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10 Best Down Sleeping Bags for Winter Camping

down sleeping bag

Down sleeping bags are pretty incredible pieces of technology. The insulating power of both natural and synthetic down provides you with some serious warmth at remarkably low weights. If you need a highly packable, low weight, and warm sleep system for winter camping, down insulation is, and always has been the way to go!

Our list of the best down sleeping bags for winter camping has compiled the coziest options on the market so you can select the ideal option for your needs. We’ve tracked down some basic bare-bones, affordable options as well as some more advanced, full-feature sleeping bags. Whatever your winter camping needs are, there’s something here for you!

What Are The Best Down Sleeping Bags For Winter Camping?

marmot trestles down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stash pocket
  • Left and right zippered options
  • SpiraFil high-loft insulation
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sierra designs down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Open, self-sealing foot box
  • Super compressible and ultralight
  • 5" baffle spacing and side wall baffles
Price: $229.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Nemo down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Spoon shape is super spacious
  • Thermo Gills fine tune temperature
  • Ultralight, hydrophobic down
Price: $275.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sierra designs backcountry bed Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Double sleeping bag!
  • Zipperless design
  • Self sealing foot vent
Price: $250.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
big agnes down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 650-fill DownTek insulation
  • Zipperless system
  • Hydrophobic down treatment
Price: $229.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
kelty down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Highly compressible and very lightweight
  • Insulates when wet
  • Available in several temperature ratings
Price: $169.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
omnicore down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Mulit-Down Insulation
  • Can sleep two people
  • Rectangular shape is super spacious
Price: $189.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
outdoor vitals down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent value
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Grid baffle design
Price: $364.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
kelty sine down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Under 3 pounds and stuffs tiny
  • Can stick your feet out of the bottom
  • No-snag draft tubes
Price: $119.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Hyke & Byke down sleeping bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Packs impressively light and compact
  • Ultralight 800 fill power goose down
Price: $194.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Marmot Trestles 15 Degree Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

    • SpiraFil high-loft insulation resists moisuture and insulates wet
    • Excellent value
    • Anatomically shaped footbox
    • Left and right zippered options
    • Features a fold-down secondary zipper for added ventilation
    • Stash pocket
    • Not particularly packable
    • Complaints about the zippers being finnicky
    • Difficult to squeeze back into the compression sack

    Here’s an awesome value down sleeping bag from Marmot considering the materials used and impressive temperature rating. The Trestles 15 Degree Mummy Bag is a snug and cozy winter sleep option that’s a stellar bang for your buck.

    The SpiraFil high-loft insulation is technically a synthetic down, but it lofts and insulates like the real thing and features better water resistance and longterm durability. The synthetic insulation used here definitely does not compress as tight as natural down, but it’s still reasonably lightweight at just 3.6 pounds. It’s a tradeoff worth thinking hard on – durability and increased water resistance at the sacrifice of packability.

    This bag has all the features typical of a high-end sleeping bag. Features include a full length two-way zipper, stash pocket, snagless draft tube, hang loops and 3D hood. There’s also an anatomically 3D footbox to provide you with a bit of extra foot-room despite the otherwise snug dimensions of this sleeping bag. 

    Marmot’s combination wave technology is furthermore designed so that the top portion of the bag is geared towards maximum loft and warmth while the bottom has a blanket like feel for enhanced comfort. There are even right and left zippered options for customizing your sleep system just the way you like it! 

  2. 2. Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag

    • Open foot box allows for awesome temperature regulation
    • Super compressible and lightweight (just 1 pound 12 ounces) - this sleeping bag packs tight and squeezes into the included stuff sack with ease
    • 5 inch baffle spacing and side wall baffles prevent the down from shifting around
    • Storage and stuff sack included
    • Awesome aesthetic
    • Might be a bit constrictive for sleepers who prefer some sprawl space
    • Self-sealing foot box takes a little getting used to
    • Won't do as well as some other down sleeping bags in the wetness

    The Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag is a killer ultralight, cold weather sleeping bag option. Sierra Designs sent me out this sleeping bag to run gear trials on a few months back, and I’ve been super impressed with its performance. It’s come with me on a few camping trips now – it has an awesome look, packs exceptionally lightweight, and most importantly, it’s super toasty. 

    The insulation employed here is 800 fill PFC-free Dridown insulation. It lofts really nicely and is remarkably compressible – it’s a breeze squeezing it back into the included stuff sack. This sleeping bag is remarkably lightweight at just 1 pound 12 ounces so it’s a killer option for backpacking trips. It’s impressive weight stats means this bag is a bit snug on the inside – campers who require above average sprawl space might want to steer clear of this one. Although it’s tighter than a lot of other (heavier) down sleeping bags, it’s by no means super restrictive in there – I can still comfortably sleep on my side and roll around easy enough.

    The inner lining is really nice to collapse into at the day’s end and feels particularly nice against your skin. I usually just sleep in a t-shirt and boxers even when temps are in the 30s!

    Sierra Designs also offers the Nitro Dridown as a 0 degree and 35 degree sleeping bag so there’s a slightly lighter, and heavier option available based on your needs. No doubt one of the best value ultralight options on the market! 

  3. 3. Nemo Disco 15-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag

    • Spoon shape is wider at the elbows and knees for spacious sleep space
    • Thermo Gills allow for fine tuning temperature
    • Ultralight, hydrophobic down insulates damp
    • Nemo's Blanket fold is a super cozy and practical feature
    • Includes storage bag and compression sack
    • Fairly expensive
    • Only one color option
    • Some complaints about the zipper snagging

    Here’s a unique down sleeping bag option from Nemo that’s super effective at both staying warm overnight and regulating temperature. The Disco 15 Degree Sleeping Bag is one of Nemo’s “Spoon Bags” with “Thermo Gills”. The shape is designed for extra sleeping space around the elbows and knees and is great for sleepers that hate to be restricted by traditional mummy bags. The “Thermo Gills” are two zippered vents right on the chest of the bag that can be adjusted to allow a little or a lot of draft in for precise temperature control. 

    Nemo has built this bag with 650 fill power Nikwax Hydrophobic Down that is impressively lightweight and still insulates when wet. It’s super packable and lightweight at just 2 pounds 14 ounces – you’ll be hard pressed to find a sleeping bag with a 15 degree temperature rating that’s this light. It’s what you’re paying for with this higher end brand.

    The blanket fold feature is a pretty awesome concept that Nemo was able to include without adding significant weight. It’s essentially just a bit of extra material around the face area for pulling up to your chin or cheeks and cozying up.

    The aesthetic of this sleeping bag is pretty dam cool too if that’s important to you. Nemo uses some great color schemes for their products that definitely turn heads.

    For an even warmer sleeping bag in a similar style make sure to check out the Sonic 0-Degree Down Mummy Bag also from Nemo.


  4. 4. Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo Sleeping Bag

    • Double sleeping bag with tons of room for two campers
    • Zipperless design can be used like a blanet or cinched up tight
    • Self sealing foot vent
    • Impressively lightweight at just 3 pounds 12 ounces
    • Built in insulated hand and arm pockets
    • Fairly expensive
    • Only one color option
    • Temperature rating goes down to just 35 degrees - consider the 20 degree version of the Backcountry Bed for colder temps

    Here’s a really neat double down sleeping bag for camping pairs that is perhaps unrivaled when it comes to comfort. The Backcountry Bed by Sierra Designs is a super cozy, zipperless sleeping bag with loads of cool, practical features.

    This unit is built with 700 fill DriDown insulation and is rated down to 35 degrees. There is also a 20 degree version of the Backcountry Bed if you expect to camp in colder conditions, but considering you can put two bodies in there it will likely be plenty toasty as long as you’re not using it alone.

    There is a ton of space in this unit for even larger sized campers up to six feet four inches so this is a great bag for sharing or for sleepers who love some extra sprawl space.  It’s an impressive 84 by 107 inches!

    There’s a stretch cord closure system that enables the zipperless design to insulate so effectively and also integrated hand and arm pockets that will keep you truly toasty in there. A sleeping pad sleeve is also located underneath both sides so you and your partner can stay on top of your sleeping pads effectively. Sierra Designs has not cut any corners on features that keep you toasty.

    Surprisingly, this sleeping bag is just 3 pounds 12 ounces despite its enormous size. It’s not terribly packable, but the lower weight is righteous! The price is a bit steep, but considering what you’re getting  here it’s still a great value buy. No doubt a killer down sleeping bag option from Sierra Designs that will keep and a partner cozy all winter!   

  5. 5. Big Agnes Pin Ears 20 Degree Zipperless DownTek Sleeping Bag

    • Zipperless system
    • 650-fill DownTek insulation has been treated with a hydrophobic down treatment
    • Built in sleeping pad sleeve keeps the sleeping from sliding around
    • Spacious footbox
    • Insulation compresses tight
    • Mummy style bag is constrictive for sleepers who appreciate more space
    • Zipperless system takes a little getting used to but is quite cozy once you master it
    • Not in Big Agnes's current line up

    Here’s a radical zipperless sleeping bag from trusted outfitter, Big Agnes. The Pin Ears 20 Degree DownTek Sleeping Bag is a snug mummy bag option with some righteous features and employed materials.

    This is a hook and loop closure system that feels more like tucking in under a blanket than zipping into a sleeping bag. It’s a nice design for a mummy bag because there’s something about a zipperless system that makes it feel less constrictive. A 3D foot box also provides some appreciated foot space which is in this day and age, an expected feature. 

    This unit is built with 650 DownTek insulation which is a good down for battling wet conditions. It’s also designed with “The Big Agnes System” which employs less insulation loft on the underside of the bag and instead replaces it with a sleeping pad sleeve. This reduces the total weight of the sleeping bag and relies on the pad for insulation against the ground. The total weight is just over three pounds, so it’s not exceptionally lightweight by ultralight standards but definitely still packs well considering the oversized anti-draft collar that wraps around the entire bag.

    No doubt a cozy and unique sleep system that will keep you warm and snug through some pretty rough conditions. If you’re a fan of Big Agnes’s quality craftsmanship but just can’t warm up to the idea of a zipperless sleeping bag, check out their Lost Ranger 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag from the current line up for a more traditional option.   


  6. 6. Kelty Cosmic DriDown Sleeping Bag

    • Highly compressible and very lightweight - this is an excellent winter backpacking bag
    • Excellent price point
    • Vaulted foot box
    • Designed to still insulate effectively in wetness
    • Available in several temperature ratings
    • Collar and hood are particularly cozy
    • Stuff sack must be purchased separately
    • Because of how compressible the down material is, you’re going to want to pair this bag with a sleeping pad if it’s really cold out to ensure you stay insulated
    • Complaints about the zipper snagging

    Here’s a high-end backpacking bag at a super reasonable cost from one of the best value camping outfitters on the market,  Kelty. The Cosmic DriDown Sleeping Bag is maybe my favorite on this list for its ease of compression, resistance to water and inherent design. This bag is rated down to 20 degree F, but Kelty also offers the Cosmic as a 0 degree bag and a 40 degree bag. All three models of the Cosmic are warm and impressively compressible, but the Cosmic 20 listed here is the option that offers the best balance between packability and serious warmth.

    This sleeping bag will stuff down to about 8 by 14 inches and weighs an impressively lightweight 2.5 pounds. The Key to such a compressible sleeping bag is in the insulation. The Cosmic features 550 fill DriDown – it’s treated to create a hydrophobic finish on each down plume that keeps you drier longer in wet conditions and will also dry out faster than untreated down. If wetness on the trail or at the campground is a factor for you then this unit is absolutely worth considering.

    The thermal comfort hood and full draft collar paired with the vaulted foot box add a lot to this bag’s warmth and comfort stats. The hood is designed for full coverage when you need it and the employed material is super soft and nice to the touch. The draft collar is a pivotal component of the Cosmic during those colder nights that keeps your precious body heat from escaping. The foot box ensures there’s adequate insulation for your toes but also provides plenty of space to move your feet around.

    You’ll need to buy a compression sack from Kelty separately if you plan on backpacking with this unit but you’ll be very pleased with how easy the Cosmic packs down and loads up. This has been a long time favorite among hikers – the Kelty Cosmic has been around for years due to its effective and affordable design. 

  7. 7. OmniCore Designs Multi-Down Rectangular Sleeping Bag

    • Mulit-Down Insulation combines duck down and synthetic insulation
    • Rectangular shape is super spacious and can even sleep two people
    • Sleeping pad sleeve
    • Hood and pillow pocket
    • Different temperature rating available
    • Fairly heavy and not particularly packable, this is intended for car camping
    • Although this sleeping bag can fit two people, it's not intended for double camping
    • Temperature ratings seem to be rated a bit high based on customer reviews

    Here’s a different approach to your standard down sleeping bag that employs a few different insulating materials for a tough as nails, warm and water resistant winter camping option. The Multi-Down Rectangular Sleeping Bag from OmniCore is a super spacious option that’s great for space loving sleepers that’s offered in three different temperature ratings! (-10, 10 and 30 degrees F)

    This sleeping bag is designed to feel like a traditional rectangular sleeping bag with lots of sprawl space, yet employs a few features more typical of mummy bags. There’s a full enclosure hood with a built-in pillow pocket that can really boost your warmth if used effectively. Full enclosure hoods (and pillow pockets for that matter) are super underrated in my opinion and can make all the difference when it comes to remaining properly insulated overnight. 

     A 75-denier Diamond Ripstop (DWR) shell keeps you dry on the outside while two different down insulations work together to keep you warm. 650 fill power duck down is layered with OmniCore’s proprietary StratusLoft fill for an insulation system that’s both exceptionally warm and more waterproof than the vast majority of competitor insulation. 

    The price is quite reasonable on this one, it’s a great affordable sleeping bag option for car camping. It’s larger dimensions limit the applications of this bag, but for the right scenario, this unit will provide you with some serious comfort and bang for your buck.  


  8. 8. Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Premium Down Sleeping Bag

    • Grid baffle design enhances the insulating power of the down where you need it most
    • Excellent price point for a 0 degree down sleeping bag
    • Great customer satisfaction
    • Impressively lightweight (2 pounds 11 ounces) for its insulating ability
    • VitalDry DWR coating repels water and keeps the bag from wetting out
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Might be a bit small for you if you're close to six feet tall
    • Some complaints about the zipper function
    • Some reviews claim there's a strong, lingering smell

    Here’s an awesome value down sleeping bag from a lesser known brand that is sporting some stellar reviews and customer satisfaction. The Summit 0°F Premium Down Sleeping Bag by Outdoor Vitals has a price point that’s dam tough to beat for a unit at this temperature rating, and there don’t seem to be any serious drawbacks!

    This bag is built with a VitalDry DWR coating on the 20D ripstop fabric that makes up the exterior. It makes for a tough as nails, highly water repellent sleeping bag that can stand up to some real wetness. The insulation employed here is 800 fill power duck down. It’s a natural down that is impressively lightweight and compressible at just 2 pounds 11 ounces. For a sleeping bag at this temperature rating Outdoor Vitals has succeeded in making it ultralight.

    There are some complaints that this bag is a bit snug if you’re over six feet, so maybe consider an alternative if you’re a larger camper who appreciates some sprawl space. This unit might lack some of the advanced features typical of more high-end sleeping bags, but at the end of the day, it’s an exceptionally warm, packable and affordable option that will get the job done in almost any scenario!  

  9. 9. Kelty Sine Regular 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

    • Arc zipper system allows for fine tuning of the internal temperature
    • Less than 3 pounds and compresses down to 8 by 14 inches
    • Dridown insulation
    • Hood has a built in pillow pocket
    • No-snag draft tubes
    • Can stick your feet out of the bag bottom
    • Fairly expensive unit, but still an excellent value
    • Six feet in length which may be short for some - consider buying the ‘long’ version of the Sine if you're a larger camper
    • Stuff sack is not as water resistant as the bag itself

    Here’s another awesome all around sleeping bag from Kelty. This bag meets the criteria for essentially any style camping trip – it’s water resistant and dries quickly, highly compressible and lightweight (less than three pounds) and rated down to 20 degrees. The Sine also has a better than average ability to control temperature through the Arc zipper system so it’s a fine option for warmer camping too making it quite versatile. If you need a compressible down sleeping bag for a wide range of scenarios and conditions, this unit should be on your radar.

    Kelty also offers this sleeping bag for women, so there is an option specifically designed for the ladies as well!

    The Arc Zipper system is, in my opinion, a revolutionary design that is simple in theory, but highly effective at regulating your heat therefore maximizing comfort. It’s essentially two separate zippers that zip open to your torso, and to your feet. The top zipper has an effect that makes the Sine feel more like a cozy blanket than a snug sleeping bag. The lower zipper reveals the natural fit foot box allowing you to release some excess heat from your lower half if things get too warm it there. It’s a righteous system that allows you to really fine tune your sleeping style, but don’t worry, the Sine can still be utilized as a mummy bag when the cold is aggressive.

    There’s a pillow pocket built into the underside of the hood for using a jacket or shirt as a make-shift pillow. The hood itself is also nicely designed – it can be opened up wide or cinched super tight depending on the conditions.

    The draft tube is furthermore designed not to snag so this sleeping bag won’t get hung up on you while utilizing the awesome zipper schematic. 

    The materials employed in the construction of this bag are what make it so versatile. The shell and liner are built from 20D Nylon ripstop material while the insulation is 800 fill power DriDown. Both the exterior and interior of the Sine are built to be abrasion and water resistant. If things do get wet and you take on some water, the Dridown insulation and shell will dry out more rapidly than most other down sleeping bags. Keep in mind that this could be the difference between a good and a bad time in the field.

    Kelty includes a mesh storage sack and a compression sack with the Sine. Using the compression sack, this sleeping bag can pack down to just 8 by 14 inches – not too shabby. Another awesome value sleep system from Kelty! 

  10. 10. Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree Goose Down Sleeping Bag

    • Packs impressively light (3.06 pounds) and compact
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Ultralight premium quality 800 fill power goose down filling
    • Wide color selection and short, regular and long sizing available
    • Double large YKK zippers and anti-snag slider allow for precise temperature adjustment
    • Stash pocket
    • Some complaints about a strong smell coming from the bag for a while after purchasing
    • Complaints about the goose down feathers shedding out of the bag - be careful with this one
    • Zipper can come undone if unzipped all the way

    Hyke & Byke is in my opinion, a massively underrated outdoor brand. Their sleeping bags are very highly reviewed and their price points are more than fair. The Eolus 0 Degree Goose Down Sleeping bag is no exception to the brand’s reputation for good value camp gear and makes for a killer winter camping tool. 

    The 800 fill power Goose Down employed here is one of the most popular industry leaders when it comes to insulation. Outdoorsmen and women love goose down for its compressibility and warmth stats – it has one of the best warmth to weight ratios even after all these years of synthetic down development. The Eolus manages a 0 degree temperature rating and is just 3 pounds- impressive stuff!

    The outer shell is crafted from 20D ripstop nylon and can take a heavy beating when it comes to camping. Hyke & Byke offers a lifetime warranty on this sleeping bag which is the sure sign of confidence in a product!

    There’s a small stash pocket built into the design for storing eye glasses, a phone or a snack and double large YKK zippers for easy temperature adjustments. A wide selection of sharp looking colors is also available for the Eolus, Hyke & Byke hasn’t cut any corners with this one! 

    For the cost, this is a very impressive value. You can pay upwards of three times the price tag of the Eolus for a similar product. No doubt a steal for the budget backpacker or winter camper! 

Down Sleeping Bag Maintenance

Make sure to always carefully read the instructions for how to properly care for your down sleeping bag - there are all sorts of different insulations that each call for special care and maintenance so be mindful when washing, drying and storing.

Keeping the insulation nice and lofted over the long term will ensure your down sleeping bag will remain as warm as advertised and not develop any cold spots. 

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