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45 Best Gifts For RV Owners: The Ultimate List

Searching for a righteous gift for an RV enthusiast? We’ve tracked down the best gifts for RV owners so you can cut right to the chase and land some awesome prizes for the road warrior you have in mind!

Featuring gift ideas for camping, cooking, long days on the road, maintaining one’s vehicle, and more, there’s something here for each and every style RV owner!

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Narrowing Down Your Gift Search

We've selected a plethora of awesome gifts for RV owners above, but if you're still struggling to pin down the perfect piece of gear, equipment, or apparel, we have a tip for narrowing your search. Just about every RV enthusiast has a hobby or set of hobbies that they look forward to while embarking on their RV adventures. Consider what activities the person you have in mind will be partaking in during their journeys, and selecting just the right gift may come easy!

Gifts for Sportsmen

Does the RV aficionado you're shopping for love to hunt or fish? Perhaps some hunting or angling gear or apparel will make for a thoughtful and cherished gift idea.

Our top lists of the best unique gifts for hunters, fishing gifts, fly fishing gifts, and fishing gadgets will likely have some great shopping ammo if you're shopping for a sportsman or woman.

Gifts for Boaters and Paddlers

Is kayaking, canoeing, rafting, or boating of any kind an integral part of your favorite RV owner's itinerary while on the road? If the person you have in mind trailers a boat or travels with personal watercraft, consider shifting your gift-shopping in that direction.

We've compiled some stellar gift ideas for playing and working on the water within our lists of the best gifts for boaters and kayakers. Our top list of the best beach gifts for ocean lovers may have some options worth checking out as well. 

Gifts for Camping

Is visiting countless national parks and enjoying a different campsite every other night the main objective of the RV enthusiast you have in mind? Assembling a luxurious base camp, nature viewing, and remaining comfortable in the outdoors are all facets of camping that can be effectively shopped for. 

If camping is the highlight of your favorite RV lover's excursions, you'll likely have the most luck pinning down a prize within our top lists of gifts for campers, nature lovers, and perhaps even birdwatchers.

Driving Gifts

Don't forget to consider a gift idea that has to do with supporting those extra long drives from A to B. When it comes time to get behind the wheel for hours on end, owning some gear and gadgets that make a long ride more tolerable and safe is underrated.

A few ideas worth considering include:

Don't forget to check out our list of the best travel gadgets, as well as the best gifts for travelers and commuters for some additional ideas in this vein!