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10 Best Kayak Wall Mounts: Compare & Save

When it comes to storing your kayaks, finding the floor space in your gear locker can be a challenge. A kayak wall mount gets your boats up and off the ground and leaves you more room for storage and organization of your other hobbies.

Our list of the best kayak wall mounts has highlighted the top reliable options for every storage space. Whether you’re seeking a kayak mount for outside the boathouse, or inside the garage, we’ve pinned down the top options for safe and secure storage of your watercraft.

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Free Standing Kayak Racks

A free standing kayak rack will take up more room than a wall-mounted option, but depending on your storage space, this might not be an issue for you.

The beauty of free standing racks is that they don't need to be permanently mounted, so you can move them around as needed. Many options are furthermore designed for indoor/outdoor use and can accommodate multiple boats, so if you have a small fleet to store, a large freestanding rack might be the most affordable, and easiest to install option.

A few of our favorites include:

Ceiling Mounted Kayak Racks

Like wall mounted kayak racks, ceiling racks keep your boats off the ground, leaving even more space for storage of other items. If you own a lofted garage, boat house or storage shed, then consider the benefits of storing your boats overhead. 

Taking your kayaks down and stashing them up there will likely prove a bit more awkward and challenging than simply placing your boat on a wall mounted rack, so this is a particularly great method for offseason storage when you don't plan on taking your boats out very often.

A few of our top picks include:

Kayak Hoists

Utilizing a kayak hoist gives you all the benefits of ceiling mounted storage, but enables you to easily access your kayak(s) when you want to go paddling rather than having to wrestle it down from a fixed racked.

While install might be a bit more intensive, with just a little patience you'll find this style of kayak storage is in fact quite easy to set up and operate. You can also of course utilize a kayak hoist for hauling all sorts of other gerar up and out of the way - so it's a versatile storage solution you're bound to find many uses for. 

Our list of the best kayak hoists has pinned down the top options worth buying.

Kayak Covers

If you want to ensure your kayaks are stored as safely as possible in regards to their integrity and lifespan, you'll want to consider a kayak cover - especially for those storing their boats outside, and for prolonged off-season storage.

Kayak covers protect your boat from the harmful effects of the sun, prevent dust and grime buildup, and exclude potential critter infestations. Nothing's worse than pulling your kayak out of storage only to realize your seat fabric has been worn through by the sun, or chewed to smithereens by pesky rodents.

Our list of the best kayak covers has highlighted the best solutions for keeping your boat(s) pristine between paddling sessions or seasons.

Portable Garages

If you don't own a garage or a suitable storage space for your kayak or kayaks, then you should consider the benefits of a portable garage. These surprisingly affordable, easy to assemble shelters are perfect for storing sporting gear, tools, and other items outside of your home, but still effectively out of the elements.

Check out our top list of the best portable garages and consider how and where you might utilize this style of storage solution. 

Garage Storage & Garage Shelving

If you're on a mission to thoroughly reclaim your garage space, then why stop with a wall mounted kayak rack?

Our list of the best industrial storage racks for your garage will help you to bring order to any cluttered or over-packed storage space.

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