15 Best River Floating Tubes: Your Buyer’s Guide

Nothing beats floating down the river on a hot summer day. Whether you frequently enjoy floats down a local stream, or look forward to an annual big river trip, our list of the best river floating tubes will take your aquatic adventures to the next level.

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Selecting The Right River Floating Tube

When purchasing a river floating tube, definitely consider where exactly you plan on using the inflatable.

If the river or stream you enjoy floating has obstacles and hazards like overgrown trees, protruding rocks, and swifter rapids, then it goes without saying you'll need a particularly tough tube to handle the abuse.

If where you enjoy floating is more of a slower, wide open lazy river setting, then you'll be fine with one of the cheaper vinyl options.

Whatever style river you're looking to float, don't forget to purchase some wading shoes to protect your feet in the water if you don't already own a pair, and don't forget about some of the awesome river-floating accessories like an inflatable cooler for everyone's beer!

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