Jumbo and regular sizing
Price: $179.12 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
timber ridge, beach, beach cart, beach wagon, summer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • High weight and storage capacity
  • Wheels are set on the corners
  • Includes a carry bag for easy storage
Price: $199.77 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Beachmall beach cart Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easily converts into a table
  • Steel frame is powder coated
  • Affordable
Price: $94.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
zedyasou, beach, beach chair, beach caddy, summer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • A backpack, cooler and beach chair!
  • Good array of pockets/compartments
  • Very reasonably priced
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beachcomber Wagon

    • Large amount of space and high weight capacity
    • Collapses into a very manageable size for transport
    • Includes two cup holders
    • Handle is adjustable to properly match your height
    • No dividers or compartments (could easily make some)
    • Center of gravity on this one is a little wobbly because of the orientation of the front wheels- take turns slow!
    • Fairly expensive

    This heavy duty wagon by Mac Sports is a great option for loading up a large amount of gear. The cart is about three feet long and two feet wide and deep. This cart has a 150 pound weight capacity, so you should be able to fit everything you need in here.

    An adjustable handle makes pulling this cart as easy as possible on soft sand. Customer reviews insist this cart rolls just fine even when heavily loaded up. There’s two mesh cup holders on the front of the wagon so there’s a space to stow some water or a few beers during your over-sand trek.

    This wagon collapses into a fairly compact size (about ten inches thick) so it should pack nicely on the way to the beach. Extend it open, load it up and get rolling down to the water!

  2. 2. Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler

    • High storage and weight capacity for its size and design
    • Tote bag is removable
    • Is pictured carrying up to four beach chairs with lots of other added gear — well configured for loading up with a lot of stuff
    • Might be too tall for some children to reach the handle and pull - you’re on your own with this one!
    • Front wheels are pretty low quality, so you’ll want to go easy on them
    • Fairly expensive

    This beach caddy by Rio Brands is the classic approach to hauling all your beach gear over sand. This is a pretty standard unit that will get the job done. This caddy has 15 cubic feet of storage and a 100 pound weight capacity, so despite its frame and build it can hold quite a bit of gear.

    The front wheels articulate while the back wheels are fixed. An extended, stroller style handle with a neoprene grip works just fine for most users (might be a bit to tall for some children to effectively pull). The tote bag is removable so you can leave it behind if you’d like.

    An umbrella holder, bottom tray and rack give this caddy a pretty wide array of loading options. This is a great option for the beach goer who sometimes has a lot of gear, and sometimes has a just a little.

  3. 3. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Cart With Folding Table

    • High storage and weight capacity
    • Includes a nice quality foldable table
    • Also has two mesh cup holders on the front end
    • Collapses very nicely for storage and transportation
    • No dividers or compartments
    • Front wheels are oriented in a way that may make the wagon wobbly on turns
    • The black color option although badass, will likely get pretty hot in the sun

    Another solid beach cart by Mac Sports. This is essentially the same cart as the first one listed in this review plus a table! This cart has the same interior dimensions (three feet long and about two feet wide and deep) and weight capacity (150 pounds) as the other wagon listed by Mac Sports, so there’s not really any beach gear this wagon can’t carry.

    The foldable table is a really nice touch in my opinion, and for just a small added cost I think it’s well worth springing for this unit. When sitting in a low beach chair, the wagon is at a good height to include a table. It’s always nice having a sand free space to eat food or play a card game.

    For the value, this is my go-to beach wagon for capacity and convenience.

  4. 4. Berkley Fishing Cart

    • 200 pound weight limit
    • Features a foldaway cutting board with cup holder and knife storage slot
    • Collapsible design
    • 6 removable fishing rod holders have versatile function
    • Jumbo and regular sizing
    • Fairly expensive
    • Fabric has potential to get dirty
    • Rod holders may be an uneccessary feature for your purposes

    Here’s a great quality beach cart with a ton of storage space that’s versatile in function. Berkley’s Fishing Cart features a built-in cutting board, six fishing rod holders and a collapsible design. Anglers, in particular, will love how easy this cart makes loading up gear down to the water, but it’s a killer option for regular beach days as well. 

    This beach cart is available as a jumbo option (two extra rod holders and slightly larger interior dimensions), or the regular size pictured – both of which have a 200-pound weight limit. The rod holders are quite versatile in function when you think about it and can be used for transporting windscreens, umbrellas, flags, and of course, fishing poles! 

    The frame is corrosion resistant aluminum so this unit will be around for years of beaching. The body of this beach cart is fabric and has the potential to get dirty, so be mindful not to stain it. The inflatable wheels of this cart navigate soft sand well, just be careful not to pop them on anything sharp when you’re loaded up with a lot of weight.

    All in all, a versatile beach cart option that stores well when not in use and totes gear even better!


  5. 5. Timber Ridge Collapsible Wagon

    • High weight and storage capacity
    • Wheels are set on the corners for maximum stability
    • Collapses nicely and even includes a carry bag for easy storage and transport to the beach
    • Relatively shallow compartment (one foot) might be an issue for stowing some taller gear
    • Steel frame has potential to rust due to salty conditions of the beach — rinse this one off after use to really extend its lifespan
    • Expensive option

    This wagon by Timber Ridge is another high capacity and high weight limit beach wagon. It has roughly the same interior dimensions as the wagons by Mac Sports, but is only one foot deep.

    This may be an issue if you have some beach gear that stands tall and might be prone to tipping out. A telescoping handle is good for matching the height of just about all users and is ideal for pivoting this wagon around turns. The wheels are all set on the corners of the wagon, so this cart should be pretty dam stable.

    The oversized wheels coupled with steel frame can support up to 150 pounds – that’s a lot of gear! This collapsible wagon even has its own carry bag making it super easy to store and transport.


  6. 6. BeachMall Beach Cart with Folding Table and Drink Holders

    • Easily converts into a table
    • Fairly large storage capacity
    • Steel frame is powder coated to prevent rusting
    • Does not have a very high weight capacity (75 pounds)
    • Might be difficult for a child to wheel due to its height
    • Kinf of a tacky look to it

    This cart by Beachmall is a neat alternative to using a wagon or more standard caddy. This unit easily and conveniently converts into a table with a 75-pound weight capacity. You gotta love that!

    Toting all your beach gear from the parking lot to the water – and then unloading so you can set up your table…sweet! The cart on its own is a nice unit in itself with the capacity to carry four chairs, umbrellas, towels and whatever else!

    The frame is made of durable steel, but is powder coated to protect from the salt and prevent rusting. The wheels snap on and off easily so you can almost fold this unit flat for when you want to store it.

    All in all, this is a pretty versatile beach caddy that doubles as a table you’ll be stoked to own!

  7. 7. ZedYasou Foldable Chair with Fabric Cooler Bag

    • Very reasonably priced
    • A backpack, cooler and beach chair all in one!
    • Good array of pockets/compartments for organization
    • Could be the only piece of gear you need for the beach - and your hands stay free because it’s a backpack!
    • Won’t be able to accommodate a huge amount of gear, more of a solo beach day type of caddy
    • Steel frame has potential to rust
    • Cooler although highly convenient and effective likely won’t keep your beverages ICE cold

    Here’s a different but effective approach to the ideal beach caddy. This backpack tote with cooler bag made by ZedYasou is a pretty neat piece of gear. It’s really three different pieces of gear in one – a backpack, a cooler and a chair!

    That’s almost everything you need for the beach all in one unit! The backpack has a tubular steel frame that can support up to 300 pounds when assembled as a chair. The material is double layered oxford fabric, pretty nice construction for such a modestly priced unit.

    The cooler probably doesn’t have an excellent insulation rating, but for bringing a six pack and a couple of sandwiches it should work perfectly.

    A few extra zippered compartments and pockets allow you to effectively organize your gear instead of stuffing it all in one compartment. For the price, this is a sweet piece of beach equipment to own that will no doubt be the envy of your friends.

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