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9 Best Heated Insoles: Compare & Save

Cold feet during the winter months can sometimes feel unavoidable no matter how toasty your socks and footwear might be. If you’re the type of person who consistently struggles to keep their extremities warm, then a pair of heated insoles will change your life!

While heated socks are another great choice for combatting cold toes, they are often built from subpar fabrics that don’t feel great on your feet. Depending on the sock design and what you’re up to in the field, built-in battery packs can also interfere with your day of winter fun.

Our top list has tracked down the best heated insole options for every context and application, so whether you need some underfoot heat for long tree stand sits, below zero ice fishing days, or for some uninterrupted fun on the slopes, there’s an option here for you!

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Wired vs. Wireless Heated Insoles

One of the main details to consider when purchasing a pair of heated insoles is whether or not to go with an option that features external, or integrated batteries.

Insoles with built-in batteries offer a particularly easy to operate, no-hassle design and typically feature a wireless remote controller for making temperature adjustments. These insole options place the integrated battery within the heel, so you simply pop it out to charge, and then back in for use.

Insoles that utilize external batteries will require you to wear an ankle wrap that houses the wired-battery in order to power the heating element of the insoles. Some options allow you to clip the battery to your boot laces, or elsewhere, and don't necessarily require an ankle brace/gaiter.

While wearing wired-batteries certainly isn't ideal for fast-paced, action-sports such as skiing, the fact that the battery is separate from the insoles allows for a better quality of craftsmanship and structurally sound footbed more akin to aftermarket performance insoles.

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