9 Best Nantucket Bike Baskets: Compare & Save

Whether you’re cruising to the beach or riding to your local store, you need a sturdy basket to hold your belongings. The Nantucket bike basket is a popular choice, and will easily fit most cruiser bikes.

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With their robust nature and durable materials, it's not surprising that many Nantucket bike baskets are modeled after baskets designed for transporting freshly caught fish and other goods.

The purpose has changed over time, but if you're looking for a sturdy basket, most of which feature woven rattan, consider these Nantucket bike baskets listed below.

Nantucket was considered the busiest whaling port on the planet by the late 1820s. Although the whaling industry began to decline roughly 40 years later, Nantucket continued to enjoy a robust economy thanks to its busy harbor and wharves.

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