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  • Does Drake Reference Toronto Raptors in New Music?

    Toronto Raptors superfan Drake released new music following the team's championship run, showing love to some of the players and people who made his dream of seeing a championship in Toronto a reality.

  • Twitter Reacts to Delay of Drake’s 2 New Songs

    Drake's news songs didn't drop at their scheduled time on Friday. Find out how Twitter reacted to the delay.

  • How to Stream & Download Drake’s 2 New Songs

    Drake is releasing two new songs to celebrate the Raptors' NBA title. Find out how to stream and download them here.

  • Drake Raptors: Will Rapper Get an NBA Championship Ring?

    Will Drake get an NBA championship ring from the Toronto Raptors? Find out the latest on Drake's plan to design the rings as well as his release of new songs.

  • What Time Is Drake Releasing His 2 New Songs?

    Drake has announced that he will be dropping 2 new tracks. Find out what time the rapper plans to release them.

  • Drake Celebrates Toronto Raptors Championship [VIDEO]

    Check out the video of Drake celebrating the Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA championship.

  • Drake Reacts to Klay Thompson’s Knee Injury in Game 6

    Drake is cheering for his Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals but doesn't want to see any more Golden State Warriors players getting hurt.

  • Drake Has Private Couch on Stage at Jurassic Park for Raptors-Warriors

    Drake has his own private couch at the Toronto Raptors' Jurassic Park for Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

  • Drake NBA Finals: Is the Rapper at Raptors vs. Warriors Game 6 Tonight?

    Is Drake at NBA Finals Game 6 between the Raptors and Warriors? Find out the latest on Drake's plans to watch the big NBA game.

  • Drake Reacts Emotionally, Consoles Kevin Durant After Injury [WATCH]

    Toronto Raptors fans Drake was emotional after seeing Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant suffer his injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

  • Is Drake at Raptors vs. Warriors Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals?

    Rapper and Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador Drake has been a popular sight at the team's NBA Finals run and we gave the latest on his Game 5 status.

  • Drake’s Warriors Tattoos & Lyrics a Nod to Kevin Durant-Steph Curry Duo

    Does Drake have Golden State Warriors tattoos? Learn more about Drake's Warriors' tats of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Drake also rapped about the Warriors.

  • Drake Girlfriend & Dating Update: Latest on Rapper’s Current Status

    Rapper Drake has been rumored to be dating a few well-known names over the years and we broke down the latest on his relationship status.

  • Dennis Graham, Drake’s Dad: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Dennis Graham is rap star Drake's father, as well as a musician and TV producer in his own right. Here's what you need to know about him.

  • Drake’s OVO Brand Attached to Toronto Raptors After Deal With Team

    The Toronto Raptors and rapper/Global Ambassador Drake has built a business relationship as well with his OVO brand officially attached to the team.

  • Drake Calls Himself Toronto Raptors ‘Future Owner’

    Drake does not own the Toronto Raptors, but that has not stopped him from saying he is the "future owner." Learn more about Drake's global ambassador role.

  • Drake on Son Adonis: ‘Really Excited to Be a Great Father’

    What is Drake's son's name? Learn more about Drake's son Adonis and how the rapper is obsessed with his child.

  • Drake’s Diss Destroys Klay! Your Must-See Sports Headlines

    Drake posts a brutal photo of Warriors' Klay Thompson following the Raptors' NBA Finals win to highlight today's top sports news.

  • WATCH: Warriors Troll Drake by Playing Pusha-T During Game 3 Warmups

    The Warriors continued the Drake troll war by playing Pusha-T's "Story of Adidon" during warmups. Here's the video.

  • Aubrey Drake Graham Is Rapper’s Real Name

    What is Drake's real name? Why did Klay Thompson call Drake by the name Aubrey? Learn more about Aubrey Drake Graham and his Jewish upbringing.

  • James Holzhauer Blames Drake Curse for ‘Jeopardy’ Loss

    James Holzhauer has lost 'Jeopardy' and he comically blamed the Drake Curse.

  • What Is the Drake Curse?

    What is the Drake Curse? Find out the list of teams impacted and why Anthony Joshua is just the latest athlete to fall for the Drake Curse.

  • Drake Curse? Raptors Are Undefeated in Playoffs When Rap Star is Present

    Much has been made over the years about the "Drake Curse." You know what, though? His Toronto Raptors are undefeated this postseason when he's in attendance.

  • Drake Sits Next to Future the Prince at Raptors Games

    Who is sitting next to Drake at Raptors games in the NBA finals? Learn more about Future the Prince, the DJ sitting next to Drake.

  • Drake’s Warriors Tattoos: Arm Band Confirms Steph Curry & Kevin Durant Ink

    Does Drake have Warriors tattoos of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant? Find out how Drake confirmed the rumored Warriors tattoos and see photos of the tats.

  • Drake Bell Absolutely Drags New ‘All That’ Reboot: ‘The Worst Thing I’ve Seen’

    Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell takes to Instagram to drag all the new cast members of the 'All That' reboot.

  • Drake Trolls Draymond Green & Steph Curry on Instagram

    Drake continued trolling the Warriors on Instagram after Game 1. Find out what Drake had to say about Draymond Green and Steph Curry.

  • WATCH: Drake Calls Draymond Green ‘Trash’ & Gets in His Face During NBA Finals

    Check out the video of Drake exchanging words with Draymond Green as the rapper appears to call him "trash" at the end of Game 1.

  • How Much Does Drake Pay for Raptors Seats? It Costs Big to Sit With Him

    Toronto Raptors fan and hip-hop artist Drake pays a huge sum for his courtside seats to watch Kawhi Leonard and company play, and even more in the NBA playoffs.

  • Drake’s Toronto Raptors Non-Ownership Role & Fandom Explained

    Does Drake own the Toronto Raptors? Why is Drake a Raptors fan and what is his job with the team? Find out more about Drake's role as a Community Ambassador.

  • Drake Wears Steph Curry’s Dad, Dell Curry, Raptors Jersey at NBA Finals Tonight

    Is Drake at the NBA Finals tonight? Check out the rapper trolling Steph Curry with a Dell Curry Raptors jersey.