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11 Best Duck Hunting Kayaks: Compare & Save

duck hunting kayak

Duck hunting by kayak is becoming more and more popular each season. Small watercraft have always been an invaluable tool when hunting for waterfowl, but recent innovations in kayaks, in particular, have made them the ultimate option for getting on the water or out to the hunting grounds. We’ve tracked down the best options for every style hunter within our top list, so no matter how or where you target birds, there’s a vessel here for you!

What Are The Best Duck Hunting Kayaks?

Old Town Predator PDL Pedal Kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • PDL pedal drive has impressive power
  • Element seating gives you a ton of room
  • Large array of storage space
Price: $2,449.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Pedal Kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 85 pounds and under 12 feet
  • Air Pro MAX Seat
  • Flex Pod OS console system
Price: $2,449.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
perception pescador Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great weight for easy transport
  • Seat is highly adjustable
  • Propeller tucks into the hull
Price: $2,249.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Native Watercraft Slayer 10 Propel Pedal Kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super compact design
  • Impressively stable for its size
  • Wrap-around track system
Price: $2,099.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Old town malibu pedal kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Space for another hunter and/or bird dog
  • PDL Drive System is super responsive
  • 12 feet with a 450 pound weight limit
Price: $3,889.89 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Brooklyn Kayak Company Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Works great as a tandem or single kayak
  • Mounting plates surround the deck
  • Very reasonably priced for the size
Price: $2,788.56 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
feelfree lure 11.5 kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • “Wheel-on-the-keel” for easy transport
  • Gravity seat is vertically adjustable
  • Excellent stability standing or shooting
Price: $1,099.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
feelfree moken 10 kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Wheel-on-the-keel for easy solo transport
  • Unitrack rail system
  • Kingfisher seat provides great support
Price: $741.19 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Sundolphin kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very affordable option
  • Open deck can be easily customized
  • Exceptionally lightweight
Price: $586.39 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
intex challenger Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very affordable duck hunting kayak
  • Rapid set up and easy to transport
  • Incredibly compact and just 27 pounds
Price: $117.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 470 pound weight limit
  • Can be paired with a trolling motor
  • Super affordable option
Price: $340.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Old Town Predator PDL Pedal Kayak

    • PDL drive is truly powerful, comes on and off the boat in seconds and can lift all the way out of the water when engaged
    • Large array of storage space/deck space and features including mounting plates for whatever you want to install
    • Element seating system gives you a ton of space to shoot from and is highly adjustable
    • The stability of this kayak means you can stand comfortably
    • Several available color options
    • This is a heavy pedal kayak at 117 pounds and quite cumbersome at 13 feet — transporting this unit will take some muscle
    • Fairly expensive option - yet still a solid value
    • You'll need a heavy duty paddle to move this boat if you're not using the pedal drive

    Serious duck hunters will love the Predator PDL Pedal Kayak. Old Town recently sent me out a Predator to sample and I’ve been very impressed with how the boat handles and performs.

    The PDL drive used in this boat is both a forward and reverse drive that is super responsive and FAST. The PDL drive really moves this boat despite its heavy weight (117 pounds) and longer length (13 feet).

    The PDL drive furthermore lifts all the way out of the water so you can sneak through the shallows. This boat also paddles just fine when you have the pedal drive up — it’s a stand-up kayak but has a fairly hydrodynamic hull that responds well to both pedal and paddle powered propulsion.

    The rudder can be dropped with a hand lever and operated with a separate hand control — all from the comfort of your seat. The boat doesn’t turn terribly well in reverse due to the rudder design, but maneuvers on a dime when moving forward. This is standard for most pedal kayaks.

    The Element seating system is perhaps my top pick for both pedaling and actively hunting from. It’s a ridiculously spacious and highly adjustable seat design that provides a TON of room to shift around and lean back. The seat is furthermore positioned nice and high above the water for enhanced visibility. The Element seat also slides backwards and forwards super easily which allows you to maximize your deck space when lining up to shoot or relaxing and then adjust back to the best position for pedaling the boat when it’s time to move.

    This is without a doubt a comfortable duck hunting kayak for sportsmen of all shapes and sizes.

    If you’re a waterfowl hunter looking for a small watercraft capable of some serious hunting expeditions, this is it. The hull design is impressively seaworthy and the pedal system does not require much effort to quickly move the boat. This is a duck hunting kayak you can travel miles through heavy chop in to reach your blind or for hunting hard to access locations.

    An awesome amount of storage paired with mounting plates allows you to really customize this boat. There’s even a hidden storage bag for placing a small battery underneath the bow hatch so you can equip the Predator with a GPS or fishfinder. The possibilities are endless with a boat of this size and schematic.

    Consider pairing this pedal kayak with a kayak carrier, it’s a challenge to lug around on your own.

  2. 2. Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Pedal Kayak

    • Air Pro MAX Seat is highly adjustable and padded for all day comfort
    • Track system lining the sides and stern make for easy mounting of accessories and therefor endless customization potential
    • At 85 pounds and under 12 feet this boat is reasonably transportable on your own
    • Flex Pod OS console system at the front of the deck is specially designed to house a battery for mounting electronics
    • Can be equipped with a specially designed motor system
    • 450 pound weight limit
    • Gear ratio of the prop is 6:1 which is less efficient than props like the PDL drive used by Old Town and Ocean Kayak that features a 10:1 ratio
    • Limited color selection
    • Expensive option

    Wilderness System’s Radar 115 Pedal Kayak is an option that’s designed for angling that’s been included here for its awesome array of practical hunting features and generous dimensions.

    At 11 feet 8 inches and 85 pounds this borders on being a larger sized kayak yet doesn’t quite cross the threshold. This is a spacious, stand up kayak that has still remained relatively easy to transport.

    The Radar 115 has a 450-pound weight limit, so there’s plenty of capacity for you to bring along some heavier gear — and lots of it. Bungee storage on the stern as well as some under deck storage at the bow add up to some solid gear capacity. This is a good choice of kayak for the gear-intensive duck hunter.

    The deck is clutter free other than the pedal drive and there’s furthermore a built-in rail system for mounting accessories. The possibilities are endless when you consider the potential of the rail system. You could equip this kayak with gun mounts, attach a tripod for your binoculars or spotting scope or easily erect an external frame for camouflaging and use as a blind. If you can think it, you can build it with the help of a universal track system like this.

    There’s a dry storage well flush with the deck for safe gear storage and a center console attachment called the Flex Pod OS Console included for easy mounting and wiring of a GPS/fishfinder. Depending on how far from home you’re hunting, you may or may not have a need for electronics.

    The Air Pro MAX Seat is highly reviewed for all-day comfort and adjustability — honestly the most important feature of a duck hunting kayak if we’re being honest. Comfortability is crucial for keeping your mind on the hunt at hand, this kayak is well padded and provides you with a great vantage well above water level ensuring you’ll stay focused.

    You can even attach a motor built by Wilderness Systems to this pedal kayak — although it’s quite expensive. Still a neat concept for those who plan on turning this kayak into a mobile duck blind.

    The pedal prop is well-reviewed for its performance and draws zero draft when set in the locked position. You’ll be impressed with how efficiently and quietly this boat moves.

    You get what you pay for and more with this one, definitely a unique and high-performance option from Wilderness Systems.

  3. 3. Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot

    • Great weight boat for easy transport without sacrificing stand up stability and seaworthiness
    • Seat is highly adjustable and well reviewed for structural integrity and comfort
    • Tons of gear storage options for big and small items as well as pre set through-hull holes for easy mounting electronics
    • Propeller tucks into the hull when not engaged so there’s zero draft added
    • There’s a lot of moving parts on this boat, it’s all nice quality but more gadgets, gizmos and features means more potential problems. Be extra mindful with this one to avoid accessory malfunctions
    • Manageable weight, but 12.5 foot length might be a bit difficult to transport depending on your vehicle
    • Complaints about the cup holders and rod holders not being deep enough

    Here’s another pedal kayak designed for angling that’s loaded with features applicable to duck hunting and comes at a super reasonable cost! The Pescador Pilot by Perception is a highly equipped and customizable duck hunting kayak that’s also one of the best value pedal vessels around.

    Weighing in at 85 pounds and 12 feet in length, this is a reasonably large sized pedal kayak that’s stable on the water as well as fairly easy to transport. You can fire a shotgun while seated and comfortably stand up in this boat yet still strap it to most car tops making it a very versatile size if you ask me.

    The propeller system deploys and retracts easily when you need to cast off or paddle over shallow water. The prop when disengaged adds zero draft to the boat — crucial for sneaking through the low water marsh or swamp with shallow structure and debris.

    There are four fishing rod holders included, two gear wells on deck and also some bungee storage on the bow and stern for bigger items like dry bags, decoys or ammo crates. Sidetracks add even more potential for adding accessories and really customizing this boat.

    The Pilot also comes with some through-hull holes oriented for running wiring to a transducer or other electronics.

    The seat is easily adjustable and provides plenty of room to swing and shoot a shotgun. The stadium-style seating also puts you nice and high on the water for improved visibility and shooting clearance.

    All in all, this is a fully loaded boat that comes at almost half the cost of a lot of other comparable pedal kayaks. The size is ideal for all sorts of duck hunting applications and the customization potential is staggering for any style sportsman. Another awesome choice of duck hunting kayak from Perception.

    Take a look at the attached video below for a closer look at some of the Pilot’s coolest features!

  4. 4. Native Watercraft Slayer 10 Propel Pedal Kayak

    • Compact design allows you to sneak into tight spaces — this would be a great boat to cover with vegetation/debris and modify into a floating blind
    • Super stable for its smaller size due to the hull width and design — standing is no issue
    • At just 10 feet and 62 pounds (with the pedal drive removed) this is an easily transportable boat compared to most other duck hunting kayaks
    • Adjustable seat has built in pockets for storing gear you might want on hand like ammo or binoculars
    • Track system goes almost all the way around the boat for endless possibilities mounting accessories
    • There’s no easily accessible dry storage from the seated position
    • Fairly expensive considering the size of this kayak
    • Larger hunters might find this option a little tight

    The Slayer 10 by Native Watercraft is perhaps the ultimate compact duck hunting kayak. If space and weight are a major factor for you, definitely check this boat out.

    At just 10 feet and 62 pounds with the pedal drive removed this is a highly transportable boat. It’s barely any more cumbersome than a traditional kayak yet provides the stability and mobility of a pedal kayak. It’s no problem throwing this directly into a truck bed or on top of your roof racks.

    There’s an impressive amount of deck space with this boat despite its shorter length. Native Watercraft has built this boat to be clutter-free so although it is compact this duck hunting kayak still employs a wide, open deck. There’s a universal track system on the sides of the boat as well as on either side of the stern and up in front on the bow. That’s a lot of space to mount optics, firearms or whatever you might want on hand.

    The pedal drive lifts completely out of the water with the Slayer so you won’t run your prop aground in shallow water. This boat’s smaller profile and silent pedal system make it ideal for sneaking into those hard to access parts of the wetland in total stealth mode.

    There are, of course, rod holders built into the Slayer which can be modified for all sorts of hunting applications as well as some dry hull storage. Even the seat has pockets for storing gear you might want directly on hand like ammunition or your binoculars.

    The dry hull storage of this kayak (and others) are a great place to toss the birds you’re harvesting.

    All things considered, this is a super-inclusive duck hunting kayak that’s built small yet feels like a larger vessel. Ambitious sportsmen with a passion for customizing their hunting gear will love the potential with this one.

  5. 5. Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal Kayak

    • Great size boat for gear heavy duck hunters at 12 feet with a 450 pound weight limit
    • PDL Drive System is super responsive and pulls all the way out when moving over shallow water
    • Space for transporting another hunter in the back jump seat and your dog on the bow!
    • Two eight inch accessory tracks make this a highly customizable duck hunting kayak
    • Includes three cup holders
    • This boat is a bit too heavy for practical transport on your own
    • Color options are not very low profile - you’ll need to work on this boat’s camouflage
    • Fairly expensive

    The Malibu Pedal Kayak by Ocean Kayak is designed for use as a pleasure boat but we find it to be an excellent duck hunting kayak. This is a 12 foot, 100-pound kayak with a focus on storage capacity and stability so you can load up everything or everyone you need!

    There are storage wells on both the stern and bow with bungee tie-downs for stashing all sorts of gear. You can load up a rack of decoys and dry bags and even bring along your canine companion! The Malibu will accommodate your duck dog nicely which is a HUGE bonus depending on who you are.

    The stern tankwell also features a “jump seat” so you can transport a fellow duck hunter! The jump seat is meant for children but the Malibu has a 450-pound weight capacity so you shouldn’t have an issue (slowly) pedaling with another adult. Consider splitting the cost of a boat like this with your duck hunting buddy!

    There’s dry storage located beneath the seat as well as within the housing of the PDL Drive System. An additional gear pouch underneath the seat is perfect for stashing your duck calls or some ammunition. This is a mindfully designed duck hunting kayak with storage space for all of your equipment, big and small.

    Reviews praise the Element Beach Seat for its exceptional comfort — it’s the most spacious and supportive kayak seating system I’ve ever sat in. Nice height above the water and good posture support make this a great kayak to shoot from — definitely consider decking this boat out with vegetation and using it as a mobile blind.

    There’s three cup holders and also two eight-inch accessory tracks for attaching additional features of your choosing. The tracks make this boat highly customizable and allow you to get creative with your set up. I’ve seen unique mounts for umbrellas, action cameras and even lean bars for assistance standing up. The possibilities are endless with the accessory tracks and they furthermore ensure you never have to drill directly into your boat!

    The PDL Drive System employed here will no doubt impress you. It’s the same pedal system that’s paired with the Old Town Predator (see #2) and could practically be used for water-skiing it’s so powerful! There’s very little resistance pedaling and both the acceleration and steering system are super responsive.

    The most important feature of the PDL Drive for duck hunting applications is that is pulls all the way out of the water in seconds so you can sneak over shallow water.

    12 feet is the ideal size for heavier gear loads and for larger sized sportsmen but it’s also not too large/heavy of a boat to effectively transport. You’ll probably want a kayak dolly if you’re going to be moving this boat alone, but the Malibu will carry and tie-down to a car top easily if you have a buddy.

  6. 6. Brooklyn Kayak Company Tandem Pedal Drive Kayak

    • Works great as a tandem or single duck hunting kayak
    • Stern and bow storage as well as cup holders for both kayakers
    • Mounting plates surround the deck for installing/mounting accessories
    • Very reasonably priced for the size — especially considering there’s two pedal drives included
    • Color of this boat is low profile and well be camouflaged well with a little help
    • Paddles not included
    • Not a ton of storage capacity for two hunters
    • Rudder is not retractable, so be careful in the shallows

    Here’s a tandem pedal kayak from Brooklyn Kayak Company that is surprisingly affordable and lightweight considering its capabilities.

    There’s not one, but two pedal drives included with this duck hunting kayak so the cost is quite fair. You and a partner can really cruise out to the hunting grounds in this bad boy, you may, however, be a little low on gear storage.

    The Tandem Fishing Pedal Drive Kayak is 14 feet long and 99 pounds. It’s light for its length and easily carried with a hunting buddy. The weight capacity is furthermore 660 pounds so staying afloat is no issue!

    This is marketed as a fishing kayak, but the only angling specific features are the three included rod holders. If you’re using this boat alone from the rear seat then there’s a TON of deck space for transporting your hunting gear and duck dog. If you’re using this boat with a partner then you might find yourself a little short on storage space.

    The rudder is on the underside of the boat and not retractable so be careful in the shallows with this one.

    Split the cost of this boat with a friend and create the ultimate tandem duck hunting kayak together. It’s a low cost yet highly customizable option that you’ll hunt in for years.

  7. 7. Feelfree Lure 11.5 Kayak

    • Patented “wheel-on-the-keel” allows you to transport this kayak alone with ease
    • Tons of deck space, a dry well, center console and stern well add up to a lot of storage
    • Included gravity seat is vertically adjustable, allowing you to be low on the water for stealth or up higher for visibility and shooting clearance
    • Excellent stability standing or shooting
    • Nice camouflage pattern
    • Paddling rather pedaling this kayak means you’re a bit noisier on the water
    • Fairly expensive
    • Limited color selection

    The Feel Free Lure 11.5 Fishing Kayak is a seriously cool boat. Its tough polyethylene hull is designed particularly for stability while fishing but the Lure is an ideal duck hunting kayak as well.

    Although not the speediest boat when paddling longer distances, this boat tracks very well and moves along just fine. You’ll certainly work harder than you would using a pedal drive, but this is still a responsive boat.

    Feel Free’s patented gravity seat is a game-changer when it comes to versatility hunting. You can paddle with the seat lowered flush with the deck for maximum paddling strength as well as stealth, or lift the seat to its highest setting in order to stretch your legs and get a great vantage over the water. There’s plenty of space to comfortably swing and shoot with the seat in the raised position.

    A uni-track rail system on the sides of the boat makes this kayak totally customizable — great for the serious kayak duck hunter looking to put all the bells and whistles on their boat. Rod holders, a center console, a dry well and recessed storage space on the stern make this boat highly capable in all sorts of contexts.

    Maybe the coolest and most practical feature of this kayak is the wheel-on-the-keel; you can simply lift the bow and roll the Lure right to the water. Feel Free also offers this model in 10 foot and 13.5 foot lengths, so if you’re looking for just a little less or a little more boat, there’s an option for you.

    A top of the line duck hunting kayak that can be modified to your wetland or open water needs, the Lure 11.5 is what so many of the other kayaks out there attempt to emulate.

  8. 8. Feelfree Moken 10 Lite Kayak

    • Wheel-on-the-keel makes solo transport to the waters edge easy
    • Unitrack rail system makes this boat customizable
    • Kingfisher seat is highly rated for comfort and posture while paddling
    • Wide deck provides plenty of storage space as well as great stability paddling
    • Reasonably affordable option
    • The Moken 10 although very stable, is not a stand up kayak
    • Although not impossible, swinging your shotgun from the seat of this boat is more difficult than higher-up mounted seats
    • Might be a bit tight for particularly large hunters

    The Moken 10 by Feel Free is another killer angling kayak than be effectively modified for duck hunting. A bit more compact and one and a half feet shorter than the Lure 11.5, the Moken is a slightly smaller alternative to Feel Free’s top-end models.

    This boat will be more difficult to actively hunt from because of the seating. You can still absolutely deck this boat out with camouflage and shoot from it, but it will likely take some practice. As a gear and personal transport however, the Moken is perfect for the task.

    The patented wheel-on-the-keel allows you to easily roll this kayak right from your vehicle to the water’s edge. This is a highly mobile and easy to transport duck hunting kayak.

    The unitrack rail system on both sides of the boat allow for total customization and can fit a nice array of accessories. Two flush mount rod holders behind the seat and the two included paddle mounts on either rail enable you to keep your deck clutter-free.

    Like the Lure, the Moken also comes equipped with a water-resistant center console that’s perfect for stowing your water-sensitive personal items; it’s a simple feature that I can’t say enough about. An eight-inch circular rubber hatch between the legs of the paddler furthermore adds to this boat’s storage capacity.

    Side pockets and two cup holders on the rails also give you a bit of added space for conveniently stashing snacks, duck calls, and ammo.

    All in all, this is a duck hunting kayak geared towards the budget sportsmen who won’t settle for anything less than quality gear.

  9. 9. Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak

    • Very affordable option
    • Open deck can be easily customized
    • Portable accessible carrier (P.A.C) can be used for a variety of duck hunting purposes
    • This is a very light duck hunting kayak
    • Hull has issues tracking
    • Polyethylene hull is thin and susceptible to wear if abused — you get what you pay for
    • Small weight limit and little leg room — not a kayak for larger built sportsmen

    The Sun Dolphin Journey is a great economic choice of duck hunting kayak. With several included features awesome for waterfowl hunting, this kayak is truly a great value for the cost. Although not really suitable to shoot from, the Journey is compact and great for sneaking into your favorite wetland.

    This boat is more for transporting you and your gear than for actively hunting. The seating and stability don’t provide you with the security to trace and fire on birds like all of the previously listed boats.

    The open cockpit comes equipped with a cup holder, a mounted adjustable rod holder, two side pouches and also a bungee system for stashing gear. There are also thigh pads located on the rails of the cockpit as well as adjustable foot pegs for some added comfortability.

    Two additional flush mount rod holders are installed behind the seat which could be used to rig up a number of different things.

    The Journey is equipped with a waterproof portable accessible carrier (P.A.C.) which can be removed from the stern and towed. You could store ammo, optics and of course ducks in the P.A.C. to name a few applications. Definitely a unique and useful feature for such a budget kayak.

    The weight capacity is only 250 pounds with this boat so it’s best for smaller built sportsmen and youth. Customer reviews complain that the scupper holes let more water in than out so I would suggest plugging them if you want to keep a dry deck.

    The standard seat is adequate for long days on the water, but also easily removable and upgraded if you want to install something a bit cozier. All in all, this kayak is by no means a top of the line product, but for the price, there’s definitely potential here.

  10. 10. Intex Challenger Inflatable K1 Kayak

    • Very affordable duck hunting kayak
    • Rapid set up and easy to transport
    • Cargo net provides some added gear storage
    • Incredibly compact when broken down and just 27 pounds
    • Reviews insist the material is durable enough to bring along a dog (if there’s space!) without worrying about a puncture
    • Grab lines are great for connecting or towing decoys
    • This is a small boat with very minimal storage capacity
    • Although well built, this is still an inflatable kayak that will puncture if brought into the wrong environment
    • Only a 220 pound weight capacity

    Here’s a highly affordable inflatable from Intex for those sportsmen looking for a minimalist option. You might be laughing considering bringing this boat duck hunting but upon further thought, it’s a great unit for certain applications.

    The Challenger K1 is a super budget option that’s super easy to assemble and operate. At just 27 pounds it’s about as light and portable as an inflatable kayak gets but also includes a few features to enhance your duck hunting experience.

    The cockpit is designed to give the paddler maximum space but there’s honestly not a lot of room here. This is for transporting you and your essential duck hunting gear only. A cargo net on the bow for stashing a few items is the only real storage. Grab lines on either end of the kayak however make towing and connecting decoys possible.

    The inflatable I-beam floors ensure this boat has reasonable stability despite being inflatable. There’s a 220-pound weight capacity so if you’re a heavier sportsman this kayak won’t work for you.

    This duck hunting kayak is not suitable for the open ocean or use in current, but it’s great for paddling around your local wetlands, lakes and slow moving rivers. That being said, I have found a fair amount of videos online of people taking their Intex Challenger out into the surf. It may not be recommended, but if your hunting grounds are only reachable by blasting through a bit of wave action it is possible for the capable paddler! Just make sure all your gear is properly secured!

    Intex includes an 84-inch aluminum oar, a hi-output manual hand pump and even a repair patch in case of a puncture. Strap up your shotgun under the cargo net and get on the water with the Challenger K1!

  11. 11. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

    • Has an impressive 470 pound weight limit and good gear capacity
    • Materials and construction are rugged — this is a tough kayak
    • Includes a paddle holder for each passenger to enable hands free hunting
    • This inflatable can be paired with a trolling motor
    • Super affordable considering how much kayak you get
    • Leak proof Boston air valves paired with a multiple air chamber design
    • One year limited warranty
    • Paddles and pump not included
    • Although tough, any inflatable kayak is, of course, still a puncture risk
    • Seating is low inside the boat

    Sevylor has built an awesome inflatable fishing boat with the Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Kayak that will work great as a tandem duck hunting kayak. The 8-gauge PVC construction paired with the 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover make this unit tough as nails.

    This kayak is capable of getting knocked around out there despite being inflatable. The durability of the materials and design furthermore make this kayak suitable for use in most environments.

    This duck hunting kayak has an impressive weight capacity of 470 pounds! There’s more than enough capacity for two hunters and standard gear or one equipment heavy sportsman. Mesh pockets, D-rings and seat pockets all combine to a solid amount of equipment storage and organization potential.

    Fishing poles and and paddle holders, an exceptionally rugged exterior and even a mount to secure a trolling motor, this boat has you covered on all sorts of duck hunting endeavors. It’s our pick for best value inflatable tandem kayak.

    Shooting from this duck hunting kayak is not very practical, but as a gear and sportsman transport this is a cheap and reliable go to.

    Don’t overthink what you need out of your duck hunting kayak — if it’s realistically just to get you to your hunting spot then this will work wonderfully.

Duck Hunting Kayaks Have a Variety of Applications

A duck hunting kayak can be used as a transport for you and your gear, set up as a mobile hunting blind or outfitted to simply flush birds and pick targets on the move!

The applications for duck hunting are endless when you consider the potential of a well-designed kayak, so think about your hunting style and how you would best utilize a kayak in the field.

Selecting The Right Duck Hunting Kayak

When selecting the right duck hunting kayak for you there are a few things to consider.

Do you need a lot or just a little bit of gear storage? Do you want to equip your kayak with an array of accessories? Will you be shooting from your boat, or outside of it?

Carefully consider your hunting style and what you want out of your duck boat. Also, make sure to review your state's rules and regulations for carrying and discharging firearms in small watercraft.

Our top list has tracked down bare-bones, affordable options for getting you and your decoys across the marsh as well as full-blown floating fortresses that can be outfitted as mobile duck hunting machines. Whatever style waterfowl sportsmen you are there's something here that will fit your style of duck hunting.

Pedal Kayaks

Kayaks #1 through #6 are pedal-powered kayaks. They keep your hands free, offer more efficient energy expenditure on longer trips and are far quieter than using a paddle.

Our selected pedal kayaks furthermore have awesome storage capacity and stability on the water - these are truly the ultimate duck hunting boats.

Fully Equipped Paddle Kayaks

Kayaks #7 and #8 offer impressive stability on the water as well as a large amount of deck space and storage capacity but are traditionally powered by paddle rather than a pedal system.

A lot of the boats listed here are specifically designed for fishing rather than hunting yet the included features are in excellent alignment with a duck hunter's needs.

Budget Duck Hunting Kayaks

Kayaks #9 through #11 are budget boats selected for their ability to transport you and your duck hunting gear to the hunting grounds. These boats are less suitable for actively hunting out of, but might be all you need for your waterfowl endeavors depending on your hunting style.

Inflatable Kayaks

While recent innovations in inflatable kayaks have made them impressively rugged these days, carefully consider the wilderness and water hazards where you hunt before committing to an inflatable boat - it would be a shame to pop one out on the water!

If where you plan on kayak-hunting is more or less devoid of puncture hazards, then it's worth noting inflatable kayaks are brilliant for their portability and compact storage.

The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak is a stellar tandem option of inflatable kayak worth checking out if you're hunting with a partner.

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