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7 Best Pool Slides to Pair with Your Pool

Pools are great. But when you pair one with a pool slide you take your summer hangout and transform it into something far more exciting for both children and adults alike. There are numerous options out there to consider. There are larger pool slides, above-ground pool slides, and even inflatable pool slides. We have options for each of them below, so browse through our selections and find the right option that fits both your pool size and budget.

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Pool Slides

Having a pool to enjoy throughout the summer is an amazing investment for any family. But if you're looking for ways to add another level of excitement, you've got to consider installing a pool slide

Whether you're looking for an inground pool slide, above ground pool slide, or even an inflatable pool slide, our list above is certain to have options for every setup - big or small. 

Inflatable Pool Slide

Inflatable pool slides are an awesome alternative to the larger installed varieties. For one, they're extremely simple to set up and enjoy. But also, they are dramatically less expensive than the big boys out there.

The WOW Watersports Slide N Smile not only looks vibrant but it's large too with double lanes and sizeable dimensions of 108" x 84" x 50". It's expandable with zippered segments that allow for other WOW products to join in on the fun. And it's durable too thanks to PVC construction that ensures long-lasting use.

The Intex Inflatable Pool Slide is another great option. Your garden hose can connect directly to it so that water is constantly sprayed. It boasts great aesthetic design, 5 air chambers for balanced coverage, and 6 heavy-duty handles to ensure it's easy to climb and slide. And its 20 gauge vinyl construction ensures it'll last whatever beating your kids give it. 

Above Ground Pool Slide

Above ground pool slides are harder to find than you might think. But the S.R. Smith Rogue2 is an option that can be surface or in-deck mounted. That doesn't take anything away from the Rogue2 though. It sports an impressive height of 7-feet with a flume that sends riders over 9-feet towards the water.

It features a slew of cosmetic features too. It's available in marine blue, gray, white, or taupe. You can order it with either a left or right curve to ensure compatibility with nearly every pool and deck's setup. And it's backed by a 3-year warranty to protect your purchase. 

Pool Shoes/Pool Slides Shoes

Pool slides are a crucial accessory to rock during the summer season. They not only protect your feet, but they look great while keeping it casual too. Adidas has been dominant in the pool slides field for a while now, with the Adidas Adilette pool slides being amongst the most popular of options. But there are tons of great options out there from Nike, Under Armour, and plenty of others too.


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