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11 Best Water Mats for Floating Fun

When you spend your summer by the beach, lake, or pool, a water mat is a must-have to get the most out of your time. Water trampolines are for the active. Inflatable floating docks are designed to be hang-out spots. But if you just want to relax and lounge around, these floating mats are essential to make your time on the water the best it can be.

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It's pretty common knowledge that taking time for relaxation is important. According to the "Blue Health" theory, written about here by Medium, there's a scientific reason why looking at and being near water offers us numerous mental health benefits. This gives us all the more reason to pick up one of these floating water mats.

What are Water Mats Made Of?

While there are a couple of less expensive inflatable options on our list, the more impressive water mats are mostly comprised of a material called XPE foam. The abbreviation stands for Cross-Linked Polyethylene, a foam material that is designed to be durable with low density.

The high-end options are typically constructed in three layers. There are two exterior XPE foam layers for floating and comfort. And a middle layer designed to give the mat more integrity and prevent tearing. 

How to Roll Up Floating Mats

One of the only downfalls of these amazing water mats is putting them away. But truly, it isn't all that difficult. Simply lay the mat out and shake off all the excess water that you can to decrease its overall weight. The majority of floating pads come with straps to help you out. But if you've lost yours, any nice set of velcro strappings should do. 

Roll up your water mat as tightly as you can to minimize its overall size. Put a trio or so of straps on the ends and towards the middle of the float. And store your favorite new water toy wherever works for you. 

How to Anchor Floating Water Mats

If you're taking a snooze or your kids are jumping on and off, you likely don't want to be aimlessly floating about atop your mat. Luckily, nearly all of the above water mats come with a bungee cord and a carabiner clip so that you can easily attach them to a fixed location. 

What you attach to is entirely up to you, of course. If you're enjoying a day at the lake or bay just offshore, you can use nylon boating rope to keep yourself connected to a nearby dock or pier. Or if you're further out, keep yourself connected to the boat that took you out there. And don't forget you can also make a chain of water floats with your tethers too. It's an awesome way to enjoy a day on the water with friends.