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7 Best Motorized Pool Floats to Cruise In

When you’re out in the sun enjoying the local lake or pool, it can be a pain to get where you want to be while relaxed and reclined. Enter these motorized pool floats. These motorized floats make it a breeze to cruise back to your floating dock or pool steps from the middle of the water. And they aren’t just for getting from Point A to Point B, they’re also a ton of fun as bumper boats or to race in too. Once you try one, you’ll wonder how you ever got through a summer without it.

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So Which Motorized Float is Best?

For the adults who like to lounge, there's no doubt that the PoolCandy Splash Runner is the cream of the crop when it comes to the best motorized pool floats. It's a bit more expensive than other options on our list. But your ability to kick back completely and relax is unrivaled.

The Splash Runner has a pair of 66-watt motors while all other options have one. You have the ability to completely stretch your legs which is impeded by the tube shape of other models. And, of course, a cup holder is built-in. So your summertime refreshments are always within reach. 

However, if you're picking up a motorized float for your kids, you can't go wrong with the trio of animal options in the T-Rex, Flamingo, and Unicorn Tube Runners. They're just as high quality as the Splash Runner, just with a tube design and a significantly lower price. 

How Are These Motorized Floats Powered?

Running electricity into your pool doesn't exactly sound safe, so these motorized pool floats are typically powered by D-cell batteries. When you pick out your favorite float above, do your future self a solid by picking up a few packs of D batteries too. 

Of course, you could always go the environmentally friendly path of purchasing rechargeable D batteries. This prevents you from continually tossing your spent batteries into the garbage when their power is depleted. And it will probably end up saving you a non-insignificant amount of money in the long run too. Check out this article from Consumer Reports to see if the rechargeable route makes sense for you. 

What's the Easiest Way to Inflate Pool Floats?

None of these motorized pool floats are truly massive to inflate. But it's probably beyond many folks' abilities to blow up something the size of the Splash Runner themselves. Therefore, the easiest way to inflate these motorized floats is with an inexpensive pool float pump.

There are quite a few cheap options on Amazon. You may even have something that can do the job lying around your basement or garage. But if not, you can shop them here and have one delivered at the same time as your new float. 

Are These the Best Pool Floats Online?

One might argue that if you're looking for the best pool float, you have to limit your decision-making to motorized pool floats. If you want to only shop the elite options, you have to pick up one that's mobile, right?

However, there is a slew of other choices on Amazon when you go on the hunt for the best pool floats out there. If a motor isn't a must, check out all the most highly-rated floats online here.

Any Other Pool or Lake Recommendations?

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Water trampolines are becoming more and more popular amongst those that have waterfront property. Your kids (and all those that live nearby) won't be able to stop soaring as high as possible as they send propel themselves off for a splash.

Adults are quite fond of our Best Water Mats list. There are nearly a dozen high-quality options that allow for groups of many sizes to relax and hang out together while out on the lake. 

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