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15 Best Fishing Carts: Which Is Right for You?

Hauling a cooler or live well, all your rods, tackle, and other equipment often calls for another pair of hands (or six). Getting all your gear to the water’s edge is made easy with a fishing cart! A nice quality unit allows you to transport even heavy loads over soft sand as well as set up a fishing base camp once you reach your destination.

We’ve compiled the best options on the market for both equipment-intensive anglers who require a ton of gear storage as well as more casual fishermen who are just looking for something to make their walk down to the lakeshore a bit simpler. Whether your gear load is big or small, we’ve tracked down the right fishing cart for you!

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Selecting The Right Fishing Cart

When choosing a fishing cart there are a few major details to consider. You would be wise to envision yourself out fishing with your cart in order to best think about what you need out of it.

Anglers who own a ton of rods and equipment will be seeking higher weight capacity, more customizable fishing carts in order to haul out all their gear, while less intensive shore fishermen might be more interested in a more streamlined, minimalist option to help tote just the essentials.

Perhaps most importantly, consider the ground type where you'll be pulling your fishing cart. Soft beach sand will require the proper tires in order to effectively pull any real weight, so be sure to choose the proper tire type for your angling setting!

Whether your fishing gear toting needs are big or small, we've tracked down the right fishing cart for you!

Fishing Carts For Soft Sand

If you're a surf caster or beach fisherman of any style, chances are you need a fishing cart that can traverse soft, sandy conditions.

Many fishing carts listed here might look perfect for your needs, but if you're going to be pulling over soft sand, be sure that the tires are air-inflated, thick, and of a wide diameter. Anything else will undoubtedly become frustrating to pull as soon as you leave the parking lot!

Some of our favorite fishing cart options for towing over soft sand include:

High Capacity Fishing Carts

The main reason most anglers utilize a fishing cart is of course because they have too much gear to carry on their person. While all of the above fishing carts will greatly enhance your capacity for bringing along extra gear and rods, there are a few that offer particularly high weight capacities and space for equipment.

If you're in the market for a true work horse of a fishing cart that allows you to bring it all, some of our top picks include"

Customizable Fishing Carts

With a little elbow grease, any fishing cart is customizable, but there are certainly some that are more easily outfitted for your personal fishing style than others. If you're the type of angler who loves to set up their gear precisely for their needs, owning a fishing cart with an easy-to-modify build is a good call.

Some of our favorite picks for highly customizable fishing carts include: