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5 Best Kids Zip Line Kits for Your Backyard

With the warm weather arriving, your children are surely eager to enjoy some outdoor fun. And with a kids zip line in your own backyard, you can provide them with hours upon hours of high-flying fun.

You can make these cool contraptions as challenging or as easy as your kids are game for. So consider snapping one up and getting it set up for some serious play. But if your children would enjoy something a bit more low-key, backyard tree swings are always a great time too!

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What Is the Best Zip Line Kit?

Naturally, the best is based on your family's specific needs. If you have property, you can get ziplines up to 500 feet. For the purposes of this review, we didn't include those because they're more akin to commercial operations than home use. 

Where Was the First Zipline?

Ziplines haven't really been around all that long, but according to the Tico Times, Costa Rica gets credit for their popularity with some of the first ones there back in the late 70s. 

Not surprising that canopy tours would flourish in such a lush jungle environment where both flora and fauna offer fascinating viewing. Who knew it would become a multi-billion dollar industry?

What Is the Longest Zipline?

Would you believe the longest zipline measures a whopping 7,260 feet long? According to SmokyMountainZiplines.com, that line is in Rocca Massima, Italy. Makes you want to head there right now, doesn't it?

What Equipment Do I Need for My Own Zipline?

The reason we featured zip line kits was that they basically give you everything you'll need to set up your own home system. There are a few things notably absent from all except one kit. 

These things boil down to personal safety. The longer the line, the faster your kids are going to zip, so you'll want to consider some specific gear. 

First, we'd recommend belay gloves to keep kids' hands safe from getting pinched between the line and trolley.

Anytime kids are flying above the ground, we'd also recommend helmets to protect their noggins. We feel the same for any sport that involves speed or elevation, or both.

Also, most of the ziplines feature have seats rather than harnesses. If you'd feel safer having your kids in a harness, you can buy those separately.

All in all, a backyard kids zipline is a great way to take their minds off being stuck and home and will get them outside in the sunshine and fresh air - a situation that will benefit their mental and physical health as well as yours.