8 Best Hunting Jackets: The Ultimate List (2019)

best hunting jacket

A hunter’s jacket is no doubt one of the most vital pieces of gear that comes into the wilderness. It’s the kind of thing that we become attached to over the seasons and have a hard time replacing – but it’s important to remember the benefits of a new jacket.

Usually, a hunting jacket’s main purpose is to provide warmth in cold conditions — but don’t forget that’s only one factor that makes a jacket excel at hunting. Any experienced sportsmen knows that there’s a lot more to a jacket than just insulation that can make it a great hunting companion. Noise output when moving, scent control when in close proximity to game and of course camouflage are all factors to consider when purchasing a new hunting jacket.

Our top list has compiled the best quality and value hunting jackets on the market so you can read up on what will fit your hunting style best. We’ve selected lightweight, low profile outer wear for maximum range of motion while bow hunting all the way to fully insulated winter wear for tracking game through the most frigid landscapes. Whatever your plans are this hunting season — tackle the wilderness in a new hunting jacket and ensure both your warmth and stealth are at a maximum!

If you’re gearing up your sportsmen wardrobe for the season then don’t forget to check out our posts on the best hunting backpacks, hunting boots and waders — there’s some killer deals on some great gear you won’t want to miss!

What Are The Best Hunting Jackets?

browning hunting jacket Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Chest and waist strapping within jacket
  • Flip out shell pockets
  • Blood proof game bag on jacket front
Price: $69.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
scent-lok hunting jacket Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Safety harness compatible
  • Carbon alloy scent-blocking technology
  • Silent fabrics
Price: No price available Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sitka gear hunting fleece Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Exceptionally warm option
  • Fleece material is super quiet
  • Angled zipped hand pockets
Price: $177.71 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
yukon gear hunting jacket Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fully reversible
  • Versatile unit for all sorts of hunting
  • Excellent value
Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wildfowler hunting jacket Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super affordable
  • Soft tricot exterior is quiet
  • Three different camo prints available
Price: No price available Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
legendary whitetails hunting jacket Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Built heavy duty
  • Specific sizing
  • Hood is removable
Price: $99.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
carhartt hunting jacket Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Material is built exceptionally tough
  • Great for early to mid season hunting
  • Waist and cuffs are ribbed knit
Price: $109.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
trailcrest hunting jacket Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great economic option
  • Waterproof, windproof and well insulated
  • Hood is detachable
Price: $69.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best Jacket for Hunting Upland Game: Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Jacket

    • Blood proof game bag on the front of the jacket allows you to conveniently carry birds in the field cleanly
    • Flip out shell pockets allow for quick and easy reloading even while wearing gloves
    • Built in blaze orange meets hunter safety requirement and will not fade
    • There’s a ton of additional storage within the ‘backpack’ type pocket on the back of the jacket
    • Cuffs are adjustable and can roll up
    • Storm flap is present over the two-way zipper to prevent moisture intake and freezing
    • There’s chest and waist strapping within the jacket that can be cinched tight to assist with carrying heavier loads when the jacket is loaded up
    • Super great value — tough to find a better deal for around $100
    • This jacket will keep you warm in frigid temps with some thermal base layers - but it’s not insulated
    • Sizing runs a little big
    • No hood present

    If you’re an upland game hunter this is a jacket you really oughta check out. This unit by Browning is a seriously bad ass jacket that has truly covered all the bases. There’s not really a better option for pheasant, dove or quail hunting if you ask me — and the price is right too! The quality of the design and build make this jacket a great performer in the field that should hold up to many seasons of hunting.

    This jacket is built from a polyester/fabric material and has been treated to be water proof. There’s over 400 square inches of acrylic applied blaze orange between the chest and back that won’t fade over time. Hunter reviews insist this jacket is pretty warm despite its lack of any real insulation — with a base thermal layer or two you can absolutely hunt comfortably in sub zero temperatures.

    Alternatively, the cuffs are adjustable and will roll up if you want to allow a breeze into the jacket.

    The two lower external pockets have flip out shell sleeves built into the pocket. It’s a pretty awesome feature that allows you to safely and comfortably stash ammunition right on hand that will really come in handy when temps get cold and you want to keep your hunting gloves on! Even with the decreased dexterity of shooting gloves you can simply flip the shell ‘rack’ out of the front pockets and reload on the go.

    Several D-rings are also incorporated into the design for hanging items like dog training gear or binoculars. There’s a large, blood proof game bag also incorporated into the front of the jacket that has some impressive capacity. You can fit up to four or five pheasants into this jacket — eliminating the need for a hunting backpack in a lot of scenarios.

    There’s a ton of additional storage against the back of this jacket as well for stashing items like additional layers, dog food or your own lunch. There’s even an innovative strapping system that comes around your chest and waist that assists in carrying heavier loads when the jacket is really geared up and full of birds.

    The idea here is to provide adequate storage for everything you need built in to a hunting jacket that will keep you warm, dry and recognizable to other hunters in the field. This jacket and your shotgun are all you should need to get after some upland game this season!

  2. 2. Best Odor Controlled Jacket for Frigid Temps: Scent-Lok Men’s Cold Blooded Jacket

    • This is a seriously warm jacket - the internal fleece vest is super toasty but can also be removed for warmer days
    • Scent-Lok’s carbon alloy technology ensures your scent stays trapped — an immensely overlooked factor when hunting certain game.
    • The materials used are designed to be silent — this is a highly stealth jacket on all fronts
    • The Cold Blooded Jacket is safety harness compatible for tree stand hunting
    • There’s a hood! When you’re laying in wait for game for hours on end this is a feature that you’ll come to really appreciate!
    • Water and wind proof
    • This is a fairly expensive jacket - but it’s still a great value that gets you more than you pay for
    • Only one camo pattern available
    • Limited sizing

    Here’s a quality hunting garment by Scent-Lok. The Cold Blooded hunting jacket is one of the best available options for a cold weather odor controlled hunting unit. This is a seriously warm jacket for cold weather hunting designed for both stalking and waiting for game. The Cold Blooded jacket could be a great choice for long, brisk days in the tree stand or for trekking the woods on early morning turkey hunts.

    The superior insulation of this jacket also makes it totally suitable for hunting in snowy, frozen landscapes — no matter how cold your hunting plans might be the Cold Blooded Jacket should be up for the task.

    This is a waterproof and windproof jacket, so if you’re expecting some wet and windy conditions this season where you hunt this could be a great item to own. The polyester material is designed to be essentially noiseless making for a near silent garment when stalking through the woods. A lot of the warmth from this jacket is derived from the removable internal camouflage vest that’s lined with berber fleece.

    If you want to use this jacket on warmer days, just pop out the liner for some enhanced breathability. This is definitely one of the better quality jackets to buy for some truly frigid hunting conditions, and conveniently adapts to warmer conditions. If you need a quiet and comfortable jacket that will effectively trap both your heat and scent, then look no further.

    The Cold Blooded jacket of course has a few added features that further enhance its performance. Scent-Lok is known for their odor blocking technology that keeps your scent trapped to avoid alarming game. There’s nothing more frustrating than being discovered by a deer right before that perfect shot because you’re inconveniently upwind and smelly!

    By employing carbon alloy into the design, Scent-Lok has combined the power of treated carbon, activated carbon and zeolite to create hunting wear that allows you to become truly invisible in the wilderness. For hunters stalking highly scent sensitive game like deer, definitely consider the benefits of odor blocking hunting garments like this.

    There’s also safety harness access built into this jacket for tree stand hunting. An elastic waist and cuffs further ensures your heat and scent are trapped, and makes for a more low profile fit while moving through the landscape. Four pockets provide some pretty solid storage, but you’ll likely still want to pack a hunting backpack for those more intensive and longer duration hunts.

    All in all, this is an awesome choice for a late season hunting jacket that is almost unmatched in stealth stats.

  3. 3. Best Fleece Hunting Jacket: Sitka Gear Celsius Jacket

    • The warmth provided by both the Celsius Jacket and Shacket is nearly unparalleled in the hunting world - you’ll be shedding layers with these garments
    • The external fleece material is super quiet - this is a great jacket for maximum stealth while actively moving through the wilderness
    • Angled zipped hand pockets
    • Not a ton of internal pockets if using this as an outer
    • Won’t keep you dry during rainy conditions nor is it designed to cut high winds
    • Sitka Gear is fairly expensive, but you’re paying for top quality gear

    Here’s a slightly different approach to the typical hunting jacket. The Celsius Jacket by Sitka Gear is a soft to the touch, outer or mid layer. It’s a super quiet and stealthy piece of hunting wear that doubles as an awesome thermal layer or hunting jacket.

    The Celsius Jacket is meant to be paired with the Celsius Shacket — it’s essentially the same garment except short sleeved and slightly more mobile. Both can be worn as an outer layer but if you’re looking to create some serious defense against the cold than pair these two garments together or with another hunting jacket.

    The material used to build this outer (or under) wear is not terribly water or wind proof — so although this is a seriously toasty jacket you’re gonna want to pair it with something more water resistant for really rainy days. The most righteous feature of this jacket is the supremely stealthy materials used for insulation.

    PrimaLoft silver hi loft insulation is sheathed within the micro-fleece to provide some down right toasty warmth without incorporating any crinkly fabrics. This is no doubt one of the best hunting garments for sneaking around the woods if you don’t require a hard shell.

    There’s a solid array of pockets, but neither the Celsius Jacket or Shacket have a particularly high storage capacity. If you’re looking for something so warm that you’ll end up having to take off because of overheating, definitely look towards the superior craftsmanship of Sitka Hunting Gear.

  4. 4. Best Value Reversible Hunting Jacket: Yukon Gear Men’s Reversible Camo/Blaze Orange Insulated Jacket

    • Jacket is fully reversible - it can either be worn as a camouflage pattern or blaze orange
    • Performs well in cold temperatures but still retains good breathability
    • Comes at quite an affordable price - this is a GREAT value jacket!
    • All things considered, between the temperature control, outer appearance and weather proofing this is one of the more versatile hunting jackets you can buy
    • Fabrics are not particularly quiet
    • No odor control
    • Limited sizing

    Here’s a killer deal on a pretty decent hunting jacket. This is an excellent value outer garment — hunter’s rave about this unit’s performance and it’s surprisingly under $100! This is a reversible jacket with camo print on one side, and blaze orange on the other.

    Having a choice of appearance makes this a pretty dam versatile jacket — it’s a simple feature that in my opinion counts for a lot. When you’re stalking deer in the deep woods stay hidden in full camo and then flip this bad boy inside out when you decide to go hunt some upland game — wha-lah!

    If you’re looking for something warm, this fits the bill. This jacket is reviewed by hunters as a dam toasty piece of outer wear. It’s wind, rain and snow proof and furthermore has an elastic waist and cuffs. With some thermal layers, this unit should perform fine in even sub zero temperatures.

    Despite its somewhat heavy insulation, this jacket is also built to retain good breathability — if you wear it over minimal layers then you can keep cool in this one on hot days as well! Trekking through brush or farmland for pheasant, sitting in a stand in wait of deer or even trudging after waterfowl in the marsh or swamp — this jacket can do it all. The versatility is tough to beat with this one.

    There’s two spacious pockets on the front of each side (four total) and an additional chest pocket for stowing smaller items. Between all the pockets there’s some pretty righteous storage capacity here — plenty of room for shells, spotting scopes, game calls or whatever else you might need.

    Considering there’s no odor control or special attention to noise output, this is probably not the best jacket for you if stealth is what you’re shopping for. If you’re in the market for a warm, weatherproof jacket that can morph between hunting styles and tactics then you’ve found it — and at one hell of a price!

  5. 5. Best Budget Insulated Hunting Jacket: Wildfowler Outfitter Performance Hunting Insulated Parka

    • Quite affordable - this is a great value jacket
    • This jacket is well insulated and also provides good breathability making it suitable for all seasons
    • Elastic on the cuffs and waist help trap heat and make this somewhat cumbersome jacket much more low profile
    • Soft tricot exterior is quiet when in motion
    • Three different camo prints available to match your hunting grounds
    • Pockets are Velcro and noisy - they won’t e very useful to you if you’re a stealth hunter
    • Although this jacket is water resistant and does fine in the snow, it’s not totally waterproof against heavy rain
    • Described as quite bulky - not ideal for streamlined, stealthy movement

    There’s a few issues with this one, but overall this is still a great hunting jacket. This insulated parka from Wildfowler is a solid unit for cold weather hunting. It’s water resistant but not totally waterproof, so I’d say that rules it out for use as a waterfowl hunting jacket or for use in heavy rains. Hunter reviews insist this jacket is water resistant enough to keep you dry in the snow, but I wouldn’t trust it to keep you dry in a downpour.

    Definitely don’t count this one out for use hunting out in snowy landscapes however — there’s even a lot of skiers, snowboarders and winter sports enthusiasts who love this jacket!

    Wildfowler has built this jacket with polar fleece lining underneath the shell. It’s fairly warm on its own (medium insulation) but provides plenty of space for layering up underneath. With some thermal base layers this is absolutely suitable for temps well below freezing. On the other end of the spectrum, this jacket has been designed to retain good breathability, so this can be used as an all season jacket.

    The outer material is crafted from soft tricot — it’s a very quiet material that allows for some pretty silent motion. Unfortunately, in direct contrast to the quiet exterior of the jacket, the two front stash pockets have been poorly designed with noisy Velcro.

    This is a great jacket for stalking game and for silently tree stand hunting, but you won’t be able to use the pockets without making a commotion. If you’re planning on using this jacket to flush upland game or to track and shoot big game from a distance then the Velcro pockets shouldn’t be an issue.

    There’s elastic drawstrings on the waist and hood so you can really batten down the hatches and stay toasty with this one when the wind and snow picks up. Having a hood is in my opinion under rated, it’s a valuable feature to consider for a variety of reasons while hunting.

    The cuffs are also adjustable (Velcro) so you can fit them to your hunting gloves effectively. The front zipper is cloaked by a buttoned storm flap to keep ice and moisture from hampering the zipper’s function. There’s three different camouflage patterns to choose from, so you should be able to select one that matches your hunting grounds.

    For the cost, this is an excellent hunting parka that you will use from season start to finish. If you hunt in a relatively dry climate and can get away with owning a jacket that isn’t completely waterproof than definitely consider this unit by Wildfowler.

  6. 6. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Workwear Jacket

    • Great customer ratings concerning comfortability - this is a seriously cozy jacket
    • Outer material is very rugged, it’s comparable to a Carhartt jacket but at a fraction of the cost
    • Zippers, seams and pockets are designed well and built heavy duty - this bad boy is capable of taking a beating
    • Hood is removable
    • The hood extends out past most peoples peripheral vision and doesn’t allow for great visibility
    • This is a pretty heavy jacket (may or may not be what you prefer)
    • Reviews concerning the sizing on this jacket are all over the place — make sure to consult Legendary Whitetail’s size chart carefully

    Here’s another jacket from Legendary Whitetails that’s pretty comparable to the last jacket listed. The Cross Trail Big Game Workwear Jacket is a seriously bad ass unit for cold weather hunting. There’s six different color schemes/camo prints available — all of which have Legendary Whitetail’s Big Game Camo accents across the shoulders and sleeves.

    The color pictured above is ‘Inferno’, it’s the blaze orange option out of the six. There are full camo options also available as well as a few interesting color schemes you might not be familiar with that may interest you.

    This is a pretty heavy duty jacket — a lot of hunter reviews claim the exterior is similar in material to a Carhartt jacket. The lining and fill is 100% polyester. Legendary Whitetails has built this jacket with 210 grams of insulation, not too shabby but not the warmest jacket on the market by any means. For hunting below freezing down to about 0 degrees this jacket is no doubt up for the task.

    The fit is meant to be a bit husky so you should have plenty of room to layer up underneath if you choose to. The zippers, pockets and seams on this jacket are all built to be just as heavy duty as the rest of the jacket. It’s the attention to little details that makes a jacket last that extra season or two compared to the outfitters who build their apparel with cheap zippers, pockets, etc.

    The cuffs are adjustable for accommodating what ever kind of gloves you prefer and the hood is removable via zipper. There’s a lot of features here to set you up for success when adding layers for warmth. Two exterior pockets above the waist provide some decent storage for hunting gear that you’ll definitely come to appreciate in the field. Another sweet product from Legendary Whitetails at a great cost.

  7. 7. Best Carhartt Jacket for Hunting: Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel Lined Camo Active Jacket

    • Perfect garment for early to mid season hunting
    • Carartt material is built exceptionally tough - this jacket can take a serious beating
    • Three different camo prints available
    • Waist and cuffs are ribbed knit for minimizing heat loss and leeping the jacket snug to your profile
    • This is not a super warm jacket - not ideal for late season use if temps go well below freezing
    • Although the material is fairly water resistant, it won’t keep you dry in an all day down pour
    • Relatively expensive considering the thermal ability here

    Here’s one for all you Carhartt lovers out there. This is an awesome jacket for early to mid season hunts of all kinds! The material here is the classic Carhartt fabric — it’s super tough and resistant to tearing and abrasion. This could be the perfect companion for upland game and turkey hunts where you’re trekking through brush, briers and heavy tree cover.

    The fabric is not entirely noiseless like some of the soft shell jackets listed here but it’s still a fairly quiet hunting garment that will become near silent after it sees some heavy use and softens up — you know how Carhartts are.

    This jacket is not equipped with a myriad of hunting features like a lot of the other jackets listed here, however it’s inherently a great jacket to hunt in. The toughness of the material is really why it made this list — finding a quality jacket that can hold up externally to whatever the wilderness throws its way is no small task.

    Aside from the tough build, this jacket is fairly warm as well. This is not a unit you’ll want to take out into the deep winter landscape — but for early to mid season conditions this is a great choice. The flannel lining coupled with the hood make for a pretty toasty jacket.

    The material stays pretty dry in a light rain but will become wet and heavy in a down pour. Buy this one a size large if you want to push the limits of how cold you can go so you have room to add a few layers underneath. The cuffs and waistband are ribbed-knit and hug your body to minimize heat loss and reduce the bagginess of the garment. This jacket moves nicely with your motion and feels very much a part of you.

    There’s a split kangaroo pocket above the waist for bringing along a few items — but you’ll likely want to bring a hunting backpack if you bring a fair amount of gear with you into the field. There’s three different camouflage patterns available — all of which are very well done.

  8. 8. Best Economic Waterproof Hunting Jacket: Trail Crest Men’s Insulated & Waterproof Tanker Jacket

    • Great economic option for the hunter who doesn’t put their gear through a lot of wear and tear
    • Waterproof, windproof and well insulated
    • Brushed tricot polyester shell is quiet when in motion
    • Hood is detachable
    • Great pocket space
    • This jacket runs a bit small - consider buying a size large if you plan on layering up
    • Long term durability is questionable
    • Limited camo choices

    Here’s a great value hunting jacket from Trail Crest that will cost you next to nothing. This is an awesome value product that really excels for being a jacket in the $70 range. It’s waterproof, wind proof and insulated for some pretty solid warmth. This jacket is definitely not on par with the more expensive options on this list, but if you’re not too hard on your gear it should hold up and perform fine for you.

    For the waterfowl hunter who spends most of their time in the blind, or the deer hunter who doesn’t have to bush whack their way to the tree stand, this could be all you need!

    Trail Crest has built this jacket with a brushed tricot polyester shell. It’s a quiet garment for when you need to stalk silently. There’s two buttoned front pockets that provide adequate storage for a decent amount of gear. You can stuff some duck calls, a pair of binoculars and a sandwich in there no problem. The waist band and cuffs are elastic for heat retention so you can keep all your warmth in.

    This jacket tends to run a bit small, so if you want to use it in the colder weather and add some under-layers than definitely buy a size up. The Poly quilted insulation will keep you pretty toasty down to around freezing temperatures, but you’re going to need some additional thermal layers for colder conditions.

    The hood is conveniently detachable, and also employs drawstring closure so you can get real snug in there. Trail Crest offers this jacket in ‘timber’ and ‘forest’ camouflage — both are nicely designed prints. For an entry level jacket, a back up unit or just an economic option you don’t plan on going too hard on, the Tanker jacket has you covered.

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