9 Best Hunting Backpacks: The Ultimate List (2019)

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Packing all your gear for a hunt can be a challenging task. Owning a quality hunting backpack that supports you while pursuing game can make a world of difference for your hunting experience. A good fitting pack that has the storage for all your essential gear and that won’t influence the way you move while stalking is a definite game changer.

Our top list of hunting backpacks includes something for every type of hunt. Whether you’re looking for an expedition pack to bring on multiple day hunts, a lightweight day pack for highly active treks in the woods or a waterproof backpack for trudging through the marsh or swamp — we’ve got you covered. If the hunting you do requires you to wear blaze orange, then you might consider attaching a hunter orange glow panel to your backpack.

Find the right pack for your hunting style and choose the perfect companion for this season’s upcoming trips.

What Are The Best Hunting Backpacks?

ALPS dark timber hunting pack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Hydration pack compatible
  • Sternum strap and waist belt
  • Low profile for active hunts
Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
alps commander pack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Freighter frame for transporting meat
  • Huge gear capacity
  • High organization potential
Price: $124.93 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
phantom aquatics, dry bag, hunting, backpack, hunting backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Keeps gear totally bone dry
  • Added external storage
  • Wide array of applications
Price: $75.87 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ALPS OutdoorZ pursuit backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Versatile hunting backpack
  • Center aluminum stay
  • Drop down shelf pocket
Price: $76.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
remington twin mesa pack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Adjustable long gun carry system
  • Five external pockets
  • Hip belt and shoulder pads
Price: $82.45 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
fieldline, hunting, hunting pack, hiking Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super affordable
  • Hydration pack compatible
  • Versatile camo pattern
Price: $32.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
kelty redwing backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Features side sleeve storage
  • Large gear capacity
  • Hydration pack compatible
Price: $109.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
in sights hunting backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Patented weapon enclosure system
  • Retains good breathability
  • Can pack multiple weapons
Price: No price available Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
alps outdoorz, backpack, hunting pack, hunting Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fanny pack expands into a daypack
  • Nice schematic of pockets and gear loops
  • Low profile for active hunts
Price: $50.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best Value Hunting Backpack: ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack

    • Highly affordable and nice quality backpack
    • Sternum strap and waist belt are a nice add on for carrying heavier loads
    • This is a lightweight, large capacity day pack that you won’t notice wearing once sized properly
    • Two different practical camo options available
    • Hydration pack compatible
    • Not a ton of external storage space (sleekness of the pack could be preferred for some scenarios)
    • A lot of hunters find th fit of this pack to be a bit odd, make sure to spend some time properly adjusting it
    • Low quality clips and buckles

    Here’s a top reviewed high capacity daypack by Alps OutdoorZ. This outfitter has a bunch of really nice hunting backpacks available so make sure to check out some of their other packs if the Dark Timber isn’t quite your style — there’s a few more units from alps OutdoorZ included in this list.

    This is a lightweight bag at just two pounds yet it provides 37 liters of packing space. That’s a spacious bag for day pack use — but if you’re like me than you’ll appreciate having the extra space. Because this bag has the space to pack fairly heavy there’s an adjustable sternum strap and padded waist belt to help carry the load. There’s not a ton of external storage options, so you’ll have to mostly rely on the main internal pocket.

    This is a sporty fitting pack that would be great for some rugged trekking through gnarly terrain. Alternatively, if you’re going to spend your day hunting day in a tree stand or duck blind this is a great pack to load up with some extra layers and other bulky items due to its size.

    The price is definitely right on this one — for just $42 this is a pretty righteous deal for such an effective backpack

  2. 2. Best Freighter Frame Backpack: ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

    • Huge capacity - this is the pack for your more intensive hunting expeditions
    • Freighter frame is an effective way to carry out your game
    • This is a really affordable pack considering what it can do and the materials used — truly a great value
    • Very well designed schematic, get to know this pack and it’s exceptionally efficient to load
    • At over seven pounds this is a pretty heavy pack
    • Cumbersome and not ideal for actively hunting or stalking
    • Learning the in and outs of using this pack will take a bit of time

    Here’s a seriously tough pack by Alps. This 86 liter bag is designed for longer term, rugged hunting expeditions. It’s a heavier pack at about seven pounds and built to accommodate ALL your gear. The unique fastening system employed for securing a rifle, crossbow or traditional bow could be used to secure a wide range of equipment, making this a pretty versatile backpack.

    There’s an awesome array of pockets, pouches and strapping for packing tons of gear — so if you’re looking for a bag to truly load up then you might consider this pack.

    The frame can be worn alone without the pack and used as a freighter frame, a pretty neat concept that could be used to accommodate a bunch of different loads. The idea here is to be able to load up the pack with the game you shoot in the wilderness — if your white tail, elk or other big game hunts take you far from the beaten path, you’re going to need a system for getting your meat back to camp.

    This bag loads from the top and front so there’s a lot of ways to pack and unpack it. Check out the video below for an in depth run through of all the features on this pack. For the expedition hunter who requires a rugged, high capacity backpack, this option from ALPS is a top notch and surprisingly affordable option.

  3. 3. Best Waterproof Backpack for Hunting: Phantom Aquatics Premium Dry Bag Backpack

    • Will keep your gear totally dry if your boating or wading — the bag will even float if it goes overboard
    • Nice quality straps for a pack of this style, this bag will cooperate with your body movements when trekking through wetland obstacles
    • Some added external storage for stowing a few easy access items
    • This bag doesn’t have a ton of capacity at just 25 liters - if you need a larger waterproof backpack then check out our Top 10 Waterproof Backpack post for some other options
    • No real organization potential
    • No camo options available

    This roll-top dry bag backpack by Phantom Aquatics is a really useful option for a hunting backpack depending on where you’re chasing game. This bag is designed to safely float, so it’s a good choice for use in the duck boat or in the marsh or swamp when waterfowl hunting. The large outer elastic storage space as well as the mesh side pocket allow you to store some gear on the outside of the pack.

    This bag also has two methods of sealing depending on what you’re trying to do with your pack. The back panel is constructed with an air flow design to minimize the uncomfortable heat and stickiness that some packs can generate. If you’re throwing this pack on over your duck hunting waders than air flow shouldn’t be much of an issue anyways.

    Adjustable sternum and waist straps make this bag as tight fitting as possible, so it should hold to your body nicely when marsh jumping or slopping through the swamp. Good or bad strapping is often the main factor in how long your backpack will last, so I think the tough straps on this bag really make it a good option.

    For the wetland hunter who requires a little extra storage capacity than their waders offer, this 25 liter dry bag will have your back. Make sure to check out our list of the best waterproof backpacks if you’re interested in specifically purchasing a unit that will keep your gear safe from wetness.

  4. 4. Most Versatile Hunting Backpack: ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

    • Very versatile backpack for any style hunting with a ton of useful features
    • The organizational shelf pocket is a very cool and practical feature
    • There’s a center aluminum stay for added stability while trekking
    • This is a top quality hunting pack at a far from top quality price, ALPS has a great value backpack here
    • Zippered storage on the waist strapping
    • Somewhat limiting camo print options considering this pack could be used for any style hunting
    • Not a very high gear capacity
    • Belt clips are cheap quality

    The Pursuit is proabably my favorite bag on this list. I really dig this affordable, intermediate sized pack by Alps OutdoorZ. This 44 liter bag has a ton of features that make it an awesome all around hunting pack. There’s a great array of exterior storage pouches and strapping perfect for stowing your quiver or other cumbersome gear. The side mesh pockets are both spacious and nice and tight and secure.

    The main pocket compartment will fold down to make a little table space for you to rest your binoculars while posted up in your tree stand or duck blind. It’s a simple feature that could prove to be seriously useful when your hands are tied up and you want to eat a sandwich or set your rangefinder down to reach for your spotting scope.

    Hunter reviews rave about the Pursuit’s versatility as a hunting pack — it’s meant to really support you while hunting in the field not just carry your gear. There’s also a drop down pocket to secure the butt of your rifle or shotgun, or to attach your bow to your pack safely and comfortably.

    The strapping is very well made and there’s a waist belt and sternum strap included for assistance with heavier loads. This is a bag geared towards deer hunting, but it is no doubt awesome for pursuing all sorts of game.

    Learn about all the killer features of this pack in the video below, you’ll be impressed!

  5. 5. Best General Purpose Hunting Backpack: Remington Twin Mesa Daypack

    • Adjustable long gun carry system is a safe way to carry your firearm and frees your hands
    • The five external pockets are well designed for stowing a wide array of hunting equipment
    • Hip belt and shoulder pads are nicely padded for a comfortable fit
    • At 30L, this is an ideal size day pack for loading a lot of gear without having an unreasonably large pack on
    • The camo pattern might not be very fitting for waterfowl hunters in marsh and coastal habitats
    • Not a large capacity pack
    • Some hunters might not like the placement of the long-gun carry system

    Here’s a high quality pack by Remington. This 30 liter backpack is a great size for loading up for a day of hunting. There’s five separate outside pockets for stowing your duck calls, ammunition, spotting scope, rangefinder or whatever else you might bring in the field.

    The interior is spacious enough to pack a few layers and a lunch, or could even be suitable for putting a few birds inside after a successful upland game or waterfowl hunt. This unit has a densely padded hip belt and shoulder straps and is also cool-mesh lined for some added comfort.

    Hunter reviews insist this is a comfortable and practical pack to bring into the field. The integrated long gun system is great for loading up your rifle or shotgun and puts the weight where it’s easiest to carry your firearm. The butt cradle is adjustable in length so this pack can accommodate for guns of all lengths. As an all around hunting pack, this is a built to last unit with a thoughtful and well designed schematic.

  6. 6. Best Affordable Hunting Backpack: Fieldline Country Pro Treeline Day Pack

    • Super affordable and surprisingly well reviewed by hunters
    • Hydration pack compatible
    • Nice quality, comfortable shoulder strapping
    • Materials used are inferior to the other packs listed here, this bag is not built to last season after season
    • This is a small pack with limited internal capacity and external storage
    • Clips and zips are not built to be quiet

    This backpack by Feildline is pretty straight forward — what you see is what you get. This is a no frills hunting pack that should serve you fine if your treks in the wilderness aren’t too rugged. It’s made of polyester but customer reviews claims this pack is pretty tough none the less. There’s only a few pocket options so there’s not too much organization potential with this one.

    This bag is compatible with a hydration reservoir and is molle equipped. There’s a waist strap and a chest strap for some added support, but honestly you’ll be hard pressed to pack enough weight into this pack to really need the added strapping.

    If you’re in need of a smaller sized pack to bring along a few extra items on your day trips hunting then this is a solid option. For a $24 hunting backpack this unit has some pretty awesome reviews and customer satisfaction — although it’s a simple bag with minimal features don’t overlook it just because of the smaller price tag.

  7. 7. Best High Capacity Overnight Pack for Hunting: Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

    • Lots of interior and exterior space for packing a large amount of gear
    • Very comfortable and easy to adjust backpack for longer, more intensive hikes while hunting
    • This is a very versatile backpack — it’s designed for use hiking rather than hunting so you can use it for all sorts of activities
    • Hydration pack compatible
    • Side sleeves accomodate a wide variety of equipment
    • Not designed as a hunting pack so although its nicely suited for the task it’s lacking some of the hunter specific features of the other bags listed here
    • Fairly expensive
    • Although there are muted colors available, there is no camouflage color options

    I really dig the design of this backpack by Kelty and although it’s not a hunting pack I feel it’s very well suited for use in the field by hunters. It’s comparable to a regular style backpack but has a lot of the features you would want in a survivalist or hunting pack. At 50 liters it’s almost large enough to take on multiple day expeditions, but probably better suited for day trips or overnights hunting. It’s a larger sized pack compared to most of the bags listed here — so it’s a great option to support you on hunting trips where you’re going to need a lot of gear.

    It’s a simple and comfortable to wear backpack that’s ideal for packing larger loads. The main compartment, side pouches and side pockets all add up to quite a bit of capacity that’s easily organized. The back panel is designed with airflow in mind to keep you cool during strenuous treks and the shoulder and waist straps are also ventilated for added breathability. This bag is compatible with a hydration system so you can plan on bringing some water along the convenient and easy way — ready to drink from within the pack! This intermediate sized bag also loads from the top and front, so it’s super easy to get in and out of when what you need is buried in the bottom of the pack. At $125, Kelty offers a pretty good deal considering the high quality and versatility of this one.

    There is a newer model of this pack available, but I find the prior model to be a bit more packable when it comes to stuffing gear. Here’s a link to Kelty’s newest Redwing 50 if you’re interested in how they’ve changed the design!

  8. 8. Best Backpack for Carrying a Bow: In Sights Realtree Xtra Multi Weapon Pack

    • The patented weapon enclosure is very highly reviewed and a super effective approach to bow hunting
    • High quality strapping and breathability make this state of the art backpack very comfortable to wear
    • Excellent internal schematic for high organization potential
    • Can pack multiple weapons
    • No alternative camo options
    • Fairly expensive option
    • May be an awkward pack for you if you're not a bow hunter

    This state of the art hunting pack by In Sights is a seriously freaking cool backpack. The patented weapon enclosure system is both unique and practical. Hunter reviews rave about the ease of both carry and access to your bow and quiver. This pack will also carry a rifle just fine. There’s some awesome internal storage within this bad boy that makes keeping all your gear organized easy.

    The exterior strapping and pockets are also very well thought out for practical use in the field. The strapping and breathability of this pack are also top notch and superior to most other hunting packs. This is a comfortable and sporty backpack that is up for whatever you throw at it.

    If you’re an avid bow hunter then you really oughta check this pack out — hunter reviews speak very highly of this pack’s schematic and many reviewers praise this backpack as the only unit they’ve ever owned that effectively carries their bow and arrows. The comfort, capacity, internal schematic and versatility of this pack make it an awesome piece of gear to own for any style hunter.

  9. 9. ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

    • Fanny pack expands into a daypack depending on what style pack you want to use
    • Nice quality strapping and waist belt for comfort while trekking with heavier loads
    • Nice schematic of pockets and gear loops on the fanny pack
    • Low profile for active hunts
    • Another highly affordable pack by Alps OutdoorZ
    • Day pack has no real external storage options - all the gear pockets and clips are located on the fanny pack
    • Not a high capacity hunting backpack
    • Some might not like the feel of this pack and prefer a traditional unit

    Here’s another innovative and state of the art backpack by Alps. This day pack can be used as a fanny pack, or converted to a regular style backpack depending on what you want to do with it. It’s a versatile pack system that fits whatever your needs are hunt to hunt. The fanny pack has a 13 liter capacity and the upper day pack has 31, combing for a total capacity of 44 liters. That’s a pretty good amount of space for packing a fair amount of gear — yet if you want to trim things down and trek lighter you can collapse the day pack and just use the lower portion of the pack.

    There’s some killer strapping on this bag — the chest and shoulder straps really hug you for a tight, form fitting feel. The waist belt is also of very nice quality for some added assistance carrying heavier loads. The camo pattern used here is well reviewed by hunters and pretty compatible with a wide range of other patterns.

    The day pack when expanded unfortunately doesn’t really have any external pockets, clips or storage, but it provides an extra 31 liters of internal space for packing a few extra layers or whatever other cumbersome items you might need. As a hunting backpack, I like the versatility and form fit of the Big Bear and find it to be a very practical pack for a variety of hunting styles.

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