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  • Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Iconic’ Katy Perry Song in Latest Kellyoke Performance

    Clarkson stood in the middle of a nearly-empty stage, with only her guitar player Jaco Caraco sitting off to her side, and sang the song directly to the camera in front of her.

  • Katy Perry Shares Her Morning Routine

    Perry has been doing transcendental meditation, or TM, for about 15 years.

  • Fans Distressed By Viral Video of Katy Perry’s Bizarre ‘Eye Glitch’

    A bizarre new video of pop star Katy Perry's glitching eye, filmed during one of her recent concerts, has gone viral and has fans debating what's going on with her.

  • Katy Perry Releases New Music Video

    While fans are loving the collaboration, Rhett was skeptical that the "Teenage Dream"-singer would want to work with him

  • Katy Perry Shares a Designer With RuPaul

    Now, as Katy Perry would say, it’s time to “get up and shake the glitter off your clothes!” 

  • Katy Perry Upsets Fans By Divulging Secrets About Icon Elizabeth Taylor

    Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor took some secrets to her grave, but fans are upset that pop icon Katy Perry is digging them up for all to hear.

  • Katy Perry Shades Famous Exes, Talks Wedding Plans in New Interview

    In a candid new interview on "The Drew Barrymore Show," Katy Perry spilled the tea on the differences between fiancé Orlando Bloom and past men she's been with.

  • Fans Suspect Katy Perry Played Role in Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Split

    Rumors are swirling that Katy Perry's attitude toward Pete Davidson, who's bonded with her fiance Orlando Bloom on-set, influenced Kim Kardashian's sudden breakup.

  • Katy Perry Faces Backlash From Fans After Showing Off New Mushroom Purse

    Thinking her biggest fans -- and "anyone who likes mushrooms" -- would love her new purse, she didn't expect the online backlash.

  • Orlando Bloom Responds As Katy Perry Shares Their Family Videos

    Katy Perry surprised fans with a rare look inside her personal life, sharing photos and videos of her laid-back summer with Orlando Bloom and their daughter.

  • Katy Perry Backs Mom Who Didn’t Pass ‘Idol’ Auditions: ‘Pinch Myself Every Day!’

    "American Idol" judge Katy Perry has signed a new mom and "Idol" wannabe to her record label and even appears in her new music video.

  • Why Katy Perry Thinks Winning ‘American Idol’ Isn’t Enough for Success

    The "American Idol" judges shared their thoughts on the fifth season of ABC's "American Idol."

  • Fans Slam Katy Perry for Rejecting ‘American Idol’ Contestant

    "American Idol" fans are calling Katy Perry out for how she reacted to one auditioner during the March 27 episode.

  • ‘Idol’ Contestant Slays Katy Perry Song, Receives Standing Ovation

    Season 20 of ABC’s “American Idol” is well underway, with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie seeing auditions from all over the country.

  • WATCH: Katy Perry Rejects TikTok Star on ‘American Idol’

    The "American Idol" judges — Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie — are used to seeing all kinds of singers during the audition process.

  • WATCH: Katy Perry Thinks This ‘American Idol’ Hopeful Is ‘The American Dream’

    ABC’s “American Idol” returned for season 20 on Sunday, February 27, 2022. The first round of the competition featured auditions from all over the country.

  • WATCH: ‘American Idol’s’ Normandy Sends Katy Perry Storming Off Set

    Normandy, a gamer with a cartoonishly high voice, auditioned for "American Idol" and sent judge Katy Perry storming off the set.

  • WATCH: Emotional ‘Idol’ Audition Leaves Katy Perry ‘An Absolute Wreck’

    A glimpse of Tyler Allen singing for the judges on Season 20 of 'American Idol.'

  • Katy Perry Makes Dig at Singing Competition Shows

    Katy Perry is a global music superstar and judge on ABC's "American Idol," which is set to return for its monumental 20th season on February 27, 2022. 

  • Katy Perry Called This New ‘American Idol’ Contestant a ‘Superstar’

    The twentieth season of "American Idol" premieres on February 27, 2022, but one contestant in particular already looks like a favorite to win or at least go very far. 

  • Katy Perry Emerges From a Giant Toilet in Her Las Vegas Residency

    Katy Perry has never been afraid to take big swings when it comes to costumes and set pieces.

  • Katy Perry Enmeshed in Legal Battle for the Trademark of Her Name

    Singer Katy Perry's legal name is Katheryn Hudson. She has professionally used her mother's maiden name, Perry, since 2002.

  • LISTEN: Katy Perry Releases New Cover of an Iconic Song

    Katy Perry has released a cover of an iconic love song - and it's for a good cause.

  • WATCH: Katy Perry’s Fiance Orlando Bloom Undoes Her Corset Onstage

    If the mark of a good relationship is having each other's backs, Katy Perry seems to have picked a good partner in her fiance Orlando Bloom.

  • Katy Perry’s Aunt Was a Topless Showgirl

    Katy Perry has performed on stages all across the globe, but at the end of 2021, she'll be doing her first Las Vegas residency. 

  • Why New Katy Perry Photos Are Making Fans Nostalgic

    Katy Perry has never been one to shy away from bold hairstyles.

  • Disney Channel Alum Says Katy Perry Took Her Record Deal

    It's hard to imagine a world without Katy Perry's catchy songs and bold fashion choices. But a former Disney Channel star says that Perry's first record deal

  • Katy Perry Song Repurposed for School Gun Violence PSA Video

    Katy Perry's 2010 song "Teenage Dream" typically conjures up rosy images of a love that makes you feel young again.

  • Is Katy Perry Still Friends With Her Fiance’s Ex Miranda Kerr?

    American Idol" judge and "California Gurls" singer Katy Perry has been engaged to Orlando Bloom since 2019.

  • How Katy Perry Raises Her Baby With Orlando Bloom Gone

    Katy Perry is opening up about what it has been like raising Daisy Dove while Orlando Bloom is away filming.

  • WATCH: John Legend & Katy Perry Perform a Duet for Charity

    Music stars John Legend and Katy Perry teamed up for charity. The "The Voice" coach and "American Idol" judge shared the stage and sang "Moon River" and other hits.