5 Best Camping Toilets: Your Buyer’s Guide (2018)

portable camping toilet

Ahh the joys of camping! There’s no better feeling than being immersed in the great outdoors, but sometimes when nature calls it can be challenging to take care of business. A portable toilet can simplify your camping experience and also makes using the “restroom” a lot more comfortable. When spending time in the backcountry away from campground facilities or when setting up a base camp for a hunting or fishing expedition, a portable toilet is a crucial piece of gear.

Depending on where you’re camping, a portable toilet is sometimes necessary or legally required rather than being just a luxury. If the ground is too hard to dig a pit latrine or if where you’re camping has a strict no waste policy you’ll need a portable toilet system. Outdoorsmen with a physical handicap might also find using a camping toilet far easier than taking a walk into the woods with a roll of TP. Remember to always make sure to responsibly dispose of your waste bags when your camping trip is over!

We’ve selected five of best portable toilet systems for camping in various styles so you can choose what’s best for your needs. There’s minimalist options, a toilet system for campers with reduced mobility and even a full on flush-toilet for those who want to really bring sanitation and comfort on the throne into the outdoors! If you want to ensure you have some privacy at the campground and not just a toilet, then pair any of these units with a pop-up privacy tent and you’ve got yourself a full on restroom minus the plumbing!

What Are The Best Camping Toilets?

Reliance products luggable loo Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Carry handle on the bucket
  • Easy to use with or without bags
  • Just three pounds
Price: $23.71 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
camping toilet Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Tripod design
  • Can be placed over a pit latrine
  • Pairs great with a pop-up privacy tent
Price: $34.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
playberg foldable toilet Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sits higher than most camping toilets
  • Super slim profile (2.5 inches)
  • Same dimensions as a regular toilet seat
Price: $41.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
drive medical portable toilet Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Wide, four legged design
  • Adjustable height
  • 7.5 qt bucket, cover and splash shield
Price: $34.47 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
portable flush toilet Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Estimated 56 flushes!
  • Sealed valve and waste water tank
  • Integrated toilet paper holder
Price: $160.63 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best Bucket Toilet: Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

    • Compact and lightweight at just three pounds
    • Easy to use with or without bags
    • The snap on lid keeps this unit odor free — try adding some peat moss into the bucket/bag after each use for an even cleaner toilet experience
    • Carry handle on the bucket allows you to dispose of the toilet waste easily
    • Weight limit exceeds 350 pounds
    • The main body of the toilet is just a five gallon bucket so some users with reduced mobility might have a hard time getting on and off of this one
    • Packs a bit cumbersome considering it's a bucket!
    • Snap on lid does not fit all five gallon buckets

    Here’s a super simple approach to a camp toilet when you find yourself far from a facility. The Luggable Loo by Reliance Products is essentially just a five gallon bucket modified into operating as a toilet. It has a snap on toilet seat and lid and a metal carry handle. This is a great unit for campers who need a self contained toilet system and don’t care too much about comfort. If you’re looking for an option that’s easy to sit down on and sit up from then you might want to consider a portable toilet with a bit more height.

    Using the Lauggable Loo is as simple as securing a bag within the bucket and emptying it once near to full. Reliance Products recommends pairing this toilet with their specially made Double Doodie Toilet Bags, but it’s no problem getting most bag types to work. Although the snap on lid keeps this unit odor free, try putting some peat moss in the bag each time you use the toilet to ensure there’s no offensive smell. If you don’t have the space to bring along a bag of peat moss some dirt, leaves and pine needles is the next best thing.

    For around $30 it’s tough to beat the price on this one. A simple portable toilet solution at a low cost, no doubt a solid choice from Reliance Products. If you already have an extra five gallon bucket kicking around and want to purchase just the snap on toilet seat lid, here’s the link!

  2. 2. Most Versatile Camping Toilet: Reliance Products Folding Portable Toilet

    • Can be used with a bag or bucket system or placed over a pit latrine
    • Very portable and lightweight — this unit folds up to just five inches thick and carries like a hand bag
    • Tripod design makes this camping toilet more stable than a five gallon bucket
    • Pairs perfectly with a pop-up privacy tent
    • Only 13 inches tall (a regular toilet is around 18 inches) so it may be challenging to use for some campers with reduced mobility
    • Some customer complaints about difficulty folding the legs back up. Breaking this toilet down takes a little practice
    • Hanging a bag underneath this toilet is unsightly - you're better off digging a pit latrine

    Here’s an even more compact and portable unit from Reliance Products. This folding model is a really bare bones approach to a camping toilet. you can use this one with or without a bucket/bag which is a cool feature depending on where you’re camping. If a pit latrine is acceptable, just set this throne up right over the hole — wha-lah! Reliance Products once again recommends their Double Doodie bags for use with this model. It’s not at all absolutely necessary, but the bags do contain bio-gel that both solidifies liquid waste for easier disposal and masks odor.

    The main advantage of this portable toilet is how compact it folds up. When collapsed, the Reliance Folding Toilet is just 15 by 15 by 5 inches and carried like a regular hand bag! It’s more stable than a five gallon bucket and a bit more comfortable to sit on, but unfortunately not any taller.

    The weight limit is 300 pounds with this one. I like how you have the choice to use this toilet with or without a bucket or bag system, but keep in mind if you’re just hanging a bag underneath this unit it looks kind of unattractive! Hey, it’s camping!

  3. 3. Most Packable Camping Toilet: PLAYBERG Folding Portable Toilet Seat

    • Super slim profile (2.5 inches) makes this unit highly packable on road trips
    • Design is compatible with waste bags or simply placed over a pit latrine
    • A bit higher than most comparable camping toilets at 14.5 inches
    • Plastic toilet seat has essentially the same dimensions as a regular toilet seat
    • There’s no toilet seat to mask odor, use this camping toilet away from camp or utilize a privacy tent to eliminate odor
    • 300 pound weight limit
    • Long term durability is questionable given the low weight limit and amount of joints in the frame

    Here’s a super low profile folding toilet that will slide right against the back seat of your vehicle or into your truck bed. We chose this one because of its simple design and super slim profile. This unit is particularly great for its portability (just 2.5 inches thick when folded up), and it performs essentially the same as the previous two units.

    The Folding Portable Toilet from PLAYBERG can be paired with waste bags or used as is over a pit latrine. Four legs rather than three makes for a more stable throne. This unit is also most definitely more stable than a five gallon bucket — if you’re a bit unsteady then this could be a great option for you. This toilet is furthermore 14.5 inches tall making it a bit taller than most other comparable units. The weight limit is 300 pounds, so this should be compatible with most campers.

    The toilet seat is plastic and more or less the same dimensions as a regular toilet seat. This is another no-frills option that could be just what you need if space is a major factor for you. Easy, affordable, highly packable and utilized in whatever style you prefer, definitely a solid choice from PLAYBERG.

  4. 4. Best Camping Toilet for Campers with Reduced Mobility: Drive Medical Steel Folding Bedside Commode

    • Wide, four legged design and side handles makes this a great option for campers who have difficulty getting on and off the toilet
    • Complete with 7.5 qt commode bucket, cover and splash shield.
    • The bucket comes right out of the unit for east disposal
    • Adjustable height that comes up to 22.5 inches! No need to squat close to the ground with this unit
    • Weight capacity is 350 pounds
    • Can be easily modified to fit a toilet paper holder, magazine rack or hand wash station if you really want to build a full-on camp bathroom
    • Highly affordable
    • Amazons Choice
    • This unit folds and packs nicely but it’s a fairly heavy unit at around 13 pounds
    • Described as a bit small for some campers despite the taller height - using this toilet will take a little getting used to
    • Doesn't have a "camping" look if that matters to you

    Here’s a portable toilet for those campers who have a harder time getting up and down from the toilet. This commode by Drive Medical is a perfect solution for outdoorsmen or women with reduced mobility. The handles on either side of the toilet make a HUGE difference when lowering yourself and sitting back up from the unit, and the wide stance of the four legs make this commode quite solid when it comes to stability. The handles and four-leg design are great — but the real advantage of this camping toilet is the height. The legs are adjustable so you can set it up to 22.5 inches! If you’re looking for a camp toilet that is nice and tall to avoid squatting then this is it.

    This unit comes with a 7.5 quart commode bucket that incorporates a cover and splash shield. Disposing of your waste is as easy as removing the seat and pulling out the bucket. You could set up this toilet in a variety of ways — with a waste bag, over a pit latrine or simply use the commode bucket (the inner lid keeps everything sanitary). Remember to try adding a little peat moss or even just leaves, dirt and pine needles after using the toilet to even further reduce odor.

    This toilet set-up folds up nicely for transport making it fairly potable however it’s certainly not as lightweight as the previous options listed. At 13 pounds this is a bit of a lunker, but it still packs well due to the fold-flat design.

    You could modify this commode and easily build/attach a toilet paper holder, hand sanitizer dispenser or even a magazine rack if you want to get some laughs out of your camping buddies. Pairing this unit with a privacy tent would furthermore really make for a classy camp bathroom.

    At around $30 this portable toilet is a steal. The quality of the materials and build is reviewed as being good, not great — but for this price it’s an excellent value. For the outdoorsmen who struggles to use traditional portable toilets or who just prefers a classy throne for their campsite, Drive Medical has come up with a great product with this one.

  5. 5. Best Portable Flush Toilet: Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

    • Sealed valve and design of the waste water tank makes this camp toilet highly sanitary and effectively odorless
    • Surpringly affordable considering and impressively portable (17 by 18 by 15 inches)
    • Clean up and waste water disposal is super easy
    • Seat height (about 17 inches) is nice and tall for ease of use and the toilet can furthermore be secured to the ground for added stability
    • Integrated toilet paper holder
    • Impressive tank capacities (waste water tank is 5.5 gallons) complete with level indicator. Estimated 56 flushes!
    • Although a great value, this is an expensive option for a camping toilet - but applicable in all sorts of scenarios (boating, RVing, emergency situations)
    • The battery powered flush system is not replaceable - you’ll have to manually pour water into this unit if it malfunctions
    • Lots of moving parts to potentailly malfunction - go easy on this one

    Alright, we admit an actual flush toilet might be a bit excessive for camping, but this unit from Thetford really impressed us. Camping is not about having a luxury experience, it’s about enjoying the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring along some of the comforts of home. This camping toilet is quite comfortable, employs an actual water-flush system and is both surprisingly affordable and portable. I’m personally a fan of simplicity when camping, but when it comes down to it, this is in fact a pretty dam simple and easy alternative to using a traditional camp toilet. Check out the attached video below for a full run through of the Porta Potti Curve.

    This flush toilet has a four gallon fresh water tank and a five and a half gallon waste water tank. The flush mechanism is battery powered and reviewed for operating reliably. It’s a two piece design that has the clean water reservoir on top, and the waste water on bottom. Taking apart the toilet is super simple and when your camping trip is over this unit is emptied and cleaned super easily (just dump the waste into a toilet). For camping scenarios where you’re in a wilderness refuge or reserve that enforces a strict “leave no trace” policy, this toilet is a great option.

    This is a very sanitary and odorless camp toilet — there’s even a sealed valve incorporated into the design for total odor containment. When it’s time to empty the Porta Potti Curve the rotating pour-out spout ensures you wont have any backsplash. This toilet also conveniently has a tank indicator so there’s no guessing about water/waste levels. Some users prefer to apply some liquid deodorant for the waste tank in order to reduce odor when emptying, but that’s a personal choice that doesn’t have anything to do with the effectiveness of the toilet while in use. There’s some chemical treatment product included with the purchase so you can get a chance to try using the toilet with and without a detergent. Most impressive in my book is that there’s an estimated 56 flushes with a full tank!

    Although it seems like a lot to bring camping, this unit is quite portable and easy to operate. It’s only about 17 by 18 by 15 inches and includes an easy carry handle. There’s even a “hold-down” kit to secure the toilet to the floor/ground so you can pair this portable toilet with your RV, truck or even boat. The toilet paper holder is also a nice touch that ensures you have everything you need wherever you set this bad boy up! All in all, this is a slightly over the top yet totally awesome camp toilet option suitable for all sorts of alternative scenarios.

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