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13 Best Pop Up Privacy Tents: Compare & Save

A pop up privacy tent is an invaluable tool for the beach, camping trips, attending festivals, and all sorts of other contexts. Whether you need a private changing room, a place to relieve yourself when nature calls, or a space to shower, a pop-up privacy tent offers the perfect solution.

We’ve selected the best options for fast and easy setups, compact portability, and sharp aesthetics, so no matter what your pop up privacy tent needs are, we’ve got you covered.

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Changing Tents

Changing tents are the simplest and least inclusive type of pop-up privacy tent- simply providing a space to change that's effectively out of sight.

Integrated clotheslines and storage pouches are certainly a nice touch, but any pop-up tent that provides a private, non-visible space to de-robe serves its purpose.

A few of our favorite options for simple utilization as a changing room include:

Shower Tents

If you're shopping for a pop-up privacy tent with the intention of using it as a shower space, then you'll want to consider a few details in particular.

While regular camping canopies can work fine as a shower space, shower tents in our opinion ought to have an effective place to hang a water reservoir internally, or a port or removable roof in order to allow your water in from above. Internal hanging hooks, small shower head roof ports, and full-on removable tent-tops are all adequate - choosing the best option is more dependent on your shower-system than anything!

Removable, draining floors are also a wonderful feature to consider. This keeps your feet from getting all muddy and mucky, as well as eliminates bugs and creepy crawlies from intruding upon your space. Floorless shower tents are of course perfectly adequate as well, so consider what you would prefer, and what you utilize for your typical camping footwear.

Lastly, some integrated features such as storage pockets/pouches and built-in clotheslines can be really handy when trying to manage your toiletries, clothing, and towel.

Our top picks for the best shower tents whether you're festival glamping or dirt-bagging between national parks include:  

Toilet Tents

If you're seeking a privacy pop-up tent for setting up a mobile bathroom or camping toilet, then ventilation and weatherproofing should be your top priorities.

Airflow is essential for maintaining a bathroom that doesn't get stuffy and stinky, and a weatherproof design will ensure no wetness or wind invades your space while going about your business.

If your portable toilet system is contained, then you might be interested in owning a privacy tent with an integrated, or removable floor. If you typically dig a pit-latrine, then of course a floorless option will be preferred.

A few of our favorite privacy tents for use as portable restrooms include:

Large Pop-Up Privacy Tents

Seeking an option that's simply oversized and spacious on the inside as opposed to being just big enough to comfortably shower, change, or use the restroom? If you own a particularly tight pop-up privacy tent then upgrading to something with a bit more space to move around will be a worthwhile investment. 

Some units can even accommodate two people at once in separate private spaces - enabling a multi-function privacy tent that can serve two purposes in one!

Our top picks for extra-large privacy tents include: 

Portable Garages

Don't forget to consider the benefits of an EXTRA large structure such as a deployable garage or carport. It may seem like overkill for a camping trip or beach day, but some of these shelters are easy to erect and break down and provide a plethora of (private) space for changing, showering, lounging, and everything in between! 

Our top list of the best portable garages has pinned down some stellar options worth checking out!

Screen Tents

If you're seeking a portable shelter that you can change, shower, or relieve yourself in, then be sure to consider the advantages of owning a bug-proof tent that blocks mosquitos and other pests from harassing you while going about your business. Our list of the best screen tents has some killer options that can be put to use however you see fit!

Camping Lights

Don't forget some illumination for your privacy tent! Our list of the best solar camping lights has some stellar reliable lighting options so you'll never be in the dark!