24 Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen: The Ultimate List (2018)

Looking for the perfect gift for an outdoorsman in your life? No matter the occasion, we’ve put together an awesome list of thoughtful gifts that any lover of the outdoors will get excited over.

The most thoughtful kind of gift is one that supports a passion or hobby — this list of gear is bound to light up the face of your favorite outdoor enthusiast. There’s killer gifts here for fishermen, hunters, hikers, survivalists and even picnicers! Whatever the outdoorsman or woman you’re shopping for loves most we’ve tracked down just the right gift for them!

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  • Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag

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    Here’s a totally versatile gift idea that’s sure to see a lot of use. If the outdoor lover you’re shopping for frequently gets wet during their outings, then owning a couple of dry bags for their wet sensitive items could be a righteous gift.

    A simple yet highly effective design, the modern PVC dry bag is perfect for storing and securing gear that CAN’T get wet during nasty weather or while boating. You’re favorite outdoorsman can ensure their lunch, electronics or other water sensitive items stay bone dry while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities.

    Peace of mind is worth a fortune, and these nice quality dry bags come at a super affordable cost! Available in seven different colors and sizes (5 liters to 55 liters) there is no doubt a Leader Accessories dry bag that’s perfect for whoever you’re thinking of. I find that a 10 liter unit is ideal for stashing a camera, wallet, phone and sandwich while out kayaking or boating.

    Keep in mind this type of storage should not be overlooked as equally effective for protecting sensitive electronics and other gear from fine dust or sand. If you’re shopping for an ATV or dirt bike fanatic they might love the protection a dry bag provides for their personal items. Leader Accessories has built in an adjustable shoulder strap on this model so it can be used as a day-pack as well depending on what size you buy.

    When your favorite outdoorsman is trudging through the mud, boating through choppy conditions or enduring super dusty terrain, stowing their gear in a couple of PVC dry bags will allow them to push on with peace of mind. It’s a thoughtful gift that will absolutely see a lot of use in all sorts of contexts.

    If you like this gift idea but are looking for a gift a bit more fun and exciting, check out our post on waterproof backpacks!

  • Wild River Tackle Tek Frontier Tackle Bag With Lighted Handle Bar

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    Here’s a top quality tackle bag that any serious fisherman will go crazy over. This bag has a huge array of really cool features that set it apart from most other tackle boxes. Wild River has designed this unit to cover all the needs of just about any style angler — this is a masterfully designed product that’s a top performer on the water.

    The price tag is a high on this one for a tackle box, but it’s a LOT more than a tackle box considering all the included features. If you like the idea of gifting a tackle box or bag then make sure to check out our list of the best tackle boxes for 2018, there’s an awesome variety of options there!

    This bag has a huge capacity for gear. The main internal compartment has space for five 3700 style tackle trays (included) and there’s also a pocket that is built into the backside of the bag that can fit one more. There’s also two spacious side pockets on either side of the bag, one of which can house an additional 3600 tackle tray.

    One of the side pockets has an incorporated, removable pouch for stowing your pliers and also a molded sunglasses compartment for safely storing your fishing sunglasses. There’s a lot of potential for customization of the side pockets making this a truly versatile option for both tackle and gear storage.

    The upper compartment under the main top zipper is quite roomy itself — it’s deep enough to accommodate for gear like extra spinning reels, a GPS unit or fish finder, sunglasses or other awkwardly shaped gear. A clear, zippered sleeve on the underside of the top pocket is perfect for safely storing water sensitive items like your phone, wallet or fishing license.

    All together, the various internal and external storage spaces on the Tackle Tek Frontier make it in my opinion the ultimate tackle bag. If you think the fisherman you have in mind would like this style bag but are looking for something just a touch smaller, check out this slightly more compact LED lighted unit also from Wild River.

    Perhaps the best feature of this tackle system is the innovative LED light built into the handle. It’s located on a rotating grip so it’s easy to point the light into the bag itself when trying to find tackle or to orient it forward for use as a flashlight. You’re never in the dark with this bag — a simple but immensely helpful feature. There’s furthermore a built in retractable steel cable for securing smaller tools like forceps and clippers — Wild River has really hit all the bases with this one. The padded shoulder strap is built durably and comfortable to wear while the LED lighted handle is of course another great carry option.

    This is a built to last, 10/10 tackle system for any type of fisherman that’s a total head turner on the water!

  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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    Here’s a super practical piece of gear for your favorite outdoorsman’s hiking, fishing or hunting backpack.

    The LifeStraw is an absolutely pivotal survival item that EVERY survivalist or serious outdoorsman should own. This is a great gift for any type of outdoor enthusiast — it can be used anywhere, any time. There’s nothing more important than clean water in the while enjoying time in the outdoors so this is certainly a gift that will see some use.

    Even if who you’re shopping for doesn’t embark on multi-day, long distance treks this unit will still be an awesome piece of gear for their backpack. Whether you’re shopping for an outdoor adventurer who has a need for survival gear or just someone who likes to spend time in nature, this water filter is completely relevant to their gear locker.

    I think we can all be amazed with the performance of this device — it’s a super reliable and safe filter that’s easy to use. A seriously impressive recent innovation in safe water filtration, the LifeStraw changes the game for both packing and consuming water while spending time outdoors. For a super low cost you can gift the outdoorsman or woman you’re thinking of the confidence to stride through the great outdoors knowing that they can safely drink from freshwater sources. It’s honestly both fun and practical to use a filter like this.

    The LifeStraw removes a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and remarkably even exceeds EPA standards for water filters. Without implementing iodine, chlorine or any chemicals at all, the LifeStraw can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water throughout its lifespan!

    I’ve read some insightful customer reviews that claim the lifespan of the LifeStraw can be potentially more than doubled by simply securing a regular coffee filter to the end of the filter using a rubber band — simple but brilliant!

    For quite an affordable cost you can purchase a LifeStraw for your favorite outdoorsman’s backpacking equipment, home survival kit or regular camping gear. There’s free shipping on orders over $25, so save some cash and purchase a LifeStraw for yourself too!

  • Marmot Men’s Precip Jacket

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    How about the gift idea of a brand spankin’ new, super compressible rain jacket? Every outdoorsman or woman needs to keep dry when a sudden rain storm rolls in — owning a compact rain jacket that doesn’t take up any backpack space is key! The Precip Jacket by Marmot is a reasonably affordable, all inclusive rain jacket option that packs super tight. This unit is just 13 ounces and conveniently folds into a built in pocket when you need to stash it.

    For a rain jacket this packable and weightless Marmot has included a ton of awesome features. There’s slanted chest pockets that remain accessible while wearing your backpack, extended underarm zips for ventilation and a moisture wicking ‘DriClime’ chin guard in front of the zipper in order to protect your face.

    The hood rolls up if you want it to disappear for enhanced visibility and Marmot has furthermore built the PreCip with “Angel-Wing” movement in order to provide a wide range of motion. This jacket won’t restrict movements for the highly active outdoorsman.

    The full length zipper is reinforced by a double storm flap that’s built with a snap and Velcro closure so this jacket is truly water tight. Marmot’s 100% seam taped, Precip Dry Touch material is one of the best on the market for both breathability and rain defense.

    This jacket really provides a great fit in addition to its waterproof stats. An elastic draw cord hem can be cinched tight when the weather gets nasty and the integrated hood provides great coverage when you need it. The Precip is designed to fit over an insulating layer, so this unit is totally compatible with cold weather gear. The pit zips really come in handy for this reason — when you’re wearing a lot of layers and moving fast in the field it’s nice to be able to offload some excess heat.

    Marmot has masterfully designed the Precip to have your back through whatever nature throws your way, no doubt an excellent gift for any type of outdoorsmen! Read through our list of the best packable rain jackets for some other awesome value options if you like this gift idea!

  • ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent

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    How about the gift idea of a new tent!? If you and your favorite outdoorsman pal or significant other like to embark on camp outs together then this could be an great gift you will both end up using. A lot of backpackers and outdoorsmen in general have a tendency to use the same tent season after season and could really use a new unit.

    A new tent ensures you and your gear stays dry and protected from the elements — it’ both a thoughtful and practical gift. The Zephyr two man tent by ALPS Mountaineering is also an excellent choice for a backpacking tent.

    At less than five pounds, this unit won’t break the back when loaded up for big treks. With floor dimensions of 58” by 88”, the Zephyr does not sacrifice space for its light weight and leaves plenty of room to sprawl out. There’s certainly lighter tents for backpacking available, but this is a nice balance between packability and comfort. Camper reviews even insist this tent is tough enough to be used for all four seasons!

    The main tent body is built from mesh for maximum ventilation while the fly is made of a durable polyester. The Zephyr is designed to stand up to some savage weather by employing a full coverage fly that is particularly aerodynamic on one side. The vestibule on one side extends outwards and can be pitched at a low angle to divert high winds.

    It also creates a small dry space for boots or other gear right at the tent entrance. There’s a second door on the opposing side of the tent for simplified in and out access when camping with a partner — it’s one of the best value units around for camping pairs.

    The Zephyr is erected using a simple two-pole design — you gotta love the simplicity of simply clipping the tent body to the two aluminum poles and then securing the fly. For a compact, sturdy tent that can accompany you anywhere from the backyard to the back country, there’s very little involved with assembling and breaking down this one. ALPS also includes aluminum stakes and guy ropes with this model so you can really strengthen it when necessary.

    Between the outside space created by the vestibule and the interior storage pouch and gear loft, this tent really allows for stowing your equipment in an organized manner when on the trail. For around $100, this is an awesome value gift that could be both practical or romantic depending on who you’re buying for.

    For some different (and even cheaper) tent options that you might prefer, check out our posts on the best 2 person tents and the best ultralight backpacking tents.

  • Yeti 20oz Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

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    Who couldn’t use an insulating camping mug? Here’s an awesome gift idea that’s great for both hot and cold beverages. Yeti is most likely the best of the best when it comes to keeping your camp beverage piping hot or ice cold. Their products are renowned by outdoorsmen of all kinds for their quite honestly incredible ability to retain temperature all day long.

    Whether you’re on the boat or on your way to work you gotta love the thermal ability of camp mugs of this quality. The 20 ounce Rambler is a top quality vacuum insulated tumbler that will likely be the last thermos/camping mug whoever you’re shopping for will ever own.

    It’s built exceptionally tough from 18/8 stainless steel and has an awesome no-spill lid that is low profile and lightweight. The 20 ounce Rambler has a good bit of volume for tall cups of coffee or cocktails but it’s crafted with mindful height and girth dimensions in order to still pack well.

    This unit will keep coffee scalding hot for most of the day if the lid is kept tight, and also keeps beverages on ice for hours on end. Campsite margaritas, hot cocoa, ice water — this Yeti does it all. Check out our list of the best cups and mugs for camping if you

  • Stanley Mountain Compact Cook Set

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    If you’re shopping for a backpacker or camping enthusiast, definitely check out this righteous mess kit. Owning a compact mess kit and ultralight camp stove allows you to cook meals anywhere! Boiling water or heating meals on the boat, on the trail or even on the beach is a piece of cake with a cook set like this!

    Stanley is a classic and reliable outfitter for quality camping gear. This camping cook set is a great choice for both regular camping and backpacking scenarios. The Stanley Mountain Compact Cook Set is an affordable but high quality option in camp cooking that’s ideal for minimalists who don’t require much to make a meal.

    The 24 ounce, 18/8 stainless steel pot is excellent for heating canned foods or for dicing up and sauteing vegetables It’s of course BPA free and resistant to rust and heavy wear and tear — this is a gift that will last for years and years of camping.

    It’s the perfect sized unit for solo meals or for boiling water for two. The vented melt-resistant nylon lid operates as a strainer for the pot so you can even cook portions of pasta with this bad boy. You can also drink through the lid when using the mug/bowl so you can keep beverages hotter longer as well as keep insects out.

    The included mug/bowl nests nice and snug into the pot and has volumetric markings on the interior for making precise measurements.

    There’s a folding spork included with this purchase so your favorite outdoorsman is covered on camp cutlery as well. Don’t forget to check out this righteous 24 piece kitchen set from GSI Outdoors if you want to include some additional cutlery and kitchen essentials — it’s an awesome gift in itself!

    The Stanley Mountain Compact Cook Set can even fit certain models of ultralight stoves like the PocketRocket 2 from MSR. A standard sized fuel canister or can of food can also tuck into this camp set which saves some much needed space.

    It’s a simple, yet all inclusive product pulled from our top 10 list of the best packable mess kits that any outdoorsman can learn to master — definitely an awesome gift idea from Stanley.

  • Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

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    This survival knife by Gerber is a crowd favorite and would make a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors. Simple is better with this unit, it’s a straight forward drop-point blade that’s built tough and suitable for all sorts of tasks.

    This is a fixed blade knife with a some serrate at the base of the blade for sawing. In my opinion, the simplicity of this knife is what makes it so great, and the added serrate makes it fully functional as a survival knife.

    The blade is crafted from stainless steel with a black oxide finish and is 4.75 inches in length. It’s the ideal size for portability without sacrificing the robustness you want in a tough blade. The ergonomic molded hand grip has a great feel to it that pairs nicely with the weight (just under half a pound).

    This purchase includes a leg strap and two attachment straps so there are multiple options for mounting this bad boy. The sheath is even equipped with a friction release thumb lock for added safety, a nice added touch. Bottom line, this is a great all around knife to bring hiking that will no doubt prove itself useful.

    Read through our list of the best survival hiking knives for some additional knife options if you like the classic gift idea of an outdoor knife!

  • Dakine Mission Backpack

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    Here’s a great gift idea for the winter sport enthusiast — a snowboarding or skiing backpack from Dakine! This unit is meant for the slopes, but there’s a ton of practical applications with a pack like this. The Mission is both a highly packable and super low profile polyester snowboarding backpack that allows you to shred with all your essential gear.

    It’s a great bag for packing all your ski-essentials without sacrificing range of motion. The Mission is highly water resistant so your gear will stay dry through just about any conditions other than a flat out downpour. The pocket schematic is designed nicely for packing a pretty heavy gear load in an organized manner.

    The incorporated board strap is also perfect for stashing a jacket or extra layer when you finish hiking up on back country treks and finally get your board under your feet. There’s both waist and sternum straps for support with heavier pack loads, and a form fitting sporty fit overall. The added strapping can definitely be necessary when hiking with a snowboard or skis and range of motion can’t afford to be sacrificed in the slightest.

    This is a surprisingly affordable backpack that any big time skier or snowboarder will be super stoked to own!

  • Teton Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

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    Here’s a top notch cold weather sleeping bag from Teton Sports that backpackers and campers alike will LOVE. This is a game changer when it comes to bringing along a warm sleeping bag that packs super compact. The LEEF comes as either a 20 degree F (green) or zero degree F (black) sleeping bag. If who you’re shopping for conquers cold weather conditions and terrain then definitely check this one out along with our list of the best winter sleeping bags.

    It’s one of the best affordable options for staying warm on the trail without adding unreasonable weight to your backpack. If the camper you’re shopping for has a love for ultralight gear then you’ll want to check out our list of the best sleeping bags for backpacking.

    The exterior of this sleeping bag is made from a tear and water resistant diamond ripstop material that has great reviews for durability. This is NOT a cheap sleeping bag that’s going to tear on you after only some light abuse — it’s only priced like one. The microfiber insulation used in the design generates maximum warmth and is what makes this sleeping bag so compressible. The twenty degree model is only three and a half pounds while the zero degree bag is just a bit over four — pretty impressive.

    You can’t find a lighter, more packable sleeping bag at this cost that provides this much warmth. The three piece hood contours your face for full coverage and a vaulted foot box provides some extra foot room without sacrificing warmth. It’s crucial for some sleepers including myself to have plenty of toe room in order not to feel claustrophobic once all zipped up. The interior material is highly reviewed for comfort and feels nice to the touch — an easily overlooked feature that’s perhaps the most important aspect of a good sleeping bag.

    Teton Sports has built this bag with an anti snag zipper as well as a full length draft tube for ease of operation and optimum heat retention. They are features meant to keep all of your precious heat inside the sleeping bag and also to operate the zippers smoothly. Teton Sport’s advanced body mapping technology furthermore ensures there’s the right amount of insulation in the places it’s most needed (mostly around the feet).

    One final feature that’s worth mentioning is the zippered pocket on the interior of the sleeping bag — it’s awesome for stashing a phone, light or snack. This is a high performing sleeping bag that comes at a not so high cost — no doubt a great choice of gift for anyone who appreciates a good nights sleep while camping!

  • Jetboil Flash Cooking System

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    Here’s a super compact and lightening fast system of making meals while camping. This is a righteouos ulralight stove that would make an awesome gift. The Jetboil Flash is a fan favorite of backpackers everywhere — it’s a highly effective stove that’s renowned for its rapid water boiling capabilities.

    The Flash can boil 16 ounces of water in just 100 seconds! It incorporates the one liter flux ring cooking cup with insulating coozie into the design which is why this is is a “cooking system” rather than just a camp stove. The attached mug/pot is the perfect volume for boiling water for coffee or for dehydrated meals. I am a personal fan of meals from Mountain House when backpacking and the Jetboil Flash is the ideal unit for preparing those kinds of dinners in a jiff.

    The included cooking mug even has a strainer and drink through lid so it can be used as a serving vessel as well. It’s highly insulated and works just as well as plenty of mess kit options when it comes to both cooking and enjoying camp cuisine.

    If you want to do more than just boil water for coffee and dehydrated meals with this unit, you can also use it with other camp cooking ware. The pot support attachment from Jetboil (sold separately) is required to cook with an alternate mess kit. Another neat option for cooking with the Flash is to purchase Jetboil’s FluxRing Frying Pan that’s also specially built to be paired with this stove.

    There’s even a highly reviewed coffee press attachment that’s compatible with this unit if who you’re shopping for is a camp coffee fanatic. This is a lightening fast stove that’s quite versatile when you consider all the possible cooking and heating applications, but it’s best at being a minimalist camp cooker for the ultralight backpacker.

    The Flash can boil 10 liters of water on just one 100 gram Jetboil fuel canister — now that’s efficient. If the outdoorsman you’re shopping for is all about packing light then this system of cooking is perfect for them. There’s a reliable push button igniter built into the design of the Flash for further simplifying stove ignition. It’s not a cheap igniter like you see built into a lot of lesser camp stoves and should hold up in the long run.

    The Flash puts out a whopping 9,000 BTUs of power so you can really cook — it’s not only the sheer power of this unit that makes it so effective at boiling water, but also the efficiency of the “FluxRing” design that’s built into the incorporated mug. If you use the pot support attachment and cook with your own mess kit, you’ll still no doubt be impressed. A self contained cooking system that’s reliable, fast as can be, super packable and built to last, sounds like a gift that keeps on giving!

    For some alternative ultralight camp stove options make sure to check out our list of the best ultralight backpacking stoves for 2018.

  • LaidBack Pad Memory Foam Sleeping Pad

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    This might be my favorite gift idea on this list. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys lounging in the great outdoors. This memory foam pad has been masterfully crafted to be downright cozy, and it’s conjoinable to multiple pads in order to create the ultimate portable mattress. Any outdoor enthusiast will love owning a few of these for use camping, picnicing or maybe even for days at the beach.

    A lot of customer reviews claim this unit is more comfortable than their bed at home due to the top notch craftsmenship and materials used here. It’s perfect for luxury camping in a tent or truck bed and is also ideal for sleeping out under the stars.

    There’s a whopping four pounds of certified CertiPur memory foam with Cool FLow technology built into the design — the material is exceptional at both balancing body temperature and contouring pressure points really effectively. There is also an open and closed cell foam layering that absorbs bumps in the ground under the pad. Without using any air inflation, this luxury camp mattress keeps your body touch off ground — and it’s built tough too.

    Maybe the best feature of this pad is the fact that it won’t pop or deflate if it’s set up in the wrong place! The water resistant 1600 Denier Polyester casing is conveniently removable and machine washable so this mattress doesn’t have to remain filthy after some heavy use. It’s eight and a half pounds, but rolls up to 13 by 12 by 24 inches, so it can be hiked with. It’s by no means a suitable backpacking pad, but it’s still relatively portable.

    Whoever you’re shopping for is going to want to use this pad everywhere, it’s truly one of the best portable options for laying out in total comfort! The price is a bit daunting for a camping pad, but this is a quality investment that will be snoozed on for years.

  • Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

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    A Leatherman would make a great gift for any outdoorsman who loves gadgets. Whether you need to open a beer, sharpen a stick or cut some cordage, the array of tools on this Leatherman are totally awesome. This unit features 14 different tools and is of course built with Leatherman’s renowned quality.

    The spring action scissors, pliers and locking blade are furthermore all particularly useful in the event of a survival situation. Leatherman’s stainless steel design coupled with their 25 year product guarantee ensures this multi-tool will withstand years of heavy use. At under four inches in length, this is the ideal pocket sized tool that will support all sorts of camping, fishing and hiking tasks.

    For the cost, this is an awesome value unit that totally contends with a lot of the $100+ high end multi tools. A great gift idea for just about anyone from Leatherman.

  • Winterial Yukon Snowshoes

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    Are you shopping for a winter enthusiast who loves to explore the snowy outdoors? These are some nice quality snowshoes that will make a great gift for both beginner and experienced snowshoers. I find these unique style snowshoes from Winterial to be both highly effective and affordable. The aluminum frame paired with the plastic body design makes for an exceptionally lightweight snowshoe (about two pounds) that can withstand some real wear and tear.

    The rail system on the underside of the shoes provide some killer traction when trekking over more intense topography. It’s a high quality traction system that sets these snowshoes apart from most other affordable units. This pair is offered in just one size — Winterial has built them at 24.5 inches long.

    Although there’s only one size available, these snowshoes accommodate for a wide range of users. The optimum weight is between 140 and 240 pounds — that should cover most teens and adults! These could even be a great pair of snowshoes to share between friends or family if everyone’s a different size.

    The snowshoes themselves are an excellent value, but Winterial also includes a carry bag and a pair of anti-shock expandable poles with this purchase. For a snowshoe set around $70 this is an awesome value package deal that will get your favorite outdoorsman or woman hyped on exploring the winter wonderland.

    Check out our list of the best affordable snowshoes for some different size and price options if you like the idea of gifting this sort of winter gear.

  • Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

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    Portable hammocks are gaining popularity these days, and for good reason. A nice quality hammock packs small, is able to be set up in a variety of places and is a great option for both campsite lounging or sleeping. Just like the LaidBack Pad Memory Foam Sleeping Pad listed above, this would make an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys lounging in the great outdoors — except this unit is super portable.

    This double hammock by Winner Outfitters will make a great addition to your favorite hiker’s wilderness accommodations, or just be a fun item to have packed for the trail. If you’re shopping for a serious backpacker, at just one and a half pounds they will hardly realize they’re carrying this unit.

    This double hammock has an impressive 500 pound weight limit and provides enough space for a friend or loved one. Even for solo use, it’s nice having a little extra space to lounge. The 210T nylon parachute fabric used to build this product is what makes it so strong and light weight. Winner Outfitters even includes two tree-friendly straps and carabiners with this double hammock so it’s ready to rock right out of the box. For under $30, this is a super reasonably priced hammock, and camper reviews insist the quality here is the real deal.

    There’s even four different color options available so you can select one that matches the style of whoever you’re shopping for. Winner Outfitters also offers a single hammock if who you’re gift buying for is an ultralight backpacker who might prefer to sacrifice lounging space for even less packed weight.

    Check out our list of the best portable camping hammocks for some more awesome options if you like this gift idea!

  • Stanley Classic 1.1 QT Vacuum Bottle

    Our Review

    A brand new thermos is a another type of outdoor gift that will no doubt see a ton of use. If the outdoorsman or woman you’re shopping for doesn’t own a quality thermos this could be a brilliant gift idea — and if they do then this could be a righteous replacement for them! This exact unit was gifted to me by a friend this past Christmas and I’ve loved owning it for all sorts of outdoor and indoor applications. Stanley has come up with a super effective and affordable thermos with the Classic Vacuum Bottle.

    This one has been around for AGES and has been trusted by fishermen, campers, hunters and picnicers alike. It’s a totally rugged stainless steel option for keeping beverages hot or cold. The 18/8 stainless steel construction is rated to maintain the temperature of liquids for up to 24 hours — sweet! It’s entirely spill proof so it will pack in your backpack safely and be there once it’s time to enjoy your beverage.

    The lid is also an eight ounce cup which I’ve found to be a great size. There is also a nice wide mouth on this unit for both easy pouring and cleaning. The collapsible handle on this model furthermore makes carrying this thermos a bit more practical — Stanley has paid attention to all the right details with this vacuum bottle.

    There’s even a lifetime warranty on this product so you buy with confidence — no doubt a kick ass gift option that’s bound to be a hit!

    For all sorts of other thermos options make sure to read through our list of the best thermoses for 2018 — there’s some excellent models there of all different sizes!

  • Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

    Our Review

    Shopping for an avid hiker or traveler? I really love the design of this backpack by Kelty and think it would make a righteous gift. I’ve owned this backpack for a year now and as a highly active outdoorsmen it’s been the best pack I’ve ever owned. The Redwing 50 is comparable to a regular style backpack but is built with all the features you want out of a nice hiking pack.

    At 50 liters it’s large enough to effectively backpack with depending on your needs. The main compartment, side pouches and side pockets all add up to quite a bit of storage space that can be really nicely organized. I have used this pack for multi day treks into the back country, traveling around South America and as a regular overnight bag — it’s up for whatever!

    The back panel is designed with breathability in mind to keep you cool on the trail while the shoulder and waist straps are also ventilated for added air flow. This hiking pack is also compatible with a hydration system so whoever your gifting it to can pair it with their hydration bladder. This unit also loads from the front and top, so it’s super easy to get in and out of. I personally think this bag is the ideal size for doubling as a backpacking pack and day pack. At around $100 Kelty has crafted an excellent value product with this one.

    If you like the idea of gifting a backpack but this just isn’t the one, then make sure to check out our Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks list or our Top 10 Best Small Hiking Backpacks list — there’s some unique, affordable and top of the line options there!

  • Esky Hand Crank, Solar Powered Emergency Weather Radio With LED Flashlight

    Our Review

    Here’s a unique gift idea that the outdoorsman you’re thinking of may not have ever thought of owning. A lightweight and reliable emergency radio is a super wise item to own when venturing even just a few hours into the great outdoors. It allows you to stay tuned in while out in the back country and most importantly remain aware of any important weather alerts.

    This is a capable emergency radio that can be self-powered by the included crank as well as charged by the incorporated solar panel or micro USB cable. There is even a 1000 mAh power bank for charging other USB compatible devices and a reasonably powerful 50 lumen flashlight included. This radio has truly been made with a wilderness survival or at home emergency scenario in mind.

    This radio is exceptionally compact and lightweight at only eight ounces, so it can easily go along on backpacking trips or remain at home in a family emergency kit. The hand crank converts one minute of cranking into 20 minutes of radio time or 30 minutes of flashlight power — that’s pretty dam impressive in my book!

    There’s no need to crank this thing for hours in order to get some usable power, flash light use or radio time. It’s a portable power bank that can essentially provide unlimited juice for USB compatible devices. Definitely a thoughtful and unique gift idea that won’t break the bank.

    See our list of the best emergency radios for some equally awesome alternative options!

  • Suncloud Optics Voucher Polarized Sunglasses

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    Is the outdoorsman or woman you’re shopping an angler who appreciates a good pair of sunglasses? Every experienced fisherman knows that a quality pair of polarized shades is a MUST while on the water. The improved visibility a nice pair of fishing sunglasses provides gives you a huge edge when trying to sight underwater structure and of course, fish.

    There is also of course the added benefits of UV protection and eye strain relief that a pair of polarized sunglasses will provide. Extended periods on the open water can really do damage to your eyes if they’re not properly protected. Sunglasses while fishing are not just a tool to enhance visibility, they are important for maintaining long term eye health as well.

    If who you’re shopping for uses a junky pair of sunglasses while fishing or is just due for a new pair, then definitely check out this affordable unit from Suncloud as well as our list on the best value sunglasses for fishing.

    I’m a huge fan of these shades by Suncloud — they are no doubt one of the best value pair of fishing sunglasses around. Suncloud is a quality, yet affordable brand that offers a lot of different model sunglasses at surprisingly low costs. I purchased a pair of the Vouchers this past fall while on a fly fishing trip in southern Colorado. I couldn’t track down any high end sunglasses by Costa or Smith, but I did find a selection of fishing sunglasses by Suncloud at the local fly shop. For a pair in the $50 range, these perform seriously awesome!

    I purchased the pair of Vouchers with the rose lenses and have been very impressed with their performance on the river. They absolutely exceeded my expectations for the cost and have served me just fine for all sorts of fishing. Although the rose lenses were great on the stream, I’ve found them to be slightly too dark in overcast conditions. On cloudier days I was certainly at a disadvantage regarding visibility to my friends who were wearing green mirrored Costas.

    Fishing with even just partly sunny skies makes a big difference with Suncloud’s rose lenses. I’ve found that Suncloud’s rose lenses perform even better fishing saltwater than on the stream. It’s definitely partially preference, but I’ve owned top quality shades for saltwater fishing in the past, and this model absolutely contends at far less than half the cost.

    The blue mirror lenses are the best suited for fishing saltwater, but if who you’re shopping for does a bit of both salt and freshwater angling I can personally recommend the rose lenses. Apart from their great clarity and eye protection, these shades have a really nice feel too. The Vouchers are super light weight and feel nice and secure on your face.

    Mine never fog up on me and have a pretty laid back, stylish look as well. All in all, Suncloud is a great budget option worth buying if you like the idea of gifting a pair of fishing sunglasses to your favorite fisherman.

  • Field & Stream Magazine Subscription

    Our Review

    There’s something about a magazine subscription that will always be a thoughtful gift no matter how outdated magazines might seem. It’s a gift that keeps on giving every month that will have whoever you’re shopping for thinking of you each time they pull an issue from the mailbox.

    Here is perhaps the most classic outdoor magazine in existence. Field and Stream has been entertaining outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen alike for over 100 years now — and their content is still as exciting and current as ever.

    This is a sportsmen’s magazine through and through that offers articles on fishing, hunting, outdoor adventure and nature conservation. The pages are lined with photos of trophy fish and game which is always entertaining for us sportsmen in itself. Who doesn’t love looking at photos of monster fish??? Each month’s issue features advice from accomplished hunters and fishermen in order to give readers an edge while pursuing their own fish and game.

    There’s gear reviews, hunting info, fishing and tracking techniques and even some included survival skills and instructions in every issue. This is a total staple for coffee tables and personal libraries of avid outdoorsmen everywhere — here’s your chance to include your favorite outdoor enthusiast in the ranks at 79 percent off the regular cover price!

    Heavy, Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Our product recommendations are guided solely by our editors. We have no relationship with manufacturers.
  • Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

    Our Review

    Love to camp with your significant other and want to get cozy in the same sleeping bag? Here’s an awesome cold weather sleeping bag for couples by Teton Sports. This enormous sleeping bag is 94 by 62 inches and weighs a whopping 16.5 pounds! This is a seriously cozy zero degree F bag with plenty of room for you and your partner.

    If you’re looking for something heavy weight that really feels like you’re at home in bed underneath a thick comforter — this is it.

    If your partner likes to luxury camp on their own, then this could make a super comfortable personal sleeping bag as well — don’t rule this out as a solo unit just because of its size. The brushed flannel liner feels like bed sheets and won’t get sticky once the bag heats up.

    Teton Sports has employed their SuperLoft Elite fiber fill and construction to ensure there are no cold spots with this bag. The taffeta shell is also built exceptionally tough in order to withstand some wear and tear. This is a camping companion you and your partner will own for years and years of wilderness adventures.

    Teton Sports offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product, so you can buy in confidence knowing the manufacturer has your back — absolutely a romantic and unique gift idea!

  • HapTim Waterproof Picnic Backpack

    Our Review

    We’ve included this unique backpack in this list of romantic gifts because it’s well… seriously awesome. If you love to outdoor picnic with your partner, or if they enjoy solo strolls into the wilderness on their own then this bag is a must have. Made of high quality nylon fabric, this backpack has high wear and deformation resistance on top of being pretty darn waterproof. The main storage compartment is oversized and built with a premium insulation lining for keeping your food and drink either hot or cold. It’s an awesome design that you and your partner will no doubt be impressed with.

    A detachable wine bottle holder is also compatible with the side of this pack, so don’t forget the corkscrew and perhaps a portable speaker for some romantic music. I really love how Hap Tim configured the included cutlery set, it’s truly an effective bag for hiking into your favorite lunch spot to dine in style.

    Hap Tim even includes all the cutlery, wine glasses and other dining necessities pictured — it’s an excellent value for a unit in the $40 range! Customer reviews rave about the quality of the included picnic blanket as well — you and your significant other are totally ready for wilderness dates with no additional purchases!

    With all the included gear, this bag is truly an incredible value that you and your loved one will no doubt make many memories with.

  • ProHealth Titanium Lightweight 3-Piece Pot and Pan Camping Cookware Set

    Our Review

    Do you and your partner enjoy making nice meals together while camping or backpacking? This top quality pot and pan set by ProHealth is great addition to any camp kitchen that the two of you will come to love! It’s an awesome set for making meals for two that’s highly both highly capable and built to last.

    The titanium construction of this set makes it super light (just under ten ounces) without sacrificing durability, and all three units nest together nicely. Most customers review’s of this set by Prohealth rave about how it weighs next to nothing, but if you’re looking for something truly lightweight and portable check out this exceptionally compact mess kit.

    ProHealth has built all three pieces to be tasteless, odorless, and impervious to corrosion and rust. They are also non-allergenic for those campers who keep an eye out for that. The lid-pan and pots can be nestled together to form a double boiler or can be used separately. The whole set nests together when storing and it also comes with a mesh carrying pouch included.

    All three pieces may be a bit excessive for the solo backpacker depending on the gear load, but this set would make an for an excellent addition to a more stationary camp kitchen or perform ideal for backpacking pairs. This cookware set is also dishwater safe, so you may even consider using it in the home given the quality of the materials used.

    You and your partner are going to need a camp stove to go along with this righteous cooking ware, make sure to check out our top ten list of portable camp cookers.

  • ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

    Our Review

    If you enjoy eating the harvest of your partner in love’s hunting endeavors, this could be a great gift you’ll both benefit from! Alternatively if the two of you enjoy hunting together, this is an awesome gift idea to bring into the field as a team. This is an awesome outdoor item a lot of even experienced woodsmen don’t own — a backpack that’s specifically designed for hunting use!

    If your loved one is a serious hunter of any kind, they likely already have a system of carrying their essential gear into the field — but this unit (and hunting backpacks in general these days) makes a seriously cool and effective hunting companion. Make sure to check out our Top 10 List of Hunting Backpacks for 2018 for a whole selection of awesome packs if you like this gift idea.

    I really dig this affordable, intermediate sized option by Alps OutdoorZ as a versatile backpack that’s up for any kind of hunt. This 44 liter bag has an impressive amount of features that makes it an awesome all around hunting pack. There’s a great array of exterior storage pouches and strapping perfect for stowing a quiver or any number of other cumbersome gear. The side mesh pockets are built nice and tight and secure to provide some decent external storage. If you’re shopping for a hunter who exclusively uses a bow check out this awesome and affordable backpack by In Sights built specifically for bow hunting — they’ll flip over how cool of a pack it is!

    The most righteous and likely practical feature of this pack is in my opinion that the main compartment folds down to create a little table space to rest your binoculars while posted up in a tree stand or duck blind. It’s a simple feature that in actuality proves itself seriously useful when your using your hands and you want some table space to eat a sandwich or set your spotting scope down.

    All sorts of hunter reviews praise the Pursuit’s versatility as a hunting pack — it’s meant to really support a hunter in the field, not just carry gear. There’s also an included drop down pocket to secure the butt of your rifle or shotgun, or to attach your bow to your pack safely and comfortably.

    The strapping is designed well and made from great quality materials and there’s even a waist belt and sternum strap included for assistance with heavier loads. Alps OutdoorZ has built this bag with a focus on deer hunting, but it’s absolutely suitable for pursuing any and all game species.

    Check out the video below for a look at some of the Pursuit’s righteous features — the hunter you love is bound to go starry eyed over this one, and you’ll be eating fresh game in no time.