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  • Drake Curse? Raptors Are Undefeated in Playoffs When Rap Star is Present

    Much has been made over the years about the "Drake Curse." You know what, though? His Toronto Raptors are undefeated this postseason when he's in attendance.

  • Drake Sits Next to Future the Prince at Raptors Games

    Who is sitting next to Drake at Raptors games in the NBA finals? Learn more about Future the Prince, the DJ sitting next to Drake.

  • Drake’s Warriors Tattoos: Arm Band Confirms Steph Curry & Kevin Durant Ink

    Does Drake have Warriors tattoos of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant? Find out how Drake confirmed the rumored Warriors tattoos and see photos of the tats.

  • Drake Bell Absolutely Drags New ‘All That’ Reboot: ‘The Worst Thing I’ve Seen’

    Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell takes to Instagram to drag all the new cast members of the 'All That' reboot.

  • Drake Trolls Draymond Green & Steph Curry on Instagram

    Drake continued trolling the Warriors on Instagram after Game 1. Find out what Drake had to say about Draymond Green and Steph Curry.

  • WATCH: Drake Calls Draymond Green ‘Trash’ & Gets in His Face During NBA Finals

    Check out the video of Drake exchanging words with Draymond Green as the rapper appears to call him "trash" at the end of Game 1.

  • How Much Does Drake Pay for Raptors Seats? It Costs Big to Sit With Him

    Toronto Raptors fan and hip-hop artist Drake pays a huge sum for his courtside seats to watch Kawhi Leonard and company play, and even more in the NBA playoffs.

  • Drake’s Toronto Raptors Non-Ownership Role & Fandom Explained

    Does Drake own the Toronto Raptors? Why is Drake a Raptors fan and what is his job with the team? Find out more about Drake's role as a Community Ambassador.

  • Drake Wears Steph Curry’s Dad, Dell Curry, Raptors Jersey at NBA Finals Tonight

    Is Drake at the NBA Finals tonight? Check out the rapper trolling Steph Curry with a Dell Curry Raptors jersey.

  • Drake’s Warriors Tattoos With Kevin Durant & Steph Curry

    Does Drake have Warriors tattoos of Kevin Durant and Steph Curry? Check out the photos of Drake's tattoos and why they do not appear to be fake.

  • Drake’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Rapper Make?

    What is Drake's net worth? We break down Drake's earnings and endorsement money as the rapper continues to climb the financial charts.

  • What Is Jurassic Park in Toronto? Drake, Raptors Fans Take Over City

    Toronto Raptors fans and rapper Drake are among those who flock to Jurassic Park, and we detailed exactly what and where the popular spot is.

  • Drake Appears to Have Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry Warriors Tattoos

    Ahead of the 2019 NBA Finals, Toronto Raptors fan Drake's tattoos of Golden State Warriors stars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry came to light.

  • Drake Is at the Raptors-Bucks Game 6 Tonight Wearing ‘Kawhi Me a River’ Hoodie

    Is Drake at the Raptors-Bucks playoff game tonight? Learn more about Drake's rivalry with the Bucks.

  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Not Drake, Own the Toronto Raptors

    Who owns the Toronto Raptors? Drake does not own the Raptors but is a Global Ambassador for the franchise. Learn more about Maple Leaf Sports ownership.

  • Drake & Pusha-T Beef: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Mallory Edens reminded everyone of the Drake/Pusha-T beef by wearing a Pusha shirt at Game 5 of the ECF Thursday. Here's what you need to know about that rap feud.

  • NBA Prop Bets on Drake’s Antics During Game 6: Raptors vs. Bucks

    There are now 2019 NBA prop bets based on the wild antics of rapper Drake during the Toronto Raptors & Milwaukee Bucks Eastern Conference Finals.

  • LOOK: Mallory Edens, Bucks Owner’s Daughter, Trolls Drake

    Mallory Edens, the daughter of Bucks owner Wes, trolled Drake at Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals with a Pusha-T shirt.

  • Drake at Raptors Game 3 in Toronto Trying to Bring Good Luck vs. Bucks

    Drake is cheering on the Raptors tonight in Toronto as they take on the Bucks in Game 3. Learn more about Drake's relationship with the Raptors.

  • Harold Varner Asks if PGA Championship Police Officer Is Drake Fan [WATCH]

    PGA Tour pro Harold Varner III struck up a conversation with a security guard during the middle of his final round about whether he was a Drake fan.

  • WATCH: Drake Uses Curse to Help Raptors, Wears Sixers Gear for Game 7

    Drake showed his support of the Toronto Raptors is on another level by using his own curse to help the team defeat the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7.

  • Drake Does Not Own Part of the Toronto Raptors, But Is a Major Fan

    Does Drake own part of the Raptors? While Drake does not own the Raptors, he does have a role with the Toronto team. Learn more about Drake and the Raptors.

  • Joel Embiid Responds to Drake’s Trolling of Sixers With a Guarantee

    Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid had a simple message for Drake after the Toronto Raptors won in dominant fashion during Game 5.

  • WATCH: Drake Trolls Joel Embiid After Raptors’ Dominant Win vs. 76ers

    Toronto Raptors fan and rapper Drake trolled Joel Embiid in a big way during their dominant win over the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5.

  • Drake, DJ Khaled, Jay-Z Sampling This Record Stunned Rapper, Too $hort

    Too $hort tells Scoop B Radio that Drake, DJ Khaled, Jay-Z sampling 'Blow the Whistle' is an honor.'s Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson reports.

  • Lakers’ LeBron James Sounds off on Drake’s Music, Their Relationship

    Los Angeles Lakers forward, LeBron James talked to's Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson about Drake's music.

  • Drake Raptors: Why is the Rap Star Not in Toronto for Playoffs?

    Drake is a frequent guest courtside for the Toronto Raptors, and a business collaborator. Why is he not on the sideline for the Eastern Conference 1st Round?

  • Soulja Boy: Drake, LeBron James, Chris Brown Have All Beefed With Him

    Soulja Boy has not only beefed with Drake. He's also had run-ins with LeBron James and Chris Brown.'s Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson reports.

  • Twitter Reacts to Soulja Boy Dissing Drake

    Soulja Boy claims that he inspired Drake's style, and social media is having a field day.

  • Drake, Meek Mill Pictured In 2014 Pre-Beef Photo With LHHNY’s Juelz Santana & YG, Internet Responds

    Drake and Meek Mill are pictured in an unearthed 2014 photo, writes's Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson.

  • Kanye West Implies That Drake Bought Tickets to Pusha T Concert to Carry Out Attack

    Kanye West is back on social media dropping hot takes & this time around is accusing Drake of buying Pusha T concert tickets in his hometown of Toronto in order to carry out an attack against the G.O.O.D Music President.